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10 Best Gardening Gloves of 2023 (UK) – Waterproof & Heavy Duty

Anyone who’s ever tried gardening without gloves will be all too familiar with the results – dry, chapped and uncomfortable skin! A good pair of gardening gloves really is worth its weight in gold. But just how do you go about finding the right ones?

That’s where we come in! We’ve searched out ten of the best gardening gloves the internet has to offer. We’re going to share their pros and cons, and highlight what to consider before making your final choice.

So read on, and say goodbye to rough gardener’s hands forever!


The Best Gardening Gloves on UK Market 2023

1. Papa Green’s Willow Gloves

PAPA GREEN'S® ORIGINAL 'Willow' Gardening Gloves - Heavy Duty Garden Gloves - Thorn Proof Leather Gloves - Working Gloves For Men-Leather Work Gloves - Leather Gardening Gloves For Men

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These gloves from Papa Green will suit either male or female gardeners.

They’re made from full-grain suede, so they’re very tough. And the natural materials means they allow your hands to breathe too, avoiding hot and sweaty fingers as you work.

The cuffs are finished in an attractive shade of green, which contrasts with the grey of the rest of the gloves. They’re designed to cover your whole wrist with room to spare.

Despite being tough enough to resist punctures and scratches, the suede is still flexible. You won’t get the sensitivity of cotton gloves, but you’ll still be able to handle tools and plants with ease.

The suede isn’t, however, the easiest to clean. The manufacturer recommends washing with a small amount of soapy water, but you’ll need to take care. Suede and water aren’t comfortable bedfellows, and you’ll almost certainly find you damage the nap.

A better option is to leave them to dry, then brush off the dirt with a suede brush. The gloves won’t stay pristine, but you’ll avoid the suede deteriorating.

These aren’t the cheapest gloves out there, but they’re not extortionately expensive either. And if you’re prepared to treat them with care, they can provide many years of service. That makes them a sound investment in our book.


  • Robust enough to keep out all thorns and brambles
  • Generous coverage of hands and wrists
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Suede isn’t the easiest material to keep clean
  • The thick fabric means they’re not as well suited to jobs requiring a sensitive touch.

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2. Yeasing Gardening Gloves with Claws

YS Garden Gloves with 8 Claws Left Right Hands, Gardening Genie Gloves Great for Digging Planting Weeding Seeding Poking,Fit for Women Men Kids 2 Pairs

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If you’ve ever fancied a pair of gardening gloves to scare the kids, these from Yeasing will fit the bill! They come complete with their own set of claws. Yes, you read that right – claws!

The idea isn’t as crazy as it may at first sound. Don these gloves, and you’ll be able to use the pointed ends to excavate the soil around your plants. If you’ve ever despaired at the damage done by squirrels, you’ll know how effective this can be! And rarely has digging holes in your garden been so  much fun.

The gloves are made of black latex, and they’ll fit both men and women. The stretchy latex provides a snug fit around the wrists, suitable for hands of most sizes. You won’t have to worry about soil getting inside.

They’re waterproof too, and they’re tough enough to prevent thorns or sharp edges cutting your skin. Surprisingly, these are also designed to be breathable. So despite the rubber-based materials, your hands won’t sweat.

The claws are a contrasting red-brick colour, and they’re attached to the ends of all eight fingers. But while they’re designed to stay on permanently, they’re made separately to the rest of the glove. That means that if you’re particularly vigorous, they can come off.


  • Waterproof but breathable
  • Snug fit to prevent soil getting in at the cuffs
  • Claws allow you to dig in soft soil without tools


  • The claws aren’t removeable – so you’ll need to work around them if you’re not using them to dig
  • If you’re too vigorous, however, the claws may detach from the gloves.

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3. SAWANS Long Gloves

Leather Gardening Gloves Ladies Men/Women Short & Long Forearm Protection Thorn Proof Breathable Spandex Goatskin Leather Rose Pruning Garden Safety Work Gloves, Best Garden Gifts (Small, Long Gloves)

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If you’re looking for gloves to protect your forearms as well as your hands, you’ll love this design from SAWANS. These reach up well beyond your wrist to provide maximum protection from thorns and whippy brambles.

The attractive design can be worn by both women and men. The palms and bands between the fingers are made from white goatskin. The robust material gives extra protection to the parts of the body most at risk. The rest is made from a breathable, stretchy fabric with an attractive leaf print.

