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The Salutation Gardens » 7 Best Garden Vacuums of 2023 (UK) – Garden Leaf Vac Reviews

7 Best Garden Vacuums of 2023 (UK) – Garden Leaf Vac Reviews

When Autumn comes, picking up leaves from your garden can feel like a full-time job. So why not make your life easier by investing in a garden vacuum cleaner?

There’s a huge range of models out there. If you’re not sure how to pick the right one for your garden – read on! We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about seven of the best garden vacuums on the market. And we’ll explain what to consider before you make your choice.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!


The Best Garden Vacuum in the UK Market

1. Terratek Leaf blower Garden Vacuum and Shredder

Terratek Leaf blower Garden Vacuum and Shredder, 35L Leaf Collection Bag, 3000W 10m Cable Lightweight Design, Leaf Vacuum, 10:1 Shredding Ratio

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Terratek’s three-in-one garden tidy-up kit has everything you need for one of the lowest prices out there. It combines a garden vacuum with a leaf blower and shredder. That gives you the freedom to clear, tidy and mulch leaves with a single tool.

It’s pretty powerful too. The 3,000-watt motor generates an air speed of 167 miles per hour – more than enough to send those leaves flying! Suck them up instead, and they’ll be chopped up to a tenth of their original size.

That will allow you to keep going for longer before needing to empty the bag. The 35-litre capacity is generous without risking it becoming too heavy when full. And a zip at the bottom makes it easy to empty the contents over a bin or composter.

Just be warned that if you’re trying to suck up wet leaves, this will clog. It’s easy enough to unblock, but save yourself the hassle and vacuum them when they’re dry if you can.

The Terratek weighs just 3 kilograms when empty, so you won’t have to be Superman to lift it. And there’s a shoulder strap plus wheels on the nozzle too. That means you can use it in comfort for longer periods. The 10-metre power cable will also give you plenty of freedom to roam.

It’s easy to switch between modes. Just push a small orange lever on the side to move between vacuuming and blowing.

In fact, the lever is perhaps a little too easy to move. Take care, particularly if you’re using this with the shoulder strap. It’s easy to knock the lever by accident.

Very little assembly is required here. The instructions aren’t particularly clear, but it’s still an easy build. Most people will be able to put it together in about five minutes.


  • 3,000-watt motor generates air speeds of 167 miles per hour
  • Triple function – vacuums, blows and shreds leaves
  • Shoulder strap and wheels allow you to work in comfort for longer


  • Will clog fairly easily if you’re trying to vacuum wet leaves
  • It’s easy to knock the lever and switch between modes by accident.

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2. VonHaus 3 in 1 Garden Vacuum & Mulcher (Our Top Pick)

VonHaus Leaf Blower 3000W, Garden Vacuum for Clearing Patios & Gardens of Leaves & Other Waste, 10m Cable Reaches Whole Garden, Quality Garden Blower & Convenient Vacuum for Gutters, 3 Year Warranty

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The VonHaus is another three-in-one model, vacuuming, blowing and shredding leaves. It’s a similar price to the Terratek. And the two models have lots of other features in common too.

This is another machine powered by a 3,000-watt motor. It’s a little heavier than the Terratek, but at 3.5 kilos it’s still easy to lift and carry. And the extra weight gives you a slightly heavier duty build.

As with the Terratek, you move between functions with a simple lever on the side. But this one is a little sturdier, so you’re less likely to knock it by accident.

If you’re vacuuming up leaves, this will shred them as it goes. The shredding ratio is ten to one. You’ll be left with a useful mulch you can spread on your flowerbeds or add to the composter.

The debris container is a zipped, soft-sided bag, with a capacity of 35 litres. Wet leaves will cause the mechanism to clog, as will trying to suck up too many in one go. If that happens, you’ll need to remove the bag to unblock the chute.

That’s a bit fiddlier than we’d like, because the clips are rather small. If you’re wearing gloves, it will be even more awkward. Giving the leaves a quick burst with the blower to loosen them up before vacuuming will help. If you’re able to, waiting for them to dry out is even better.

The machine comes with a shoulder strap to help you carry it if it gets heavy. And there are wheels at the end of the nozzle to allow you to roll it along the ground. All that means you’ll be able to work for longer periods without suffering from an aching back and shoulders.

