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7 Best Telescopic Hedge Trimmers of 2023 (UK) – Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Are you ‘that guy/girl’? The one that spends evenings humming with the hose as you water the lawn? Some of us are content to buy a WiFi sprinkler system. The kind you can control using your phone – even while you’re stuck in traffic. But some of us are more … hands-on.

If you fall into the latter category, you need a long reach hedge trimmer. You’ll spend hours playing with topiary and getting your fences just right. Fun! But how can you be sure you bought the best telescopic hedge trimmer? Keep reading and let’s find out together!

Best Extendable Hedge Trimmer In UK


The Best Telescopic Hedge Trimmer In UK 2023

1. Bosch Cordless Universal Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Bosch 06008B3070 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer UniversalHedgePole 18 (1 Battery, 18 Volt System in Cardboard Box)

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Hedge trimmers are weird-looking devices. They resemble gangly chainsaws with awkwardly flailing teenage limbs. So if you haven’t used one before, watch multiple videos and get a demo from the pros. Otherwise, you’ll saw your fingers off and poke your eyes out! But once you’re comfortable wielding one, the Bosch is a good selection. Let’s look at its plus sides.

This mower is cordless, which is perfect. Because it has a long 43cm blade and a lengthy, extendable pole. Lots of chances for snipping crossed wired on this one. The blade is double-sided with 16mm between its teeth. Meaning regardless of the powerful 2200rpm motor, you can’t saw through branches thicker than 1.5cm. The pole stretches 60cm and has a flex head.

This means the maximum length of your Bosch is 260cm, blade inclusive. And the versatile machine head swivels 135° on its pivot. The red button conveniently controls angles so you can easily trim hidden corners and unseen hedge-tops. It comes with a charger and a lithium-ion battery. And because this telescopic trimmer weighs 3.6 kilos, it has a shoulder strap.

And it has anti-blocking systems too. This built-in tech prevents electronic interference so your hedge trimmer won’t cut out mid-snip. The lengthy blade makes easy work of wide hedges. The trimmer is heavy enough to exhaust your biceps and triceps but it’s well balanced so you’re less likely to strain your ligaments and tendons or hurt your muscles.

The trimmer can run for two and a half hours on a full charge. With a 430mm blade, that’s about 200 square metres of trimmed twigs and leaves. The handle has a rubber grip for added comfort. You place the battery below the handle, which helps you balance the device and avoid injuring your hands. Its syneon chip extends battery life, enhancing performance.

This is among the best long reach telescopic trimmers on the market. But for shorter hedges, there’s a ‘blind spot’ for anything under 40cm. And it won’t work on dense neglected bushes.


  • Its universal 18V battery can power any other Bosch device.
  • A full charge can trim 200m2.
  • It has teeth spaced 16mm apart.


  • You’ll get tired quickly so plan your trimming chores in spurts …

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2. Flymo SabreCut Telescopic Trimmer

Flymo SabreCut XT 20V Li Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 20V Li-Ion Battery, 42cm Blade Length

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Visually, this Flymo trimmer is standard. It has the padded handle with a battery below it and the double-sided blades. It’s fairly well balanced with a 42cm blade and a right-angled pivot. This flexibility is less than some models, but it does allow you to trim horizontally. That’s helpful for young hedges, or for shaping fences that are waist-high or shorter.

This is primarily a maintenance trimmer. It can’t take on heavy-duty tasks and you should plan to use it at least once a month. That way, you can retain its neat look before the twigs get too thick and unruly. The hedge trimmer weighs 3.5kg and while some models (like EasiCut) are single-sided, this 20V cordless one is double-sided and its teeth are 16mm.

This SabreCut Flymo trimmer has its own 20V charger and comes with a lithium-ion battery. If you need to replace either one, double-check since it won’t work with 18V chargers. Its handle can be extended to 2.45m. Be careful when ordering – the differences between Flymos are slight. You may end up with entirely features just by changing the code.

The Corded SabreCut – for example – has a 48cm and a 25mm spacing, but you may accidentally order it by unknowingly shifting your mouse and clicking the wrong spot on the ad. The teeth on this trimmer are triangular. This means the spacing is larger at the tips than the base, which enhances the sawing action. The trimmer has an orange tip protector too.

This rechargeable trimmer has a 2.5Ah battery that fits other 20V Flymos. It can cut both vertically and laterally for up to an hour at a time. Charging takes three or four hours.