They’re also available in a range of sizes, so you can get a good fit no matter how big or small your hands. Choose from small, medium, large or extra-large. The correct size is determined by measuring the circumference of your hand, just below your knuckles.

For measurements between 18 and 20 centimetres choose small, and between 21 and 23 centimetres, go for medium. You’ll need a large if your measurement is between 23 and 26 centimetres. If it’s between 24 and 29 centimetres, choose extra-large.

One thing to note when it comes to the fit, though, is that the forearm part of the glove is straight. Most people’s arms get wider towards the elbow. Those with chunkier arms may find the fit rather tight further up.

These gloves look great straight out of the pack. But bear in mind that the white leather is unlikely to stay pristine for long! Even the most careful gardener is likely to find they end up with some staining after a while.


  • Offers protection to your forearms as well as your hands and wrists
  • Good quality goatskin on the palms and between the fingers
  • Choice of four sizes to help get a good fit


  • The forearm part of the glove isn’t tapered, so if you have chunkier arms you may find them a little tight towards the elbow
  • The white leather looks gorgeous when new, but is unlikely to stay pristine for long.

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4. Westwood Fox Unisex Gloves (Our Top Pick)

Ladies/Mens Leather Gardening Gloves Thorn Proof Garden work gloves (Medium, Pink)

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These attractive gardening gloves from Westwood Fox are one of the most economical options on our list. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on performance.

They’re available in a choice of pink, blue and purple. You can also choose between small, medium and large, delivering a good fit for both men and women. And there are three children’s sizes too, catering for little hands from 3 to 9 years old.

An adjustable Velcro strap keeps a snug fit around your wrists. That will avoid the uncomfortable sensation of finding particles of soil inside your gloves!

The bottom part of the gloves, both palm and fingers, are covered in cream leather. It looks very attractive, as well as providing good protection from thorns and sharp rocks. And they’re not so bulky that it’s awkward to handle plants or tools.

The backs are made from Lycra, making them both stretchy and breathable.

These are great looking gloves, and they’ll work brilliantly for lighter gardening jobs. But if you’ve got a large garden renovation on your hands, choose something sturdier. We’ve heard of cases where the leather has come unstitched at the base of the fingers after heavier use.


  • Available in a range of sizes to provide a good fit for men, women and children
  • Attractive design with a choice of colours
  • Not too bulky, but sturdy enough to keep out all but the sharpest of thorns


  • Best suited to lighter gardening jobs – the leather may come unstitched with heavier use
  • The cream leather is beautiful, but is unlikely to stay unblemished in the garden.

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5. Beeswift Multi-Purpose Gloves


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Beeswift’s multi-purpose gloves are just as good for gardening as they are for DIY. And they’re as cheap as chips. You could spend more on a posh coffee at a café than on a pair of these. So what do you get for your money?

Well, the palms and bottoms of the fingers are coated in latex, which makes it easy to get a good grip. But they’re not as robust as thick leather would be. Sharper thorns may still find their way through, so take care.

The backs of the gloves are made of a breathable fabric. It isn’t waterproof, but will keep your hands cool and comfortable as you work.

These gloves come in five sizes for adults, from small to extra, extra-large. But while they’re unisex, the shape tends to suit broader hands with thicker fingers. As a general rule, then, men will find them a better fit than women.

The stretchy fabric means you’ll get a comfortable and snug fit around the wrist. There’s also a coloured band there, coded to the size of the gloves. If there are other gardeners in your household, you won’t have to worry about mixing up the sizes!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Choice of five sizes
  • Snug fit around the wrist


  • Best suited to those with shorter and wider fingers
  • The latex isn’t thick enough to stop the most determined thorns from getting through.

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6. ClipGlovesGardening Ladies Bamboo Gloves

Clip Gloves Ladies Bamboo Fibre Comfort & Grip Gardening Weeding Sowing Small

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This offering from ClipGlovesGardening is a great choice for gardeners looking for touch-sensitive gloves. The sizing here is suitable for women only, though, so gents will have to look elsewhere.

They’re made from lightweight fabrics, so they’re best suited to lighter weeding or pruning. If you’re about to do battle with an overgrown rambler rose, choose something heavier duty!

The lining is made of innovative bamboo fibre. It’s extremely comfortable, keeping your skin cool and allowing it to breathe. The palms and undersides of the fingers are coated with a soft, thin layer of latex to improve grip.

