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10 Best Garden Shears of 2023 (UK) – Lightweight & Telescopic Hedge Shears Reviews

You might find pruning hedges quite tedious, but if gardening is more of a hobby, you’ll see fruitful results. Nothing feels good like having a beautiful garden because it increases your home’s value while making family members love spending more time outdoors.

Therefore, you wouldn’t go wrong investing in garden shears, which are essential tools to tidy up your lawn. With the proper shear, you can make light work on the twigs, bushes, and stems. To get ultimate quality, below, we’ve highlighted the 10 best garden shears. Ideally, most of these shears are made with decent steel and super sharp blades, comfortable handles, and they’re all from renowned manufacturers.


The best garden shears on UK Market 2023

1. Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Hedge Shears

Spear and Jackson 8110RS/09 Razorsharp Hedge Shears, Blue

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Spear and Jackson is a reputable brand in the gardening tools industry for over 250 years. The company has been manufacturing high-end steel hand tools for your garden shearing needs, and we believe this shear won’t disappoint you.

One of the features we find fascinating about this garden shear is its type of blade. It has a C50 carbon steel blade that is extra hardened and tempered to provide you with good service for a long time. Further, the steel is chrome-plated to prevent it from rusting and does clean cuts on the branches.

We also love the handling system of the shear. It has ergonomic design aluminium handles that offer you supreme comfort and support to your hands. Further, the handles offer an excellent firm grip, thanks to their non-slip property. It prevents the possibility of suffering accidental injuries that result from the shear slipping during work.

You might also appreciate the lightweight feature of this shear. It weighs 960 grams, light enough to allow you to work with it for long hours without feeling fatigued. Additionally, this shear’s noticeable lightweight makes it highly portable, enabling you to carry it around the garden with ease.

Moreover, we love the notched model of the shear. The structure facilitates it in cutting thicker stems that cannot be cut using other shallow shears. Also, the notched pattern allows you to trim branches located too deep within a bushy plant. You can trim the deeply located branches without damaging other useful components on the way.

However, the handles are too long and may inconvenience people with short hands. Additionally, it is unfairly kind of a struggle removing the shear from its tight packaging bag, and you might end up damaging it.

Overall, judging from the shear’s unique features, we are confident to recommend it for all your gardening needs. Thanks to its outstanding features, it is a perfect choice that is specially tailored to offer excellent service.


  • It has C50 carbon steel blades- enables it to cut tough stems
  • It is extra tough- for durability
  • Chrome plated- to resist corrosion
  • It is Lightweight- to allow long-term working
  • The handles are ergonomic – for unrivalled safety


  • It has long handles- inconveniences short people
  • Its tight packaging might damage the shear when removing

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2. TABOR TOOLS Mechanical Hedge Shears

TABOR TOOLS Mechanical Hedge Shears, Manual Hedge Clippers for Trimming Borders, Topiaries Boxwood, and Decorative Grasses (B228E Aluminum Handles, Straight Blade)

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The TABOT TOOLS Mechanical Hedge Shears are manual for trimming different plants and flowers on your gardens. The shears are perfect for cutting decorative grasses and delicate plants.

Among all other features, we love the unique construction of this hand shear. The tool has a special professional design tailored for sculpting hard-stemmed shrubs. The shear is made of a resilient aluminium material that assures its durability. Besides, with this tool, you are certain of getting the best service for a long time without making unnecessarily replacements.

The shear has excellent quality blades to provide you with effortless cuts. Its edge features superb quality carbon material and is steel hardened to ensure it does not spoil when used on tough stems. Further, the blade is chrome-plated to prevent rusting and boost the blade’s resilience.

Also, we are impressed by the handle system of this shear. It has a superb aluminium construction to ensure its durability and delivery. Further, the handle is lightweight to prevent you from feeling fatigued when using it for long. Also, the handles are sufficiently cushioned to provide extra care and comfort to your hands.

That’s not all; we also find the shock-absorbing feature of this shear quite outstanding. The tool has shock-guard bumpers that absorb jarring vibrations resulting from its operations. The absorption helps you to eliminate fatigue on your arms and shoulders, while ensuring comfortable service delivery.

However, the shear’s sharp blade poses a danger while cleaning and handling and might easily cause injuries. Also, the shear is slightly heavier than expected, thus causing inconveniences.

Apart from the slight cons, this shear is a perfect companion for your garden trimming applications. The shear has super quality features, tailored to give you an ideal service. Additionally, the sharp blade allows you to have effortless cuts.