The power cable is 10 metres long, so you’ll be able to get a fair distance from your power point too.

You’ll need to do a bit of assembly, but it’s a five-minute job requiring nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver.

At this price, this is a brilliant buy. You’ll get performance on a par with far more expensive models.


  • Decent blowing and suction power
  • 35-litre capacity bag for shredded leaves
  • Shoulder strap, wheels and 10-metre power cable


  • It will clog if you try to vacuum up wet leaves, or too many leaves at once
  • The clips to remove the bag are rather small and fiddly.

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3. Grandma Shark Garden leaves vacuum cleaner

GRANDMA SHARK 3000W 3 in 1 Leaf Blower, Garden Leaves Vacuum Cleaner, Support for Breaking Leaves and Having a Large Collection Bag (Green)

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The Grandma Shark calls itself a leaf hairdryer, which made us smile. But set aside the quirky name, and this works in much the same way as other three-in-one vacuums, blowers and shredders. And the green version is the cheapest option on our list.

The bright green chassis stands out from the crowd, so there’s no danger of you missing it in your garden shed! The design is otherwise very similar to other vacuums – a long nozzle attached to a 3,000-watt motor. It weighs 3 kilograms and is 120 centimetres long overall.

A lever allows you to move between vacuum and blowing modes. When vacuuming, the leaves are automatically shredded to a tenth of their original size before passing into a 35-litre bag.

The power is impressive. The motor generates an air speed of 167 miles per hour, and moves 13.2 cubic metres of air every minute.

There’s a ten-metre-long power cord, so you don’t have to be tethered to your power point. And there’s a shoulder strap and two wheels at the base of the nozzle to help take the strain as you work.

Note that there are two Grandma Shark vacuums, and the grey version is more powerful – and expensive. That will shred your leaves to a fifteenth of their size, and generates an air speed of 250 miles per hour. If you need something with more power, it’s well worth a look.

The grey version also comes with a 45-litre bag and a removable suction tube. That makes it great for picking up leaves in small spaces. But note that when it’s all together, the whole thing is a kilogram heavier than its green counterpart.

In both cases, you’ll face the usual problems with clogging if you try to vacuum up wet leaves. It’s best to go slow and avoid burying the nozzle in deep piles of leaves.

We’ve heard of one or two cases where the seam of the bag has partially split. It’s easily repaired if you’re handy with a needle and thread, but not ideal.

Overall though, whether you go for green or spend a bit more on grey, this is a great three-in-one machine.


  • Choice of options – the cheaper green or the more powerful grey
  • Comes with wheels, shoulder strap and 10-metre cable for easy, comfortable use
  • You’ll get an air speed of 167 mph with the green version, and 250 mph with the grey


  • Will get clogged if you try to pick up too many leaves at once, or if they’re wet
  • Watch out for splits along the seam of the collection bag.

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4. Hyundai HYBV3000E Electric Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum (Upgarde Pick)

Hyundai Leaf Blower, Garden Vacuum & Mulcher with Large 45 Litre Collection Bag, 12m Cable, 62-170mph Variable Airspeed, Reaches Whole Garden & 3 Year Warranty

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If you’re looking for a three-in-one machine with a larger capacity, check out the HYBV3000E from Hyundai.

The collection bag here has a capacity of 45 litres. That’s 10 litres more than standard models. And with the shredder chopping leaves into a tenth their original size, you’ll be able to fit in even more.

It has plenty of other features too – and it’s only slightly more expensive than the cheapest options on our list.

The nozzle can be adjusted to nine positions from 70 to 100 centimetres. That allows you to set it to whatever is most comfortable for your height.

There are wheels at the base, so you can roll it over the ground. There’s a shoulder strap to help you take the weight – especially useful if you’re working for longer periods. And the handles are designed to minimise vibrations during use.

A particularly helpful feature with this one is that it has adjustable air speed. You can take it down as low as 62 miles per hour, or as high as 170. Lower speeds are great for vacuuming over gravel, where you can pick up the leaves without the stones.

It’s great with smaller leaves, even when damp. But the nozzle isn’t particularly wide, so larger leaves with stalks can get stuck at the base.

