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10 Best Garden Swing Seats of 2023 (UK) – Outside Swing Chair

Sometimes after a long day, it wouldn’t be a waste of time relaxing in your outdoor space. But it becomes even better and more comfortable if you’ve got a garden swing seat. You can enjoy a garden seat, whether in a swinging or stationary position. Most garden seats feature a canopy to block out the sun rays and keep you cool.

Also, these swing seats are available in a wide range of shapes, materials, designs and can either be 1seater, 2-seaters, or 3-seaters. Therefore, we’ll review the 10 best garden seats to help you choose one that favours your needs.

best garden swing seats UK


The best garden swing seats on UK Market 2023

1. SUNMER Swing 3 Seater Garden Swing Cushioned Seat

SUNMER Swing 3 Seater With Detachable Canopy, Garden Swing Cushioned Seat, Waterproof Fabric, UV Protection, Made With Strong Powder Coated Steel Frame - Black

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Are you seeking to buy a fantastic seat for your garden? We have a solution for you. The SUNMER Swing 3 Seater Garden Swing Cushioned Seat is an excellently comfortable and durable garden seat.

The seat features a sturdy and robust steel frame to accommodate a heavyweight capacity. It houses a maximum of three grown people, hence the need for rigid construction. The seat’s design holds a maximum of 200kgs. The heavyweight accommodation capacity offers you peace of mind when relaxing with your friends and family.

Also, we are pleased with the model and design of this seat. It boasts an entirely detachable canopy meant to offer shading in all weather. However, the roof can be adjusted to any desired angle or removed altogether. When you prefer to soak up the sun, you can easily pull off the canopy from the seat.

Moreover, the seat has a highly cushioned sitting area for your comfort. The sitting area is filled with luxury-feeling foam to offer you a first-class experience. In addition to that, the seat has a 160g polyester cover to protect in harsh weather. Additionally, the seat cushions are detachable for safe storage when not in use.

You will love the seat for its excellent all-weather-proof features. It is awesomely waterproof and UV rays resistant. Whether you place the chair under a tree shade or out in the open, you are sure the sun won’t destroy it. Further, the steel frame is coated with power metal for rust resistance.

On the downside, it is a bit faffy and strenuous, detaching the canopy. You will need to have some tools to unscrew it. Also, the seat foam is thin and the back too low, inconveniencing tall people.

Besides the minor challenges, the SUNMER seat is a perfect choice for your garden relaxation and outlook enhancement. The fully detachable and perfectly adjustable canopy allows you to customize it according to the weather.


  • Fully detachable canopy- provides customizable shading
  • UV rays protection- allows you to keep it in the open
  • Waterproof- repels rainwater from entering cushions
  • Sturdy fabric cover- protects the seat against harsh weather conditions
  • Rigid steel frame- to support heavyweight


  • Thin seat foam- reduces comfortability
  • Faffy canopy detachment- may cause inconvenience

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2. Outsunny Steel Swing Chair Hammock Garden 3 Seater

Outsunny 3 Seater Garden Swing Chair Outdoor Hammock Bench w/Adjustable Canopy, Cushions and Cup Trays, Steel Frame, Beige

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The Outsunny Steel Swing Chair is a perfect appliance to adding look and class to your garden environment. Besides, the seat offers you a comfortable and well-protected space to relax.

We love the material used in the seat’s construction, which makes it durable and heavy-duty. It boasts a sturdy steel frame and polyester fabric on the sitting area. The steel frame is powder-coated for extra sturdiness and also to prevent rusting. The seat is available in a shiny beige colour.

In addition to the rigid structure, you will also love the accommodation capacity of the seat. It has sufficient room to accommodate three people and can withstand up to 360kgs. The seat gives you pleasure when enjoying yourself with your friends and family. The seat outshines most swing seats in its level that accommodate up to 200kgs maximum.

There is a sufficiently cushioned sitting area to facilitate longer hours of comfortable relaxation for your extra comfort. The seat boasts 8cm thick cushions that provide unbeatable softness and comfort. Additionally, the chair has two side cup trays for holding your food and drinks when in your relaxed mood.

We are hats off to the manufacturers for incorporating the safety of the customer in the seat. It features an overhead canopy that is all weather-resistant, offering protection to both you and the seat. The top protects you from harmful mild UV rays, wind, and rainwater as you rest underneath.

On the negative side, the powder coating on the steel frame is low quality; hence the frame starts rusting after some usage period. Further, the canopy is easily blown away by strong wind tides.