  • Features shock-guard bumpers- absorbs jarring vibrations
  • It is lightweight- to avoid fatigue
  • Extremely sharp- for effortless cutting
  • Offers Vinyl cushion grips- for maximum comfort
  • High-grade material- for durability


  • Excessive blade sharpness poses a danger when cleaning and handling
  • Slightly heavier than expected- causes inconvenience

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3. Amtech U0700 Garden Shears Wooden Handle

Amtech U0700 Garden Shears Wooden Handle for Hedges, Shrubs, and Grass

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Amtech offers a three-year warranty on possibly every garden product that they sell. The long-term warranty denotes that the products are high-quality and will give you long term service.

When considering all the features, we are impressed by the sturdy material used in the construction of the shear. It has resilient drop forged carbon steel blades that facilitate it in offering a long term superior service. The edges are also sharp enough to enable you to use less effort when doing your cuts.

You might also like the versatility of this shear. The shear’s awesome features enable it to be applicable in various roles. You can use it for cutting and shaping tree hedges, regardless of how tough and resilient they are. Additionally, the shear is also suitable for trimming long grass, overgrown shrubs, and all kinds of flowers.

Also, we love the ergonomic handle system of this shear. It features a wooden handle made of sturdy and high-quality wood to ensure it is long-lasting. Further, the wood handle has a lacquered finish that makes the tool appear classy and appealing to the eyes. Not forgetting, the grip is comfortable enough for your hands.

Additionally, the garden tool features a unique tension adjusting feature that is rarely found in other brands. The feature enables you to adjust the blades’ tension depending on the nature of shrubs you are trimming. Weight-wise, the tool measures 680 grams, falling within the standard weight range of good garden tools.

On the negative end, the blades of the shear are not sufficiently sharp compared to other brands. The bluntness causes the use of excessive force. Also, the wooden handle splits easily when used on tough branches.

We are impressed by the appearance and performance of this shear, and we recommend it. Its tension adjusting feature allows you to personalize the blade’s tension up to your desired level.


  • The handles are made of Wishbone wood – for maximum comfort
  • Provides tension adjuster- controls blade tension
  • Comes with blade cover- protect the blade when not in use
  • Drop forged steel- for durability
  • It is versatile- applicable in various functions


  • The blades are not sufficiently sharp- demands extra effort
  • Wooden handle splits easily when used on tough stems

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4. Fiskars Solid Grass Shears

Fiskars Solid Grass Shears GS21, Soft-Touch Handle, Length 31cm, Steel Blade/Plastic Handle, Black/Orange, 1026826

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Since 1649, Fiskars has been a well-known brand for its quality and innovation on various garden and kitchen tools. Their products boast outstanding features and quality to deliver unbeatable success.

The handle system of this shear is top-notch. We love it due to its gentleness on the hands, making the tool a great choice. We appreciate the handles because they are comfortable and non-slip to offer a secure grip and prevent the tool’s slippage. Further, the ergonomic handles’ excellent comfortability facilitates you to work for long hours without fatigue.

Also, the shear has tough blades that facilitate effective cutting. The blades feature resilient steel material that prevents them from bending when used on tough surfaces. Additionally, the hard steel ensures that the edges offer you durable service. Not forgetting, the blades are coated to avoid corrosion that would cause damage.

You might also be impressed by the unique diamond file that comes with the package. The diamond file makes maintenance and cleaning of the shear an easy task. Further, you can’t be inconvenienced by blunt blades when you have the diamond file. Interestingly, you can customize the file to sharpen your shear.

We appreciate the material used to manufacture this shear. Most garden shears in the market today are made using cheap metal brands that do not last long. The Fiskars’s shear has tough, high-quality steel material that ensures it is durable and resilient. Besides, the plastic used on the handles is extra hardened to offer long-term service.

Despite the awesome features, we have downsides about this shear. First, the spring design of the garden tool is quite odd. Secondly, the blades pull apart after some rounds of usage, allowing grass to fold over and pass uncut.

On the whole, this shear does excellent work in your garden. The unique diamond file in the package makes its maintenance an easy task. Also, the sturdy steel blades offer you quality service for a longer period.


  • The blades are sturdy – for durability
  • Comes with a unique diamond file- for convenient maintenance
  • Has a durable finish- to offer a classy look
  • High-quality steel- for durability
  • Lightweight- boosts portability


  • Has odd spring designs which might cause inconvenience
  • Blades pull apart- allowing grass to fold over and pass uncut

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5. HENSITA Darlac Expert Garden Topiary Hedge Shear

Darlac Expert Garden Topiary Hedge Shear Pruner Trimmer Cutter DP1850

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The HENSITA Darlac Expert Garden Topiary Hedge Shear measures 35 by 11 by 4cm in dimension. The Darlac Company, a best-selling brand, is the brain behind this great tool and other products.