Despite the extra features, the weight here is comparable to other garden vacuums, at 3.3 kilos. Bear in mind, though, that the 45-litre bag will be heavier when it’s full.

This one comes with an extra long 12-metre power cable, and a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. And if you don’t like assembling your gadgets, you’ll love this – it can be used straight out of the box.


  • Extra-large 45-litre capacity collecting bag
  • Telescopic nozzle can be adjusted for comfortable use by people of all heights
  • Adjustable air speed allows effective collection over gravel or firmer surfaces


  • The larger bag means it will be heavier to hold as it fills up
  • Larger leaves with stalks can get stuck at ground level.

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5. Bosch 06008B1070 garden vacuum

Bosch Home and Garden 06008B1070 UniversalGardenTidy

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If you’ve got deeper pockets, consider the 06008B1070 from Bosch. It’s more than twice as expensive as most of the other garden vacuums on our list. But for that price, you do get some great features.

To start with, it’s well-built and sturdy. And whether you’re vacuuming or blowing, you’ll be able to adjust the air speed. It’s very simple to do, with just a twist of a dial. If you long to tidy gravel or pebbles without them ending up in your vac, this is a great option.

Even at it’s highest setting, it’s relatively quiet at 99 decibels, comparing well to other garden vacuums. You’ll be able to use it without ear defenders.

Switching between vacuuming and leaf blowing modes does, however, require more work than with other models. Here, there are two separate nozzles which have to be attached depending on what you want to do. And you’ll have to store whichever one you’re not using separately.

Changing them over is a simple matter using the release screw, but it’s not as easy as switching a lever. On the other hand, you will be able to direct the air flow more precisely using the narrower blowing nozzle. And you’ll get an extra handle to make carrying the heavier vacuum attachment easier.

The body size is about 6 per cent smaller than other vacuums, so it’s a bit easier to manoeuvre. The shoulder strap here is good quality and well-padded too. But note that there aren’t any wheels on the nozzle.

If you have a larger garden, you’ll appreciate the metal fan. This stops the motor from overheating, even if you’re using it for a long time.

The power cable is 10 metres long, but it is rather inflexible, which makes it hard to wind and store. And you will need to do a bit of assembly before the first use.

If you’re looking for a robust and powerful garden vacuum, this is a good buy. Just be aware that you’ll need to change the nozzles if you want to use it as a leaf blower.


  • Adjustable air speed on both the vacuum and leaf blowing settings
  • Metal fan prevents the motor from overheating, even during longer periods of use
  • Good quality collection bag and well-padded shoulder strap


  • You’ll need to switch over nozzles if you want to move between leaf blowing and vacuuming
  • The inflexible power cable is a bit of a pain.

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6. Draper 3 in 1 Garden Vacuum, Leaf Blower and Shredder Mulcher

Draper 3000W 3 in 1 Garden Vacuum, Leaf Blower and Shredder Mulcher with Large 35 Litre Collection Bag and Extra Long 12m Cable

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Draper’s three-in-one garden vacuum, leaf blower and shredder is about two thirds the price of the Bosch. That makes it significantly pricier than the cheapest models we’ve considered. So what do you get for your money?

Well, there’s a standard 35-litre capacity bag to collect your shredded leaves. It weighs just three kilograms when it’s empty, and there’s a shoulder strap and wheels to help manoeuvre it.

Switching between blowing and vacuuming modes is as simple as moving a lever. But note that switching from vacuum to blow mid-use isn’t recommended. Any leaves present in the vacuum will be forced into the blower tube, blocking it up.

And take care when you’re using it, as this is another case where the lever is positioned on the handle. It’s all too easy to find you’ve switched modes without intending to.

The vacuum nozzle isn’t the largest out there, so it will struggle with larger leaves like horse chestnut. But there’s enough suction for thicker leaves like laurel. And it will cope well with smaller leaves, even if they’re a bit wet.

You’ll get an extra-long 12-metre cable with this one. You’ll need to do some minimal assembly before the first use, but it’s a simple task. Expect it to take no longer than five minutes.


  • Very good at sucking up smaller leaves, even if they’re damp
  • 12-metre power cable
  • Minimal assembly required, and it’s very simple


  • Not so good with larger leaves like horse chestnut or London plane
  • The positioning of the lever means it’s rather too easy to switch modes unintentionally.

