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10 Best Garden Secateurs of 2023 (UK) – Ratchet & Bypass Secateur Reviews

A gardening kit is only complete with the best secateurs. In fact, every gardener knows that secateurs are essential garden tools to tidy up the lawn. While you can use tools like shears for trimming the hedges, a secateurs is very simple. It is a hand-held tool built to help you do dead-heading, pruning, harvesting fruits, and cutting back perennials.

But with the wide range of secateurs available in the market, you might get confused when purchasing. And that’s why we’ve reviewed the 10 best garden secateurs to help you make an informed decision, as well as buy one that fits your budget.


The best garden secateurs on UK Market 2023

1. JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Professional Trimmer

JEOutdoors Pruning Shears, Professional High Carbon Alloy Steel Sharp Blade Bypass Hand Pruner, Tree Trimmer, Garden Shears - JO0001

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The superb features of the JEOutdoors ZEM Pruning Professional Trimmer make it uniquely outstanding. It boasts a professional high carbon alloy steel sharp blade, enabling it to fit in diversified applications.

The blade structure and high-quality material used in its manufacture motivate us to like the trimmer. The blade is sharp, hard, and lasts long, thanks to the heat-treated and SK5 carbon steel metal used to make it. Also, it boasts an ultra-fine finishing technology that enables it to leave a clean cut on the stem.

Additionally, we are impressed by the lightweight property of the trimmer. The non-bulkiness allows you to use the trimmer for quite a long time without feeling fatigued. Further, you might like that the trimmer is an ideal choice for use in thicker and woody branches. It measures 283g, perfect for all-day pruning.

Also, the trimmer has a sturdy premium spring to ensure maximum convenience. The spring boasts rigid material to offer you high-quality service for an extended period. Further, it boasts an automatic design to save you the hustle of returning it to default manually after every prune. With this, you have assured convenience.

The ergonomic handles of the trimmer might halt the search for your garden secateurs. It features a high-quality non-slip handle with an ergonomic shape that rests excellently on your palms. The handle also offers a soft-hand feel that facilitates you to work comfortably for an extended duration. Additionally, it has a safety lock mouth that opens conveniently.

Despite the fantastic specs, we have reservations that we find not appealing with the trimmer. First, it lacks a rubber grip on the handle for shock absorption. Also, the handle slips on highly soft hands, causing inconvenience.

Safe from the slight reservations, the trimmer is a fantastic companion for garden trimming needs. The sturdy and sharp blade allows you to use it on stems without causing alarm of possible damage.


  • Lightweight- eliminates fatigue
  • Sharp blade- ideal for all types of branches
  • Bonus spring- makes it trustworthy
  • Ergonomic handle- for a soft grip
  • Ultra-fine finishing- to leave a clean cut on the stem


  • No rubber on the handle-less shock absorption
  • Slippage on soft hands- causes inconvenience

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2. BERGER Aluminium 1104 with Exchangeable Blades Garden Secateurs

BERGER hand shears aluminum small 1104 with exchangeable blades garden shear for small hands

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BERGER is a veteran brand in Germany known for its manufacture of a series of high-quality hand shears. The aluminium 1104 with exchangeable blades is no exception as it boasts high-end features.

One of the main features that we find excellently amazing is the handling system of the secateurs. It boasts a lightweight handle made of robust and forged aluminium material. The handle allows efficient working, guaranteeing your hands 100% safety. The handle absorbs shock to prevent your hands from suffering injuries during work.

You might also love the excellent performance of the tool. The secateurs offers superb cutting results, thanks to a unique hollow grinding technique that enables good grinding. Further, the tool has a natural hand movement support enabled by the angled cutting head and ergonomically shaped handles.

Further, we love the tool for its simple design and construction. The oil reservoir is easily accessible to enable you to access it and top up the oil without necessarily disassembling it wholly. Also, the blade and hook are easily exchangeable for your convenience. The blades do not require any particular skill to replace.

You might be impressed by the optimized physical effort feature of this garden secateurs. It features an integrated damper that eliminates fatigue on your hands during the pruning activity. Further, the damper enables a wrist-friendly experience. Also, the blade leaves a clean cut on the branches, thanks to the self-cleaning sap groove.

The garden secateurs’ PVC glued poorly on the downside, and it comes off quickly after a short usage period. Also, the tool is pretty costly and thus not easily affordable to everyone.

