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10 Best Wall-Mounted Hose Reels of 2023 (UK) – Retractable Garden Hose Pipe

Hose pipes are among the most essential garden tools you can own, but due to their size and weight, they can be awkward to work with and difficult to store – that is, unless you have a decent reel to help.

A reel mounted on the wall is an ideal solution for keeping your ungainly garden hose organised and out of the way – so here are our top picks for best wall-mounted hose reel to help you find the right one for your needs.

Best Wall-Mounted Hose Reel


The Best Wall-Mounted Hose Reel on UK Market 2023

1. Hozelock Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose

Hozelock 2415 0000 Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose, Grey/yellow

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When it comes to garden hoses and related accessories, Hozelock is among the best-known brands – and this 2-in-1 reel and hose set is another worthy addition to the company’s range.

The reel is designed to be wall-mounted, but it is also easy to unhook and carry with you, giving you an extra degree of flexibility and convenience. It’s lightweight too, so it won’t be too heavy to lift.

One advantage with this model is the easy-wind mechanism that helps avoid kinks when reeling in, and there’s also a viewing window in the housing so you can check what’s going on as you do it.

There aren’t too many downsides here, but some people might not like the way it doesn’t swivel when mounted on the wall, making it slightly less convenient to work with.

Also, it’s a manual model, so if you don’t want to wind your hose by hand, there are other options you might prefer.

However, for anyone looking for a versatile wall-mounted hose reel that does a good job of keeping the hose stored away safely when not in use, this could be a great pick. A recommended option.


  • Wall-mounted or free-standing – gives you more flexibility
  • Easy-wind mechanism – designed to avoid kinks during reeling
  • Includes viewing window – so you can check how it’s winding
  • Lightweight design – easy to carry
  • Includes 2-year warranty – for extra peace of mind


  • Doesn’t swivel – makes it less convenient when working with the hose
  • Manual wind – need to wind the hose in by hand after use

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2. Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose

Hozelock Ltd 2595 0000 Auto Reel with 40m Hose, Multicolour

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If you like the idea of owning a Hozelock but prefer a longer hose and a reel that winds automatically, this version could be a better pick. It includes a 40m hose (although is available with other lengths) that winds in itself, saving you the effort of doing it manually.

We like the way the housing swivels through 180°, making it more convenient to work with, and you can also remove the reel from the bracket for wintertime storage. Another important feature is the child lock, which prevents children from playing with your hose.

However, the main problem here is the price since it isn’t cheap, and there are many less expensive alternatives. Furthermore, the brackets and screws seem to be of lower quality than the rest of the reel, which lets the whole thing down a little.

That said, we still think most people will be more than happy with this product. It makes working with and storing your hose convenient and effortless, and for this, most people won’t mind paying a little extra for a high-quality product.


  • Auto-reeling – with reel lock for extra convenience
  • Swivel design – pivots through 180°
  • Easy to remove from bracket – allows you to put in storage for the winter
  • Includes child lock – to stop kids playing with it
  • Comes with all the fittings – everything required for installation


  • Brackets and screws inferior quality – not up to the standard of the rest of the unit
  • Expensive option – although what you would expect from a leading brand

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3. Amazon Brand – Umi Garden Hose Reel with 25M Hose

Amazon Brand – Umi Garden Hose Reel with 25M Hose, Auto Rewind Wall-Mounted Reel, 9 Spraying Modes Spray Gun with 2 Spray Nozzles, 180° Pivot

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If you aren’t worried about buying a premium-brand hose reel, this more affordable version could be a better pick. It does just about everything a more expensive model can do, but it does so at a lower price point.

The reel comes with a 25m hose that includes a spray nozzle with 9 different modes for extra versatility. It also boasts an auto-reel feature that can wind in the hose in just 8-12 seconds. It’s easy to assemble too, and the wall mounting allows a 180° pivot for extra convenience.

One thing we found is that the hose seems a little stiff to pull out – and it gets harder the more you unwind it. However, this is not a huge issue, and since the hose locks once you’ve pulled out the required length, it won’t take too much effort to use.