All in all, the Outsunny seat is as good as it appears and we highly recommend it for your garden. The weather-resistant overhead canopy protects from harmful UV rays and wind.


  • Powder-coated steel frame- assures durability
  • 8cm thick padding- to offer comfort
  • Two side cup trays- for holding your drinks
  • Easy assembly- allows convenience
  • Weather-resistant canopy- offers protection


  • Low-quality coating- may rust easily
  • Canopy easily blown by a strong wind- this causes inconveniences

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3. Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing

Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing – 2 Sizes | Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Chair – Freestanding Rattan Egg Chair With Stand (Single Seat + Tailored Cover, Black/White)

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Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing is designed for people with a desire to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation. It is ideal for patio, garden, and indoor use as an excellent addition to every setup.

We love the chair’s contemporary design and model, making it ideal for use in different settings. It can be used both outdoors and indoors, in each application working perfectly. The chair is made with a hammock cocoon design to complement your existing style excellently.

The chair is made from premium materials, making it commendably long-lasting. It boasts a sturdy and rigid 42mm tubular steel frame that can accommodate lots of weight. Additionally, the steel material is zinc plated and features an HDPE rattan to prevent rusting, assuring durability. You will get the best service.

Further, you will be impressed by the simple assembling feature of this chair. It features a straightforward design and installation manual that enables you to assemble it in quick steps. Further, the chair comes with a sturdy pole that conveniently supports your weight. The seat also has a black waterproof cover for protection.

The seat is available in a wide range of colours to choose from and also two size choices. Depending on your convenience and preference, you can choose from brown, cream, grey, black, or white. The sitting area boasts a rattan weaver bird nest-style cocoon that makes it look classy and stylish.

On the opposing end, the chair is costly and is not easily affordable to random people. Also, the seat is relatively heavy, owing to its steel pole and rigid steel frame.

Overall, the chair is a perfect choice for garden relaxations. The remarkable features of the chair make it a unique add-up to your outdoor and indoors. The premium materials used in its construction make it excellently durable.


  • Hammock cocoon style design- make it look classy
  • Zinc-plated steel frame- offers durability
  • Simple assembly feature- for convenience
  • 5cm thick polyester cushions- to offer comfortability
  • Wide range of colours- offering a choice


  • Relatively heavy- causes inconvenience
  • Pretty costly- not affordable to everyone

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4. Display4top Beige Hammock Chair Macrame Swing Chair

display4top Beige Hammock Chair Macrame Swing,Hanging Cotton Rope Swing Chair,Comfortable Sturdy Hanging Chairs, With Round Seat Cushion for Indoor, Outdoor, Home, Patio, Yard, Garden

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The Display4top Hammock Swing Chair is an ideal complement to your patio, home, or garden. The hanging chair is fit for outdoor and indoor applications. It adds glamour and taste to gardens and yards.

We are pleased by the style and elegance of the chair. It boasts a unique Display4top handmade bohemian chick hammock design that adds an excellent touch to the environment. The chair has unique draping tassels and an interlacing chic pattern that makes it classy to step up the invention.

The chair is awesomely high quality and durable. It boasts handmade cotton material that is rigid and long-lasting. Further, the arch back’s woven net design is highly stiff and extra support to ensure it is sturdy and durable. The macramé details on the chair offer a new twist to the old model.

You will be impressed by the portability and easy installation property of the hammock chair. Anyone can follow the relatively easy instructions to assemble the chair and get it ready for use. The only requirement is a substantial overhang that can comfortably support your weight without snapping on you.

We love the chair for its wide versatility. It features uses as an outdoor and indoor comfort asset. Further, it can also be used as an art piece to add charm and glamour to the garden, lawn, deck, patio, and backyard. For easy relocation, the chair is awesomely lightweight to save you the hustle of moving around bulky stuff.

Despite the superb elements of this seat, it has a negative side. First, the ropes are too short, and you may be required to get an extension. Also, the chair does not come with hanging accessories.

The hammock chair is a superb complement for your indoor and outdoor décor, thanks to its unique design. Its durability and construction are on another level, so you don’t have to worry about regular replacements.


  • Arched backrest-offers excellent comfort
  • Lightweight- for ease of relocation
  • Easy installation- saves you time
  • Chic cushioning- allows you to relax for more extended periods
  • 100% cotton material- makes it durable


  • Ropes too short- hang the chair too high
  • No hanging accessories- causes inconvenience

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5. Outsunny Garden Outdoor Hanging Garden Chair

Outsunny Garden Outdoor Hanging Hammock Chair Thick Rope Frame Wooden Arms Safe Wide Seat Garden Outdoor Spot Stylish Multicoloured stripes

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Outsunny is an all-season manufacturer of high-end garden accessories. The garden chair is classy and spots a stylish hanging look for your garden relaxations. It is perfect for both kids and grown-ups.

