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10 Best Garden Storage Boxes of 2021 (UK) – Waterproof Garden Storage Reviews

When the weather turns warm, everyone loves heading into their garden to make the most of the sunshine, but most people don’t enjoy having kids’ games, pets’ toys or other items strewn across their lawn.

To keep everything in order, you need somewhere convenient to keep everything organised – and to help, here are our top picks for best garden storage boxes to give you a place to put all your stuff.


The Best Garden Storage Boxes in the UK Market



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If you’re looking for an affordable storage option for your garden, this box could be ideal. It has dimensions of 114x52x56cm, making it a good size, and it features a lockable hinged lid to shut everything up inside.

We like the handles and wheels that give it good mobility, and it’s easy to clean and look after too. It’s also simple to put together, and you can have it ready to use in only a few minutes.

However, it feels a little flimsy – it isn’t strong enough for an adult to sit on – and it wouldn’t be safe for storing valuable items inside.

All in all, a great-value item if you need extra outdoor storage space but don’t want to spend lots of cash. On the other hand, if you need something safe and secure for keeping valuable items in, this might not be the best option.


  • Lockable hinged lid – can keep things shut inside
  • Includes handles and wheels – for better mobility
  • Easy to assemble – can be put together in minutes
  • Easy to clean – and won’t stain easily
  • Great value for money – a bargain at this price


  • Not solid – not sturdy enough for an adult to sit on
  • Not secure enough for valuable items – too easy to break open

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2. Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Plastic Outdoor Patio Deck Chest

Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Plastic Outdoor Patio Deck Chest 114x47x60cm Wood Style with Lid and Wheels Grey

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This garden box from Deuba is another budget-friendly option that will give you somewhere to store your outdoor stuff without setting you back loads of money.

It’s a good size and has measurements of 114x48x60cm. It has a storage capacity of up to 290l and can hold up to 100kg. Furthermore, it has handles and six wheels, making it easy to move, even when fully loaded.

We also like the decorative finish, and it’s available in either brown or grey, so you can choose one that best matches your garden décor.

It’s easy to assemble and uses a ‘smart click’ system to fit together. However, the lid is a bit tricky to attach, and you need to be careful not to break it while you’re doing it. Also, the plastic is a little flimsy, but at this kind of price, we think it’s acceptable for what you pay.

In short, another great budget option and an attractive pick too, so if you are looking for something affordable and don’t need anything too heavy-duty, this could be an option worth considering.


  • Good sized box – storage capacity of 290l and up to 100kg
  • Attractive decorative finish – and available in either grey or brown
  • Made from fade-free plastic – also UV-resistant
  • Includes clip for a padlock – although padlock not included
  • Easy to assemble – uses a ‘smart click’ system


  • Lid is tricky to attach – and need to be careful not to snap the clips
  • A little flimsy – not a heavy-duty box

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3. FIXKIT 290L Support Box/Pillow Box

FIXKIT 290L Support Box/Pillow Box - Garden Box with Handles and Rollers, Used to Organize and Store Garden Tools, Garden Furniture and Accessories for Swimming Pools, Load up to 60 kg (Black)

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Another affordable option for your outdoor clutter, this garden box will give you somewhere to put your cushions, children’s toys and everything else you need to keep off your patio or lawn.

We like the way the lid is designed to direct rainwater away from the inside, which adds to its waterproof qualities and ensures everything inside stays dry. It’s weather- and corrosion-resistant too, so it should stay in good condition for a long time.

This is a sturdy box too, and it should be able to hold the weight of an average adult sitting on it. There’s also a place for a padlock, so you can keep everything locked up inside.

On the downside, it’s a little awkward to put together – although far from impossible. Also, it can only carry a maximum weight of 60kg, which is less than some other models, so if you need to load it up with more, there might be better options.

There’s a lot to like about this box, and at this kind of price, you can hardly go wrong. This will appeal to anyone looking to add storage to their outdoor space and who appreciates good value for money. And if that sounds like you, it could be worth a look.


  • Rainwater resistant – designed to keep everything dry inside
  • Sturdy design – strong enough to sit on
  • Weather and corrosion-resistant – won’t deteriorate through exposure
  • Lockable design – can accommodate a padlock
  • Attractive finish – looks good as well as being functional


  • Assembly a little tricky – although fine when it’s done
  • Weight limit of 60kg – other boxes can hold more

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4. Keter City Outdoor Storage Box

Keter City Outdoor Storage Box - Dark Grey

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For those with smaller gardens or limited space, this storage box could be ideal. With measurements of 44x58x55cm, it will fit into areas where space is at a premium and still give you somewhere to put your stuff.

For the price, it’s also a relatively sturdy box (although you wouldn’t want to keep anything valuable in it). We also like the way it’s reliably waterproof. The postman could leave letters or parcels in it, and they won’t get wet if it rains.

We might complain that the instructions are not great – but since it’s so easy to put together, this isn’t really a big deal. Also, it doesn’t weigh much, so if it’s empty, it might blow away in strong wind.