The only other point to note is that the materials are slightly inferior quality compared to premium products – although that’s to be expected if you want something that costs less.

Otherwise, there’s a lot to like about this hose reel. It’s budget-friendly yet does everything you’ll need it to, making it a great option for anyone who wants to save themselves a little cash.


  • Easy to assemble – most people will be able to manage
  • Auto-wind feature – reels in hose in only 8-12 seconds
  • Includes spray gun nozzle – with 9 different modes
  • 180° pivot – makes it convenient to use
  • Very reasonable price – a more budget-friendly option


  • Hose can be hard to pull out – and harder the more you take out
  • Slightly inferior materials – but intended as an affordable option

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4. GloBrite Light Hose Reel for Garden with 10-metre hose

GloBrite Portable Hose Pipe Reel with 10M / 32 Feet Hosepipes, Adjustable 7 in 1 Spray Nozzle, Wall Mount Accessories for Irrigation - Compact and Lightweight for Watering Garden Pots Balconies, Hoses

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For those looking for a compact hose reel for smaller gardens, this inexpensive product from GloBrite could be just the thing. It’s a mini-sized hose reel that comes with a 10m hose pipe that would be just right for watering plants or smaller lawns.

Since it can be mounted on a wall or used as a free-standing unit, it offers plenty of versatility, and the included spray gun gives you seven options for how the water comes out, which means you can choose the most suitable one for the job.

However, the main negatives also come from its diminutive size. The hose bore is quite narrow, so if you need something that will deliver larger volumes of water, this is probably not the best choice.

Also, the length of the hose and the overall size of this product may not be large enough if you have even a medium-sized garden.

On the other hand, if you only need something small, compact and convenient, this could be a great pick – especially if you don’t want to spend too much money. And if that sounds like what you’re looking for, this is an option that should be worth a look.


  • Compact size – ideal for smaller homes
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing – use it how you prefer
  • Comes with 10m hose – for a range of uses
  • Includes spray gun – with 7 different settings
  • Good value for money – great low price


  • Narrow bore – doesn’t deliver a huge amount of water
  • May be too small for some – not great for larger gardens

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5. GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 roll-up automatic: Swivelling hose reel, 35-m Gardena high-quality hose, short locking stops, including wall bracket, system parts, and spray nozzle (8024-20)

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For those interested in top-end, premium products, this hose reel from Gardena should be of interest. It includes a 35m hose and an auto-reel system that takes all the effort out of reeling it in after use.

We like the fact that it locks at 50cm increments, making it easy to find just the right length to work with, and when it winds itself in, the reel has a built-in hose guide that’s designed to prevent tangles and kinks. It is also resistant to frost, so it should even survive winter outside.

You should be aware, though, that this is a heavy-duty hose reel – and it’s also very heavy. This means you’ll need to mount it on a solid wall or you may find it ends up damaging your house.

Also, the hose requires a certain amount of strength to pull out, so if you’re worried about your ability to do it, you might prefer to choose something a bit lighter and easier to use.

However, for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of physical exertion – and who don’t mind paying premium prices for premium quality equipment – this hose and reel combination could be a great pick. So if you want something in this category, it’s an option that’s worth considering.


  • Auto-wind system – for ease of use
  • Built-in hose guide – avoids tangles and kinks
  • Locks at 50cm intervals – makes it less of a struggle to find the right length
  • Frost-resistant – helps it survive even colder temperatures
  • Includes 35m hose – plenty for even most larger gardens


  • Very strong spring – needs some strength to pull it out
  • Heavy reel – needs to be mounted on a solid wall

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6. GARDENA Classic wall-fixed Hose Reel 60 with hose protection guide

GARDENA Classic wall-fixed Hose Reel 60 with hose protection guide: For simple wall-mounting, with anti-drip device, angled connection, high capacity, space-saving (2650-20)

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If you like the idea of owning a hose reel from a top-quality company like Gardena but don’t want to spend the money on an expensive auto-reel model, this manual version could be a better alternative.

