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7 Best Push Lawn Mowers of 2023 (UK) – Manual Hand Push Lawnmower Reviews

If you’re fed up of tripping over cables when you cut your grass, a push lawn mower is the perfect solution. And the quiet operation means you’ll be able to mow your lawn whenever you want without disturbing your neighbours!

But if you’re trying to choose the perfect model, the amount of choice out there can be confusing. That’s where we come in!

We’re going to take a look at seven of the best push lawn mowers on the market right now. We’ll review their pros and cons. And we’ll tell you what to consider to make the perfect choice for your garden.

Ready? Let’s get started!


The Best push lawn mower on UK Market 2023

1. Bosch 600886103 AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower (Our Top Pick)

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower (Cutting Width 38 cm, in Carton Packaging)

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The AHM 38G from Bosch is an amazingly economical push lawn mower. It’s the cheapest model on our list, costing about the same as ten coffees at a posh coffee shop. So what do you get for such a modest investment?

The short answer is a reliable and effective lawn mower.

It offers a cutting width of 38 millimetres and weighs just 7.5 kilograms. That means it’s easy to manoeuvre. And if you have any narrower strips of grass to contend with, it will be just what you need.

There’s a five-bladed cylinder which chops through the grass like a pair of scissors. That will give you a neat, crisp cut that’s good for the health of your grass. The rear roller will even give you an attractive striped finish on your lawn – impressive for such a lightweight machine.

The side wheels are large and high geared, so it’s easy to push. And that rear roller means it will stay steady and cut cleanly right to the edge of your lawn. You can choose from a cutting height between 15 and 43 millimetres.

It comes with a 25-litre grass box, so you won’t have to rake up the cuttings afterwards. Just empty it out in the composter when it’s full.

You will need to do a bit of assembly after it’s delivered. It’s not particularly difficult – you’ll just need to bolt together the handle and clip it to the chassis. There are another couple of bolts for the grass box. Expect the whole job to take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Make sure the blades are correctly adjusted, though. You’ll need to loosen the two knobs that control the blade position. You want them to lightly brush the bottom of the chassis as you mow. If you haven’t done this before, this may take a bit of time. But it’s important to get it right for the best results.


  • The five-bladed cylinder slices cleanly through the grass, keeping it healthy
  • The rear roller adds stability and creates stripes
  • Comes with a 25-litre grass box to collect the cuttings


  • Requires some assembly, though it’s fairly straightforward
  • You’ll need to ensure the blades are correctly adjusted to get the best results.

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2. Garden Gear D8460 Manual Garden Lawnmower Hand Push Mower Grass Cutter

Garden Gear Manual Lawnmower Hand Push Mower Grass Cutter with Rear Roller & 17 Litre Grass Collection Bag

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Garden Gear’s D8460 is slightly more expensive than the Bosch, but it’s still easy on your wallet. And it comes with a 12-month guarantee for peace of mind.

The smart green cylinder delivers a compact 30-centimetre cutting width. That makes it a good choice for smaller lawns. And you can choose from cutting heights between 45 and just 12 millimetres. That’s enough versatility to create a finish that would be at home on a bowling green.

The cylinder here has four blades which shear through the glass with a scissors-like action. The mower weighs just 6.4 kilograms, so it’s very easy to transport and manoeuvre.

At the back, there’s a 17-litre soft-sided grass box. That means you shouldn’t have to rake up any cuttings when you’ve finished working.

We have, however, heard of a few instances where people have found the cuttings escape the box. This isn’t a universal experience, and it’s possible the culprit is a grass box that hasn’t been correctly attached.

You will need to fit it yourself as one step in assembling the mower. It’s not too difficult or time-consuming a job, though. Expect the full assembly process to take around 20 minutes from start to finish.

One other niggle is with the wheels. Although they’re a decent size, they’re made of plastic, so they’re not the most robust. And we’ve heard of some cases where the trims have become detached.

