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10 Best Turf Suppliers in the UK

Turf is a great way to get your lawn looking great in no time. But you need to make sure you’re getting good quality grass that will suit your conditions and needs. Substandard turf can be unhealthy or filled with weeds, so make sure you know what you’re buying.

To help make your life easier, we’ve found ten of the best turf suppliers in the UK. They’ve all won rave reviews from customers, so you know you’re in safe hands.

The Best Turf Suppliers in the UK

1. Rolawn


Rolawn are the UK’s market leader and supply turf all around the country. Their turf meets the relevant British Standards, BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and BS EN ISO 14001: 2015. And it’s won the Royal Horticultural Society’s gold medal, so you know it’s top notch stuff.

To ensure your turf arrives in great condition, Rolawn have their own patented process they call Profresh. A pallet of turf is placed in an airtight container and the pressure lowered. Filtered air is then pumped back in, so it’s absorbed into the centre of each pallet.

This extends turf shelf life by around three times compared with standard turf. Whether you’re buying direct or from a stockist, it should still be in good condition when it reaches your garden.

Rolawn’s customer service is well regarded too. They have a platinum award from online feedback collector Feefo, receiving average feedback of 4.6 out of 5 from over 300 customer reviews.


2. The London Lawn Turf Co.

The London Lawn Turf Co.

The London Lawn Turf Co. provides turf to customers throughout the capital and Home Counties. They stock Rolawn’s Medallion turf at very competitive prices, as well as London Premium Turf.

The company also offers good quality topsoil, making this a convenient option if you require both. Multi-buy discounts are available if you purchase a range of products.

The turf is despatched from five locations across London, or you can collect it yourself if you prefer.

In addition to supplying turf for laying yourself, the company offers a range of landscaping services. They can clear your garden and prepare the ground for your new lawn if you wish. Alternatively, you can do the preparation yourself, and just get them to lay the turf.

Customer feedback is consistently positive. The company receives an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from verified reviews via



Staffordshire-based deliver turf throughout the UK. Even better, if you order before 10.30am Monday to Friday, they’ll get it to you the very next day. (Note that no deliveries are made on Sundays or Mondays.)

They offer three different grades of turf. Family Turf is formulated to be tough enough to withstand kids playing football on the lawn. Lawn Master is great for drier and shadier conditions. And Supreme is a very dense, carpet-like turf that’s still reasonably hardwearing.

You can even choose wildflower turf, with beautiful flowers interspersed in the grass. It’s perfect to create an area of meadow in your garden. And because these flowers like poor soil, you won’t need any fertiliser, or to do much maintenance.

There’s a simple turf calculator on the website, though it will only work for rectangular or square lawns. You’ll also find advice on how to lay your turf and to care for it after it’s in place.


4. County Turf

County Turf

You can buy direct from County Turf online. Depending on your location, though, it may be best to contact a local stockist. You can find a list on the website, with locations from Stirling to Bristol and Essex.

They supply turf to commercial as well as domestic clients. Their website includes testimonials from such illustrious venues as Roehampton and Royal Aberdeen golf clubs. They even supplied turf for the 2012 Olympic Games.

For domestic uses, there are four options. The most popular is the general purpose Greenscape, which is hardwearing, roots quickly, and stays looking good all year.

For ornamental lawns, there’s a choice of County Greens and Lawnscape. Both require intensive aftercare, so are best suited to lawns tended by professional gardeners.

And if your lawn is in a shady area, County Shade Turf will give great results.

There are also lower budget options and a turf laying service. Phone or email the company for more details.


5. Online Turf

Online Turf

As its name suggests, Online Turf sells turf direct to customers via its website. The turf is cut fresh to order in Lancashire, and next day delivery is available around the UK. Standard delivery days are Tuesday to Friday, but a Saturday delivery can be arranged for a £30 surcharge.