They’re attractive gloves too. The palms are a smart steel grey-blue, the backs are cream, and there’s a pale pink trim at the wrist. There’s also a coordinating hanging loop at each cuff. That means you can hang them up with the carabiner that’s included with every purchase.

These aren’t the toughest gloves out there, and they aren’t waterproof either. But if you’re looking for smart, comfortable gloves that allow you to feel what you’re doing, they’re perfect.


  • The light, breathable fabric and thin latex coating offer excellent touch sensitivity
  • Attractive colour palette of cream, steel grey-blue and pale pink
  • Hanging loops at the wrists, and comes with a good quality carabiner


  • Not robust enough to stand up to sharp thorns – these are best for lighter gardening jobs
  • They aren’t waterproof.

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7. UNeedMe Unisex Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves Gardening Gifts for Women/ Men - Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves Thorn Proof, Rose Pruning Gloves Gardening Tools Mens Ladies Gardening Gifts Long Gardening Gloves Leather Gauntlet Gloves

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For serious protection of your hands and arms, check out these unisex gardening gloves from UNeedMe.  They reach all the way up to your elbow, keeping you safe from thorns and brambles.

The hand portion of the gloves is made of pale yellow sheepskin. And in this case, it covers both the front and back of your hand, so there’s nowhere for thorns to get in.

The piece that covers your forearms is available in a choice of grey or brown. It’s just as strong, being made of puncture-proof cowhide with a suede finish. That does mean if you get it dirty, you’ll need to brush it clean when the gloves are completely dry.

They’re not completely waterproof, but they are water resistant. A drawstring at the top of the arm section allows you to pull them tight to create a snug fit.

They’re available in a choice of medium or large sizes. And helpfully, both sizes have a finger length and palm width. So whatever the shape of your hand, you’ll know which option to go for to get the best fit.

Medium gloves will fit palms that measure between 8.6 and 10 centimetres across, measured just below the knuckles. And they’ll suit people with a middle finger length between 8.6 and 9 centimetres.

Go for large if your palm measurement is between 10 and 11 centimetres, or your middle finger is between 9.1 and 9.7 centimetres long.

These are a little pricier than some gloves – but bear in mind that they use more material. If you’re looking for comfortable and robust gloves to protect your hands and forearms, these are a great choice.


  • High quality sheepskin and cowhide construction protects from thorns and brambles
  • Choice of two sizes
  • Elasticated wrist and drawstring at the tops of the arms to ensure a snug fit


  • Water-resistant but not completely waterproof
  • A bit more expensive than some – but they’re well priced for what you’re getting.

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8. cmjlydh Women’s Gardening Gloves

cmjlydh Gardening Gloves for Women(2 Pairs) Comfortable Breathable Non-Slip Flexible. (white)

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Women gardeners looking for gloves for light work should check out this offering from unpronounceable brand cmjlydh. They’re lightweight, comfortable and attractive.

And while they won’t offer much protection from sharp thorns, they’ll keep your hands clean. And they won’t get in the way of you feeling what you’re doing.

They’re made from cotton, with a pretty botanical print in white, green and pink on the backs. The palms have pink latex dots on a white background, giving you excellent grip. Inside, there’s a thin cotton lining to keep your hands cool as you work. And the knitted cuffs fit snugly to keep out debris.

If your phone rings while you’re weeding, you can even use these with a touchscreen! And when you’ve finished for the day, you can pop them straight into the washing machine on a cool wash.

You get two pairs in a pack, and they’re very cost-effective. They are, though, only available in one size. If you have wider hands or longer fingers, you may find they’re too small.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Latex dots on the palms provide a good grip
  • Easy to keep clean – just put them in the washing machine on a cool wash


  • Not the best protection from sharp edges or thorns
  • Only available in one size, and they’re not particularly large.

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9. FZTEY Unisex Gardening Gauntlets

FZTEY Thick Gardening Work Gauntlets , Reinforced Leather Heavy duty Cut Knife Thermal Gloves For Men and Women Lady Gift , Safety Protective Rigger Washable Gripper (L, Green, 1 Pairs)

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If you’re looking for something heavier duty, consider these gloves from FZTEY. The design here is similar to the gloves from Papa Green’s, and the price is similar too.

They come in four sizes, from small to extra-large, and can be worn by either men or women. The palm, thumb and index finger are made of thick suede, so they’re very tough. The other fingers also have suede on the undersides, and on the top part of the uppers too.

