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7 Best Pet-Friendly Weed killers of 2023 (UK) – Cat & Dog Safe Weedkiller Reviews

Pulling up weeds manually can be a gardener’s nightmare, and many prefer to simply eradicate them with Weed killers. However, if you have pets, spreading dangerous chemicals over your garden is not an option.

However, some Weed killers exist that are not harmful to animals, and if that sounds like a smart idea, here are our top picks for best pet-friendly Weed killer to help you find the right one for your needs.

The Best Pet-Safe Weed killer


The Best Pet-Friendly Weed killer on UK Market 2023

1. Weedol 10005 Ultra Tough Weed Killer Liquid Concentrate

Weedol Ultra Tough WeedKiller Liquid Concentrate, 6+2 Tubes

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If you need a potent Weed killer that will be able to deal with the full range of invasive species but that is also safe to use around pets or children, this product could be an excellent option.

Since it comes packaged in individual tubes, there’s no need to worry about measuring out doses. You simply mix one tube with the correct volume of water and you’re good to go.

Due to its dual action, it is effective at killing weeds above ground while also targeting their roots, which stops them from growing back after the treatment. However, just a week after use, the soil will be ready for replanting.

After use, you don’t need to keep children or pets out of the area either – after application, once the Weed killer has dried, the area is already safe for them to play in again.

On the downside, sometimes it can take a while – and more than one application – for the product to work. However, if you persist with it, you will see impressive results after a couple of weeks, even with the most stubborn weeds.

Also, this product is not selective, so you need to be careful when applying it. It will kill just about anything, including lawn and other plants, so if you want to keep them, you need to make sure you don’t apply it where they are growing.

Overall, this product is easy to use and highly effective, so if you need a Weed killer to destroy problematic weeds in your garden but you’re worried about using harmful chemicals around animals or children, this is an option that should be of interest.


  • Easy to use – comes pre-dosed in individual tubes
  • Effective formula – kills even the most stubborn weeds
  • Dual-action – kills weeds to the root to prevent them from coming back
  • Treated area can be reseeded after a week – short wait time
  • Safe for pets and kids after use – once it has dried


  • May take a while to kill everything – but will start working quickly
  • Not selective – will kill lawns, plants and everything else you apply it to

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2. Weedol Fast Acting Weed killer 3L

Weedol 019423 Fast Acting Weedkiller, Ready to Use, Manual Spray 3 Litre, Clear

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For those who don’t have time to wait, this product, also from Weedol, could be a better pick. This formula is designed to give fast results, and you can expect to see your weeds starting to die after only an hour – and after 24 hours, there won’t be much left of them.

Furthermore, with this product, your soil will be ready for replanting after just 24 hours, which makes this a great pick if you’re in a hurry to kill your weeds and start growing something else in their place.

We like the way it’s such a versatile product – you can use it on patios, driveways, flowerbeds and more. It also comes with a special applicator that makes it easy to spread.

However, bear in mind that the applicator is a little uncomfortable to use for long periods, so if you have a larger area of weeds that needs treating, it might be better to wear a pair of gloves.

This is also a quite pungent and unpleasant-smelling Weed killer – although most people will be able to put up with it if they wear a mask.

These minor gripes aside, this could be a great pick if you need to deal with your weed problem in double time – and if that sounds like the kind of thing you need, at this kind of low price, you can hardly go wrong.


  • Fast action – visible effects in an hour, weeds dead in 24
  • Ground ready to replant after 24 hours – ideal if you’re in a hurry
  • Versatile product – suitable for patios, driveways, flowerbeds and more
  • Includes applicator gun – makes it easier to spread
  • Great value – a bargain at this price


  • Applicator a little uncomfortable – not great for working for longer periods
  • Quite smelly – best to wear a mask while applying it

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3. Roundup Fast Action Weed killer 3L

Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller, Ready to Use, Manual Spray, 3 Litre

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This Weed killer spray with applicator from Roundup is another option to consider for those who need to get the job done quickly. After application, you can expect your weeds to bite the dust after only two days – although you need to wait a week before replanting.

With this product, for most weeds, you will only need to apply it once, which will save you the effort of applying it several times. Then, after it’s dry, you can let pets and children back into the area right away – you don’t need to keep them away for an extended period.

We like the way this Weed killer attacks the roots as well as the plant, so your weeds won’t be growing back any time soon. It is then consumed naturally by microorganisms in the ground, so you don’t need to worry about leaving harmful chemicals in the soil.

However, one negative to point out is that the applicator it comes with is not well designed. Either you can struggle with the applicator to get it to work, or you can find another way of spreading the product – but either way, the spray gun supplied is awkward to use.

Also, you may find this Weed killer leaves white traces on the ground, but these can easily be washed away after use – or they will disappear naturally with the next rain.

