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10 Best Log Roll Edging for Garden 2023 (UK) – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Wooden edging to lawns or flowerbeds can add a stylish touch to your garden, and buying log rolls is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve the effect.

However, when it comes to finding the right one for your garden, there are quite a few options to choose from – so to help, here are our top picks for best log roll edging to make sure you select the most suitable one for your needs.


The Best Log Roll Edging on the Market 2023

1. Kingfisher 30cm (12in) Log Roll Garden Edging

Kingfisher 30cm (12in) Log Roll Garden Edging

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If you are looking for a simple yet effective solution to garden edging, this log roll from Kingfisher could be just the thing. Each log is 30cm high, and the whole thing is 1.8m long – and all you need to do to install it is roll it out and push it into the ground as required.

We like the way this is such a versatile product – it can be used for edging lawns, flowerbeds, patios, steps or just about anything else. We also appreciate the attractive design that will give any garden a simple and rustic yet stylish new look.

Having said that, the colour might not be to everyone’s liking since it’s quite light – but this is hardly a big issue since it’s easy to paint or stain it.

Also, this isn’t a particularly high-quality log roll – although it still does its job perfectly, so at this kind of low price, we think it represents great value for money.

All in all, this is the kind of thing that would appeal to anybody who needs inexpensive yet attractive log roll edging for their garden and who prefers not to pay extra for anything excessively fancy. And if that sounds like you, this could be an excellent choice.


  • Galvanised wire back – to keep the logs firmly in place
  • Great competitive price – difficult to beat
  • Versatile edging – can use for lawn edges, flower beds and much more
  • Attractive design – will add a stylish decorative element to your garden
  • Easy to install – have it fitted in no time


  • Not high-end quality – although perfectly acceptable for the price
  • Light colour not to everyone’s taste – but can easily be painted or stained

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2. Kingfisher LOG1 Log Roll Garden Edging, 15 cm/6 inch

Kingfisher 15cm (6in) Log Roll Garden Edging

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For anyone who likes the sound of the Kingfisher log roll edging above but who doesn’t want a 30cm high version, this could be the perfect alternative. It is almost the same in every way, with all the same advantages, and the only real difference is that this is only half the height.

At the same time, it also suffers from the same minor issues, namely that the quality isn’t exceptional – although it’s still more than adequate for the job it’s designed for. Also, you might find it isn’t completely level, but this creates an attractive rugged look you might enjoy.

Just like the taller version, this would be a great pick if you just need something simple and inexpensive to create wooden edges in your garden, and if that’s the case, this log edging roll could be a smart choice.


  • Lower edges – if the 30cm version is too high
  • Inexpensive option – very reasonably priced
  • Can be used in many ways – in different parts of your garden
  • Can be painted – allows you to customise your outdoor space
  • Simple to fit – and doesn’t take too long to do


  • Not entirely regular – but creates an appealing rugged look
  • Not a top-end pick – meant to be a simple, budget-friendly option

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3. Rowlinson Easy Fix Spiked Border Roll

Rowlinson Easy Fix Spiked Border Roll (Pack of 4)

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This pack of four log edging rolls from Rowlinson measures 15cm in height, and every fifth piece is spiked to help fix it firmly in place, facilitating the installation process.

The individual pieces of wood are held firmly in place by two strips of strong metal along the back, which ensures they will remain fixed for a long time to come, and the wood is pressure-treated against rot, also increasing its expected lifespan.

We like the way this edging is perfect for creating curved borders around your lawn or flowerbeds. At the same time, it can be a bit tricky for one person working alone, and you’ll find it easier to fit if you have someone helping you.

Another slight gripe we have is that the cut of the wood for this edging is quite rough, and you might find you need to smooth it down with sandpaper or something similar before you start pushing it into the ground.

Other than this, we like this edging a lot. We think it represents great value for money and can provide a classy natural look for any garden, so if that’s what you want, this is an option that’s well worth checking out.


  • Spiked for installation – to help fix it in place
  • Strong and sturdy backing – should last a long time
  • Pressure-treated against rot – to increase its lifespan
  • Natural look – for classic-style gardens
  • Good quality for the price – great value for money


  • Tricky for one person to fit in place – easier with someone helping
  • Slightly rough finish – might need to smooth them down a little

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4. VALUE PACK OF 4 – 6″ Log Rolls Lawn Border Edging

VALUE PACK OF 4 - 6' Log Rolls **SAVE ON POSTAGE** Lawn Border Edging (1.8m Long)

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For anyone looking to save a little bit of cash by buying in bulk, this pack of four log edging rolls offers great value for money. Each one is 15cm high and 1.8m in length, and the wood is pressure-treated to ensure it is resistant to mould and able to stand up to the elements.

Since the individual pieces of wood are held together by metal wire, it’s ideal for creating smooth curves around various parts of your garden, providing a simple way to separate different sections and tidy up your garden with a minimum of effort.

This edging is easy to install, especially with two people working together. However, at the same time, it doesn’t have spikes for installation, so it takes a bit more effort to knock each section into the ground so that it stays in place.

