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10 Best Garden Waste Bags of 2023 (UK) – Large & Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for a perfect alternative for waste storage, it’s high time you go for garden bags. They are versatile and have become increasingly popular for their striking features. Besides, you’re not only limited to use the waste bags for the garden only, but you can also use them as containers for toys and laundry.

From a wide range of garden bags available in the market today, below, we’ve picked the 10 best garden waste bags to help you make an informed decision. Each piece offers different features but also comes with pros and cons. So, choose one that best meets your gardening needs.


The best garden waste bags on UK Market

1. Melatzi Heavy Duty Garden Waste Bags with Breathable Gloves (Our Top Pick)

Melatzi 3 x Heavy Duty Garden Waste Bags with Breathable Gloves For Efficient Gardening - 272L Capacity Garden Refuse Sacks With Handles, Reusable, Tearproof, Safe Storage of Garden Waste

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Melatzi waste bags are your perfect companions for an efficient gardening experience. Complete with breathable gloves for your maximum protection, these bags offer you a 272litre capacity, big enough to accommodate a significant amount of waste.

These bags are unique in their way, and we rank them for the various features that make them stand out among many brands. The Melatzi bags are made of a heavy-duty double premium grade polypropylene steady material, making them last longer. With these, you are assured of durable service delivery.

Further, you will love these bags for their rigid construction that enables them to stand on their own without the need for support. All you need to do is secure a band around the top, and the bag will keep upright by itself, thanks to its rigid steady construction. Additionally, the bag has handles on its sides to carry around when filled up and ready for disposal.

We also appreciate that this bag for its quality fabric. The material is tear-resistant, even under the most challenging conditions. Unlike other brands that get torn easily by thorns, weed, and foliage, the Melatzi waste bags can withstand severe conditions without tearing off.

Also, the manufacturers have gone a step forward to ensure that your hands are kept safe from possible hazards in the waste. The bags come with latex rubber gloves that ensure your hands do not get bruises when collecting the garbage. Additionally, the gloves are forged with rubber latex that offers breathability to ensure your hands stay dry.

However, an overfilled bag might easily break the handles or get too heavy to lift on the downside.  Additionally, the bags are pretty costly and might not be ideal if you’re on a tight budget.

All said, these bags are worth their cost, and we are pleased to recommend them to you for all your gardening needs. Besides, its fabric material is built for durability and longevity to serve you for a couple of years.


  • It offers a large capacity of 272 litres
  • Come with breathable gloves for protection
  • Its sturdy construction enables free-standing
  • Made from tear-resistant fabric
  • It is constructed from durable polypropylene material


  • Handles might break easily on overfill
  • They are quite costly

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2. Ezisoul Garden Bag-Large Heavy Duty Canvas Reusable Yard Bags

Ezisoul Garden Bag - Large Heavy Duty Canvas Reusable Yard Bags Great for The Trash Laundry and Tool Utility Collapsible Storage Comes Complete with Modern Gardening Gloves

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Ezisoul Garden Bag is a superb heavy-duty collapsible storage bag that is ideal for use in the yard for your trash laundry needs. The bag is reusable, and it comes with a complete set of modern gardening gloves for your safety.

The bag is made of premium quality canvas material to ensure it gives you durable service even under unfair conditions. Further, the canvas material is reinforced with a steel pop-up spring for an excellent delivery for more confidence. We are happy to mention that the fabric is tear-resistant, making the bag perfect for all applications.

You will love the high-quality hard plastic base of the bag that enables it to stand upright and stay sturdy and open all the time. We appreciate that the bag does not rip or tear away easily when pulled across hard or rough surfaces with jagged materials, thanks to the resilient plastic base with a hardened construction.

Also, the bags come with a bottom handle that facilitates easy filling and emptying to save you time. Additionally, the bag features a fancy collapsible pop-up model that allows you to clip it together for ease of storage. When you undo the clips, the bag pops up automatically, ready for use.

Moreover, we like this bag for its big capacity and performance ability. It can hold up to 32 gallons of waste, big enough for your average daily garden waste. The bag can perfectly handle any garbage thrown into it. Interestingly, this bag is multipurpose, and you can use it for indoor activities, like keeping your dirty laundry.

However, the bag has some disadvantages. First, it is not entirely sturdy compared to other bags in its level. Also, the chips holding its bottom plastic base break quickly and might cause you inconveniences.

As we conclude, we can say that this bag is an excellent choice for all your garden waste disposal. It is integrated with excellent features that make it a safe, unique, and perfect product. It helps keep your garden neat always.