All in all, a decent product that represents good value for money and that will help clear the weeds from your garden quickly. It’s a shame about the applicator, but if you can put up with that, this is another option worth considering.


  • Works fast – weeds will be gone after only 2 days
  • Only 1 application required – saves you the trouble of extra work
  • Kills roots as well as the plants – stops them growing back
  • Degrades naturally – consumed by microorganisms in the soil
  • Ground ready for replanting after a week – quick turnaround after killing weeds


  • Applicator poorly designed – not convenient to use
  • May leave white traces on the ground – but this will disappear with the next rain

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4. Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer Even-Flo Spreader

Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer Even-Flo Spreader, 80 m2, 2.8 kg

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If you want something that will kill weeds and moss in your lawn at the same time as giving your lawn a feed – and you need something safe for pets – this is a product that’s designed for your needs.

You simply spread it over your lawn and wait for it to take effect – and you will soon see any moss or weeds beginning to suffer. However, your grass will also benefit from the nutrients in the treatment and will develop a lush green colour.

This product comes with a special applicator to help you spread it evenly, and although you can’t let pets or children on the lawn right away, it will be safe for them just a day later – after it has been properly watered in and absorbed.

However, since this is a powerful product, you’ll need to be careful when applying it. You need to make sure you follow the instructions, or you may end up ‘burning’ patches of your lawn through using too much.

Also, although it starts working quickly, you may need a little patience if you want the best results since you may have to apply it more than once to kill all your weeds.

In short, a solid pick if you want a complete lawn care option that will rid your grass of weeds and moss while also encouraging healthy growth. It’s an efficient product and sells at a reasonable price point, making it an option that should be on your list of possibilities.


  • All-in-one – kills weeds and moss while feeding your lawn
  • Helps grass stay healthy – gives it a lush green appearance
  • ‘Even-flo’ applicator included – for ease of use
  • Economical option – cost-effective lawn treatment
  • Starts working quickly – expect to see results in only a few days


  • Can leave dark patches – follow the instructions carefully to avoid this
  • Takes time to finish the job – may need to reapply

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5. WeedKil Glyphosate Free Weed Killer 1 Litre – Child & Pet Friendly

WeedKil Glyphosate Free Weed Killer 1 Litre - Harmless To Children & Pets Once Dry | Fast Acting Organic, Natural Ingredients | Effective Within 24 Hours, All Year Round | Ready To Use Spray Bottle

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When you have pets in your home, it’s important to choose products that won’t harm them, but if you also want something that’s as friendly as possible to the wider environment, this organic glyphosate-free Weed killer should be worth a look.

The Weed killer comes in a bottle and you just spray it directly onto your weeds, so it could hardly be easier to use. The results are impressive too, and you’ll see weeds begin to suffer within only a couple of hours. Then, after a day, most will be completely dead.

However, one issue is that it isn’t a selective Weed killer. That’s fine if you just want to wipe everything out, but if you need to use it among your plants or on the lawn, it will kill the things you want to keep too, making it an unsuitable choice.

Another minor gripe is the price since for what it is, it isn’t cheap. That said, it does what it claims, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and effortless way to destroy your weeds, you probably won’t mind paying a bit more.

To summarise, an effective organic Weed killer that’s pet-friendly and easy to use. It’s produced by a UK company too, so if that’s important to you, this could be an obvious product to go for.


  • Organic formula – glyphosate-free Weed killer
  • Effective Weed killer – makes short work of problem weeds
  • Fast results – most weeds die within 24 hours
  • Ready to use – simply spray from the bottle
  • Made in the UK – high standards of safety


  • Slightly pricey – for just one small bottle
  • Not selective – kills everything

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6. RHS – Fast Acting Weed killer

RHS - Fast Acting Weedkiller - 5L Ready to use with Long hose trigger spray - Advanced Glyphosate Free Formula - See results within within 24h

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If you like the sound of using Weed killers made of organic ingredients to tidy up your garden, this is another product that’s worth a look. The formula is based on acetic acid, which means it kills weeds but is safe for your pets and children once dry.

It can be used all year round, so you can turn to it whenever you notice the weeds starting to take over. We appreciate the applicator with its long tube too – it allows you to reach into all the awkward nooks and crannies where weeds are becoming established.

This also means it’s the kind of Weed killer that can be used almost anywhere you encounter weeds, whether they are growing in your patio, your driveway or anywhere else.

However, be aware that this Weed killer is designed to kill everything above the surface only – so if you want something that will attack the roots, this is probably not the one to go for.

Furthermore, it has a particularly pungent smell, so if you’re sensitive to odours, you might be better off choosing something else – or at least be prepared to wear a mask while applying it.

These minor negatives aside, as far as effective, natural Weed killers go, this is among the best. It’s great value for what you pay, it does a great job of killing weeds and it’s produced in the UK, all of which make it a solid option to consider.


