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10 Best Gardening Trousers of 2023 (UK) – Women & Men

If you have an outdoor garden or intend to have one, you must get a suitable gardening kit. For that reason, you need to invest in a pair of gardening pants. It doesn’t matter the type of garden work you intend to do; garden trousers come with great benefits. After all, it doesn’t hurt to look great and comfortable while at work.

With suitable gardening trousers, you can prevent the agony of itchy knees and mobile devices’ falling since these trousers have multiple pockets to carry gadgets and tools. In this article, we’ve gathered the 10 best gardening trousers for both men and women to ensure that nobody is left out. Each piece is of good quality and differs in the features they offer.


The Best gardening trousers on UK Market 2023

1. Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers

The Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers comprises 65% polyester and 35% cotton material. The trouser features a 28 inches inseam and is perfect for all your garden work.

We are gladly impressed by the material used in the construction of this trouser. It boasts a rigid cotton and polyester material that provides you with maximum comfort and ample protection. The trouser is durable, and it will serve you for quite a good time in harsh environments without getting torn.

Further, you will love the trousers’ deep multifunctional pockets that are designed to be hanging. These pockets are an ideal fit for stacking small garden appliances like pump spare parts when spraying your garden. Additionally, the trouser has special pockets that are fixed and explicitly designed to hold your phone.

Our good impression of the scruff trousers is also inspired by the adequate reinforcement on the knee and crotch area. When purchasing the trouser, always fit them at the store to ensure the knee pads fit perfectly. Additionally, the trouser has knee pockets that hold the knees perfectly in place for comfort.

We comment on the manufacturers of this trouser for putting top priority in the outfit’s fit sizing. You will appreciate that the trouser is neither too baggy nor tight fitting. However, always ensure that you get the exact fit that best hugs you. A baggy or shorter one may not offer you the best.

On the downside, this trouser may not be an ideal fit for long-legged people. Also, the crotch fit is very tight and could lead to pains or injuries on your parts.

All said and done, this trouser is an ideal choice for all your garden work. The trouser is durable, thanks to the polyester and cotton material used in its construction.


  • Deep floppy side pouches- offer enough pocket space
  • Two Velcro patches- protect the knees
  • Fine waist length- for a perfect fit
  • Solid and intelligent appearance- for a good look
  • Durable- to offer a long-lasting service


  • Not ideal for long-legged people- not a good fit.
  • Tight crotch- can cause pain.


2. Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men

Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men - Breathable Lightweigh Cargo Pants with Reinforced Knee Pockets

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UVEX is a top leading brand in the manufacture of gardening trousers. It is widely popular with most serious gardeners due to its continuous high quality and durable trousers.

You will love the UVEX tune-up work trouser, thanks to its outstanding features. The trouser boasts a unique dirt-resistant feature. The feature enables the trouser to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the pockets. You will not have to wash the trouser daily, no matter the environment you use them in.

We are impressed by the material used to make this trouser. It is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The polyester fabric ensures the trouser is durable enough to serve for a reasonable period. On the other end, cotton provides breathability to eliminate sweating and maintain a pleasant odour in hot weather.

Additionally, the trouser features sufficiently deep pockets on the thighs and buttocks that offer enough space. Further, pockets on the knee area hold your knees in a good position for convenience. All the pockets are reinforced with rigid hook and loop fasteners to ensure your tools are safe.

We are thumbs up to the manufacturers of this gardening trouser for including specialized features. The trouser is awesomely flexible, thanks to the stretch elements at the sides and knees. With this trouser, you are assured of maximum mobility and ventilation in every part of the body. You will rarely sweat when working.

On the opposing end, the trouser is not ideal for people with long legs or tiny knee caps. Also, the sizing of the trouser is complicated; you need to exercise carefulness when purchasing.

Despite the slight cons, this trouser is a good choice for serious gardeners. Its dirt-resistant feature makes it stand out among competitors in its range. It offers sufficient storage for all your needs.


  • Lightweight- enabling mobility
  • Well stitched- to last long
  • Great deep pockets-to offer sufficient space
  • Quality material- for durability
  • Perfect gift- for anyone


  • No longer legs- limits long-legged people
  • Complicated sizing- poses a challenge to some people

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3. Oregon Type A Class 1 (20m/s) Yukon Protective Trouser

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers, Protection Type A Class 1, Size M

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Oregon protective trouser is made to offer protection when you are working outdoors. It is ideal workwear for gardeners and chain saw operators. The trousers are available in black, with orange stripes.