  • The fabric is tear-resistant
  • It has a high-quality plastic base
  • The bag features a collapsible design
  • It has excellent performance ability
  • Offers a large capacity


  • It is not very sturdy
  • The chips holding the plastic break easily

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3. Norjews 272L Large Garden Waste Bags Pack of three

Norjews Heavy Duty Garden Waste Bags - 272 Litre - 3 Sacks - BONUS 1 Pair Gardening Gloves - Industrial Fabric and Handles - Green/Garden Waste Sacks, Reusable

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Are you looking for large-capacity waste bags to dispose of your garden waste? The Norjews large Garden waste bags come in a pack of three waterproof rubbish refuse sacks with rigid handles.

We love these bags for their numerous outstanding features. The bags are made of a strong and noticeably rigid polypropylene material that lasts long. The 150g/m woven fabric is environmentally friendly and tear-resistant. Additionally, the material is waterproof, lightweight, and UV resistant for durable service. You are assured of long-term service.

Further, we rank these bags for adopting a seemingly free-standing construction that enables them to stand on their own without requiring any support entirely. This allows you to fill waste into the bags without much stress. Additionally, the bags feature four sturdy carrying handles that will enable you to carry the bag around easily.

To stay open and assume an upright standing, the bags are reinforced with a double-stitched webbing hoop. The hoop is more flexible to keep the mouth open for easy filling. With this bag, you can use a spade to collect the waste as the top opening does not require any support.

Also, we are genuinely hats off to the Norjews brand for manufacturing large-sized waste bags that can hold a significant amount of waste. The bags contain a capacity of 272L, boasting a height of 76cm and 67cm in diameter.  Additionally, the bag is foldable when not used to ensure it doesn’t take up more of your space.

On the opposing end, the handles might easily tear off from the bag if it gets filled beyond its capacity, making it hard to carry. Additionally, if not well taken care of, the bags might not last long.

Overall, these bags are a good choice, and we encourage you to purchase them for all your garden waste disposal needs.


  • Made from tear-resistant material
  • They are waterproof and UV resistant for durability
  • The handles are sturdy for ease of carrying
  • Double-stitched webbing hoop to keep the mouth open
  • They are flexible and foldable for convenient storage


  • The handles may break if overfilled
  • Not durable when mishandled

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4. Sackmaker Garden Waste bags – 120 litre – 1 to 5 Sacks- PREMIUM GRADE

Garden Waste Bags - 120 Litre - 1 to 5 Sacks - PREMIUM GRADE - Industrial Fabric and Handles - Heavy Duty Garden/Green Waste Sacks (3 sacks)

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The Sackmaker garden waste bags are middle-level-sized bags measuring 120 litres, and they come in a pack of three to five bags. They are premium-grade bags made of heavy-duty materials and easily recyclable for a long-lasting service.

We indeed rank these bags high and appreciate every aspect that makes them stand out against other brands. They are made of a premium industrial grade 150gsm green woven polypropylene fabric that is awesomely durable. Conversely, the material boasts added UV sunlight protection and water repellence that makes it withstand harsh weather.

These garden waste bags are fully recyclable, thanks to the PP5 plastic recycling category they fall under. This category is accepted across the UK, so you are sure to recycle the bags again and again. Size-wise, these bags measure 45cm in diameter and 60cm in height, perfect for car transportation and manual handling.

Also, these bags feature two heavy-duty hardened and double stitched lifting handles that enable you to carry the filled bags with ease. These handles are reinforced with a rigid material to prevent them from tearing apart from the pack. Additionally, the bags have tipping that facilitates you when emptying.

Further, we like the bags to boast vertical seams that enable the bag to stand upright without external support. Additionally, these seams allow the bag top opening to sit open, facilitating easy filling and emptying. To wrap it up, the bags are safety stitched to maximize their performance for all sorts of garden waste. With these, your convenience is assured.

Despite all the outstanding features, these bags have some cons. Their 120L capacity is not large enough to hold much waste compared to other brands. Also, they are only available in a single colour choice.

All in all, these bags are a good choice, and we recommend them for their durability, recyclable nature, and easy filling and emptying.


  • It is made of a 150gsm industrial-grade fabric
  • They have a perfect capacity for manual handling
  • Built with double-stitched lifting handles
  • They are fully recyclable
  • Come with a tip strap for ease of emptying


  • They are only available in green
  • The capacity is not large enough to hold much waste

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5. LIVIVO Set of 3 Premium Heavy Duty Reusable Garden Waste Bags

LIVIVO Set of 3 Premium Heavy Duty Reusable Garden Waste Bags with Extra Secure Handles and Strong Flexible Hoop to Increase Stability (60 Litre)

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LIVIVO is a household name when it comes to garden waste bags. This brand is known for its manufacture of high-quality, heavy-duty waste bags, and these bags are not an exception. This set features three premium quality and reusable bags that fit all your garden waste needs.