One of the main attributes you might like about this chair is the wide seating area it offers. The seat has cushions for your maximum comfort. Additionally, it is covered in an elegant floral print style to make it look classy. You will have enough room and comfort to enjoy the vicinity of your garden.

The thick rope structure and model of the support is another feature we appreciate about this chair. The rope’s construction is of high-grade quality material that does not snap, even in ferocious weather. The rigid structure of the rope is meant to offer you excellent support and safety reassurance.

Further, you might be pleased by the seat’s comfortability, thanks to the detachable pillow on the chair. The pillow is sufficiently soft and highly padded to offer support and comfort to your head and neck. Besides, the chair features popper fastenings that facilitate easy take-off and put on.

The seat boasts a wooden pole on the top that facilitates central balance when the chair is in use. Further, the bar provides extra support and stability to the chair, guaranteeing you maximum safety assurance. You might like the wooden armrests on the sides of the chair that allow you to relax your hands comfortably.

Even though we find many appealing attributes of the chair, we have our reservations. For starters, the chair is costly. Also, the chair is available in a limited choice of colours.

Considering all the positives of this chair, we think it is a perfect choice for your garden. It is ideal for adding pimp and glamour to your deck, patio, and backyard environment.


  • Hanging design- offers the swing experience
  • Thick rope- for safety
  • Wide seat- provides plenty of room
  • Wooden top pole- for central balancing
  • Detachable pillow- provides neck and head support


  • Costly- not easily affordable
  • Limited colour choice- causes inconvenience

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6. D4P Display4top Striped Hanging Chair

D4P Display4top Hanging Chair,Hanging Swing Chair for Superior Comfort & Durability, for Indoor, Outdoor, Home, Patio, Yard, Garden,Max Weight: 120KG (Striped)

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The primary attribute that drew our attention to the D4P striped hanging chair is its stylish padded and comfortable design. The chair is an ideal fit for all, ranging from kids to teens to adults.

We are impressed by the high-quality material used to manufacture the chair. It boasts sturdy and soft polyester and cotton fabric. The resilience of the material ensures that it is durable and does not tear easily. Interestingly, it is one of the most robust and most durable chairs in the market.

The heavyweight accommodation capacity of the chair is another unique property you might appreciate. It can comfortably support up to 120kg, thanks to the chair’s thick and soft cotton ropes. The ropes are cushioned, making the chair a convenient swing seat for both children and adults anytime.

The chair boasts a single suspension point that makes it relatively easy to hang the seat in numerous different places. The suspension point is positioned directly above the hanging chair, offering you perfect balance and support when swinging. The loop-end top is easily attachable to any surface, providing ultimate convenience.

The versatility of the chair is another feature we find amazing. It can be used in various applications, whether outdoors or indoors. Its stylish and fancy design makes it a great complement to your indoor décor and garden environment. You can hang it on a branch outside or even inside your bedroom, thanks to its high portability.

Besides the numerous superb features of the chair, we find some specs quite odd. First, the chair hangs pretty high, inconveniencing shorter people. Further, the pillows are small and with a thin fabric.

Overall, the chair is an excellent tool for relaxing in your garden in a smooth environment. No wonder how heavy you are, the sturdy and resilient ropes will support your weight for the longest time possible.


  • Comfy and relaxing- offering peace of mind
  • Perfect size- to save on space
  • 120kg load capacity- for convenience
  • Loop-end- for easy hanging
  • Portable- for easy relocation


  • The chair hangs pretty high- inconveniencing short people
  • Thin fabric on pillows- lowers the comfort

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7. EverKing Hanging Rope  Porch Swing Seat (Our Top Pick)

EverKing Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Porch Swing Seat, Large Hammock Net Chair Swing, Cotton Rope Porch Chair for Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Patio, Porch, Yard - 2 Seat Cushions Included (Red Stripe)

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Talk of excellent comfortability, and the EverKing Hanging Rope Swing Seat comes in handy. Designed to offer you the best, the chair boasts outstanding features that make it a good bargain in the market.

The seat’s stylish hammock swing might catch your attention. The swing’s design is an appealing model that appears uniquely elegant to any beauty enthusiast. Additionally, it is comfortable and sturdy enough to offer you maximum safety assurance. The swing can hang anywhere and is easy to relocate anytime.