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7. Flymo PowerVac Electric Blower

Flymo PowerVac 3000V Electric Blower, 3000W, 310 km/h Blow Speed

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The Flymo PowerVac occupies roughly the same price point as the one from Draper. This too can blow leaves as well as suck them up. And it will shred those it vacuums so you can fit more inside the bag.

Like the Bosch, it uses two interchangeable nozzles for vacuuming and blowing, so the same considerations apply. You’ll need extra storage space, and you’ll have to take time to replace the nozzles before switching functions. No tools are needed, but it’s a bit fiddlier than we’d like.

But if that doesn’t bother you, this works very well. The 3,000-watt motor generates a very impressive air speed of over 192 miles per hour. That’s enough to shift even larger leaves. And there’s a suction capacity of 168 litres per second.

The shredding action is particularly fine with this machine. Leaves will be munched down to a sixteenth of their original size. There’s a 45-litre collection bag too. That means you’ll be able to do a lot of clearing up before heading to the bin or composter.

There’s variable speed control, so you can adjust to your conditions. And there’s a fan to prevent the motor from overheating, no matter how long you use it for.

At 4.8 kilograms empty, this is one of the heavier three-in-one models out there. It does have a shoulder strap and a double handle to help you take the weight. But there are no wheels, so you won’t be able to roll it along as you work.

One thing to note is that the collection bag for this one seems to be a strangely tasty treat for mice! And if you need to replace it, it’s very expensive. Buying it separately will cost you almost as much as the whole PowerVac.


  • The collection bag has a generous 45-litre capacity
  • Adjustable air speed to allow you to get good results in all conditions
  • Generates suction of 168 litres per second


  • You’ll need to switch nozzles when you want to change functions
  • Replacement collection bags are very expensive – so watch out for hungry mice!

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Buying Guide

If you’re still wondering which is the right garden vacuum for you, don’t worry! Here are a few factors to consider to help you narrow down your search.

How Much Capacity Do You Need?

Garden Leaf Vac
The salutation gardens

A good place to start is by considering how much capacity you need your garden vacuum to have. You might think the bigger the better, but that’s not necessarily the case.

It’s true that the larger the bag, the less frequently you’ll need to empty it. But it will also be heavier to carry as it gets fuller. And if you go a long time without emptying it out, the leaves can rot in the bottom – yuck!

So consider how much area you’ll be covering and how many leaves you’re going to want to clear. If a vacuum with a 35-litre collection bag will be sufficient, choose that. But if you have a larger garden, a 45-litre option will be best.

Do You Want to Adjust the Air Speed?

Garden Vac
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Next, consider how much power you need. That will depend both on the size and weight of the leaves, and on the surface from which you’ll be picking them up.

If you want to clear a patio of some smaller leaves every now and then, a simpler model will work just fine. And you can get some great results without having to spend much money.

Remember that if you’re clearing leaves from flower beds or gravel paths, too much power can be a problem. You may find yourself sucking up earth that will stick to the blades. Or even worse, small stones.

And if you’re going to be moving between different surfaces, look for a model with adjustable air speed. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Consider the Logistics

Best Garden Vacuum
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Last but not least, consider how you’ll use and store the garden vacuum.

Check the weight, and make sure the handles are positioned so that they’ll be comfortable to use. If you’re very tall or short, look for a model with a telescopic nozzle. And if you’re planning to use it for longer spells, look for options with a shoulder strap and wheels.

Finally, remember to check that the cable will be long enough to reach the areas you need to get to. And that you’ll have sufficient room to store it safely when it’s not in use.

Time to Choose Your Garden Vacuum!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews of seven of the best garden vacuums on the market today. Whatever your garden clean-up needs, there’s one that will fit the bill.

We love the VonHaus three-in-one model. It’s a sturdy bit of kit that’s simple and effective. And it offers brilliant value for money.

But if you’re looking for a model with adjustable air speed and bigger capacity, check out the Hyundai HYBV3000E. Its telescopic nozzle means it’s great for people who aren’t of average height too.

Whichever garden vacuum you choose, we hope you’re soon enjoying a beautiful, neat garden without breaking a sweat!

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