One of the great features that make us love these bags is the material used in their construction. The bags come in a set of three. They are made of solid premium quality 150gsm woven fabric that is long-lasting. Additionally, the material is tear-resistant and awesomely heavy-duty. With these, you are assured of super quality service.

Also, we appreciate these bags for having excellent quality handling aids. The bags feature three double stitched secure webbing handles that absorb the pressure and prevent the strain of the weight under your hands when lifting filled bags. The handles are well reinforced to the fabric to prevent them from tearing apart.

Additionally, for stability, the bags feature a flexible and robust hoop fixed in the rim that helps the bag stand upright on its own even when not loaded. This saves you the hustle of getting extra materials to support the pack. Furthermore, the hoop enables the bag’s top opening to stay open for ease of filling and emptying.

We also appreciate the appearance and sturdiness of these bags. The bags come in an appealing round shape and beautiful light green colour. The fabric used in their manufacture is water-repellent to prevent the bags from getting destroyed by rainwater. Additionally, the bags are also tear-resistant, enabling them to accommodate all sorts of waste.

However, the stitching on the handles is done poorly, and the handles may tear off on heavyweight. Also, the seam splits easily when mishandled.

All said, these bags are a good choice for your garden waste disposal, and we recommend them.


  • They are 150gsm premium quality woven bags
  • The double-stitched secure lifting handles
  • The bags are waterproof and tear-resistant for durability
  • Offer flexible hoop for stability
  • Keeps open for ease of filling


  • The handle stitching poorly done
  • Seam splits easily when mishandled

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6. Faraone4w 272L Garden Waste Bags – Garden Bin With Lid

Faraone4w 272L Garden Waste Bags - Garden Bin With Lid, Reusable, Foldable, Washable, Collapsible Self Standing, Green Garden Waste Bags Heavy Duty With Handles

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Faraone4w is a leading brand in the waste bags industry. It is popular among its customers for high-end manufacturing products. The Faraone4w garden waste bags are no exception. These come with a lid and an excellent outlook.

We salute these bags for their significant and outstanding features. You will love the durable material used in the manufacture of these bags. They feature a resilient and tough 150g/m polypropylene woven fabric. Interestingly, this fabric is lightweight, durable, waterproof, UV, and tear-resistant to offer you a more extended service.

Also, you will love the large capacity that comes with these bags. With boasting a whopping 272L of space to fill your waste, these bags are perfect for grass clippings, weed, and all other types of garden waste. With these bags, the cost of frequently purchasing replacements is eliminated since they do not fill up quickly.

Further, we appreciate these bags for their free-standing ability that cuts you the cost and effort of seeking extra support materials. To facilitate the upright posture, the bags feature flexible hoops on the rims that further enable them to stay open all through. Additionally, the bags have four sturdy handles that facilitate easy carrying when loaded.

Additionally, these bags are entirely foldable for ease of storage when not in use. With these, you are sure that they won’t take much of your space when empty. Interestingly, they can be folded down to two inches compact for ease of storage. We also appreciate the fact that these bags are washable, collapsible, and reusable.

On the negative side, the bag’s handles might easily detach from the fabric when the bag is filled beyond its carrying capacity. Also, the bags are a bit costly.

These bags are great. Despite the minor disadvantages, we recommend them for all your waste disposal activities in the garden, considering their washable, reusable, and collapsible nature.


  • The tear-resistant fabric to accommodate all waste
  • Have sturdy handles for easy carrying
  • Made of the double-stitched hoop for stability
  • They are foldable for convenient storage
  • Constructed from solid material for durability


  • The bags are pretty costly
  • Handles might easily detach from the fabric when the bags are filled beyond capacity

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7. IvyH Garden Waste Bags Heavy Duty with Handles

125L Garden Waste Bags Heavy Duty with Handles,Green Leaf Bag with Military Canvas Fabric (H45.7 cm, D55.8 cm)

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IvyH is a super brand in the manufacture of garden waste bags. This brand is popular among its users for maintaining quality in all their garbage bags. These garden waste bags are not an exception.

We are genuinely hats off to the manufacturers for making bags that are multipurpose and work perfectly in all roles. Besides keeping garden waste in the bags, you can also use them for other indoor and outdoor activities like harvesting fruits and other crops. You can also use the bags to store your dirty laundry in the house.

