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10 Best Garden Sprayers of 2023 (UK) – Garden Pressure Sprayer Reviews

Whether you enjoy prune your beautiful rose bushes or growing heirloom tomatoes to make salads during summer, you should have a serene and peaceful garden or backyard. However, you’ll need a garden sprayer to reclaim your favourite outdoor fairyland by keeping away insects and weeds.

If you’re a gardener, never underestimate insects and weeds because they are a big threat to your lawn’s health and aesthetic appeal. For that reason, you should consider investing in a reliable and good-quality garden sprayer. Here we’ve picked the 10 best garden sprayers that we believe won’t disappoint you during the period of use to help you buy one. Some are manual, electric, and battery-operated, but all of them have unique features.


The Best Garden Sprayer on UK Market

1. Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer (Our Top Pick)

With this Chapin international sprayer, you can carry up to four gallons. It is convenient and very simple to use, so you have nothing to worry about.

We love this sprayer for its comfortable grip and padded shoulder straps. As a matter of fact, this is the main highlight of this incredible sprayer because you’ll experience little fatigue and still take care of your garden.

The sprayer has a recognizable broader opening of 4 inches that makes filling much easier without any spillages. It also has a filter basket to ensure that your solution is not filled with debris and block dirt. You’ll find this filter right below the broad opening, and it’s pretty easy to assemble.

In terms of compatibility, we are truly amazed that you can use this garden sprayer with fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. If you’re looking for a model that can accommodate various chemicals, this is your ideal choice.

Another great feature we appreciate about this model is its three-stage filtration system that ensures that your nozzle is not clogged with dirt. Besides, it comes with multiple nozzle attachments for flexibility and enables you to use the sprayer in various ways.

However, we don’t like that the brass nozzle tip might turn green after several uses. Also, you can only use the sprayer for liquid solutions, but this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker since its common with most garden sprayers.

All that said and done, we cannot ignore the fact that this sprayer comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty making it exceptional. Apart from that, we recommend the sprayer for its sturdiness and smooth operation.


  • The hose is heavy-duty, making it leak-proof and sturdy
  • Easy to clean due to its three-level filtration system
  • It has a smooth functioning manual pump
  • It has an incredibly durable material for longevity
  • It has comfortable padded straps


  • The brass tip might turn green overtime
  • You can only use it with liquid solutions


2. WECLEAN Electric Sprayer for Gardening

WECLEAN 15L Electric Battery Backpack Sprayer for Gardening, Weed Sprayers with Detachable Lithium Battery for Garden Watering, Disinfection and Agriculture Pest Control

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The WECLEAN electric sprayer is the right choice for spraying weed in your garden. It features a fifteen-litre tank and a 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery that powers it. Conversely, the battery is easily removable; thus, you don’t need to incur extra installation when servicing or replacing.

We highly value this garden sprayer for its impressive specifications and features. The best thing we love about it is its high-end battery. On a full charge, the battery can conveniently power this sprayer for an average of four hours. Furthermore, the battery is easily detachable and long-lasting if well utilized.

Also, we appreciate the design and make of the sprayer. Interestingly, you don’t need to press the sprayer manually during your work. Powered by the 2.0 Ah battery, the sprayer automatically releases the disinfectant, making it convenient and hustle-free for you. Additionally, for your maximum safety, the sprayer features a 51-centimeter spray wand to keep the chemicals away from your body.

Additionally, we are highly impressed by this sprayer’s durability and strength. The body comprises a non-toxic and low-density PP plastic material that guarantees you a long-lasting service under harsh conditions. Moreover, the material is hardened, heat resistant, and made with excellent stiffness to withstand the pressures and demands of garden work.

Furthermore, we are pleased by the commendable number of multi-functional nozzles that come with this sprayer. It is equipped with four differently calibrated nozzles that fit your various needs. At times, you might need nozzles that spray a wide area at once, while at other times, you need direct nozzles. All in all, the nozzles here are case-specific.