There are certainly more heavy-duty mowers out there. But if you’re looking for something that’s compact, lightweight and easy to use, this is a great buy. And it won’t break the bank either.


  • At just 6.4 kilograms, this is very light and easy to handle
  • Good range of cutting heights from 43 millimetres all the way down to just 12 millimetres
  • The 30-centimetre cutting width and 17-litre grass box are great for smaller lawns


  • We’ve heard of some issues with the grass box not collecting all the cuttings
  • The plastic wheels and trims aren’t particularly robust.

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3. Webb WEH12R Manual Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower with Roller

Webb WEH12R Manual Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower with Roller, Adjustable Cutting Heights, 30cm Cutting Width and 18L Collection Bag - 2 Year Guarantee

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Webb’s WEH12R is twice the price of the Bosch. But it comes with a two-year guarantee and plenty of features to recommend it.

It’s a particularly good choice for creating a manicured finish on smaller lawns. The double roller design and 11-kilogram frame will give you a neat stripe on your grass. And because the working width is just 30 centimetres, you’ll be able to get a multi-striped effect on even a narrow lawn.

The cutting cylinder features five blades made from hardened steel for a crisp cut. You can choose from a height of anything between 13 and 23.5 millimetres. And changing the setting is a simple matter of adjusting the large knobs on either side of the mower. You won’t need any tools to do it.

It comes with an 18-litre grass collection bag. This one is mounted at the front of the mower, and it’s effective at catching the cuttings. We have, though, heard a few complaints that it’s prone to falling off. And the position does make it slightly trickier to see where to line up the mower for your next stripe.

You will need to do some assembly before the first use. The X-shaped handles come in four pieces which need to be bolted together. Note that they don’t fold down. But you can loosen the bolts and remove the upper sections if you need to fit your mower into a smaller storage space.

Webb are a British manufacturer, and they take a lot of pride in the quality of their construction. This certainly isn’t the cheapest push lawn mower out there. But it’s a well-built and effective piece of kit, perfect for achieving a short cut on small lawns.


  • Double roller creates smart stripes as you mow
  • Good for low cuts, with a range of between 13 and 23.5 millimetres
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee


  • The front-mounted grass box is great at collecting cuttings, but can come loose if you hit an obstacle
  • You’ll need to do some assembly – the handles come in four sections.

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4. Einhell Universal Hand Mower

Einhell Universal Hand Mower GE HM 38 S 3414165 – 38 mm – 250 m²

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German manufacturer Einhell’s GE HM 38 S comes in at about the same price as the Webb mower. It’s finished in the brand’s trademark cheerful red livery, so it really stands out from the crowd.

This mower is suitable for lawns with a surface area of up to 250 square metres. The cutting width is more generous than many cylinder mowers too, at 38 centimetres. And you’ll get a choice of four cutting heights, from 13 to 38 millimetres.

You’ll find it takes more effort to do the first cut of the season. The gap between the wheels and the cylinder means that longer blades of grass can wrap around and jam the wheels. But as long as the grass isn’t too long, this is very easy to use.

The mowing spindle is mounted on a ball bearing and there are five steel blades to slice through the grass. A plastic roller helps keep the mower stable on uneven ground. And the wheels are 22 centimetres in diameter, big enough for a steady ride.

The handlebar here is adjustable. That makes it a great choice for taller or shorter gardeners, who’ll be able to use it in comfort. It also folds away neatly so that it takes up less storage space.

One thing to note with this one is that it doesn’t come with a grass collection box as standard. Einhell make one that’s compatible – the model number is 3421112. It will add about 25 per cent to the total price though.

Alternatively you can choose to leave your cuttings where they fall, and treat them as mulch.

This mower weighs 7.8 kilograms, so it’s light enough to be easy to manoeuvre. And if you need to take it to another location, those folding handles will make that much simpler. It’s compact enough to fit into the boots of most cars.