The rest of the glove is made of thick, strong cotton, so it’s comfortable and breathable. There are no seams in the palm area, either, helping these stand up well to heavy wear. But the thick construction does mean you get less touch sensitivity.

The cuffs are elongated so they’ll fully cover your wrist. They have a wide opening, so they’re easy to pull on. And elastic around the base of the hand helps keep out particles of earth or leaves.

We have, though, heard varying reports on the durability of these. Some people have found they’ve lasted brilliantly, standing up to tough use. Others have reported the seams coming unstitched or holes appearing after just a few hours of work.

The culprit seems to be quality control. If you get a good pair, these are brilliant gloves – but they’re not completely consistent.


  • Thick construction to keep out sharp thorns and brambles
  • Wide cuffs and elasticated wrists make them easy to pull on, whilst keeping out debris
  • Available in four sizes, from small to extra-large


  • Variable quality control – the occasional pair has developed holes after a few hours of use
  • The thick fabric means it’s less easy to feel what you’re doing.

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10. Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Collection Ladies Gardening Gloves

Spear & Jackson LMGLOVESKEW Kew Gardens Collection Ladies Medium Leather Palm Gardening Gloves - Pink

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Buy from Spear & Jackson’s Kew Gardens Collection, and a proportion of the purchase price goes towards supporting Kew’s work in plant science and conservation. So if you want to help the planet as well as your garden, these are a great option!

They’re very attractive, and reasonably priced too. The backs of the gloves are available in a choice of pink, dark green or blue. All three shades contrast nicely with the white palms and trims.

The sizing here is for women only. You can choose from small, medium or large. An adjustable Velcro wrist strap allows you to get a snug fit and keep out the dirt.

The palms and undersides of the fingers are made from white pigskin. That means they’re tough enough to keep out thorns. The coloured parts are made from Lycra, so they’ll fit snugly whilst still allowing your skin to breathe.

These are another pair of gloves that can go into the washing machine when you’ve finished for the day. Just pop them in on a normal cycle. But be aware that repeated washing will make the leather stiffen up over time.

And note that if you’re using these for heavy work, the seams have been known to split. They’re best suited to pruning and lighter jobs around the garden.


  • Pigskin palms and fingers to protect your skin from thorns and brambles
  • Adjustable Velcro strap for a snug fit around the wrist
  • Available in three sizes


  • They can go in the washing machine – but the leather will stiffen up if soaked repeatedly
  • Not the best choice for heavier work.

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Buying guide

Gardening Gloves

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the right gardening gloves – read on! Here are a few factors to take into account to make the perfect choice.

Make sure they’ll fit!

A good fit is easier to achieve with some gloves than others. With unisex versions, you won’t risk getting the wrong size. But if your hands are very small or large, you may find the fit isn’t ideal.

Other gloves come in a range of sizes. In most cases, there will be size charts to help you select the right size for your hand. These usually look at the width of your palm, measured just below your knuckles. But in some cases, there’s measurement for the length of your middle finger too.

If you have very long fingers but a slender palm, look for options that offer a finger measurement. That will help you avoid your fingers butting up against the ends of the glove.

Consider the materials

Next, think about the kind of activity for which you’ll be using your gloves.

If you’re going to be battling sharp thorns, you’ll need something sturdy enough to offer the right level of protection. Look for gloves with thick leather palms and finger coverings.

The downside of these is that it’s less easy to feel what you’re doing through the robust material. So if you’re just planning to wear your gloves for planting or weeding, a lighter weight pair will be better. Look for options made from breathable fabrics like cotton.

It’s not just about your hands

Last but not least, consider how much protection you need for your wrists and forearms. If you’re going to be cutting long branches, a pair of gloves with long arms can save you lots of scratches.

Take a good look at the cuffs too. Make sure they’ll fit snugly to avoid dirt or debris getting inside. That can be achieved by either a stretchy cuff, or elastic around the base of the hand.

Ready to buy your new gardening gloves?

We hope our tour of some of the best gardening gloves out there has helped you in your search! Check the size and materials, and consider how you’ll use them, and you’re sure to make an excellent choice.

Our favourite are the unisex gloves from Westwood Fox. They’re tough enough to offer great protection, whilst still allowing good touch sensitivity. And the choice of sizing and adjustable wrist band means you’ll get a great fit too.

Whichever gloves you choose, we hope you’re soon putting them to good use. Your green fingers deserve the best!

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