The IvyH garden bags are heavy-duty, and thus they fit perfectly in all sorts of applications. Ranging from being used as leaf bags, garden waste storage, and lawn bags, they are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Also, the bags are reusable, so you don’t have to make a new purchase each they fill up.

Interestingly, you will love the rigid material used in the construction of these waste bags. They feature a solid and durable military canvas fabric that can withstand any pressure from the waste. This rigid material enables the bags to last long, even under very harsh conditions.

Further, these bags are tear-resistant, enabling them to accommodate all sorts of thorny and rough waste without tearing off. Additionally, the bags are water repellent to prevent them from getting damaged by rainwater. For ease of carriage, the bags feature two double-stitched webbing handles.

On the downside, the fabric used to make the bags is not fully breathable; thus, the high moisture might lead to the waste smelling foul. Also, the outer canvas material is not treated.

Overall, the bags are specially made with plastic hoops for stability when assuming the upright position. We are pleased with these bags’ features, and we recommend them for a classy experience.


  • Made of tough and durable material
  • They are waterproof
  • The bags are reusable for cost-cutting
  • Have hoops for max stability
  • They have stitched handles for easy carrying


  • The fabric is not breathable
  • The canvas material is not treated

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8. Bottlewise 1 Pack Garden Waste Bags, Garden Pop-up Trash Can

bottlewise 1Pack Garden Waste Bags, Garden Pop-Up Trash Can, Foldable Heavy Duty Pop Up Garden Waste Refuse Rubbish Bag With Handles, 85L Portable Waterproof Garbage Leaf Container

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Are you seeking to purchase an easily portable waste bag with a large capacity and superb features? The Bottlewise garden waste bag is the ideal choice for you. It is entirely foldable for easy storage and ensuring that it does not eat up much of your space.

We are pleased by the material used to manufacture this trash can. It is made of superb quality oxford fabric that is tear-resistant. Additionally, the material is tough and durable, enabling the bag to offer service for a long time. The bag is abrasion-resistant and very easy to care for and maintain.

Further, you will love the ample space that this bag offers. Equipped with 85l of space, you will not have to purchase waste bags every other week or frequently empty your trash can. Also, the bag is perfect for your usage when trimming fences and hedges, shrubs, and lawns, thanks to its plenty of space.

Also, the bag features stitched handles on the top and bottom part for convenience in transportation. And being a multipurpose bag, these handles are pretty instrumental to you when performing trimming hedges. The handles on the bottom side assist you when emptying the bag.

The waste bags are suitable for a wide array of applications. You can conveniently use it to store your garden waste or in the collection of small debris such as weed and fallen leaves. Moreover, the bag can be used outdoors for storing picnic garbage or indoors to stack your kid’s toys or dirty clothes.

However, most areas’ stitching is askew and poorly done, thus reducing the bag’s stability and service quality. Also, the looping Velcro slip for looping between the two handles is too short.

We can say that this waste bag is an ideal choice for all your indoor and outdoor garbage storage needs. Equipped with plenty of space, you are saved the hustle of emptying your trash can frequently.


  • It is made of high-quality oxford fabric
  • The bag is abrasion-resistant
  • It has a built-in bold steel ring for support
  • The bag has plenty of space
  • It is multipurpose


  • The stitching is poorly done in some parts
  • The looping Velcro slip is too short

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9. Plastic Dynamics Heavy-Duty Garden Sacks

Heavy-Duty Garden Sacks 120L x3 Pack (45 x 45 x 60cm) Large, Reusable Waterproof Leaf, Grass, Garden Waste Bags by Plastic Dynamics®

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Plastic Dynamics brand is an average player in the garden waste bags industry. Its fans adore it for offering them good quality garbage storage bags that are reasonably affordable.

The plastic dynamics garden sack is made of a sturdy and rigid plastic material. We appreciate its durability, enabled by the improved double-stitching on the fabric. When taken good care of, this sack can serve you for a historical period.  It is ideal for light garden garbage like twigs and leaves.

Further, this bag features a heavy-duty woven polypropylene fabric that enables it to endure repeated usage under harsh exposure. Moreover, the sack is excellently all-weather proof to prevent it from getting destroyed during extreme weather patterns. Interestingly, the bag will not be degraded by sun rays.

Also, we love this bag because it is pierce-resistant. As we all know, garden waste sometimes can include thorny and sharp branch cuttings that pierce through the material and destroy the pack. However, with this waste bag, you perform your duty having some peace of mind that it can’t be easily pierced.