  • Five hardened steel blades for a crisp cut
  • Adjustable handlebar, so gardeners of all heights can use it in comfort
  • Handle folds up for easier storage


  • If you want a grass collection box, you’ll need to buy it separately
  • Longer grass can jam the wheels – be prepared to spend longer on the first cut of the season.

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5. Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower

Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower, Cylinder Lawnmower with Blade-Free Cutting System, Cutting Width: 43 cm, Black/Orange/Silver, 1015649

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The StaySharp Plus from Fiskars is the most expensive mower on our list by quite some way. You could buy four of the Bosch mowers for the price of one of these. So what do you get for your money?

Well, to start with, you’ll get a wide range of cutting heights. The highest setting is all the way up at 10 centimetres. That means it will handle the first cut of the season without breaking a sweat.

The lowest cut, though, is 4 centimetres. While the range is significant, it’s far from the lowest option out there. If you want a bowling green-like finish, this won’t be the right mower for you.

You’ll get four wheels here, rather than two as with most cylinder mowers. That provides extra stability and means it’s better able to cope with uneven terrain. And you’ll also get a cutting width of 43 centimetres. That will require less toing and froing on medium-sized lawns.

The sturdy steel blades are frictionless, so they’ll stay sharp.

This is a considerably heavier option than most of the mowers on our list. It weighs in at 18.6 kilograms. That means it’s not quite as manoeuvrable as other models. But as long as you turn it in a wider curve, you’ll be fine.

Despite the weight, it’s exceptionally easy to push. The well-balanced design and extra wheels mean it almost feels like it’s self-propelled.

If you want a grass collection box, you’ll need to buy it separately. That’s rather disappointing at this price point. However, if you prefer to leave your cuttings as mulch, it will avoid the need to find space for an unwanted accessory.


  • Handles longer grass with ease
  • Frictionless blades mean they’ll stay sharp
  • Four wheels provide extra stability – this will take uneven ground in its stride


  • Heavy and not particularly easy to turn – you’ll need to manoeuvre it in a wide curve at the end of each row
  • The lowest cutting height is 4 centimetres, so it won’t suit those looking for a bowling green finish.

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6. Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower, 40 cm (16 Inch) 20 Litre Collection Bag

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Murray’s HM400 is an economically priced push mower with lots of features you’d expect in more expensive models.

It has a 40-centimetre cutting width and a grass collection box to take care of the cuttings. A single lever allows you to adjust the cutting height to any one of four positions.  It will go as high as 38 millimetres or as low as 13 millimetres.

The substantial handlebar is foam padded, so it’s easy on your hands. But note that it doesn’t fold down, so you will need a bit more storage space. And if you want to mow away from home, you’ll need plenty of space in your vehicle to fit it in.

Some assembly is required before the first use, but it’s all pretty straightforward. And you won’t need any tools to do it.

We’ve heard of a few niggles with the grass collection box. Some people have found that some of the cuttings don’t make it inside. Others have found that the box has come loose during use.

The 20-litre capacity is pretty decent for a cylinder mower, though. If you’re using it on a smaller lawn – say, up to about 100 square metres – it will be ideal.

Overall, this is a sturdy mower, that performs effectively. It won’t be the best choice for larger lawns. But as long as you don’t let your grass grow too long, it will give you an excellent cut.


  • Choice of four cutting heights, from 13 to 38 millimetres
  • Comes with a 20-litre grass collection box
  • The ergonomically designed foam-padded handle makes it comfortable to use


  • The handle doesn’t fold down, so you’ll need a reasonable amount of space to store it
  • We’ve heard of a few issues with the grass collection box coming loose during use.

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7. GARDENA Classic Hand lawn mower

Gardena Hand Cylinder Lawnmower 400

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Gardena’s Classic 400 will suit lawns with a surface area of up to 200 square metres. Its 40-centimetre cutting width offers a good balance between coverage and manoeuvrability.

The blades are made of steel, so they’re nice and strong. And they have a non-stick coating to help prevent the grass from sticking to them. That will keep the cylinder moving smoothly, even if the grass isn’t completely dry.