We are pleased by the perfect construction of this trouser. It features a 5-layer protective material that offers excellent protection against all hazards. The trouser is made of a two-way stretch polyester material that is perfectly durable. Additionally, the polyester fabric is abrasion resistant to ensure the trouser gives service for a long.

Additionally, the trouser is excellently lightweight. When working with this trouser, you will have extra mobility with less restriction. Further, your mobility is boosted by the flexibility in the knee and crotch area. The trousers’ lightweight feature makes them convenient for quick drying and helps you limit fatigue during work.

You will love the protection level of this trouser. It is specially made to cover you against hazards while on your gardening business entirely. The trouser has front and side protection agents for excellent delivery. Also, the trouser offers sufficient breathability, allowing fresh air circulation in and out. It keeps you cool and dry all day long.

We are genuinely hats off to the manufacturers for considering storage space. The trouser allows you excellently sufficient space to carry your devices. It features two deep pockets on the front and one on the back. The back pocket is equipped with a loop and hook closure for maximum safety of your tools. The trouser is medium-sized.

However, the trouser has some cons. It is not waterproof, thus cannot be used during rainy weather or in waterlogged areas. Additionally, the material plucks quickly in rough environments.

The trouser is a good choice for nearly all outdoor work activities. The large and deep pockets accord you with sufficient storage space to conveniently move your tools around with you.


  • Lightweight- offers flexibility
  • Comfortable- prevents fatigue
  • High-quality material- makes it durable
  • Large pockets- to carry tools and mobile devices
  • Warm- keeps you comfortable in winter


  • Not waterproof- creates a challenge in rainy weather
  • Material plucks quickly- can be inconvenient

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4. Lee Cooper Men’s 205 Cargo Multi-Pocket Cargo Work Trousers

Lee Cooper Mens Heavy Duty Easy Care Multi Pocket Work Safety Classic Cargo Pants Trousers, Black, Size 30' Waist, Regular 31' Leg

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Lee Cooper is a multinational garment manufacturing company that is renowned worldwide for manufacturing classic clothes. The multi-pocket cargo trouser is not an exception. It is a high-quality garment for outdoor work.

The strength of this trouser is a major kick when it comes to making sales. You will surely love the superb quality fabric used in its construction. The trouser is made of durable and hardwearing material. It features a 245gsm polyester and cotton twill fabric that enables it to offer excellent service for long.

Also, we love this trouser for their incredible flexibility. It is made with a loose fit to enable you to be flexible enough for maximum mobility. A tight-fitting garment limits your ability to move around freely lower your performance generally. Further, to increase your mobility and flexibility, it is awesomely lightweight. The lightweight feature also limits fatigue.

The trouser offers you considerable storage space to keep your belongings safe when working. You will be amazed by the number of pockets available in this trouser. It features two spacious front pockets and two others on the backside. The pocket positioning facilitates easy access to your tools and equipment.

We appreciate the manufacturer for incorporating high-quality stitching on the fabric to enable it last longer. The fabric features twin needle stitching, giving it the power to survive harsh environments without plucking out. Further, the material is elementary care, thanks to nanotechnologies incorporated to make the garment suitable for simple lifestyles.

Despite all the superb features discussed above, the garment has some drawbacks. The top button of the trouser is poorly fitted, and it pings off easily. Also, the sizing of the trouser is nowhere near perfect.

All in all, we recommend this garment for use in your gardening activities. You will not have to go through complex care hustles. The quality stitching gives the trouser extra strength.


  • Loose fit- allows easy movement
  • Nanotechnologies incorporation- facilitates easy care
  • Two walled pockets- for extra safety
  • Twin needle stitching- offers great strength
  • Strong fabric- ensures durability


  • Wrong sizing- poses a challenge when purchasing
  • Loose top button- it easily pings off

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5. Nitras Motion Tex plus Work Trousers for Men and Women

Nitras Motion Tex Plus Work Trousers for Men and Women - Multi Pockets - Elasticated Waist Black

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Nitras came into existence in 1986, and up to date, it has been a reliable brand. It is famous for producing excellent quality workwear and personal protective gear in all fields.

Any gardener keen on quality will settle for this trouser without giving a second thought. The garment is made of high-quality abrasion-resistant material to offer excellent service for a more extended period. Additionally, the fabric is triple stitched to withstand demanding tasks in severe environments.

