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What packages do you offer?

We don’t. We’re all about the bespoke.

But how do I know if it’ll match my budget?

Ahhh, the million dollar question. Well, a little less than a million dollars, thankfully.

Since all the component pieces are up for discussion, it’s hard for us to give any very firm guidance. We try very hard not to charge a “wedding premium” for anything that we do, but rather give honest and transparent pricing for everything. We do not aim to be the cheapest, but we do aim to give excellent value for money. We do not charge any venue hire fee, but do require that the wedding party books all 17 rooms in the hotel for a minimum of two nights. We aim to have no hidden costs.

Why all the rooms, and why two nights?

For your wedding day, you’ll want all our focus, so that means we can’t look after other guests as well. We always ask for 2 night’s stay because we find that wedding groups almost always need to get access to their rooms very early in the day, well ahead of our normal check-in time of 3.00pm, which we are not able to accommodate if we have other guests checking out that morning.

Can’t we just have a ceremony, and no accommodation?

We have hosted events where we have provided the champagne reception and then the wedding breakfast, but the evening celebration has happened elsewhere. Whilst unusual, it’s something we can work with. Unfortunately, it is not possible to host any event that extends past 6.00pm without the rooms booked out as per the above.

What’s the maximum capacity?

Total max capacity depends a good deal on what kind of event you want to have, but for guidance we have comfortably hosted weddings of 140 people without bursting at the seams. We consider 80-120 probably the range to which we are most perfectly suited. The largest number we can seat in a single room for an indoor event is around 40. For numbers larger than this, we will need to use a marquee in the gardens for the wedding breakfast.

Can we get married on site?

We do hold a wedding licence and can accommodate ceremonies on site. Due to physical limitations of the licenced room (wedding licences in the UK pertain to specifically defined rooms within premises and do not permit for ‘outdoor’ weddings) it may be the case that the maximum number of guests able to attend the ceremony itself will be lower than that which we can happily accommodate for the overall celebrations. For ‘blessings’ or other non-official ceremonies (ie, where the legal marriage ceremony takes place somewhere else), then the licence restrictions do not apply and the outdoor spaces can be utilised.

Can we rage into the night?

Our cut-off time for music is 11pm, although we are able to keep the bar open for hotel residents and their bona fide guests after this time. It’s an operating licence thing, rather than a rule we have determined ourselves, so we can’t extend the dancing, no matter how much you twist our arms. No matter how much we hate curtailing the revels, we hate jeopardising our licence much much more.

Can we use our own caterers?

In short, not a chance. Our food is awesome, and if it’s not for you then neither are we.