However, this sprayer only works with water-based products that are a thin as water. Using a thicker liquid might clog the nozzle. Further, it is not ideal for large-scale applications.

We would recommend this sprayer for your gardening needs anytime as it has all the specifications you need. You don’t have to manually press it, nor will you experience clogging.


  • It includes a rechargeable lithium battery
  • No need for manual pressing
  • High-quality resilient material
  • It is equipped with different nozzles
  • It comes with filters to prevent nozzle clogging


  • It only works with water-based products
  • Not ideal for extensive scale applications

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3. Spear and Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

Spear & Jackson 5 Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

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The Spear and Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer is a manually operated and small capacity sprayer ideal for your small-scale home applications. It features a five-litre translucent bottle and a pressure pump on the top side. The bottle is graduated in fluid ounces for a perfect measure.

This pressure sprayer has many features that make it stand out amongst rivals in its range. We love it for its excellent nice look and super construction. The sprayer bottle is made of a hardened and long-lasting plastic material that offers a durable service. Furthermore, the container is graduated in fluid ounces and litres for accuracy when you use it for mixing.

Further, the sprayer has an adjustable and long spray wand that makes it convenient for your spray application. Additionally, it features a lockable trigger mechanism that enables you to focus on pressuring the pump and aiming the nozzle to your best. Also, the sprayer has a water regulator to ensure the outflow is well controlled.

For ease of carrying around when spraying your garden, the sprayer has a shoulder strap that enables you to keep it still on your shoulder conveniently. The strap is well cushioned to offer you excellent comfort under the weight of the loaded sprayer.  Additionally, it features a pressure release valve that works well in releasing your disinfectant at high pressure.

The best feature we love about this pressure sprayer and what makes it stand out is the 560mm watering lance that makes it possible to use the sprayer in inaccessible areas. Additionally, the sprayer features a 1.3m hose that complements the wand. These features are specially created using the spot IIDP technology.

On the negative side, this sprayer’s nozzle does not have a filter, and it blocks easily. Additionally, the sprayer has a small capacity and therefore not applicable for large-scale purposes.

This sprayer is perfect for your garden, fence, and backyard applications, and we recommend it for use in any season.


  • It has an adjustable wand nozzle
  • It offers a water regulator and lockable trigger mechanism
  • Offer shoulder strap for excellent comfort
  • 3m hose for use in inaccessible areas
  • Pump with pressure relief valve


  • It has a limited capacity
  • Nozzle blocks easily

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4. ANSIO Garden Sprayer with Stainless Steel Lance

ANSIO® Garden Sprayer 5 litre Pressure Sprayer Pump Action, Weed Killer,Water Pump Sprayer, Ideal with Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

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ANSIO is a trusted brand to manufacture classic and high-end products, and this garden sprayer is not an exception. It features a five-litre container with a pressure pump and steel lance on it. It is a perfect water pump sprayer ideal for weed killing using pesticides and fungicides.

Our impression of this garden sprayer is on a high level. We love its unique construction and general outlook. The container is translucent and labelled with easily readable black level indicators. These indicators are calibrated in fluid ounces and litres to aid accuracy when mixing chemicals in the container.

For ease of filling, this garden sprayer features a wide 35mm top opening diameter that ensures no leakage or wastage of chemicals when filling. Furthermore, the hole is made wide for easy mixing and cleaning of the sprayer inner. With this wide mouthing, you don’t have to worry about spillages or stains on the inner side of the sprayer.

Also, we are impressed by the technology applied in the trigger system. It has a lockable trigger knob that enables you to lock it in place for a continuous flow. As a result, it gives you a humble time to focus your attention on spraying areas. Additionally, the sprayer has a cushioned shoulder strap that allows you to carry it around comfortably.

