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Knightrider Lounge Details

Knightrider House

Named for Knightrider Street which it borders, rather than any cult 80s TV show, Knightrider House is a beautiful example of Queen Anne architecture, saved by Lutyens from the earlier buildings on the site and incorporated into the gatehouse of the property we have today.

With gorgeous views over The Yellow Garden, Knightrider House functions either as a standalone cottage or as an adjunct to the Main House, from which it is separated by only a few yards.  Peaceful and relaxed, characterful and quirky, it is one of the most beloved houses in Sandwich – a town already renowned for its beautiful historic architecture.

The principal rooms are available separately or the whole house can be hired as one. Perfect for families or groups of friends, a stay in Knightrider offers access to all of the facilities of the estate with an extra dash of privacy and seclusion.

Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe. Tom Stoppard

Dorothy's lamp drawing