We love these trousers for their unique features that make them a gem. Unlike other trousers in its range, the trouser comes with an elastic waistband. The waistband stretches freely to facilitate flexibility of the waist. Further, the elastic band boosts ergonomics, offering a more relaxed working environment.


Further, to diversify the uniqueness of the garment, it features a perfectly fitting system. When purchasing the trouser from an online store, always order your usual size. You should pay more attention to the length, as the waist is elastic. If unsure about your size, always refer to the measurement chart.

We are hats off to the manufacturer for adhering to the set manufacturing protocols. The garment has passed the Oko-Tex standard 100 rule as required. Having been guaranteed by the relevant checkers, we are delighted to mention that the trouser is free from harmful substances. Your safety is a top priority.

Though the garment has some negatives, the waistband is too long; thus, it could cause inconveniences to some people. Further, the trouser is not ideal for short people due to long legs and wide feet.

Overall, this is perfect workwear for your outdoor gardening activities. It has a loose fit that enables flexibility. The sturdy fabric ensures the trouser is durable enough to give back value for your money.


  • Elastic waistband- allows flexibility
  • Sturdy fabric- for durability
  • Abrasion-resistant- allows prolonged usage
  • Triple stitching- increases its strength
  • Perfect fit- ensures convenience


  • Long waistband- may cause inconvenience
  • Wide feet- not ideal for short people

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6. KEFITEVD Men’s Soft Shell Tactical Trousers

KEFITEVD Men's Winter Soft Shell Combat Trousers Thermal Hiling Work Pants Green Army Trouser with Multi Pockets, 32

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KEFITEVD Men’s Soft Shell Tactical Trouser comes with a regular fit size. It is made of pure polyester fabric, so you don’t have to worry much about durability. The trouser will serve you diligently.

We love this trouser for its unique construction, which gives it a cut above the rest. It features an excellent and tactical military design. When working on your garden with this trouser, you will have a unique motivation. The military-style is specially meant to make you feel like a soldier in war, boosting your craft.

Further, you will love the garment due to the sturdy material used in its manufacture. The trouser is made of 100% polyester fabric, assuring you a long service period before making a replacement. Additionally, the fabric is reinforced with a fleeced lining for breathability. It also has a softshell to boost its longevity.

You will be impressed by the fit type of this garment. Unlike other brands that pose challenges when purchasing online due to wrong sizing, this boasts a perfect fit. You don’t have to incur extra costs going to the stores when you can buy online. Just order your standard size, and it fits perfectly, thanks to the regular fit system.

You can work perfectly in rainy weather or waterlogged grounds with this trouser, thanks to its waterproof feature. Further, the garment offers excellent storage space. It has two front hand pockets with flaps and two deep rear pockets. The knee area is reinforced to provide maximum protection to the knees.

Even with the incredible features, the trouser still has negatives. The back pockets are loose, making the garment lose shape. Further, the trousers’ model makes not customizable, yet it is too long.

We recommend this trouser for all your garden applications due to its outstanding features in the long run. The waterproof feature makes it ideal for working in waterlogged areas and rainy weather.


  • Hand pockets with flap- allows you to relax hands
  • Reinforced knee area- offers maximum protection
  • Fleece lining- enables breathability
  • Sturdy material- facilitates durability
  • Water repellent- enables you to work comfortably in rainy weather


  • Loose back pockets- distorts the good shape
  • Not customizable- inconveniences short people

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7. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Outdoor Scratch-Resistant Tactical Pants

MAGCOMSEN Men's Tactical Urban Combat Trousers Sportswear Hiking Hunting Cargo Pants Trousers 34 Zip Off Gray Green

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The Men’s outdoor tactical pants are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane fabric. They boast numerous front and back pockets with zipper locks. The pants are available in a grey-green colour.

The manufacturer of these pants had it in mind that a tight grip on the waistline limits flexibility. Therefore, they incorporated elastic waistbands that stretch freely to allow you enough mobility to move around. With the unrivalled flexibility offered, you can perform your garden activities quite fast and effectively.

We appreciate the sturdy fabric used to manufacture this garment. It is made of a combination of cotton and spandex, enabling it to offer you excellent and durable service. Interestingly, the cotton fabric is sufficiently breathable, allowing fresh air circulation. Breathability helps you keep dry in hot weather, eliminating foul odours.