Another of the top features that make us rate this garden sprayer well is the presence of an angled spray nozzle that enables spraying on the underside of leaves and weird areas that you cannot reach. Additionally, the pump boasts of an ergonomic handle that facilitates easy pumping and building up of pressure.

However, this sprayer has a noticeably smaller capacity and cannot be used in larger applications. Additionally, the nozzle is not filtered and might clog without notice.

On the whole, this is a budget appliance for your garden spray needs, and we recommend it for the high-end features.


  • It comes with a translucent calibrated container for accurate mixing
  • It has a wide top opening for ease of filling
  • Integrated with an ergonomic handle for easy pumping
  • It has an angled spray nozzle to reach under the leaf
  • The trigger is lockable for continuous flow


  • It has a small capacity
  • The unfiltered nozzle might clog easily

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5. GLORIA Haus- und Gartengerate GmbH Pressure Sprayer

TUKAN Pressure Sprayer 5 Litres | Garden Sprayer/Sprayer for Plant Protection | 5 Litre Filling Capacity | Adjustable Nozzle

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If you are seeking to replace your damaged garden sprayer, here comes a perfect choice for you. The GLORIA Haus- und pressure sprayer is a flawless appliance that gives you value for your money.

We appreciate that the sprayer is built of a resilient and sturdy fibreglass wand that is long enough to facilitate your comfortable spraying. Further, the wand has an adjustable nozzle that you can tune to various spray patterns. With this, you don’t have to worry about your personalized patterns.

Also, we are moved by the sprayer’s great deliverance ability, thanks to the powerful high-performance plastic pump. With this pressure sprayer, you can quickly and with less effort reach your operating pressure. You need to strike the pump a few times, and you are good to go. Additionally, you can dismantle the pump with ease to replace seals in the cylinder effortlessly.

Impressively, the pressure sprayer comes with a large filling funnel equipped with a holder. This is meant to prevent spillages of chemicals and water when filling the sprayer. Additionally, you can hook the spray wand into the funnel holder during your rests to prevent it from coming into contact with other agents.

Another feature we love about this sprayer is a pressure relief valve that undertakes pressure releasing functions. With this knob, you can regulate the maximum 3-bar maximum pressure in the sprayer. Additionally, whenever you want to clean or refill the container, you use this knob to release any residual pressure.

On the downside, the pump cylinder seals of this pressure sprayer spoil quickly, attracting an extra cost of replacement regularly. Additionally, the nozzle clogs easily.

Overall, we recommend this pressure sprayer for all your garden and backyard needs. If you compare it with other pressure sprayers on its level, you will notice the GLORIA Haus- und’s outstanding features.


  • It has a sturdy fibreglass wand
  • It has cushioned shoulder strap for comfort
  • It comes with a resilient, high-performance pump
  • Offers a large filling funnel to avoid spillage
  • Has a pressure relief function


  • The pump seals spoil quickly
  • Its nozzle might clogs easily

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6. VOXON 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

VOXON 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer With Pressure Release Valve, Garden Knapsack Sprayer

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VOXON action sprayer is a 5l capacity pump action-based sprayer manufactured by the VOXON brand. This sprayer’s capacity is perfect for all your small-scale spray functions. It will serve you best when used to spray your garden or even the backyard.

We recommend this sprayer due to its outstanding features that make it unique. You will appreciate the fully adjustable wand nozzle that allows you to spray comfortably without fear of coming into contact with the chemicals. Also, the sprayer has a lockable trigger that enables continuous flow and a regulator that controls outflow.

For your accuracy when mixing chemicals in the sprayer, the storage bottle is made of translucent material to establish the fluid levels as you continue filling easily. Additionally, the bottle is graduated in litres and fluid ounces to facilitate you when measuring specific amounts of chemicals.

Further, we love this sprayer for its long watering lance and hose that enables you to access less reachable and awkward areas. The hose is 1.3m long, while the watering lance is 560mm, making it convenient for tricky areas. Additionally, the adjustable nozzle on the lance allows you to change from spray to mist, depending on your convenience.