Without considering where you will use it, this bag’s manufacturers have ignored the advantage of doubt by making it UV resistant. If you intend to use it outdoors, you do not have to worry about the bag being destroyed by harmful sun rays. Also, the bag has double-stitched solid handles for easy carrying.

On the opposing end, the stitching on these bags is not excellently done, and the handles easily tear away from the fabric when the bag is filled with heavy waste. Additionally, the tear resistance of this bag is minimal compared to other brands.

Despite the few downsides, the bag is suitable for all your lightweight garden waste collection responsibilities. The drain holes in the sack enable rainwater to flow out when the bag is rained on.


  • The bag works perfectly with lightweight trash
  • It has boosted double-stitching for strength
  • It is made of a heavy-duty woven PP material
  • The bag is all-weather and UV resistant
  • Pierces resistant


  • It has a minimal tear resistance
  • The stitching is not well done

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10. GardenKraft Reusable Garden Waste Bag

GardenKraft 10019 Reusable Garden Waste Bag / 272 Litres / H 76cm x D 100cm / Freestanding With Heavy Duty Carry Handles / Single Bag

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GardenKraft garden waste bag is reusable and green in colour. It measures 67 by 67 by 76 cm in dimension and is available in a single unit.

The bag boasts many unique features, but there are specific ones that make it stand out perfectly. You will appreciate its storage capacity. The bag can hold up to a maximum of 272 litres of waste. This space is large enough to save you the hustle of emptying the bag frequently.

Further, we appreciate the material used in the manufacture of this bag. It is made of sturdy and robust fabric that boosts its durability even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The fabric is made of 150gsm double stitched and re-enforced polypropylene fabric that is water repellent and tear-resistant.

Additionally, we are pleased to mention that this bag is free-standing and does not require any exceptional support for its stability. It features flexible hoops fixed on the top and bottom ends. The bottom rings boost the bag’s stability and facilitate its upright stand, while the top hoops enable it to stay open all the time.

You will also love the excellent handle system of this bag. It has a set of four sturdy heavy-duty handles at both the top and bottom sides. The top handles facilitate easy carrying, while the bottom ones lessen the struggle when emptying the bag. Additionally, the bag folds flat when it is not in use.

Despite the excellent rating, this bag has some cons. First, the bag’s base is not adequately stitched, and it rips away from the fabric easily. Also, the material is easily pierced by sharp and thorny waste.

Apart from the minor downsides, we can proudly recommend this bag for your garden waste collection needs. Its excellent features make it a good fit for outdoor and indoor applications. The durability is also quite commendable.


  • The bag is reusable
  • It is made of heavy-duty material
  • It has flexible hoops for stability
  • The bag has strong and sturdy handles
  • It is durable


  • It is not stitched correctly
  • The bag is easily pierced

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What to consider before buying a garden bag

large Garden Waste Bags

Although you might think that selecting the best garden waste bag is not a top gardening priority, it’s time to replace an old, worn-out waste bag. However, before you do that, you might want to consider the following factors.


Most garden bags are made from polypropylene fabric and canvas materials, but if you’re looking for a more environmentally-friendly option, go for jute and waterproofed waste bags. If you want heavy-duty garden waste bags, polypropylene fabric is the material to go for because it is lightweight, tear-resistant, and relatively cheap. For extra durability, you can opt to go for bags with double-stitched handles.


The capacity that a waste bag can hold matters as well. Even though most bags have a large capacity to accommodate a considerable amount of waste like grass cuttings and hedge trimming, they come in different sizes. So, choose the right size depending on the waste you have from your gardening tasks.

If you’re only clearing leaves or weeding, we believe a smaller-sized bag of approximately 75 litres will suffice. On the contrary, if you have bigger jobs, a waste bag with a capacity of 125 litres will do.

Types of bags

Different waste bag types vary in size, shape, and material. However, the most common shapes you’ll find in the market include square, cylinder, and the old sack shape. If you want an easy time sweeping up the leaves, you can opt for dustpan-style waste bags because they are flat on one side. Also, pop-up garden waste bags are an excellent alternative for easy folding and storage.


It can be a daunting task to select the best garden waste bag considering the many unique models out there, but with the above-detailed review, you can make a perfect choice. Since garden waste bags are a great addition to your lawn, you can never go wrong purchasing one.

All pieces are worth a purchase for various outstanding features from the above list, but we would recommend Melatzi heavy-duty garden bags. While they are a little expensive than other waste bags, we are impressed that they are tear-proof, reusable, and durable due to their premium-grade polypropylene material. Besides, they come with breathable gloves to ensure your safety.

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