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10 Best Lawn Edging Tools of 2023 (UK) – Lawn Edger Reviews

Perfect lawns need perfect edges, and to achieve the desired result, you need the right equipment. So, to help you find what you require, here are our top picks for best lawn edging tool to make sure you find the perfect one for your needs.


The Best Lawn Edging Tool on UK Market 2023

1. Bulldog 5680083210 Premier Edging Knife (Our Top Pick)

Bulldog 5680083210 Premier Edging Knife, Green

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For those who enjoy owning and using superior-quality tools and don’t mind paying a little extra to get their hand on them, this edger from Bulldog should be just the kind of thing you like.

The handle is made of high-quality sustainably-sourced ash, so it’s both attractive and sturdy. The rest of the tool is forged from a single piece of steel, which also increases its durability, ensuring you will be using it for many years to come.

We like the weight – it’s heavy enough to help slice through hard soil but not so heavy that it becomes uncomfortable to use.

However, some people might find the blade is not sharp enough – although it’s easy enough to sharpen yourself.

Otherwise, the only real issue is the price since this tool is a little more expensive than other similar items – but you expect to pay for higher quality, and with this tool, you know that’s just what you’re getting.

All in all, a great edging tool that’s well made, will last a long time, does its job perfectly and that is also produced by a venerable British company – and if these are qualities you value, this could be just what you’re looking for.


  • Solid forged tool – made from one piece of steel for extra strength
  • High-quality handle – made from sustainably-sourced ash
  • Good weight – heavy enough to help slice through soil
  • Thick blade – more heavy-duty than many comparable tools
  • Venerable British company – help support homegrown companies


  • More expensive option – but you expect to pay more for quality
  • Blade might not be sharp enough – but can be sharpened

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2. New Long Handle Edging Tool


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If you need something for more infrequent or less intensive garden work, this budget-friendly option should be of interest. It features a metal half-moon shaped head in the classic style that’s heat-treated and oil-cooled for toughness, so it’s perfect for edging work.

Since it’s a relatively lightweight option, it’s a good pick for anyone worried about their strength or stamina, and it’s also a good size for smaller to medium-sized people – although taller people might not enjoy using it so much.

The handle is on the small side, so people with larger hands might find it a little uncomfortable to hold. Also, the handle is made of plastic, so you’ll need to avoid abusing it too much if you want it to last.

In sum, a great option if you want something from the lower end of the price scale. It isn’t a top-quality tool, but it gets the job done, and it costs a lot less than higher quality options – and if that’s all you need, it could be the ideal choice.


  • Budget-friendly option – one of the least expensive edging tools available
  • Lightweight design – easy to use, even for those lacking strength
  • Heat-treated, oil-cooled head – for extra durability
  • Classic half-moon shape – perfect for edging work
  • Good size – just right for smaller or medium-sized people


  • Plastic handle not sturdy – might not last forever
  • Small grip – not easy to hold if you have larger hands

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3. 1m Lawn Edging Knife/Cutter

1m (1000mm) Lawn Edging Knife/Cutter - Half-Moon Blade, Tubular T Handle - Garden Trimming Tool, Lawn, Grass, Gardener, Turf Edger - Loops

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Here’s another option if you’d prefer something that won’t cost you a fortune. This edging tool features a tubular steel shaft that is both lightweight yet strong and durable, meaning it’s a comfortable weight to use, but it should still survive many seasons of use.

The head itself is coated in epoxy, which protects it against corrosion while also helping it slice through the soil more easily. There’s also a footplate for you to step on, helping you exert more pressure as you slice through the verges.

Some people might not like the plastic handle so much since its quite small – although most of the pressure is supposed to come from your foot anyway, so it’s really just a matter of getting used to using the correct technique.

Also, the blade can lose its sharpness after a bit of use, but it’s easy enough to sharpen it up again, so this shouldn’t put you off buying.

This is a reliable tool that’s well-made and sturdy, despite its low price tag. Although it’s not a top-end model, it’s a tool that should still last several years, making it another option that could be worth checking out.


  • Epoxy-coated head – resistant to corrosion
  • Tubular steel shaft – for extra strength
  • Footplate – makes it easier to use
  • Simple but effective design – a classic tried and tested tool
  • Great low price – an affordable tool for your garden


  • Handle too small to push down on – but the force comes from your foot
  • Can lose its edge – although it’s easy enough to sharpen again

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4. Spear & Jackson Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife

Spear & Jackson 3981EK Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife, Grey

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Spear & Jackson was founded in Sheffield in 1760 and has been producing trusted garden equipment ever since – and this edging tool is another great addition to the company’s current range of products.

Featuring a strong hardwood shaft and a long socket that are designed to last, this is a tool that you can expect to use for a long time. The head is also made of mirror-polished stainless steel, giving it a high degree of resistance to corrosion.

We like the grip-style handle that gives you more control over your work, and the tool has good balance and weight – so it’s comfortable to hold and use but is also heavy enough to cut through tougher soils.