  • Natural ingredients – organic and safe for pets
  • Can be used all year round – although best when rain not expected
  • Made in the UK – support British businesses
  • Includes applicator with tube – allows you to reach awkward locations
  • Versatile Weed killer – can be used almost anywhere


  • Doesn’t kill roots – just kills the plant on the surface
  • Bad smell – unpleasant pungent odour

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7. Organic Weed killer – Pet Friendly

STRONGEST Organic home & Garden Acetic - Pet Friendly - Biodegradable - Artificial Grass Safe (5 Litre)

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This is another natural Weed killer that’s based on acetic acid. Since it’s free of harmful chemicals, it’s perfectly safe to use around animals or children, and once you apply it to your weeds, you’ll see them start dying off pretty much right away.

There’s nothing complicated about this product. You simply spread it over the areas you want to treat and let it do its work. It’s highly effective, and it’s a versatile product too. You can even use this on artificial grass without worrying about it damaging the surface.

We love how this product is so efficient at killing everything it touches. However, be aware that it works on what’s above ground only – so if you have stubborn weeds with deep root systems, this treatment will only provide a brief respite before they re-emerge.

Also, another point to note is that this Weed killer is not selective, so if you spread it over your lawn, you’ll see your grass dying off just as quickly as the weeds – although it could be an option if you plan to reseed.

When it comes to pet- and child-safe Weed killer options, sometimes the safest option is to go for organic products that are free of harmful chemicals – and if that’s something you agree with, this could be just the product you’re looking for.


  • Non-toxic formula – safe for use around animals and children
  • Suitable for treating artificial grass – won’t damage the surface
  • Easy to use – simply spread over weeds and watch them die
  • Effective solution – really works
  • Fast effect – weeds start turning black within an hour


  • Works on leaves only – won’t reach roots
  • Kills grass – not a good choice for lawns

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Buyer’s guide

Pet-Safe Weed killer

If you need an effective Weed killer that’s safe for pets, you’re probably wondering about the kind of factors to consider when making up your mind – so let’s think a bit about that now.

Child and pet safe

Of course, the first thing you should check is if a product is safe to use around animals and children – but you should also pay attention to the details of what that means.

Many products are considered ‘pet safe’, but that doesn’t mean you can just apply them to your garden and let your pets straight back in.

Usually, you need to at least water the product in properly or let it dry, depending on what kind of treatment it is – but with others, you have to wait at least a day before you can let pets back into the area.

This means you should read the guidelines regarding pets carefully so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy.


Next, you should look at how effective a Weed killer a product is. Some Weed killers exist that are safe for pets – but that don’t seem to pose much more danger for weeds either.

Choosing the best pet-friendly Weed killer is about finding a balance between something that is gentle enough to not be harmful to your animals but that at the same time is potent enough to do the business when it comes to invasive plant species.

Kills roots

One key area to look at is how the Weed killer works. Many pet-friendly options simply kill the leaves and the part of the weed that is above ground, leaving the roots intact below the surface.

This is fine if you just need to kill off a few unsightly weeds in your driveway or patio, but if you want to rid yourself of weeds in the long term, you’ll need something that kills the roots too.

This way, after applying the Weed killer, the whole plant will die, and nothing will remain to regenerate and cause you trouble later.

For this reason, choosing something that attacks the roots may be a better long-term solution, but these types of products also tend to be more potent and potentially harmful.


Think about how quickly you want to be rid of your weed problem and choose accordingly.

Some products may take a week to do their work while others do the job literally overnight.

Another consideration is how quickly you want to replant an area. Some products will allow you to do this after just 24 hours – but others require you to wait a week before you can start thinking about reseeding.

Easy to use

How easy is a product to use? Do you need to think about mixing and dosing or is it ready to go?

Also, does it come with an applicator that helps you spray it over the weeds, or do you need to mix it up in a watering can? And if it comes with an applicator, what is the quality of the applicator?

Thinking about things like this can help you choose one that will not only be effective at killing your weeds but also convenient for you to work with.

Selective action

Some Weed killers are designed for killing only specific types of weeds while others are more of a nuclear option, killing everything they come into contact with.

If you want to kill specific weeds without damaging other plants, make sure you choose the right one for your requirements.

Also, if you have a specific type of weed that needs to be killed, be sure to choose a formula that is effective with that species.

Intended use

Some Weed killers are designed for use on lawns while others are more useful for other areas like patios, driveways or flowerbeds. Think about what you want to use the Weed killer for and choose accordingly since there is no such thing as an ‘all-purpose’ Weed killer.

Also, if you want to feed your lawn or deal with moss at the same time, all-in-one formulas exist that will allow you to do this without needing to buy several different products.

Plenty of great options to pick from

Whether you need a Weed killer for your lawn, your driveway, your patio or your flowerbeds, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

If you’ve decided you need a pet-friendly Weed killer to use in your garden but are having trouble deciding which to go for, any of the options in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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