You will also choose this sprayer due to the presence of a relief valve and its sturdy construction design. When the bottle pressure reaches a specific value, the bottle’s safety valve will automatically deflate to achieve stability of the pressure already in the barrel. This plays a significant role in extending the service life of this sprayer.

On the downside, the nozzle of this sprayer blocks easily, mainly when used with oily or non-water-based chemicals. Also, the unit gums up easily on concrete, reducing its service life.

All said, this sprayer is a good choice, and we encourage you to try it for your garden needs.


  • It has a wide ergonomic handle that makes pressuring easy
  • The graduated bottle facilitates accurate mixing
  • Integrated with a pressure relief valve that controls pressure levels
  • It has a lockable trigger to facilitate continuous flow
  • It features a long wand and hose for convenient watering


  • The nozzle blocks easily
  • The unit gums up quickly on concrete

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7. KITGARN Spot Sprayer for Fertilizer Herbicide and Pesticide

For the last significant years, KITGARN has been a household name in the pressure sprayer industry. This company is widely popular with its customers for offering high-end services and good quality products. This spot sprayer is not an exception.

This sprayer boasts incredible features that you will love. It has a large water tank that accommodates 15.8 gallons/60L of fluid at a single fill. Hence, this makes it a perfect choice for your large-scale spraying needs. Additionally, the sprayer has boosted endurance and excellent performance efficiency to make your spraying experience a good affair.

Also, you will like this sprayer for its top-notch modern spraying nozzle. The nozzle is extra refined for even spraying. This feature helps assure efficient working and prevents waste through leaks or untargeted spraying. Further, the sprayer boats a diaphragm pump with a convenient flow that sets the foundation for regular usage.

We consider this sprayer a good choice due to the material used in its construction. The proprietary tank is made of thick walls that make it hard for chemicals to corrode and eat up the material. Further, the walls are strengthened with a special UV-resistant polymer that secures the tank from the effect of UV rays.

The sprayer has a simple structured system for your convenient and easy usage. You do not have to possess a vast knowledge of pressure sprayers or experience. The sprayer has in-tank filters that ensure no particles reach the nozzle to prevent nozzle clogging. Thus, you are assured of durable service.

However, the sprayer has a flimsy construction that breaks very easily when not properly handled. Additionally, the motor is mounted dubiously and might cost you much.

All in all, this sprayer is a good choice for garden spraying, and we recommend it due to the ease of use and storage after you’re done with the job.


  • It has a large 15.8-gallon tank that holds a lot of fluid
  • The sprayer has a high-quality diaphragm pump
  • It has a stable flow
  • The sprayer has inbuilt filters to prevent debris
  • It has auto pressure that allows even spraying


  • It has a flimsy construction that breaks when mishandled
  • The motor is dubiously mounted


8. Pump Pressure Garden Sprayer for Water Chemicals and Pesticides

Pressure Pump Spray Bottle 2l - Plant and Garden Water Sprayer with Mister Ideal for Water Garden, Chemicals,Weed Killer, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides (2L)

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Are you looking for a handheld pressure sprayer that is easy to use and very convenient even with zero experience handling sprayers? The Pump Pressure Garden sprayer is the perfect choice for you. It comes in a simple two-litre container with a straightforward, manually operated pump.

We love this sprayer for its awesome simple construction and system that makes it very easy to use. Even with little or no experience handling sprayers, you can perfectly purchase and work with them without special training. All you need to do is fill it up, screw it, and pump it up to gain pressure. Next, press down the lever and spray your garden.

Also, the sprayer has adjustable nozzles that facilitate you to switch between jets spray or mist modes. In situations where you are spraying plants close together and affected by similar pests, you can adjust the nozzle to mist mode to avoid waste of the pesticide. Additionally, the trigger is lockable for a continuous flow.