  • It can trim both hedge-tops and ground hedges.
  • The trimmer has twin blades.
  • You can adjust the angle up to 90°.


  • You only get an hour’s use after three hours of charging.

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3. Ryobi 450W Extendable Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi RPT4545M 450W Pole Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Green and Black

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Telescopic hedge trimmers are essential for taller live fences. But what about those who prefer their hedged closer to their waist and shoulders? And even with taller ones, what happens to the branches at eye-level or lower? The average hedge trimmer has a 40cm bladed plus a pole that’s at least a metre long. So anything below that gets neglected.

Also, not all trimmers can cut horizontally – another reason why lower leaves and twigs are untended. This Ryobi telescopic trimmer solves both issues. Its blade is 45cm long so you get good reach. It has a pivot that lets you bend it 135° in four positions. So you can angle it for lower branches and ‘blind spots’. As for the higher branches, use the extension pole.

Fully stretched, it adds 2.6m to the length of your trimmer. Add that to the blade and the handle and you can comfortably cut hedges up to 4m tall. And the shaft is removable so you can still trim at the standard height. The 450W motor on this trimmer can also cut thicker branches because its laser-cut teeth are spaced 20mm apart. The blades are trapezoidal.

This shape adds to their sturdiness and cutting efficiency. Verify whether you want a corded or cordless version – it’s easy to order the wrong one. Both are effective but with the cordless, you need to factor in charging time. And with the corded, you may need extension cables and extra care to avoid slicing your power cable as you trim. This version is corded.

The plug is a 240V one so that’s fine for UK use. But double-check the plug – it comes with an American-style two-prong rounded plug. Most sellers can swap it out for a local one if needed. Yes, you could buy the right plug and switch it out yourself – it’s a fairly simple process. But that may void your 2-year trimmer warranty. The cable is 6 inches long.

While this trimmer offers remarkable trimming length, its power cable is on the shorter side. And the balance is top-heavy so you’ll need a lot of practice runs before you trim.


  • The extension pole adds 2.6m to the overall height.
  • Is twin blades are ground using industrial diamonds.
  • Its noise levels are a decent 95.6dB.


  • At 4.1kg, it’s an armful.

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4. VonHaus Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer (Our Top Pick)

VonHaus Cordless Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer 20V MAX. Battery – Extendable Reach, Hedge Cutter with Dual Action Blades, Electric Hedge Trimmer, 135º Adjustable Trimmer Head, 2 Year Warranty

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Several factors affect the efficacy of long reach hedge trimmers. Yes, expandable length is good. But all the poles in the world are pointless if you have bad blades. And blades rely on construction material, spacing, and shape. This VonHaus trimmer has ‘split level’ blades. Rather than straight serration, the teeth are curvy and have an extension on the side.

This creates a trimmer that has 3 cutting surfaces for every tooth. And these teeth are 16mm apart so you can trim average-sized hedges with it. As long as the twigs aren’t thicker than 1.5cm so consider trimming every 4 to 6 weeks before the branches become unmanageable. This model weighs 3.74kg and has an auxiliary padded handle that’s ergonomically shaped.

This ‘extra’ handle makes it easier to guide and support the trimmer while you work. But if it’s in your way or if you’re more comfortable without it, you can easily remove it – it’s fully detachable. Depending on which section of the hedge you’re trimming, you can adjust the angle of the head up to 135°. This repositions the blade vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Angling makes the trimmer easier to manoeuvre and lets you access tricky twigs. This trimmer uses a 20V Vonhaus battery. This battery can be interchanged among VonHaus devices. But the manufacturer stopped supplying ‘spares’ so if the battery dies, you may have to buy a new trimmer (or similar power tool) to get a new lithium battery for your hedge.

That said, this is a fast-charging battery. You can get a full charge in an hour and it’ll run for 50 minutes before it needs recharging. And while you may find the two-step trigger annoying, it will stop little hands from accidentally slicing themselves by inadvertently activating the trimmer in the store. The pole can extend your trimmer’s reach by 2.44m.

From a safety perspective, this is the best telescopic hedge trimmer. It has a hand protector and a twin-step trigger. The trimmer carries a 2-year warranty but preserve that battery!


  • It has a 45cm blade.
  • The 14mm teeth are laser-cut.
  • The trimmer has a 2-year warranty.