The blade cylinder and the static lower blade don’t come into contact with each other. Instead, the grass passes between them and is cut as it would be with a pair of scissors.

As a result, the mower is very easy to push along, and it’s quiet too. And the clean cut means the grass is less vulnerable to pests and disease.

It weighs just under 9 kilograms. It’s not the lightest, but there is a carrying handle to make it more portable. And when it comes to storing it away, the handles can be folded down to take up less space.

There’s no grass collection box as standard with this one, although you can buy one separately. Just make sure you take the extra cost into account when comparing prices.

The range of cutting heights is wider than many other mowers on our list. Here, you can choose from four, from 12 to 42 millimetres. That gives you enough flexibility to manage your lawn’s different needs throughout the growing season.

As with the other mowers on our list, you’ll need to do a bit of assembly before you use it for the first time. It’s not particularly tricky, with the exception of one issue: the bolt for the handles. This is not quite long enough to fit easily.


  • Cutting width of 40 centimetres makes it suitable for lawns of up to about 200 square metres
  • Non-stick coating on the steel blades helps keep grass from clogging up the cylinder
  • Four cutting heights, from 12 to 42 millimetres


  • If you want a grass collection box, you’ll need to buy one separately
  • The bolt for the handles is rather short, making this part of the assembly process more of a pain that it should be.

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Buying guide


So you’ve checked out all our reviews, but you’re still not sure which mower will best suit your lawn. Never fear – our buying guide is here to help! Read on for a few simple elements to consider before you part with your money.

How big is your lawn?

To begin with, you’ll want to make sure that your mower is suitable for the size for your lawn. The main thing to look at here is the cutting width.

If your lawn is small – and particularly if it’s narrow – you’ll want a lawn with a narrower cutting width. That will give you room to manoeuvre.

And if you get a mower with a roller, it will also allow you to create a series of attractive stripes. The Garden Gear has a 30-centimetre cutting width, which will be great for narrower plots. And it has a roller too.

But if you have a larger area to cover, go for a mower that offers a wider cut. That will avoid you having to make more passes up and down your lawn. And it will be easier to keep to a straight line too. The Fiskars mower has the biggest cutting width of any model on our list, at 43 centimetres.

Do you want to collect your grass cuttings?

Next, consider whether you want to collect your grass cuttings or leave them as mulch. Some people swear by the fertilising power of cut grass. But if you leave it on your lawn in the spring, you’ll prevent light and air getting to the soil. And that will prevent healthy new growth.

All the mowers on our list have the option of being fitted with a grass collection box. In some cases that comes as standard, while in others you’ll need to buy it separately.

If you’re considering purchasing a separate grass box, you’ll need one that’s compatible with the mower. And check the price before you buy. In some cases, the box can increase the total cost significantly.

Consider logistics

Last but not least, consider the practicalities of using and storing your mower.

If you’re an average height, you’ll probably find you can use most mowers with a fair degree of comfort. But padded handles will still make them easier on your hands, especially if you have a larger area to cover.

If you’re taller or shorter than average, though, look for a mower with adjustable handles. Getting them the right height will be much better for your back.

Think about the weight too. Will you be able to carry it from wherever it’s stored to wherever you’ll be using it? Some options, like the Gardena, are designed with handles that make it easy to lift and move.

And last but not least, make sure your lawn will fit into your shed or wherever you plan to store it. If it needs to fit into a tighter space, models with folding or detachable handles will be a good choice.

Ready to choose your push lawn mower?

We hope our guide to some of the best push lawn mowers out there has helped you in your search! There’s lots of choice out there, whatever your requirements and budget.

Our top pick is actually the least expensive mower on our list – the Bosch AHM 38G. We love the excellent cutting performance of its five-bladed cylinder. And the ability to create stripes with the roller is a real plus.

But whichever option is right for you, a push lawn mower can give you great results. So say goodbye to annoying electrical cables, and enjoy a more peaceful mowing experience. Happy gardening!

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