Further, you will love the excellent non-slip grab handle of the sprayer. This tough and hand-friendly handle facilitates an excellent grip of the sprayer weight on your hand to ensure it does not slip off and hit the ground. The handle is further cushioned with a soft rubber material to ensure your hand gets excellent comfort when in action.

We highly rank this sprayer for the resilient and durable material used in its construction. The tough plastic material is hardened to offer you a long-lasting service. Also, this enables the sprayer to withstand the high demands of garden work and harsh weather conditions for a long period.

Despite all the outstanding features, this sprayer has some disadvantages. The neck area of the bottle starts leaking after several applications. Also, the sprayer has a short life expectancy.

Apart from its flaws, this sprayer is a good choice, and it is worth your money considering the exceptional features. You can be sure it will serve you well due to its resilient and durable material.


  • It has adjustable nozzles
  • It is easy to use
  • The material used in its manufacture is lightweight
  • It has an ergonomic non-slip handle
  • The pressure release valve regulates tension inside


  • The neck area leaks quickly
  • It has a short life expectancy

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9. Polyte One Hand Pressure Sprayer for Lawn, Garden, Pest Control

Polyte One Hand Pressure Sprayer For Lawn, Garden, Pest Control, 50 Oz / 1.5 Liter, 1 Pack orange, black

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Polyte One Hand Pressure Sprayer is a 1.5 litre /50 Oz sprayer for small-scale applications. This sprayer comes in a single pack of an orange or black container with a pressure pump on the top. It is best suited for spraying herbicides and pesticides.

We love this sprayer for its good features that rank it among the best in the market. However, there is one unique feature that makes it sell; its simple design. This sprayer features a simple design and construction that makes it relatively easy to operate. Ideally, you fill the bottle, pressurize it and then spray.

Additionally, this sprayer has a Viton gasket that improves its general performance and boosts its longevity. The sprayer comes into contact with chemicals more frequently and thus needs a gasket to promote its perseverance. With this sprayer, you are sure that you will get good value for your money as it is durable.

Further, we recommend this sprayer due to its high-performance pump. The pump is customized in such a way that you only apply less effort when generating pressure. The pressure ranges between 2-3 bar/29-43 psi, which is achieved with just a few strokes to fill up the bottle. The bottle has fill volume measurement lines on one side.

You will also like this sprayer because of its high-end nozzle system. The nozzle is adjustable to facilitate you choose between jet spray and mist spray. Additionally, the sprayer has an ergonomic handle that is well cushioned with rubber for efficiency. Further, the handle is slip-resistant to allow for a firm grip.

On the downside, this prayer is not compatible with non-water-based fluids as they lead to blockage of the nozzle. Also, the sprayer is not food safe.

Positively, this sprayer ranks among others in its level, and we endorse it for all your garden needs. It has a reliable pump, and its nozzle is adjustable and has an ergonomic handle.


  • It has an adjustable brass nozzle
  • It is best suited for spraying herbicides
  • There is a Viton gasket that boosts longevity
  • It features an ergonomic handle
  • The trigger is lockable for continuous flow


  • It is not compatible with non-water-based fluids
  • The sprayer is not food safe

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10. Polar Premium 5l Pump Action Pressure Garden sprayer

Polar Premium Pump Action Garden Sprayer - 5 Litre - Garden Pressure Spray Gun With Safety Valve - Adjustable Comfort Strap Backpack - 1.3m Hose Wand - Use With Weed Killer, Pesticides, Herbicides

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Whenever you are shopping for a pressure sprayer to kill your weed, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, permanently settle for the Polar Premium garden sprayer. The capacity of this sprayer is five litres, large enough to be used over a large area.

