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Ticketing information

The festival takes place, not in a theatre, but in our beautiful grounds. As such, tickets are bought for seating in defined areas rather than specific seat numbers.

For afternoon performances, guests are invited to locate themselves wherever they like within the grounds. Our staging of Die Kleine Zauberflute is dynamic, moving around the gardens rather than being in a single staged location. All afternoon tickets are created equal, therefore, and with dozens of gorgeous spots to be found upon the lawns, everyone should be able to find something just right for them.

For the evenings, more formal table-seating is the order of the day. The final table configurations will depend on what size groups guests book in (ie tables for 2 groups of 10 would be arranged differently to 10 groups of 2, just as in a restaurant).

We have therefore zoned the dinner tickets into three bands – Gold, Silver & Bronze. Our seating plan shows their locations. Your tickets guarantees you a place within the zone chosen, but the final table allocated on the night. The dining experience is the same, irrespective of the band, only the physical location will vary. 

Since different parts of the evening will be staged in slightly different areas around our guests, designated viewing areas are also available for any diner who wants to stand up and get a little closer to the action.

Please note that evening dinner access seating is only available in the bronze (ground level) zones. Please let our booking team know if you require access seating.


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