Thanks to the angled design, you should never have any problems with tangles or kinks, and the set comes with a strong metal bracket for mounting it on the wall, which is necessary to hold the weight of the extra-long 60m hose that is included.

The hose is high quality, and it’s designed not to drip or leak, so you shouldn’t have any problems with losing water.

One slight complaint we have is that the pack doesn’t include all the necessary fittings to attach it, so you might find you need to buy some extra pieces yourself.

Furthermore, the instructions included are not exactly comprehensive, so you might need to work out how to do it yourself – although anyone with a few basic DIY skills shouldn’t have too much trouble.

In sum, another high-quality option from Gardena, this time one that sells for a very reasonable low price, and a hose reel that most people will be more than happy with as long as they don’t mind a manual version.


  • Great low price – for a high-quality item
  • Drip-free design – prevents water from being spilt or wasted
  • Kink-free reeling – thanks to the angled design of the wheel
  • 60m hose – extra-long version for larger gardens etc.
  • Strong metal bracket – to ensure it stays in place and lasts a long time


  • Doesn’t include wall fittings – need to be bought separately
  • Poor instructions for mounting – will need some lateral thinking to work it out

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7. VonHaus Hose Reel

VonHaus Hose Reel 20m – Wall Mounted Hose Reel for Garden – Retractable, Auto Lock and Auto Rewind, Includes Wall Fixings, 180° Pivot Swivelling, Long Reach for Outdoor Watering – 2 Year Warranty

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Here’s another option that should appeal to anyone looking for an auto-reel hose that sells at a more affordable price point. It includes a 20m hose, and the reeling action is the perfect balance between being strong enough to wind in but not so strong it yanks you off your feet.

The housing pivots through 180° on the wall, making it easier to reach different spots in your garden, and the hose locks easily, allowing you to find just the right length.

We could complain that the fittings included are not of great quality, but it won’t cost too much extra to buy stronger ones. Also, the hose itself is a little prone to kinking when in use, but as long as you take care not to twist it, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Overall, a great option if you need an affordable auto-reeling hose that you can mount on the wall. It’s a simple product with no unnecessary frills, and if that’s the kind of thing you like, this is an option that should be on your radar.


  • Smooth and comfortable reeling action – strong but not overly so
  • Effective reel lock – makes it easy to reel out the right amount
  • Pivoting reel – rotates through 180°
  • Great value item – performs as well as most more expensive options
  • 2-year warranty – in case anything goes wrong


  • Supplied fittings not high quality – but you can easily buy better ones
  • Hose prone to kinking at full length – need to be careful not to twist it

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8. Kärcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel

Kärcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel

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This hose reel from Kärcher is a big, heavy-duty option that gives you a way of organising not only your garden hose but also any attachments and other tools you need to store thanks to its onboard hooks and storage compartment.

The drum is removable, and although it comes with a 20m hose, it can be used to store regular hoses of up to 30m.

One drawback is that it doesn’t always reel in the hose tidily, and you may find that it becomes kinked or tangled. Also, it doesn’t include the fittings you’ll need for installation, although they’re not expensive to buy.

To summarise, a tough, durable and practical storage solution for your hose and tools that will make your garden tidier and your work easier. Another recommended pick.


  • Removable drum – can carry it with you for extra convenience
  • Built-in storage for accessories – to keep everything easily accessible
  • Heavy-duty option – should last a long time
  • Suitable for most hose types – maximum 30m
  • Easy to install – most people will have it in place in no time


  • Doesn’t always wind perfectly – slightly untidy storage
  • Fittings not included – need to buy screws etc. separately

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9. Amazon Basics Auto-Rewindable Wall-Mounted Reel with Hose

Amazon Basics Auto-Rewindable Wall-Mounted Reel with Hose, 25 m

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This auto-reel wall-mounted model from Amazon’s own brand includes a 25m hose that’s great for smaller homes. The housing swivels through 180° on the wall, giving extra mobility, and it includes an adjustable nozzle that allows you to vary the type of spray that comes out.