Also, you will also love the pocket arrangement and closure type of this trouser. It features an ergonomic slash arrangement on the back and thigh pockets. The angled structure facilitates easy access to your tools. Further, the front pockets are zippered to ensure maximum safety. They are ideal for holding valuable items like phones.

Another feature that makes us rank this garment high is its fit type. The trouser features a perfect fit, so you order your usual size without worry. Most gardeners have busy schedules that do not allow them time to go shopping for pants in stores. The perfect fit feature comes in handy here, enabling you to purchase online conveniently.

However, the garment has some cons. First, the pants are not fully waterproof, though they are slightly water repellent. Also, the stitching on the fabric is lightly done, lowering the pants’ durability.

Generally, the garment is ideal for outdoor garden activities, and we truly recommend it. The zippered pockets will secure your phone and tools perfectly, allowing you humble time to focus on the necessary.


  • Superb quality material- assures durability
  • Excellently comfy- eliminates fatigue
  • Flexible- allows mobility
  • Perfect fit- facilitates convenience
  • Slash pocket arrangement- allows easy access to pockets


  • Light stitching- limits durability
  • Not waterproof- creates inconvenience

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8. Freiesoldaten Men’s Outdoor- Pants Water Repellent

Freiesoldaten Men's Fleece Lined Outdoor Walking Hiking Pants Softshell Warm Winter Trousers with Belt

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Freiesoldaten is an outdoor products company in the UK. It is known for producing high-quality accessories at reasonable costs. The Men’s outdoor pants are not an exception as they are a perfect fashion element.

We are amazed by the robust construction of this garment. It is made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex fabric to offer a classic and durable finish. Further, the material is reinforced with delicate stitching to make it excellently soft and comfy. You can either choose the one with a fleece lining or without.

The trouser is equipped with numerous large and deep pockets to allow you sufficient space to keep your valuables. It has two pockets on the side and one at the back. All the pockets are zippered to ensure your valuables are kept safe always. Additionally, their strategic positioning facilitates easy access to your tools.

Further, to achieve a perfect fit, the trouser is made elastic on both sides. This elasticity allows it to stretch freely, offering a great fit. Additionally, the elasticity boosts your flexibility at the waistline area, increasing your mobility. With enough flexibility, you can deliver more perfectly and efficiently without feeling fatigued quickly.

Also, you will love the trouser for their excellent breathability function. The garment will keep you dry and fresh in hot weather, thanks to fresh air circulation in out of it. Additionally, the trouser is water repellent and will allow you to work efficiently in rainy weather. It is also stain-resistant.

However, the garment has some downsides. The trousers’ version stitched with fleece lining has poor breathability and gets quite uncomfortable in hot weather. Also, the material is bulky.

Overall, the garment is perfect for use in your garden activities. It is sturdy enough to offer you service for a long without tearing off. Its water repellent feature assures you efficient functioning even in rainy weather.


  • Elastic waistline- to achieve a perfect fit
  • Sturdy material- ensures durability
  • Fabulous look- makes it trendy
  • Water repellent- to deliver efficiently in the rain
  • Warm- perfect for winter


  • Bulky- leads to fatigue
  • Poor breathability- leads to uncomfortably

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9. Style Dome Women’s Dungarees Vintage Trouser pants

Style Dome Styledome Women's Retro Loose Casual Baggy Sleeveless Overall Long Jumpsuit Playsuit Trousers Pants Dungarees, XXL, Black

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Style Doom Women’s dungaree is a quite baggy sleeveless jumpsuit for women. It is made of 100% cotton material to offer maximum comfort and durability. The dungaree is available in black and red.

We are impressed by the bulgy fit of these dungarees. The bulginess offers you maximum flexibility and mobility during your work. The dungarees are a perfect choice for pregnant women who wish to continue working in the garden as they await delivery. With unrivalled flexibility, you can perform to your expectation.

Additionally, you will like the sturdy cotton material used to make this garment. It is made of pure, super-thin cotton fabric, which is strong enough. The sturdiness enables the trouser to serve you diligently for a more extended period. Additionally, the garment is lightweight to prevent fatigue when working.

Further, the dungaree boasts adjustable shoulder straps at the top. The straps allow you to adjust the garment to your perfect fit, making it comfortable. The straps are rigid and easy to adjust. You don’t have to worry about the straps snapping while adjusting. Also, you do not need a third party to adjust the straps for you.

