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A Day to Remember

The Salutation hosts a deliberately small number of weddings each year, aiming to make each one as unique and memorable as possible. By choosing to focus our efforts on just a handful of events, we are able to devote our energies to making them entirely bespoke, working with our guests to generate ideas, menus and schedules that personalise the experience and ensure that our couples have a day that is a true celebration.

With all 17 bedrooms of the stunning estate included as part of our approach, use of our gorgeous and extensive gardens, tailor-made food and drink options developed with our Head Chef and Restaurant manager, we are able to offer an unparalleled wedding experience.

Since we don’t do cookie-cutter, and we don’t do off-the-peg, every wedding here is unique.  There are no packages to buy, no options A, B and C. There are no presumptions about what a wedding day should contain, and no prejudices about what a wedding couple should comprise.

We encourage couples to book an appointment to visit in the first instance, to experience the property, have a chat, and to explore what we can do together.


As we say: the cookie-cutter approach is not for us.

We know that all the small details count, and that all the fun lies in the variation of those details. We like to help you celebrate, in the way that feels most celebratory to you.

That's why we offer a tailor-made, individual approach to all couples that visit us. We invite you to explore your options with us to find the right choices for all aspects of your day.

Wedding Breakfast and such

The Salutation is a gourmet-led hotel, and we aim to deliver an exceptional drink & dining experience for your guests.

We can't send you our set wedding menus, because we don't have any. We always work with couples to develop a dining option that completely suits them. We've done some very elegant things and some very informal, some very traditional and some very quirky.

We try to never lose sight of the fact that it's your day and your party.

Whilst we can do a huge range of things (and do them very well, even if we do say so ourselves), our restaurant menus are a good place to start when trying to get a feel for our style and our pricing. Click the button below to take a browse.


So you're right for each other

But are we right for you?

We think it's vital that the venue matches the couple so, rather than try to shoehorn in every request we receive- regardless of how well we can actually do it - we try to be honest about where we're not the right fit and what our limitations are. We receive literally hundreds of enquiries for weddings each year, and aim to host no more than three or four, so just like you and your other half, we won't settle for just anyone.

So here's another button below.

This'll let you in on a few factors you may wish to consider.


My most brilliant achievement was to persuade my wife to marry me. Winston Churchill

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