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12 Tips to Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden

Foxes are so cunning and annoying, aren’t they? They like to chew, dig, and deposit a lot of corpses. They even cause unnecessary damage to bins, flowers, hosepipes, and your garden.

12 Tips to Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden 1

So, if you’re troubled by these four-legged creatures and are looking for ways to protect your garden from them, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out 12 tips to keep foxes out of your garden.

How to get rid of foxes in Garden

1. Know what they don’t like

Know what they don’t like
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You need to know that foxes are not a fighter, but they like to stay away from conflict and fearful situation. So, you need to take advantage of that to keep the foxes out of your garden.

You need to keep in mind what they loathe. It would help if you made your garden less appealing for foxes to visit.

Foxes hate sudden movement and loud noises. What’s more, if you can somehow install flash lighting or vibration system on your garden, it might be enough to scare them off.

There is no other better way than using the fox’s natural nervousness to your advantage and making them feel that it’s not safe to enter your property. You can simply make small changes to your garden to keep the foxes out.

2. Make your garden less appealing to the foxes

Make your garden less appealing to the foxes
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Are you unknowingly inviting foxes to your garden? Just give it a thought. The first question you must ask yourself is – ‘Am I tidying my garden enough?’. Foxes love being secure, and if you have plenty of hiding spaces in your garden, why wouldn’t they want to settle there?

If you have old furniture or junks lying in your garden, or if the grasses and plants in the garden haven’t been tended, make sure you address these problems too.

Foxes are predators, but they enjoy nuts, bread, and pet foods too. So, if you love feeding birds, or if you leave unfinished pet food in your garden overnight, these might be some of the reasons why foxes have been visiting your garden.

As foxes have a strong sense of smell, the lingering smell of the food itself might be enough to attract them.

Finally, if you have small animals such as chickens and rabbits in your garden, make sure their housing is solid. You can even disguise the smell of these little animals by using clumps of dog hair, which you can get from a nearby dog parlour.

3. Don’t feed them!

We can’t deny the fact that most humans are empathetic. And, when it comes to voiceless animals coming in search of food to our doors, we feel responsible for their well-being as well.

So, it would be no big surprise if you’ve been feeding a fox regularly, and as a result, the fox has settled down in your garden. However, now that you’d like to chase them off, feeding them will not help your purpose at all.

Once you stop feeding the foxes, they will be compelled to forage and leave your garden. Thus, as much as this tip might sound inhumane, you must stop feeding the foxes!

4. Block entry and exit point

Block entry and exit point
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Foxes can enter your garden through bushes, through the open doors or gates, and also from under or over the fences. You need to monitor all the places to get an idea of where the foxes are entering your property from.

To prevent foxes from entering your garden, you can put spikes on the fences and top walls or install a wall roller. These item does not significantly harm foxes and the cats but cause discomfort and keep the foxes away from your garden.

You know that the foxes are diggers. So, if you found that foxes are digging under the walls and fences, you can simply protect the ground by making a foot or two of solid concrete so that they can’t pass through the entrance point.

You must also consider bending the garden fences away from your home. Doing so will prevent foxes from jumping and climbing over the fences.

Moreover, check the height of your walls and fences. If you have a small gate on the entrance point, you immediately need to replace it with the bigger one and put the spikes on top of it to prevent the entry of foxes into your garden.

5. Light up your Garden

Light up your Garden
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Foxes love to move in the night, and the last thing they want is a bright light flashing towards them out of nowhere.

Doing so surprises the foxes and makes them sense danger and run away. An affordable option for you is to install motion sensor lights in your garden.

6. Get a guard animal

Get a guard animal
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Foxes can easily kill small animals and pets. However, guard dogs and guinea fowl are known to scare off predators such as foxes.

The only downside of this tip would be that the noises coming from these two quarrelling parties might be unbearable. But if you’re too tired of sharing your garden with the foxes, the noise of these guard animals chasing off the foxes might sound like a sweet-tuned melody to you.

7. Install Automatic Water Fox Repellent Pistol

Install Automatic Water Fox Repellent Pistol
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Foxes are not very fond of water. Installing a water pistol device in your garden will scare the foxes out of your garden.

This kind of water pistol is connected to hosepipes and significantly depends on how good your water pressure from the mains is. These devices have motion sensors and works during the day as well as the night.

When the foxes pass through the motion sensor, a 5-second water burst is released towards the target. Then the system resets itself before aiming for the next target. You can also change the position of the sensor every few days to confuse the foxes.

8. Pour some male urine

Human urine or male predator urine are known to deter both prey animals as well as predators. It is entirely up to you if or not you want to follow this tip. But, if the foxes are troubling you to the extreme and no other way is working out, this tip is worth a try.

You might find male predator urine at a garden shop. The best way to follow this tip would be to add some urine to the garden perimeter, entry and exit points, and the places where you witness fox’s activities the most.

9. Install ultrasonic fox repellent

Install ultrasonic fox repellent
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This kind of device rarely works on its own, so it should be strategically placed. You can install this equipment on your garden’s entry and exit point for the best result rather than trying to cover the whole garden.

It sends a very high pitch sound that animals only hear and find extremely repelling. These devices are battery-powered, and you need to reposition them every few days for an effective result.

10. Attacking the sense of smell

Attacking the sense of smell
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Foxes have a very good sense of smell. What’s more, foxes are territorial, meaning that even if you get rid of one fox, you might see the next one in a day or two.

If they smell their territory, they’ll immediately settle there. So, you must replace the fox-smell from their favourite place in your garden with other repelling scents. Doing so will not only help you get rid of the foxes but also prevent their friends from visiting your garden in the future.

You can use a well-known product such as Scoot for this, but you need to careful to use it as a spot treatment, not to spray over your entire garden.

Foxes also hate the scent of chilli peppers, garlic, and capsaicin. These products shall mainly be used in the entrance, exit, and the fox’s excrement locations.

11. Clean fox poo regularly

Clean fox poo regularly
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As unappealing as it sounds, cleaning fox poo regularly will help make your garden less familiar to foxes. We all know, foxes smell their own excrements and are incredibly territorial. Thus, this small act might also be of big help.

So, the next time you see a fox poo, clean that mess as soon as possible. You can use an arm-length pooper scooper such that the stays as far from your nose as possible.

12. Change the setting

Foxes love familiarity and hate surprises. So, consider changing the setting in your garden randomly. Move things here and there and create as randomness as possible. Doing so disturbs foxes, and hopefully, they shall be compelled to leave your garden.


Foxes are notorious for ruining garden flower beds, digging holes, messing garden dustbins, and even chewing hoses. Most importantly, if you have small pet animals, they’re more likely not to survive an encounter with foxes.

As we have shared 12 brilliant tips to get rid of foxes, you shan’t worry about these problems anymore. Foxes sheltering in our garden makes things incredibly challenging. So, though some of the tips mentioned above are incredibly gross, all of them are at least worth a try, don’t you think?

12 Tips to Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden 2

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