That said, it might struggle slightly with the very hardest soils or earth with stones in – although as long as you don’t abuse it too much, it will still produce the desired results.

We might also complain about the price since it’s a little more expensive than some options – although not excessively so, and most people will be happy to pay a bit more for quality.

In short, a more expensive option, but this is a tool from a well-established company that you can trust. It’s well built and will make short work of your edges, making it another option that could be worth checking out.


  • Strong hardwood shaft – should last a long time
  • Grip-style handle – for easier control
  • Long socket for head – to increase strength
  • Good balance and weight – comfortable for most people to use
  • Established British company – with 250 years of history


  • Head might not do so well in very hard soil – but will be fine in most types
  • A little pricy – costs more than some other edgers

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5. Spear & Jackson Select Stainless Edging Knife

If you like the sound of the Spear and Jackson edging tool above, you should also be interested in this one – because it’s another tool from the same company but a slightly improved version.

This one features an aluminium shaft, which is the main difference compared to the other model. The head is made of mirror-polished stainless steel, giving it a high level of resistance to corrosion while also reducing the amount of soil that sticks to the blade as you work.

The negatives related to this item are few, but we might complain that the ‘lip’ on the blade that you stand on is a little thin, which means your foot can sometimes slip off as you push it into the ground.

Also, bear in mind that this is not a heavy-duty tool – although it is perfect for light to medium edging work and will still last a long time if you treat it kindly.

To summarise, a solid option from a well-regarded company. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and it cuts a clean edge – so if you prefer a metal shaft to a wooden one, this could be the one to go for.


  • Mirror-polished stainless-steel head – resists corrosion, prevents soil from sticking
  • Aluminium shaft – for extra strength
  • Forward tilting handle – increases comfort and efficiency
  • Lightweight tool – easy to carry and easy to use
  • Cuts clean edges – produces great results


  • Thin ‘lip’ on blade – a little easy to slip off
  • Not a heavy-duty tool – but will still last a long time if you don’t mistreat it


6. Amtech U4700 30″ Edging Knife – Stainless Steel

Amtech U4700 750mm (30') Stainless steel edging knife

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This edging tool from Amtech features a tubular steel shaft that makes it strong and durable as well as a tough and robust head that is suitable for dealing with even some of the more difficult edging jobs in your garden.

Since it doesn’t weigh too much, it’s an ideal pick if you need to work for longer periods, and we like the generous footplate that gives you plenty of purchase when you stand on it to drive it into the ground.

The main drawback here is the slightly flimsy handle – it isn’t as rugged as the rest of the tool, so we feel it lets this edger down a bit. Also, the length of the shaft is on the short side, so if you’re a taller person, you might prefer to look elsewhere.

However, since this edging tool sells at an extremely reasonable low price, we’d be quite happy to overlook these minor shortcomings as it represents great value for money – and if you think you might agree, this is a tool that should make your shortlist of possibilities.


  • Tubular steel shaft – strong and reliable
  • Robust head – will deal with even the tougher jobs you need it for
  • Good footplate – gives you plenty of purchase when you step on it
  • Doesn’t weigh too much – easy to work with, even for longer periods
  • Exceptional value – great low price


  • Let down slightly by the plastic handle – not as sturdy as the rest of the tool
  • Short shaft length – taller people might not enjoy using it so much

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7. Green Jem Carbon Steel Edging Tool

Green Jem Carbon Steel Edging Tool - Orange

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For something at the lower end of the price range, this is an incredibly sturdy tool. It features a carbon steel head that won’t break easily – and the head has a rust-resistant finish too, helping protect it against damage from corrosion.

We like the wide lip at the top of the blade that gives you somewhere secure to place your foot, helping ensure it won’t slip off. It does a great job of slicing through the soil, enabling you to create perfectly manicured edges.

The only real issue with this tool is its size – the shaft is a little short, so taller people might find themselves stooping over a little when they use it. Also, the handle is quite small, making it difficult to use with both hands.

This is the kind of tool that would appeal to anyone who wants a solid tool that comes with a very affordable price tag. It’s suitable for most people – however, taller people or those with larger hands might prefer to look for something a bit bigger.


  • Carbon steel head – strong and durable
  • Rust-resistant finish – makes it resistant to corrosion
  • Sturdy tool – won’t break easily
  • Wide lip – so it doesn’t slip when you stand on it
  • Budget-friendly option – among the least expensive models


  • Small handle – not easy to use with both hands
  • Slightly short – although ideal for smaller people

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8. Draper 88797 Carbon Steel Lawn Edger

Draper 88797 Carbon Steel Lawn Edger

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Here’s another option that’s worth considering for anyone interested in tools at the more inexpensive end of the scale. It has a sharp blade, and the slightly pointed shape also helps it penetrate the ground more easily – it’s simple to sharpen again when it loses its edge too.

The length is good, and anyone up to around 6ft will be comfortable using it – but the size of the head is a little small, which means it will take longer to finish larger jobs. Also, the head is only held in place by one pin, and we’re concerned that this might eventually fail.