  • The manufacturer no longer sells replacement batteries so …

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5. Einhell Telescopic Trimmer + Accessories

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool With Battery and Charger - 2-in-1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer And Chainsaw / Pruning Saw - GE-HC 18 Li T Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Online shopping lets us buy things anywhere in the world. You could be in the middle of an abandoned coal mine and as long as you have a WiFi signal and/or a smartphone with geo-location, you’ll get the goods. But ordering online has its challenges. And they come up often with this Einhell long-reach trimmer. For one thing, the warranty is a tad wishy-washy.

Yes, there are authorised suppliers in the UK. And yes, the trimmer carries a 2-year warranty. But that warranty is voided if you order on certain sites (like Amazon). And the local dealers have tight restrictions on the spares they carry and the repairs they’re allowed to do. That aside, it’s a good multipurpose telescopic trimmer with tonnes of extras.

You get a strap, a charger, a battery, a trimming blade, a chainsaw blade, and a chainsaw chain. The blades are top-notch laser-cut diamond-ground Oregons and you can pivot them 90°. The equipment comes with an aluminium extension pole for an additional 88 to 182cm of trimming height. And the interchangeable quick-charging battery fills in under an hour.

Battery life varies though. The chainsaw uses less power than the trimmer, so its battery time is longer. And of course, it depends on the battery you’re using. This Einhell ships with a 3Ah battery that lasts 40 minutes in trimmer mode and an hour in chainsaw mode. You can extend battery time to almost two hours if you invest in a 6Ah battery. Always 18V though.

The trimmer has an extra handle about halfway down its shaft. This eases the strain on your hands, arms, and shoulders, and you can adjust the position of this auxiliary handle for added comfort. This is 450W device weighs 6.3 kilos. Its Power X-Change battery fits over 200 other Einhell power tools. You can tilt the handle into 4 positions and the motor into 7.

This is a cordless tool so it doesn’t need cables or petrol. But in chainsaw mode, the oil tank automatically keeps the chain lubricated. And you can adjust said chain without using tools.


  • It has multiple attachments including a chainsaw.
  • The trimming blade is 400mm.
  • You can adjust the head to 90°.


  • It can be tricky getting spares (or repairs) in the UK.

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6. FIXKIT Cordless 2-in-1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

If you’ve been in this space for some time, you expect telescopic hedge trimmers to have a certain … look. And this one doesn’t. But its unusual visuals are part of the point. They allow the device to perform more tasks – like trimming grass along fences and edging. This 2-in-1 trimmer can work as a grass shear or a hedge trimmer by swapping its multiple blades.

The comb-like 100m blades are ideal for cutting grass and weeds at close quarters. The longer 170mm blade is for hedges. This double-edged blade is 7cm wide and both blades sit on an angular shaft that’s 12cm high. It’s easy to swap the blades. Just press the release catches on the side and voilà. You can use the trimmer with or without its wheels.

The telescopic pole clips on just as easily and the battery clicks into the other tip, nestling in your palm. This pole in a loose s-wave so it strains your wrists less. Both the hedge trimmer and the grass shears have twin-blade layers of mixed height. So they cut via scissoring action between the twin blades. To control the device, use the orange control buttons on its head.

This head can turn 90° to reach trickier spots. There’s a duplicate set of controls on the tip of the telescopic handle where the battery sits.  The trimmer uses two built-in batteries, each one emitting 7.2V. You don’t have to remove the batteries for charging – just plug the charger into the wall and unplug it for cordless use.  It takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

The trimmer runs for 85 minutes on a full charge and the colour-coded LED indicator warns you when it’s due for plugging. It glows red on low power, adds yellow for medium charge, and all three light glow at full charge (red, yellow, green). In hedge-trimmer mode, the teeth are spaced 1.6cm apart. And the whole gadget is conveniently lightweight at just 2.15kg.

This dual-function trimmer will keep your hedge neat and clean up the edges of your lawn. It has an 1100rpm motor and comes with a UK-style wall plug for direct AC recharging.


  • It’s a dual-purpose grass cutter and hedge trimmer.
  • It runs up to 85 minutes on a full charge.
  • The telescopic rod adds 45 to 80cm of reach.


  • Finding local spares is a chore, whether you want wheels or an extra battery.


7. BU-KO Multifunctional Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

When you want a single tool that does everything (and you’re willing to cough up cash for the privilege), talk to BU-KO. Their 5-in-1 gardening device combines a chainsaw, brush cutter, nylon strimmer, hedge trimmer, and a 1m extension pole. To alternate these features, swap the blades attached to a 52cc petrol engine. The engine is 2.2kW and spins at 7500rpm.