There are many things that we love about this sprayer. These features make it stand out amongst its competitors. The most ranked feature you will like is that it can be used with both water-based and non-water-based without clogging quickly. These include herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Also, we love the standard working pressure of this sprayer. Keeping it at a constant of 2-3 bars and easily achievable in a few strokes, the sprayer delivers excellent performance in all conditions. Additionally, this sprayer has a pressure release valve that regulates the amount of pressure in the bottle at any given time.

You will also appreciate the availability of a shoulder strap that enables you to keep the sprayer in a focused workmanship position. The strap is highly cushioned to offer excellent comfortability to your shoulders under the weight of the loaded sprayer. Further, the sprayer has a lockable trigger that facilitates continuous flow.

Further, we are hats off to the manufacturers for availing a 560mm long watering lance that enables you to reach awkward areas that are inaccessible. Additionally, the bottle is calibrated in litres and fluid ounces to help you get accurate measures when mixing your chemicals in the sprayer.

On the negative side, this sprayer does not come with a handy manual and user instruction for new users. Additionally, the spray might not serve you longer compared to other alternatives.

Generally, this is a good choice for most garden applications. It delivers excellent performance and comfort while carrying around.


  • You can use it with non-water-based fluids
  • The trigger is lockable for continuous flow of liquid
  • It has a pressure release valve for control
  • The bottle is calibrated for accuracy
  • It offers reliable performance


  • The spray doesn’t reach far
  • It doesn’t offer handy instructions

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What to consider when buying the best garden sprayer

Garden Pressure Sprayer

There are a variety of garden sprays in different styles in today’s market. Therefore, before you purchase one, you should consider the following factors first to know which meets your requirements and avoid getting confused by various options.


Movability is an important aspect of a spray, so buy one you can easily carry around your garden. Since there are three kinds of garden sprayers in the market (handheld, backpack, and wheeled), you can buy one depending on your lawn’s size.

Handheld sprayers are small in capacity and are very lightweight. On the other hand, backpack sprayers are more flexible, and you can get one that ranges from small to medium. If you have a back problem, wheeled sprayers a great option because they have mounted wheels to drag around, especially if you have a large garden

Manual or battery-powered sprayer

A spray can either be manual or self-powered with gasoline or battery, so check the details carefully before making the right decision. However, today battery powered sprayers are commonly preferred by most gardeners because they are much cleaner than gas ones and are pretty easy to use. The only disadvantage with the powered sprayers is that they are more expensive than the prayer manual sprayers.


Depending on your garden’s size, you can choose a sprayer with small, medium, or large rank capacity. However, the capacity of most garden sprayers ranges from one quart to more than four gallons. If you’re looking for a tank with lower capacity, we recommend handheld sprayers instead of wheeled and backpack options.

Sprayer nozzle

Garden sprayers come in different nozzles. If you want a lower-end model, it comes with an extra exchangeable nozzle. On the contrary, high range models include multiple nozzles so that you can change from one to another depending on your needs. Also, the nozzles have an adjustable tip made from brass, plastic, or bronze. The only difference with these tips is that the metallic lasts longer.


Another factor we think you should consider is the material of the sprayer you intend to buy. You can choose from stainless steel, polyethylene plastic, and galvanized steel, which are the most popular types. However, you should keep in mind that steel tanks are more expensive than those constructed from plastic because they are robust and durable.


Most importantly, you need to consider the pump, which is the heart of every garden sprayer unit. In fact, it is as vital as your car’s engine because it deflates the solution from the tank. Since diaphragm and piston are the most common pumps in the market, we recommend the diaphragm pump, which is more reliable.


While all the garden sprayers discussed above are unique in different ways, our top pick is the for its incredibly amazing features. This 4-gallon unit might be only 10 pounds, but it comes in handy, and you’ll undoubtedly appreciate everything it has to offer.

For instance, it has a remarkable wide opening for easier pouring without messy spillage. Also, the unit favours those with mobility issues due to its comfortable grip, with padded straps. That aside, you won’t experience nozzle clogging as the solution passes through three-stage filtration to eliminate all the dirt.

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