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About The Gardens

Bowling Lawn

Stretching away to the South of the house and neatly framing the space between us and St Clements Church, the Bowling Lawn offers a place for hotel guests to relax and catch the evening sun. Although it’s often taken for a croquet lawn, this was never its intended use, with bowling – of the kind favoured by Sir Francis Drake - much more the vogue for a generation that often harked back to that golden age.

Which is not to say that the odd game of croquet isn’t played out there. The Bowling Lawn is also home to an occasional structured summer frolic – check out our events calendar and see what’s coming up.

Bowling Lawn at The Salutation

Dark leaved dahlia collection

In recent years The Salutation Gardens have amassed the largest private collection of dahlias with dark leaves in the UK. We are now numbering more than 100 named varieties and have a dahlia to suit almost any situation, whether it be in pots orgarden borders. They vary in flower form, colour and height.

We have also been actively breeding new varieties of dark leaved dahlias in the hope of finding something new and special that we can introduce into cultivation.

Dark Leaved Dahlia at The Salutation


Related to salvias, these little know plants (outside of botanical collections) are drought and shade tolerant, and cope well with poor soils. They come in every size imaginable from ground cover to large shrubs and are predominantly foliage plants with gorgeous flowers right at the end of the summer and into the autumn.

Now a firm favourite of our Head Gardener, we were lucky enough to be gifted a large portion of our current collection.

Plectranthus at The Salutation

Jungle garden

The architecturally sculpted shapes within our jungle garden are a thing of beauty, transporting you to a tropical paradise within a quintessential English garden.

Due to the tender nature of these plants, here at The Salutation Gardens we are able to reimagine the same space differently every year, meaning there is always something different to see. Whilst so many English gardens go off the boil in the late summer, jungle gardens are just reaching their peak, meaning we still have part of the garden looking its best even in October.

Jungle garden at The Salutation

There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons. Edwin Lutyens

Dorothy's vase and pot drawing