The ‘blades’ include a tri-tooth brush cutter, a serrated circular brush cutter with 40 teeth, a four-line nylon strimmer spool, a double-edged 45cm hedge trimmer, and a 25cm chainsaw blade. You can adjust the telescoping arm 27o° degrees for efficient angular trimming. This comprehensive tool kit also contains thick gardening gloves, goggles, and premium earmuffs.

This telescopic trimmer is heavy, even without its accessories. It’s close to 20 kilos so it comes with a padded harness for balance and weight distribution. The handle is styled like a bicycle so despite the bulk of this device, you can achieve fine control. The 2-stroke engine has 3hp with a recoil start with a primer bulb. The whole set-up has a 2-year warranty.

The 1200ml engine uses a 40:1 oil ratio and the chainsaw is automatically lubricated as it prunes. This machine has multiple sharp blades that spin at frightening speeds. Including a centrifugal clutch. So the throttle is placed on the handle for easy access and safety. All the blades are hardened steel for durability and enhanced cutting power. The nylon is 2.4mm.

If you’re looking for the one-man band of the long-reach gardening world, this is the best telescopic hedge trimmer. And it comes with all the necessary accessories and fittings.


  • It’s a 5-in-1 tool with seemingly endless accessories.
  • The bicycle-style handlebars are easy to use.
  • Its extension pole gives you an extra 3.4m of trimming height.


  • The number of (moving) parts and accessories can be overwhelming. And the instructions don’t help.


Buying Guide

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Professional landscapers can carve your live fence into anything. From farm animals to portraits of your spouse (or even effigies of the in-laws!). But as a DIY garden enthusiast, you can still do a lot with the right long reach hedge cutter. So let’s look at some key factors to consider as you hunt down the best telescopic hedge trimmer for your gardening needs.

Power Source

Telescopic hedge trimmers can be petrol-powered, electric, or rechargeable. Each category has distinct selection criteria. If you want a battery-powered trimmer, consider the number of batteries it needs and how quickly these batteries charge. Also, confirm how long the trimmer runs on a full charge. And whether it can function at half or quarter charge.

For electric models, think about the length of the power cable. You’ll probably need extension cords, depending on the location of the hedge. And that’s a huge risk of slicing through live wires. Not a good look. You can also check for wattage – good trimmers need at least 450W. For petrol models, check the fuel capacity and engine power.

Sizing Matters

Here, you’ll focus on the length and weight of your telescopic trimmer. A hedge trimmer needs to reach the top of your live fence. So if you don’t have a stable ladder (with a safety harness or a human ‘spotter’), the trimmer should be at least hedge height. And it should accommodate upward growth, depending on how tall you want the hedge to grow.

You could also buy a trimmer with extendable shafts for added length. Weight-wise, the heavier the trimmer, the faster you’ll tire. There’s also a higher risk of injury since you’ll be hoisting a sharp, spinning blade over your head. The type of blade affects sizing too. Strong, heavier blades can slice through thicker branches and stalks. Check for tooth spacing too.

Blades and Angles

Let’s take a closer look at those cutting edges. You can opt for a single-sided blade or a double-sided one. Double blades have more power, but they’ll also be heavier and louder. And they’ll consume more energy – both from you and your power source. A typical trimmer blade is 40cm to 50cm. Its teeth could be spaced between 10mm and 25mm apart.

You should also check for manoeuvrability. Some hedge trimmers have a flexible head so you can your cutting angle. This is helpful for tight corners, hedge shaping, or trimming the unseen tops of the fence. If you want a trimmer with an extendable pole, confirm how easy it is to lengthen (or shorten) the trimmer. Get a DIY model or you’ll constantly call 0-800.

Trim Those Tips!

Based on our experience, we suggest you buy the VonHaus. Here’s why:

  • It’s cordless so there’s nothing to trip over.
  • Its 20V battery is compatible with other VonHaus devices.
  • The 45cm blade has teeth on both sides.
  • The teeth are diamond-cut with 14mm spacing.
  • These dual-action blades have split levels.
  • It takes an hour to charge and runs for an hour on a full charge.
  • The pivot can be adjusted 90°.
  • The trimmer has a two-step trigger for added safety.
  • There’s a removable auxiliary handle for comfort.

Which telescopic hedge trimmer are you currently toying with? Show us in the comments!

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