We are truly impressed by the quality of the steel material used in the manufacture of the shear. It assures the garden tool’s durability and high resilience, enabling it to fit in various gardening roles. On top of that, the shear can be used to trim soft tree branches, fruit trees, grass, flowers, shrubs and thorny bushes.

Furthermore, we find the handles of this shear quite appealing and unique. It has light handles that are very easy and comfortable on the hands. Additionally, the handles are fitted with soft rubber grips, making them an ideal choice for soft-handed people. With this shear, you are assured that blisters are kept off your hands.

You might also love the shear’s blade, which goes a long way to ensure it is outstanding. The shear features SK5 carbon steel blades that are highly rigid to last long, even when used on extremely tough branches. Not to mention, you can sharpen or replace the blades at your convenience whenever you feel like it.

Also, we appreciate the shear because you can use it with a single hand. The feature makes it a perfect choice for the disabled or people who have injuries on one hand. Further, the shear gives an ultra-smooth cutting action that is rare in topiary shears. Also, the tool leaves a clean cut on every branch it trims.

However, this shear is not suitable for thick and tough branches as the blades may twist or bend easily. Also, the garden tool is pretty costly and may not be affordable to everyone.

Despite the challenges, this shear is an ideal tool for your trimming needs in the garden. The SK5 blades in the tool make it a perfect fit for different applications. Further, its model enables you to use it with a single hand.


  • Usable single-handed- for convenience
  • It is lightweight- allows portability
  • It leaves an extra smooth cutting action- offering a classy experience
  • SK5 carbon steel blades- for durability
  • Soft rubber grip handles- to provide comfort


  • Not suitable for thick branches- blades easily twist
  • Costly- not easily affordable

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6. Davaon Pro Garden Shears

Classic Hedge Shears for Gardening - Classic Garden Shears with Handles, Anti-Slip Grip and Premium Rust-Resistant Steel, Best Gardening Tool for Hedges, Shrubs and Bushes, Davaon Pro

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The Davaon Pro Garden Shears are specially tailored for cutting edges. Their unique style and construction make them perfect edge cutters. So, you will definitely get the value for your money.

We find the features of the garden shear quite interesting and outstanding. To begin with, you might be impressed by the firm adjustable grip of the shear. The grip fits your hands perfectly according to your customization, thanks to the flexible grip.

The shear features SK5 carbon steel blades that are excellently sharpened to facilitate an effortless cut on all surfaces. Further, the edges are well hardened, enabling them to offer you service for an extended period. Additionally, the blades are coated with a non-stick sap groove that also reduces friction, while delivering a clean cut.

Further, we are pleased with the simple yet great handle system of this garden tool. It features ergonomic handles that are long-lasting and comfortable. Also, the handles are reinforced with shock-absorbing pads that eliminate the risk of repetitive hand injuries and eliminates fatigue during work.

The garden shear comes equipped with a handy wire cutting notch, making it versatile for various applications. The tool cuts through up to a max depth of 20mm with less effort. The tool works perfectly on edges, though it can also apply to other garden trimming needs. It is perfectly suitable for pruning flowers, plants and all types of hedges.

However, the handles are relatively short and cause inconveniences to tall people. Also, the blades get limited quickly by a 1cm branch diameter, requiring more effort.

All in all, this garden shear is a must-have tool for any serious gardener keen on keeping all their edges neat. The shear’s numerous awesome properties make it an ideal choice for anyone.


  • It reduces effort by 40%- for effortless cuts
  • Angled handles- ideal for hedges
  • Heat-treated blades- to offer long-lasting service
  • It is made from aluminium material- for durability
  • It is lightweight- for ease of carrying around


  • Its short handles might inconvenience tall people
  • The blades are quite limiting, hence demanding more effort

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7. Hortem Hedge Shears

Hortem Professional Hedge Clippers, Manual Hedge Trimmer for Bushes and Fences

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Hortem specializes in the production of gardening tools of the ancient industry and trade integration. Therefore, it gives you the confidence of satisfaction since their mission is to bring joy to every customer.

We highly appreciate that the safety lock available in this shear allows you to store it when not in use safely. The hand-controlled locks close the blades together such that they can’t separate unless the locking knob is released. So, the blade locking system gives you peace of mind when using the tool in a place where there are children.

Further, the garden shear includes protective hand gloves in their package to make it stand out. The gloves are heavy duty and made of nylon fabric with nitrile coating for maximum protection of your hands. Moreover, they work to prevent small cuts, splinters and abrasions. Interestingly, the garden gloves are breathable to keep you warm all day.