The seat is an excellent companion for lounging and nestling in your garden during your relaxation periods. The lounge and relax feature is made possible by the highly-cushioned and comfortable sitting area of the chair. It offers sufficient room for you to nestle into a cocoon while doing what you enjoy most.

Further, the seat is highly versatile as it is used both outdoors and indoors. Additionally, it can be used as a piece of art to compliment your décor or as a swing chair. For the best experience outdoors, you can hang it under a tree on your favourite spot on the lawn.

Also, we are pretty impressed by the material used to make the seat. It is made of sturdy cotton and polyester fabric, making it excellently durable. Further, we are proud to mention that the seat is machine-washable, saving you the hustle of cleaning it manually. It is also ideal for all ages.

Despite boasting excellent capabilities, the chair has some downsides. First, the package does not include the hang accessories, and thus you have to purchase them separately. Also, the seat is quite costly.

Safe for the slight cons, the seat is an excellent tool for your garden, backyard, and patio relaxation. Further, its unique features make it a suitable add-on to your indoor décor.


  • Sturdy cotton- for durability
  • Machine washable- saves you time
  • Age diversity- makes it ideal for everyone
  • Versatile- can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for outside lounging- bringing the best experience


  • Pretty costly- not easily affordable
  • Hanging accessories, not in the package- customers incur extra cost

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8. Chihee Hammock Chair Large Hanging Chair

Chihee Hammock Chair Large Hanging Chair Relax Hanging Swing Chair Without Spreader Bar Lightweight Portable Cotton Woven for Superior Comfort Durability 2 Strong Swing Straps 2 Carabiners Included

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The Chihee Hammock hanging swing chair is a great swing seat that also complements your décor. Made by the Chihee brand, it is available in natural white colour.

One of the great features that make us fall in love with this chair is the material that constructs it. It boasts a 100% sturdy cotton material that will last you for ages, despite the environment you use it in. However, the cotton is not resistant to UV rays and rainwater damage.

Further, the seat is effortless to assemble and install. It can hang anywhere provided there is a strong beam or single sturdy branch to support your weight. The package comes with an installation instruction manual that is quite simple to read through. Always remember to keep the distance between the two rings at one meter.

The portability of this seat is another property that makes us love it. It is excellently lightweight, making it convenient for relocation. You might choose to use a single seat for both your garden relaxation and indoor décor. You will need to relocate the chair more frequently; thus, the lightweight feature comes as a plus.

The excellent comfortability of the seat impresses us diligently. The undivided comfort allows you to be productive while at the same time enjoying. The hammock chair is soft and well-padded to offer you unbeatable satisfaction. It combines the hammock relaxation with the more active posture of a ground chair to perfect the experience.

However, the seat has some negatives. First, it may quickly shrink when not carefully monitored during machine wash. Also, the chair is expensive and may not be affordable to everyone.

All in all, this chair is perfectly handmade for people seeking to experience the best on hammock swings. Its easy assembly and installation motivate us to recommend it to anyone at any time.


  • Two hanging straps- for your safety
  • The package includes carabiners- for ease of installation
  • Chair pocket- to store valuables
  • Super comfy- for a good experience
  • Easy installation- for convenience


  • Might shrink quickly- when not careful with the washing machine
  • It’s expensive- not affordable to all

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9. Relaxdays Unisex Youth Nest Swing Outdoor for Children & Adults

Relaxdays Outdoor Nest Swing, Oval, Kids & Adults, Garden Play Equipment, Adjustable, up to 100 kg, 100 x 60 cm, Blue

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Have you been shopping for a comfortable nest swing for your children to no avail? Worry no more. The Relaxdays Unisex Nest swing is an ideal seat for both children and adults.

We find the construction of this nest very appealing. It features a highly padded steel frame that supports up to 100kgs. The metal has a coating to prevent rusting, giving you a long-life assurance. The nest also features a basket-like sitting area where the kid relaxes as they swing back and forth.

The seat can be hung anywhere, provided there is a sturdy branch or a separate swing frame. However, it is crucial to note that the package does not include a swing frame and is purchased separately. Two strong adjustable ropes hold the nest in position.

You might also be impressed by the lightweight feature of the nest. The manufactures had it in mind that bulkiness is a turnoff in most products. Thus, they made the swing chair excellently lightweight for convenience. The seat weighs approximately 2.9kgs, light enough to be comfortably relocated in and out of the house regularly.

More impressively, you can choose either to use the seat as a lying nest or as a swing chair. The feature, facilitated by the presence of two hang ropes, which branch into a set of four as they approach the basket. Depending on how you adjust the ropes, the seat assumes either a basket look or a swing chair slant.