However, apart from these minor grumbles, this storage box represents great value, so if you need something practical that won’t cost you too much, at this kind of price, you can hardly go wrong.


  • Waterproof design – should keep everything inside dry even on rainy days
  • Sturdy box – well-built for something at this price point
  • Compact size – ideal for small gardens or balconies
  • Easy assembly – can be put together in around 5 minutes
  • Great price – can hardly go wrong with something so cheap


  • Assembly instructions not perfect – but very easy to build anyway
  • Lightweight – may blow away in strong wind if left empty

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5. Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture, Beige and Brown, 140 x 60 x 84 cm

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If you like the idea of a garden storage box that doubles as a bench, this is an option that’s worth checking out. Although it’s a bit more expensive than some storage boxes, it gives you somewhere for two adults to sit, and just for this, we think it represents great value for money.

Since it’s available in three different colours, you can choose one that best matches your garden, and the wooden finish looks highly believable unless you get close up and inspect it. It’s lockable too, and it’s a durable unit, so it should last you for a good few years.

One negative to point out is that it’s quite awkward to fit together, in part due to the slightly inferior moulding. Also, if you open it when it’s wet, water can drip inside – so just remember to dry the surface before opening it.

Apart from that, this is a storage solution we like a lot, and for anyone looking to maximise their space by adding somewhere to sit and somewhere to store stuff at the same time, this could be a great option.


  • 2-in-1 design – storage box and garden bench
  • Realistic wood finish – looks believable unless very close up
  • Lockable latch – can be secured with a padlock
  • Durable and weather-resistant – will keep everything dry inside
  • Available in 3 colours – choose the one you like most


  • Tricky to assemble – partly due to slightly inferior moulding
  • Water can get in if opened when wet – need to wipe of sitting water first

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6. Kingfisher OSPROMO 150L Storage Box

Kingfisher OSPROMO 150L Storage Box, White/Grey, One Size

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Here’s another great option if you are looking to add some affordable storage to your garden. With dimensions of 96.5×45.5×49.5cm and a capacity of 150l, it’s an ideal medium-sized box.

Weighing less than 5kg empty, it’s lightweight and easy to move – and the carry handles on each end also help make it even more mobile.

We appreciate the way it’s quick and easy to fix together – you can have it done in under 10 minutes – and there’s also a place for a padlock to help keep everything a bit safer inside.

There are a couple of slight issues to mention, however. It isn’t made of high-quality materials, although at this kind of price, you probably shouldn’t expect it to be. Also, the seal isn’t watertight, so it might not keep things dry in very bad weather.

Overall, a solid option if you want something basic and affordable that does the job. However, if you are looking for superior quality, this is probably not the storage box for you.


  • Easy construction – can be built in under 10 minutes
  • Lightweight box – under 5kg and easy to move
  • Includes handles – makes it easier to pick up
  • Very reasonable price – a bargain for what it costs
  • Good capacity – holds up to 150l


  • Materials not high quality – but fine for this kind of price
  • Not completely waterproof – but will keep the worst of the rain out

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7. Lifetime 60186 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Lifetime 60186 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box 439.11 L Outdoor Storage Box, Desert Sand Wood Look, 127.9 x 64 x 67.2 cm

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This garden storage box from Lifetime is heavy-duty and built to last, so if you are looking for the kind of thing that will stand up to a bit of rough treatment, this is an option that should be on your radar.

Benefiting from a rugged build, it’s tough and sturdy – this is a box that’s even strong enough to sit on. It’s also weather-resistant, so it will do a good job of keeping everything safe and dry inside.

We like the spring-hinged lid that prevents it from opening more than 90°, and the moulded handles make it more comfortable to lift and carry.

The main issue here is that it’s a real pain to assemble, and even more experienced DIYers will find their patience being put to the test before the job is done.

Other than that, the only real problem is the price since this isn’t a cheap pick. However, you have to expect a higher price tag for better quality, and if you don’t mind paying more for something you can trust, this is the kind of storage box that should appeal.


  • Heavy-duty box – a high-quality pick
  • Sturdy, durable and weather-resistant – strong enough to sit on
  • Spring-hinged lid – won’t open more than 90°
  • Moulded handles – for comfort and ease when moving
  • Water-resistant – will keep your stuff dry


  • Difficult to construct – could have been better designed
  • Expensive option – but you have to pay more for quality

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8. TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed Box

TOOMAX Storaway 842L Outdoor Garden Plastic Storage Shed Box - Grey and Black - 130 x 75 x 110 cm

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If you need more garden storage than just a standard box can offer, this could be an alternative that’s worth thinking about. It’s a large shed-style storage box with a huge capacity, making it big enough to fit two wheelie bins inside.

You can put the whole thing up in only around 20 minutes, and once it’s done, you can just forget about it because it won’t require any maintenance.

We like the way it has a realistic wood-effect look, and it’s water-resistant, so it will keep anything you put inside dry, even in the rain. The doors and lid open right up too, making it easy to put things in and take them out.