You might also be impressed by the clean-cut left by the blade on every trim, thanks to the coating on the edge. The clean-cut helps the flower’s health as it does not get affected by the metal components. Further, the shear has sharp and wavy blades that make smooth and presentable cuts, holding the twigs from slipping away.

Also, the ability of the blades to be adjusted freely makes this shear likeable. The garden tool has blades whose tension can be hand-adjusted according to your preference. So, the adjustability enables you to customize your trimming experience, making it more fun than work. No matter how thin or thick the branch is, you will get custom tension.

On the negative side, the blades’ extreme sharpness poses a threat to your hands’ safety when handling the tool. Also, the shear is quite costly and thus not affordable to every random gardener.

Overall, this shear is a perfect tool for trimming flowers, fruit trees and shrubs in your garden. The fully adjustable feature of the blades makes it a unique and good tool for various applications.


  • Sharp wavy blades- for a smooth cut
  • It is made of forged carbon steel- for durability
  • Heavy-duty gloves- offer hand protection
  • Adjustable blade tension- allows customized cuts
  • Safety lock- for safe storage


  • It is relatively expensive- not affordable to everyone
  • Extreme sharpness- threatens hand security when handling

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8. FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Telescopic Hedge Shears

FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Telescopic Hedge Shears - Professional Garden Hedge Clippers Aluminum Handle Gardening Shears

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The FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Telescopic Hedge Shears has a high carbon steel construction that makes it sturdy and highly durable. The shear measures 67cm by 88cm in total dimension and we believe you’ll appreciate that.

To begin with, we find the unique construction of this shear pretty appealing. It has high-carbon steel material that makes it appear special. The SK-5 Japanese steel is pretty hardened to enable the tool to last for long.  Further, the blades are extra sharpened to allow the garden tool to be usable in diversified functions.

Further, the shear is coated with TEFLON coating to enable it last longer. In many cases, the shrubs and tree branches getting trimmed are wet, which could lead to oxidation. So, the TEFLON coating comes in handy to prevent rusting. Also, the coating ensures the shear leaves a clean cut.

You might be eager to know how the blades achieve their sturdiness; seek the information no further. The blades undergo two heat treatment procedures to madly them, lowering chances of fractures and bends. Additionally, the consistent heat treatment procedures make the edges sharper, enabling effortless cuts.

Also, we find the high-quality handles of the shear quite lovable. The garden tool features aluminum alloy handles that are extendable. The extendable handle feature is a rare finding in most shears in its level. Additionally, the handles offer a soft non-slip grip for ultimate comfort and protection to your hands.

On the downside, this shear is not suitable for thick twigs as the blades may twist or bend under too much pressure. Also, the garden tool is only available in limited colour choices.

On our judgement, we find this garden tool pretty amazing and fit for your garden trimming and pruning needs. The aluminium alloy handles make your garden work experience more enjoyable.


  • SK-5 Japanese blades- for durability
  • TEFLON coating- resists rust
  • Wavy blade edges- grips branches firmly
  • Two heat treatment- for durability
  • Extendable alloy handles- to reach far branches


  • Not ideal for thick twigs- blades may bend
  • Limited colour choice- inconveniences some people

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9. BERGER Hedge Shear Comfort 4590 with Serrated Blade

BERGER Hedge Shear Comfort 4590 with Serrated Blade Professional Tool Made of high-Grade Steel Length 54 cm

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The BERGER Hedge Shear Comfort 4590 with serrated blade features high-performance steel and wood beech handles. The manufacturer is located in Germany, and it is famous for its superb quality products.

The shear is made of extra hardened high-grade steel material. The resilient, tough material enables its long term durability. Also, the hardening makes the blades sharp and tough to allow the shear to tackle hard stems. It is suitable for trimming bushes, shrubs and hedges. Overall, the shear is long enough to reach far twigs.
Also, you might be attracted to this shear by the quality coating done on its blades. The garden tool has a matt chrome coating plated on the edges to facilitate a clean cut on each application. Additionally, the shear has special corrosion protection that repels rusting on the blade, keeping it sharp for a longer period.

We also love the quality blade featured by the garden tool. It has a unique serrated blade that provides a firm grip on the branch being trimmed. The grip ensures that the branches and twigs do not slip while being cut. Further, the garden tool has two sap grooves for self-cleaning and non-stick cutting experience.

You might further be impressed by the handle system of this garden tool. The shear features high-quality beech wood handles that are sturdy enough to last long. Additionally, the handles have an integrated light damper feel on your hands to offer max comfort. The handles are also wrist-friendly, enabling you to work without fatigue.