While the auto-reel function can occasionally get blocked, it’s not a major issue since you can usually rectify the problem with a couple of tugs. Also, it can be a bit hard to pull out, but as long as you don’t mind a little bit of effort, this shouldn’t put you off buying in.

All in all, this is an Amazon-brand product that will cost you significantly less than items from more famous companies while offering you a similar level of performance, so for anyone who likes a bargain, this could be an obvious pick.


  • Includes a 25m hose – ideal for smaller homes
  • Swivels on the wall – 180° rotation for extra mobility
  • Anti-drip design – so you don’t lose any water
  • Includes adjustable nozzle – giving you a range of spray options
  • Comes with everything you require – no need to buy separate fittings


  • Auto-reel occasionally blocks – but not a huge issue
  • A little hard to pull out – needs a bit of effort

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10. TRESKO Auto Garden Hose Reel 30m + 2m

TRESKO Auto Garden Hose Reel 30m + 2m | Wall-Mounted Hose Box | Roll-up Automatic | Wall Bracket, with Quick Release Connectors and Spray Nozzle

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For those who prefer something that looks good as well as offering top performance, this hose reel could be just what you’re looking for. It has a stylish design, and it’s also a well-built product that’s designed to last.

We like the quick-release catch that makes it easy to remove from the wall, and the reeling mechanism works well, making winding the hose in effortless.

The hose has a maximum pressure rating of 10 bar, which allows it to produce plenty of power. However, this is spoiled slightly by the narrow diameter, so you might find the water flow is a little disappointing.

Also, the hose itself is quite heavy, although this is partly because it’s a high-quality item – but apart from this, there’s very little to complain about, making this another option that is well worth a look.


  • Well-built item – works well and made to last
  • Stylish design – looks good as well as being functional
  • Quick-release catch – for when you want to remove it from the wall
  • Excellent auto-reeling mechanism – for effortless winding
  • Maximum of 10 bar pressure – for extra power when spraying


  • Heavy hose – but partly because of the quality
  • Pipe diameter a little narrow – restricts water flow somewhat

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Buyer’s guide

wall mounted garden hose reel

If you are in the market for a new wall-mounted hose reel, you’re probably wondering about the kind of features you should look for when choosing. So let’s think about that now.

Auto-reel or manual?

One of the first things you need to decide when buying a wall-mounted hose reel is whether you want an auto-reel version or a manual one.

Auto-reel versions use a spring system (or sometimes a powered motor) to reel the hose in for you, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. However, these are usually a more expensive option.

To save some money, you can go for a more traditional model that requires you to reel in the hose yourself. They take a little bit of extra effort to use, but they still offer a convenient solution for keeping your hose tidy and out of the way.

Kink-free reeling

Whether you choose an auto-reel or a manual one, something you should pay attention to is how well the reeling mechanism works.

You need one that winds the hose in smoothly while avoiding tangles and kinks. The main reason for having a hose reel is to keep the hose properly and safely stored, so you should avoid buying one with a poor winding system.

Overall build quality

The overall build quality of hose reels varies considerably, so you should make sure the one you buy is heavy-duty enough for your needs.

If your hose is only for light use, you can save yourself some money by choosing a cheaper model – but if you use it often, it’s better to go for something of higher quality because otherwise it probably won’t last very long.

Hose included – and hose length

When buying, check whether a hose is included – and also pay attention to the length and quality of the hose. Hoses come in a range of lengths, usually from 10m right up to 60m, so think carefully about the length you need before buying.

Spray head

Also, pay attention to whether the hose includes a spray head as well as the number of spray modes it offers.

Ease of installation and fittings included

With wall-mounted hose reels, you need to fix them to the wall before you can use them, so pay attention to how easy the job will be, especially if you’re not so great at DIY.

At the same time, make sure you check if all the fittings are included – because otherwise, you will have to buy them separately.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, when it comes to reel-mounted hose reels, there are many great options to choose from at a range of prices to suit just about any budget.

If you’ve decided you’d like a wall-mounted hose reel for your home but you’re having a hard time making up your mind which to go for, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start looking.

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