The biggest downside here is that the back is not made out of strong plastic like the other three sides. Also, it’s easy to lift up the top, even when it’s shut – and for these reasons, it isn’t the most secure storage option for valuable things like bikes.

However, if your biggest concern is having a large covered space for keeping things like wheelie bins protected, this is a great pick – and since it sells for a very reasonable price, it could be an option worth investigating further.


  • Huge size – big enough to store 2 wheelie bins
  • Wood effect finish – and available in 2 different colour schemes
  • Water-resistant – will keep everything inside dry
  • Zero maintenance – once it’s installed, just forget about it
  • Easy to construct – can be built in 20 minutes


  • Flimsy back – not sturdy like the other three sides
  • Easy to open – not secure for storing expensive things like bikes

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9. ILESTO Outside Storage Box Benjamin

ILESTO Outside Storage Box Benjamin - Waterproof Bench for Garden, Garage, Balcony, Patios, Deck, Parcel Drop Box, Heavy Duty Outdoor - Large, 135x65x69 cm, Charcoal Grey

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For the kind of person who demands superior quality and who doesn’t mind paying to get it, this box could be an obvious choice. It’s made of high-quality steel and features a four-layered construction, making it a top-end product.

It also looks great and will be perfect next to a pool in any stylish contemporary garden setting. Once in place, it’s tough and rugged too, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it for many years to come. It is also resistant to all kinds of weather, including rain and snow.

Unfortunately, it’s something of a pain to put together, although you’ll be very pleased with it once the job’s done.

However, the main issue for us is the fact that it can’t be locked, which is a major downside, especially if security is important.

That said, if you don’t need a lockable box and just need a superior-quality box for garden storage – and you aren’t put off by the price – this box could be a winner.


  • Extremely high-quality item – very well made
  • Stylish look – perfect for any contemporary garden
  • Weather-resistant – stands up well to rain and snow
  • Anti-rust – will stay in perfect condition for a long time
  • Sturdy and rugged – no problem for adults to sit on


  • Difficult construction – even for experienced DIYers
  • Not lockable – a major drawback

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10. Ward GN220-GREY-ST Garden Store

Ward GN220-GREY-ST Garden Store, 300 liters, Grey, 115 x 55 x 60 cm

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This is a garden storage box that will appeal to the kind of person who likes to keep things simple. It’s big, sturdy and rugged, giving you somewhere to keep the bits and pieces from your garden, and it’s even strong enough to sit on.

We also like the way the lid opens from both sides, giving you easy access. However, we would have preferred it to have wheels to make it easier to move, although this is not a major problem.

Also, the instructions are not very helpful – but since it’s so easy to put together, most people won’t need them anyway, so again, this shouldn’t put you off buying it.

Overall, a simple but reliable box that will give you lots of storage space for anything you need to put in it. Another recommended option.


  • Lots of space inside – up to 300l of storage
  • Easy to put together – no tools required
  • Strong and rugged – enough to hold an average adult
  • Side-opening lid – gives great access to what’s inside
  • Water-resistant – keeps your stuff dry inside


  • No wheels – makes it more difficult to move
  • Poor instructions – but still extremely easy to build

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Buyer’s guide

waterproof Garden storage box
the salutation gardens

Garden storage boxes are fairly simple items, but they are not all the same – so let’s have a look at the kind of things you should be looking at to help you choose the right one for you.


The first thing you need to look at when choosing a garden storage box is size because you need to make sure you buy one that is big enough for your needs – but also not too big if you have a smaller garden.

Look at the dimensions of the box as well as the storage capacity – because it will be no good getting it home and finding out it’s not big enough to fit all your stuff inside.

Build quality and material

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the build quality and the materials it is made from. Depending on what you need it for, it might be ok for you to buy an inexpensive box made of cheaper plastic – but if you want it to last, it needs to be more rugged.

Also, consider whether you want a plastic box or a metal one. Plastic is cheaper, but a metal one will be tougher and more durable – and will probably look more attractive too.


Another consideration is how strong it is because some of the less expensive models can be quite flimsy. Some are suitable to sit on too, so if you want something that can hold your weight, this is something to check before buying.


Most garden storage boxes need to be assembled once you get them home so check how easy it is to do. If you’re not much into DIY and you pick one that’s difficult to put together, you might need to ask someone to help you do it.

Weather-resistant and waterproof

Choosing a box that is weather-resistant and waterproof is important, especially if you want to store things like cushions in it. Otherwise, you might open it up after the winter and find that everything inside got wet and went mouldy.

Lockable and secure

If you want to store valuable items inside it, you need a box you can lock with a padlock, so make sure you check this out before buying.

Also, some boxes can be locked with a padlock but are so flimsy they can be broken open easily, meaning they are not secure, even when locked.

Wheels and handles

This might not be a major consideration, but storage boxes can be heavy when full, and choosing one with wheels and handles will make it easier to move. So if this is important for you, check it out before buying.

Loads of great choices to choose from

As you can see, there are loads of great options to choose from in all shapes, sizes and styles. If you’ve decided you need a garden storage box for your home but are having trouble deciding, any of the picks from our review would be a great place to start your search.

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