However, this shear faces slight challenges that inconvenience its users. First, there limited colour choices to pick from. Also, the garden tool is insanely expensive. Although you get equal value for your money, it is not easily affordable.

The cost and the limited colour choice should not be a turnoff to you. Overall, the pros exceed the cons, making the shear a good choice for your garden trimming experience. It will serve you longer, thanks to its sturdy construction.


  • Serrated blades- ensures no slippage
  • It has beech wood handles- for comfort
  • Two sap grooves- allows self-cleaning
  • Matt chrome plating- keeps the blades sharp
  • High-grade steel- for durability


  • Limited colour choice- inconveniences some people
  • Odd price- not affordable to everyone

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10. Kent & Stowe Garden Life Hedge Shears (Our Top Pick)

Kent & Stowe 70100785 Garden Life Hedge Shears, Cranberry, Single

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Kent & Stowe produces high-quality garden tools that are well balanced and proportioned, and that’s why it is well-known. All their garden tools are 40% lighter than their version of full-size tools.

One of the things you will appreciate how perfectly the shear is weighted, balanced and proportioned to deliver the best service. It has a compact design and is extremely lightweight, enabling its easy usage, and that’s why it is ideal for ladies and low-aged gardeners.

The garden tool has superior-quality blades that are durable and super sharp. Besides, these blades feature high-quality carbon steel, precision-filled and hardened to facilitate the edges in offering service for a long period. Also, the blades are covered with a non-stick coat to prevent corrosion and sticking of tree fluids.

Further, we find the double shock absorbers on the shear quite impressive. It has black shock absorbers on the handle on each side that absorb impact from the garden work. The shock absorbers eliminate strain on the hands to reduce the risk of injury. Further, the handles have a soft touch and non-slip feature for a firm grip.

You might be pleased with the versatility of this shear. Combining the great features of this garden tool makes it versatile enough to be used in different applications. It has a 5mm cutting diameter, making it ideal for tackling sturdy twigs with an extra effort. It is suitable for shaping hedges and cutting shrubs.

Despite it being a darling to us, we hold some reservations against it. First, the tool struggles to maintain its sharpness and may run blunt after the first use. Also, it has a limited cutting diameter that makes it unsuitable for thick twigs.

Overall, the shear is a superb companion to your garden needs. It is ideal for cutting and shaping hedges and shrubs, thanks to its compact design and lightweight feature. The non-stick steel blades will serve you longer.


  • The blades are – for effortless cutting
  • Non-stick coating- allows self-cleaning
  • Has a compact design- boosts portability
  • Provides five years guarantee- assures quality
  • Ideal for cutting and shaping hedges


  • The tool struggles in maintaining its sharpness
  • Has a limited cutting diameter- makes it unsuitable for thick twigs

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What to consider when buying the best garden shears

Hedge Shears

Since garden shears come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices, your choice may not be the same as your neighbour’s. Hence, before you buy the right tool for you, here are a few factors you need to consider:

Cutting blades

We would highly recommend you go for shears with shorter blades (let’s say 6-inch) and short handles if you intend to do more of the up-close wok. However, if you’ll be doing bigger jobs like cutting extensive privet hedges, shears with longer blades (9-12 inches) and long handles are the ideal choice.

Weight and size

The weight of your tools is crucial, especially if you’ll be garden tasks more often. For instance, hedge trimming can be tedious when using heavy shears. Therefore, to avoid fatigue, choose shears depending on your upper body strength. With this in mind, fibreglass and aluminium handles, wood, and steel handled shears tend to be heavier.

Cutting mechanism

With geared technology shears, you’ll be able to cut larger branches with a little bit of effort. However, this feature is only helpful, depending on how you use your tool. For instance, you might not need this extra power to trim your shrubs regularly since its new soft growth.

Ease of use

Since you definitely don’t want any injury on your arms, consider looking for cushioned handles grips with shock-absorbing bumpers. So, check the details of the shears you want to buy because some indicate that they’ve easy scissor-like action, and others require more effort to operate.


After going through the garden shears’ features carefully, we can gladly say they are all good choices. Some are best for trimming thick bushes and shallow twigs, while others perform their best in trimming hedges. Generally, all the tools compete at various levels.

However, the Kent & Stowe Garden Life Hedge Shears outshines all the rest in various ways. We choose this shear as the winner, thanks to the non-stick coating that allows it to offer a clean cut. Further, the blades boast a sturdy carbon steel material construction. Additionally, the manufacturer gives you a five-year return guarantee.

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