There are three grades to choose from: Rye Gold, Stadium and Budget. The Rye Bold and Stadium options are guaranteed weed-free on delivery.

Rye Gold is the most expensive. It offers a blend of smoothed stalked meadow and rye grass. It will cope well with the British climate and with general use. If you have children who’ll be playing regularly on the lawn, Stadium turf is harder wearing. And if price is your priority, there’s a Budget option.

Double check how much you need before you order. The price per square metre can drop if you reach certain thresholds.


6. Crowley Turf Supplies

Crowley Turf Supplies

Covering London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent, Crowley have supplied turf to clients including Buckingham Palace Gardens and West Ham Football Club. If you want bragging rights about having the same lawn as the Queen, this is the place to get your turf!

Their supply comes from County Turf, so you’ll get pretty much the same options. There’s Greenscape for general purpose lawns, Lawnscape for ornamental lawns, and County Shade for light-restricted areas.

You can order turf by phone or email, or there’s an enquiry form on the website. Compost, bark and a range of topsoils are available too.



Turfonline is the e-commerce wing of turf giants Harrowden Turf. Logistics centres around the country enable turf to be delivered quickly, with minimal transit times.

There are four varieties available, and a turf calculator enables you to compare the options for your specific project. Just input your lawn dimensions, and it will calculate a price. It also gives marks out of five for each option against criteria including visual merit, shade tolerance and ease of maintenance.

Whichever option you choose, it’s cut fresh for delivery and guaranteed to be weed-free.

Besides standard turf, you can purchase wildflower turf, seeded meadow mats, fertilisers and topsoil. There’s also a handy range of lawn-related tools and equipment, including turf laying boards.

This is a great one-stop-shop for all lawn laying needs.


8. Turfitt


Those north of the border should check out Edinburgh-based supplier Turfitt. They provide turf to gardens throughout Scotland, as well as to golf courses, parks and sports grounds.

All their turf is grown to the Turf Growers’ Association standards. That means it’s good quality, as well as being sustainably produced.

Domestic customers can choose from two options: Ornamental or Standard turf. Despite the name, Ornamental is both low-maintenance and shade-tolerant. Standard is a fast-rooting, hardwearing and less expensive alternative.

If you order before 12 noon, your turf can be delivered anywhere in Scotland the next day.

And if you want minimal hassle, you can take advantage of a full turf installation service. This includes removing your old lawn as well as laying the new one. All Turfitt’s workpeople are fully trained and insured.


9. Garden Turf Direct

Garden Turf Direct

Manchester-based Garden Turf Direct grow turf on the rich Chat Moss soils and deliver across the UK. If you’re local, they can even get it to you the same day if you order before 10am. Further afield, order by 2pm and you can request next day delivery.

All turf is cut to order, so it will be fresh when it arrives at your garden. There are three options: Standard, Garden Turf and Premium, depending on your budget and needs.

If ordering online, there’s a minimum order requirement of 20 square metres, and a maximum of 700 square metres. If you need to cover a larger area, contact them for a tailored quote.


10. Easylawn


Easylawn have been established for over 30 years and are members of the Turf Growers’ Association. They cover parts of south-west England and south Wales, from Swindon to Swansea and as far north as Worcester.

Deliveries are made from Tuesday to Friday. If you place your order by 12 noon on Monday to Thursday, you’ll get your turf the next day.

There’s only one type of turf available here, and it’s also called Easylawn. It’s a general purpose lawn grass, so if you have shady conditions or want a manicured look, it may not suit.

Fill in the enquiry form online to get a tailored quote for the quantity of turf you need.


Time to buy your turf!

We hope you’ve found our list of some of the best turf suppliers in the UK useful. Many deliver throughout the UK, so no matter where you live there’ll be someone who can help.

Think about the way you’ll use your lawn and how much light it will get before you choose your turf. And check with your supplier about how it will be delivered, so you’re prepared to move it as necessary.

Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy your beautiful new lawn!

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