On the negative end, the seat supports a relatively low weight compared to others in its price range. The sitting area is also minimal and cannot accommodate a fully grown adult.

Despite the challenges, you will still get the value for your money, primarily if you use it for kids. The ability to fold as a lying basket or slant as a swing seat makes it uniquely awesome.


  • Uniquely convenient- can be used as swing seat or lying basket
  • Robust ropes- to offer support
  • Easy installation- offers convenience
  • Adjustable height- enabling personalization
  • Lightweight- for ease of relocation


  • Limited sitting area- limits big people
  • Inferior weight accommodation- causing inconvenience

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10. Pellor Wooden Garden Swing Seat

Pellor is a popular brand in the UK, known for manufacturing high-quality children’s swing seats for a long time. The Wooden Garden swing sat is not an exception, for it boasts excellent properties.

We are genuinely impressed and extend our gratitude to these swing seat makers for being environmentally friendly. Unlike most brands that use materials that are harmful to the environment, this seat boasts beech wooden material. It goes a long way to ensure that its services are Eco-friendly and safe.

You might also love the seat construction design and structure. The sitting area is a unique curve measuring 17.7inches by 7.9incches and with a thickness of 0.8inches. The seat is non-slip and big enough to accommodate both kids and adults. You can even choose to swing and relax with your kid at a go.

The seat boasts an adjustable hemp rope, facilitating the personalization of the swing experience. It can be conveniently adjusted from 1.5m to 1.88m, depending on your preference. Additionally, the package comes with two carabiners that enable you to install the ceiling’s swing seat. The seat adopts an ergonomic curved design.

We appreciate the simple and straightforward assembly procedure of the seat. You will not need any exceptional help or tools to assemble and install the swing. Once you open the package, you need to choose a sturdy branch or frame indoors. However, always remember to check that the tree is fruity or easily splits.

On the downside, the package does not include the hanging straps, and therefore, you have to purchase them separately. Also, the wood seat might not be competitively comfortable due to the absence of cushions.

All said and done; the seat is an ideal choice for your children’s fun experience in the garden. The wood frame gives it a cut above the rest, making it excellently environmental conservative.


  • Carabiner clips inclusion- for easy ceiling installation
  • Eco-friendly- made of wood frame
  • Perfect gift- for kids’ birthdays
  • Shock-resistant sitting area- for safety
  • Durable- to offer long-term service


  • Hanging straps not included- calls for an extra cost
  • Wood sitting area- makes it not comfortable enough


What to consider when buying a garden swing seat

swing seats uk

When buying a swing seat, you need to choose one that matches your terrace or garden style. So, to make the right decision, here is what you should keep in mind:


Depending on the swing seat style, materials defer. Also, some are more durable and pricier than others due to their material. A swing seat can be made from steel, wood, aluminium, or woven resin. Wooden designs have a natural look and are sturdy enough for longevity. They feature most garden themes, and some even feature waterproof designs. However, you might want to varnish, oil, wax, or use a wood brightener for a glamorous wood.

The woven resin types of swing seats, also known as synthetic rattan or poly rattan, offer you all the benefits of plastic materials and a beautiful look. They are usually rot-proof, lightweight, and weather-resistant, which is quite impressive. Moreover, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy-to-maintain swing seat, this is your ideal choice.

If you want a more modern and practical option, metal materials like aluminium and steel are the best choice. They are powder-coated for chip-resistance, water-resistance, and longevity. Not to mention, they require low maintenance.


Swing seats come in different sizes, so choose one that allows you to enjoy the swing feature, especially if you have plenty of space surrounding your garden. If you intend to have guests over, you might want to go with a 3-seater garden swing, which is more spacious than a 2-seater.


The type of swing seat you decide to buy determines the time you’ll spend maintaining it, so select wisely. If most of your outdoor furniture is wooden, you should opt for a wooden swing seat so that you can do the painting all at once.

However, if you have less time, consider buying a garden furniture cover to protect the seat during winter. Besides, some seats with materials like strong metal that are waterproof can go up to a year without maintenance.


After evaluating all the garden swing seats highlighted above, we have picked the EverKing Hanging Rope Porch Swing Seat as the best. The swing seat boasts sturdy cotton and polyester material that makes it excellently durable.

You should also have noted that the seat is machine-washable, saving you manual the cleaning hustle. The versatility of the swing seat allows you to use it either indoors or outdoors. Wherever used, it adds glamour and pimp perfectly. Additionally, the seat is ideal for use by both kids and adults. It is suitable for outside lounging and offers the best experience.

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