Some people might complain that this is not a high-quality product, but it will do what it’s designed for perfectly without costing you a fortune, so it will appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to spend any more than is necessary. A recommended pick that’s worth considering.


  • Great low price – a bargain for 4 rolls of edging
  • Pressure-treated wood – to make it resistant to the elements
  • Metal wire backing – makes it easy to create smooth curves
  • Easy to install – especially with 2 people working together
  • Simple way to tidy up your garden – great results in no time


  • Not a high-end product – but not supposed to be
  • No spikes – takes more effort to fix in place

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5. Log Edging Roll (180 x 15cm)

Log Edging Roll (180 x 15cm) - Suitable For Edging Flower Beds, Lawns And Paths

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If you need a simple way to tidy up your garden while adding an appealing traditional look, installing something like this log edging roll could be something worth considering. Each piece is 15cm in height, and the whole thing is 1.8m long, making it ideal for a range of uses.

The wood it is made from is treated to make it weather-resistant, and it’s extremely easy to install – you just need to cut a small trench where you want to set it and then bang it in with a rubber mallet. It’s a versatile option and is even suitable for irregular or uneven gardens.

There’s not much we can find wrong with this edging. Some people might prefer edging with spikes that make it easier to fit, but this style works well too, and most people won’t have too much trouble working with it.

Also, we might point out that it isn’t of exceptional quality – although, at this kind of price, you wouldn’t expect it to be. Rather, it is a budget-friendly option that does what it’s made for without any fuss, and when taken like this, it’s more than adequate.

In sum, an inexpensive edging solution that is easy to fit and should last a long time. It’s a no-nonsense item without any frills – and if that’s all you need, this is an option that should be on your shortlist.


  • Traditional style – will appeal to many people
  • Versatile edging – also suitable for irregular or uneven gardens
  • Very competitive price – hard to find better value
  • Treated wood – should last a long time
  • Easy to install – just dig a small trench to place it in


  • No spikes – needs to be hammered into the ground
  • Not exceptional quality – but still fit for purpose

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6. 3 X Lawn Edging – Log Roll 1.8m x 15cm

3 X Lawn Edging - Log Roll 1.8m x 15cm

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Buying in bulk is often a good way to save money, and if you need log edging for longer borders, this pack of three should be of interest. One of the best things about it is the great low price since it is among the least expensive we’ve seen.

However, it is still well made and durable, and the wood is specially treated to make it weatherproof, meaning it won’t rot or deteriorate quickly after a bit of rain. It’s a highly versatile option too that will allow you to get creative when designing your garden.

One slight negative is that this roll doesn’t have spikes for installation, but it’s still not difficult to install, so most people won’t mind. Also, the plain colour of the wood might not be everybody’s favourite – but it’s easy to paint it, so again, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Overall, another solid pick, and for three separate rolls of 1.8m each, it sells at a very reasonable price point, making this an option that should be on your radar.


  • Great low price – hard to find anything that costs less
  • Pressure-treated wood – durable and weather-resistant
  • Pack of 3 – can be installed together for longer borders
  • Attractive rustic look – a style many people will enjoy
  • Great for all kinds of uses – allows you to be creative with your garden


  • No spikes for installation – but still easy to install
  • Plain wood colour – but you can paint them a different colour

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7. Ruddings Wood Pack of 2 x 6″ High Log Rolls Wooden Border Garden Lawn Edging

RUDDINGS WOOD Pack of 2 x 6' High Log Rolls Wooden Border Garden Lawn Edging

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This pack of two log rolls is great value, allowing you to add an attractive border to your lawn, flower beds or anything else without needing to spend lots of money. It’s treated to withstand rot, and you can install it as it is, or you can paint it to add a touch of colour to your garden.

Whether you have curved or straight borders, this would be an ideal option, and it’s easy to fit too.

That said, it doesn’t have spikes for installation, so you’ll need to dig a shallow trench to place it in, and the job will be easier if you have someone helping you. That way, one person can hold the edging in place while the other hammers it into the ground.

Something like this would be a great pick for anyone looking for a way to add attractive borders to any part of their garden but that won’t cost a fortune. A reliable choice that most people will be extremely satisfied with.


  • Easy to fit – just lay it along the border and hammer into place
  • Great quality for the price – a real bargain
  • Ideal for painting the colour of your choice – allows you to customise your garden
  • Pressure-treated – withstands rot
  • Can be used for straight or curved borders – perfect for either


  • Doesn’t have spikes to hold it in place – although not really a big problem
  • May need help installing – one to hold and one to hammer

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8. Forestfox 12 Inch x 6ft Garden Log Roll Border Edging

forestfox™ 12 Inch x 6ft Garden Log Roll Border Edging FSC Wood Raised Beds Retainer Walls

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Another possibility if you are interested in log roll edging for your garden is this version from Forestfox. It is 1.8m in length and 30cm in height, making it an option worth considering if you are looking for a higher border to your garden.