However, since this edging tool sells at such a low price point, it still represents great value even if you just get a couple of years of use out of it, and for this reason, it could be a great pick for anyone who needs something for light or occasional gardening use.


  • Inexpensive tool – budget-friendly and great value
  • Good sharp blade – slices through soil with ease
  • Efficient shape – helps it go into the ground more easily
  • Easy to resharpen – to keep it in good condition and working well
  • Generous length – ideal for anyone up to around 6ft tall


  • Small blade size – not ideal for large-scale work
  • Head held in by single pin – may eventually fail

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9. Kingfisher CS520 Lawn Edging Iron 36″

Kingfisher CS520 Lawn Edging Iron 36'

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Another low-price option, this edging tool from Kingfisher features a strong tubular metal shaft and a head with a lip for placing your feet on so you don’t slip off. We also like the weight and balance of this tool, and it makes it easy for you to cut clean straight lines along your borders.

On the downside, this tool is a little small, both in terms of length and the size of the handle. This means that for larger people, there are probably better options to choose from.

Also, this is not a high-quality tool, but it’s not supposed to be – rather, it’s supposed to be an inexpensive edger, and taken like that, there’s not much wrong with it.

A great option for anyone who wants a simple and functional garden edging tool that won’t burn a hole in their pocket – and a recommended pick if that’s all you expect.


  • Low price – can hardly go wrong with something this affordable
  • Strong shaft – made of tubular metal
  • Good weight – well balanced and easy to use
  • Cuts straight edges – does the job it was designed for
  • Lip for feet – makes it easy to work with


  • Small handle – and short in length
  • Not a high-quality option – but a bargain for the price

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10. Fiskars Solid Lawn Edger

Fiskars Solid Lawn Edger, Length: 109 cm, Width: 23 cm, Boron Steel, Black, 1011617

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While there are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from, when it comes to more advanced, high-quality edgers, there aren’t quite as many – which is why this one should appeal to anyone who prefers to spend a bit more money on solid and reliable products.

Featuring an irregular shaped head, its innovative design helps make creating straight edges easier and less effort. It’s a well-made tool, and thanks to its boron steel construction, it’s built to last.

We appreciate the long shaft that’s designed to reduce backache, and it also has a wide T-shaped handle that makes it comfortable to hold and work with.

There’s nothing much we don’t like about this tool, but we could mention that it may take a little getting used to due to the strange head shape – although it shouldn’t take too long to become accustomed to working it.

Otherwise, the only real problem is the price since it’s more expensive than a lot of other edging tools – but for us, it’s worth paying more for a high-end tool like this, and we’re sure that most people will agree. A top pick and a highly recommended option.


  • Innovative design – makes edging easier
  • Long shaft – to help prevent backache
  • Large T-shaped handle – makes it easier to grip
  • Strong construction – made of tough boron steel
  • High-quality item – well-designed and ergonomic


  • Takes getting used to – but you will quickly adapt
  • Higher price – but most people will be happy with the quality

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Buyer’s guide

lawn edger

If you’re looking for the best lawn edging tool for your garden, you’re probably wondering about the kind of factors to consider when making up your mind which to go for – so let’s look at that now.

Solid blade

One of the first things to look for is a solid blade. You want it to be made of strong metal that won’t bend if you try to use it to slice through harder soil – otherwise, you will find yourself needing to replace it much earlier than you would have liked.

Also, you should pick a blade that is resistant to rust and corrosion – look out for blades with treatments or coatings that improve performance in this area.

Finally, many blades are also designed so that soil doesn’t stick to them as you work, and this is a useful feature to have.


You should look for an edger with a sharp blade because this makes it easier to work with, especially in hard soil. At the same time, also look for one that’s easy to sharpen when the blade becomes blunt, which will inevitably happen through use.

Strong handle

A strong handle is essential since this is a part that can often break with inferior models.

Handle size and type

Most edging tools have a T-shaped handle that you hold while you push the tool into the ground with your foot.

With this type, as well as making sure it is strong and durable, you should also make sure it is wide enough to use comfortably, especially if you have larger hands.

However, some edgers have a grip-style handle (like those usually found on traditional garden forks or spades) – and choosing one like this will give you more control over your edging.

Overall durability and build quality

Pay attention to the overall build quality of edging tools. Things to look out for include the quality and material of the shaft as well as how the head is attached to it.

Shafts are usually made of metal or hardwood – if you choose a metal one, make sure the metal is strong and won’t bend easily. Hardwood shafts are usually a solid and reliable option.

With some more expensive models, the head and the shaft are forged from a single piece of metal rather than having the head attached to the shaft separately, and choosing this kind of design will give you a strong and reliable tool.


The blade should have a lip or footplate at the top for you to place your foot on when pushing the tool into the ground. This will help you avoid having your foot slip off as you work.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from, and if you have decided you need a new lawn edging tool for your garden but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the picks from our review would be a great place to start your search.

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