Also, we are pleased by the design and construction of these dungarees. The material is excellently soft, providing maximum comfort to your skin during work. Further, the dungaree is perfect workwear for hot climates, thanks to its sleeveless feature that lets in fresh air into the garment to reduce heat.

However, the garment has its negative side. First, sizing complications as the dungaree do not perfectly fit, posing a challenge when purchasing online stores. Further, it is pretty costly.

All said and done; the dungaree is a superb choice for your garden work. Its bulgy size allows excellent flexibility, being a perfect companion for pregnant women.  Also, it is awesomely durable.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps- allows customized fit
  • Friendly pockets- to offer enough storage space
  • Extra soft- to boost comfortability
  • Loose fit- allows flexibility
  • Excellent quality fabric- ensures durability


  • Sizing complications- poses a challenge
  • Quite costly- not affordable to everyone

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10. TMG® Multi Pocket Work Trousers for Men

TMG® Men’s Work Trousers, Long Legged Work Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets Grey W36 L31

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The TMG International Textile Company is known widely for its manufacture of superior quality workwear. The multi-pocket work trousers join the wagon. They come in grey, perfect for dirty environments.

We rank this trouser high, thanks to the sturdy fabric material used in its construction. It is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. The polyester fabric ensures the garment is durable enough, while the cotton allows breathability to maintain dryness. With this garment, you are assured of long-lasting service.

Further, you will love the trouser for their numerous pockets that offer sufficient storage space for all your items. It features two pockets on the thighs and the other two on the back, allowing you to stack many things. Additionally, it has a double folding rule pocket on the sides and an additional phone pocket attached.

We are genuinely thumbs up to the manufacturers of this garment to place the user’s safety as a top priority. It features abrasion-resistant CORDURA knee pad pockets that hold the knees perfectly in place for efficiency.  You don’t have to worry about suffering knee pains due to long kneeling periods with this garment.

Also, the trouser has reflective stripes on the lower legs and pockets to enable you to work in dark environments. The stripes glow when light is shone on them. Additionally, the trousers are long-legged, with an elastic waistband.  The elasticity ensures everyday wearing comfort and flexibility, enabling you to work at any angle.

On the downside, the seams on the garment loosen easily when used in harsh environments. Also, the trouser has long legs that may be inconvenient to shorter people. It is also noticeably expensive.

All in all, the trouser is an ideal companion to any serious gardener. The reflective stripes on the pockets enable you to work in dark environments. Also, the garment is highly durable, thanks to its sturdy construction.


  • Reflective stripes- allows you to work at night
  • Abrasion-resistant CORDURA knee pads- allows you to kneel for long hours
  • Robust quality- ensures durability
  • Sturdy soft material- for extra comfort
  • Double folding pockets- offer enough storage space


  • Seams loosen quickly- causes inconvenience
  • Long legs- not ideal for short people

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What to consider buying the best gardening trousers

best Gardening Trouser

Going out in the sun to garden the whole day requires you to be in comfortable attire. Besides, you’ll protect your nice clothes. Therefore, before you pick a product, you might want to consider several factors to help you make the right decision. Here are three vital things to keep in mind:


Since we are all built differently, it can be challenging to find a perfect fit, especially when purchasing over the internet. You might end up buying a trouser that is too short or too long, but the best gardening pants mostly comes close to your size. If you don’t want to buy the wrong size, consider checking the sizing chart and choose a suitable size.


You must put in mind the material of gardening trousers you intend to buy because there is a variety in the market. The best fabric should be breathable, durable, and resistant to abrasion and other elements. Breathability is quite essential to gardening trousers because it ensures you’re relaxed in hot conditions. On top of that, durability means the material is tough enough to serve you long.


Of course, you don’t want a heavy set of pants because it can be tiring. So, weight is a crucial factor that you need to consider. Since you might need to carry working tools and your mobile device, you should buy lightweight gardening trousers.


Based on the discussion above, it would be fitting to conclude that all the trousers are perfect. Each garment is competitive in its unique way. However, the Style Dome Women’s Dungarees Vintage Trouser pants carry the day in the women’s section.

We choose this trouser for their excellent features that brilliantly outshine the rest. On the other hand, we select Tune-Up UVEX Work Trousers for Men as the winner. The fabric used in its construction is awesomely soft, providing fantastic comfort to your body.

Though both are quite costly and have sizing complications, the positives exceed the negatives, making them perfect choices.

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