It’s a versatile product, and it can be used as a surround for features like trees or placed along the edges of lawns or flowerbeds. You can also paint it, to add your own personal touch. The wood it is made of is pressure-treated to make it weatherproof and durable.

This product does cost a little more than some others, although that’s partly because each piece of wood is taller, so there’s just more of it.

One other small issue is that it doesn’t come with any stakes or spikes for installation, so you need to knock it into the ground to fix it in place – but this is not really a problem, and many other options are just the same.

These minor gripes aside, this would be another great pick for anyone who needs some log edging for their garden, especially if you prefer something with a bit more height. Another simple, well-made product that could be worth investigating further.


  • Strong metal on back – holds the pieces together well
  • 30cm height – great option if you want a taller edge
  • Pressure-treated wood – weather resistant and durable
  • High-quality product – will look great in any garden
  • Versatile edging material – can be used in many ways


  • A little expensive – costs more than some other versions
  • Doesn’t include anything for installation – needs to be dug into the ground

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9. Log roll 120 x 15cm Lawn edging

Log roll 120 x 15cm approx - Lawn edging - Flower Bed Edging - Log rolls Garden Edging Garden borders

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This is a strong and sturdy edging roll with a height of 15cm that will help you keep your borders looking great. It creates an attractive natural look and is easy to install – you just need to bang it into the ground to keep it in place, making it a simple yet effective option.

However, it doesn’t come with any extra pegs or other hardware for installation, so if you prefer edging with stakes, you might prefer to look elsewhere. Also, this edging is more expensive than some other options, but not excessively so, and we still think it’s good value.

This is another solid pick for anyone looking for an attractive way to shore up their edges with an attractive wooden finish, and if you like this kind of style, this is a product that should be of interest.


  • Strong and sturdy – will help keep your garden looking perfect
  • Traditional, natural look – for those who enjoy a more rustic aesthetic
  • Easy to install – simply place it into a narrow trench along the border
  • Creates attractive curves around borders – but also good for straight edges
  • Simple but effective edging solution – more convenient than many other materials


  • More expensive product – not the cheapest version we’ve seen
  • No pegs or stakes for installation – need to push it into the ground

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10. Wooden border Fence Roll 1.8 m Garden lawn edging

Brand New Wooden border Fence Roll 1.8 m Garden lawn edging Rust-Proof Wire lawn.

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Wooden borders look great, giving your garden a classic traditional look, and if you install an edging roll like this one, you can achieve the look for very little money – it’s an expensive solution that represents great value for money, especially for the quality of this product.

The wood is pressure-treated for durability, and it’s easy to install – although this model doesn’t come with pegs or spikes, so you just have to knock it into the ground, partially burying it.

Some people might find it a bit tricky to unroll at first, although once it’s done, you shouldn’t have any further problems.

This is an attractive log edging roll that looks great and is simple to install while also selling at a reasonable low price – and if those are factors you value highly, this is an option that could be just what you’re after.


  • Looks great when installed – will enhance the overall visual appeal of your garden
  • Great low price – among the most reasonable you’ll find
  • Good quality for the price – excellent value for money
  • Pressure-treated – to help it resist rot
  • Flexible design – for more versatility when installing


  • No stakes or spikes – needs to be partially buried for installation
  • Awkward to unroll at first – but no problem once it’s done

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Buyer’s guide

If you’re in the market for new log roll edging to install in your garden, you’re probably wondering what you should be looking at to help you choose – so let’s look at that now.


When choosing, look at the kind of wood the roll is made of and also look at the quality of the wood.

Some of the least expensive options are rough-cut and may need extra smoothing before installation – although this is hardly a difficult job, so choosing something that needs work could be a good way of saving a bit of cash.

Wood treatments

If you want your wood edges to last, make sure the option you choose is resistant to rot. Even many of the least expensive log rolls are pressure treated against rot, but if you choose one that isn’t, there’s a good chance it won’t last such a long time.


The backing is what holds the pieces of wood together and is an important feature. It should be strong and made of a metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion or you may find that it quickly deteriorates, leaving the pieces of wood to move around and come loose.


Measure the length of edging you need carefully and make sure you choose a roll that fits the border you need it for. If you need extra length, you can simply by more and place them side by side.

Most are easy to cut, so if you have too much, it’s easy to reduce the length.


Most rolls come in heights of either 15cm or 30cm, so you should consider how high you want your borders to be before buying.

Ease of installation and installation method

When it comes to installation, there are basically two types of log edging rolls – those with spikes and those without.

Spiked edging rolls include spikes on some of the pieces of wood that can be pushed directly into the ground, making installation easier.

For those without spikes, you need to dig a shallow trench and hammer the edging into it, which is slightly more work – although, even with spikes, doing this is probably preferable.

Note also that when installing in this way, you will also lose a few centimetres of height, so this is something else to take into account when deciding the height of the edging you buy.

Plenty of excellent options to choose from

As you can see, when it comes to log roll edging, there are many great options to pick from. If you have decided you want to install this kind of edging in your garden but are having a tough time choosing, any of the rolls in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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