Our judgment on this tool is that it offers excellent results and gives you back the value for your money. The handles are ergonomic and awesomely lightweight to provide you with an easy time when pruning.


  • Good grip- to offer comfort
  • Ideal fit for little hands- for convenience
  • Forged aluminium material- for durability
  • Exchangeable blade- offering the best service
  • Ergonomic cutting head- to tackle even the stiff stems


  • PVC poorly glued- comes out quickly
  • Costly- not affordable to everyone

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3. FLORA GUARD Stainless Steel Pruning Secateurs

FLORA GUARD Micro-Tip Pruning Snip, 6.5 Inch Secateurs with Soft-Touch Handle, Pruning Shears, Stainless Steel (Orange)

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The FLORA GUARD Stainless Steel Pruning Secateurs is an excellently safe tool you can use on all your garden applications. It features a safety lock that allows you to lock the secateurs when not in use.

You might be pleased by the material used in the construction of this garden pruning secateurs. It boasts a professional build design, made utilizing a stainless steel material that meets the highest standards. This excellent design enables the tool to offer you unbeatable precision in every cut. It is suitable for cutting light branches and stems.

We also love the finishing of the pruning secateurs. The tool features a polished coating finish that ensures the tool’s sharpness lasts long to facilitate effortless cuts. Further, the excellent coating finish offers an anti-rush oxidation effect and water resistance to ensure the tool provides the best service.

The handling system of this garden secateurs is another unique feature that makes it likable. The handle offers an excellent grip, thanks to the sturdy zinc alloy material used to make it. Also, the handle boasts a black paint finish that makes it awesomely appealing to the eyes. It is easy to hold and durable.

Further, we are impressed by the make and design of the pruning secateurs. It boasts an ergonomic-friendly design that facilitates both left and right-hand use. Also, the anti-slip feature and extra cushioning of the ergonomic handle make it a good choice anytime. With these secateurs, you don’t need to apply a lot of effort for your cuts.

Despite the excellent features discussed above, we have reservations about this tool. First, the plastic on the tool is not well finished and might start disassembling easily. Also, the loose catch on the secateurs limits the whole opening of the jaws.

All in all, this is a perfect tool for all your gardening needs. You will the best shock absorption experience, thanks to the highly cushioned zinc alloy handle. The stainless steel material ensures long-lasting service.


  • Stainless steel material- for durability
  • Polished coating- for long-lasting sharpness
  • Water-resistant- to prevent rusting
  • Anti-rush oxidation effect- allows durability
  • Zinc alloy handle-to offer incredible service


  • Loose catch- limits whole jaw opening
  • Plastic not well finished- comes off easily

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4. JSDing Pruning Secateurs

JSDing Pruning Shears Tree Trimmers Secateurs Hand Pruner Stainless Steel Blades Professional Garden Clippers Bypass with SK-5 Steel Blade and Locking Mechanism for Branches Stems and Flowers

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The JSDing pruning secateurs feature a lockable construction. It enables you to lock the tool when not in use, averting the possibility of injuries. The blade is manufactured in Japan by the JSDing Company.

We love the high-quality blade present in the secateurs. The tool boasts a Japanese SK-5 steel blade, excellently sharpened to offer you an effortless cutting experience. The blade is awesomely durable, so you don’t have to do make replacements every other month. Also, it comes fully hardened to stay sharp in heavy usage.

You might also be impressed by the low friction PVC coat finishing of the blade that facilitates it to slide through wood quickly. Additionally, the coating enables the blade to offer a clean-cut, preventing it from sticking with juices and dirt from the cuts. Further, the coating facilitates the blade in resisting rust to ensure durability.

Another feature that makes us recommend the pruning secateurs is its handle. The tool features an ergonomic aluminium handle coated with a double-layer non-slip PVC to prevent it from rusting. Further, the handle offers incredible excellent comfort and shock absorption to the hand, eradicating the possibility of suffering injuries.

Also, the secateurs boasts a sturdy, high-quality spring made of steel material. The robust steel construction of the spring facilitates it in resisting breakage and deformation. Additionally, the tool boasts a one-hand safety lock that ensures maximum safety. It is suitable for pruning trees, roses, plants, and shrubs.

On the negative end, the secateurs’ safety lock breaks easily, and thus it does not offer durable service. Also, the spring is relatively weak and opens unexpectedly, posing a danger.

Despite the slight inconveniences, the secateurs is an excellent tool for your garden pruning. It is suitable for pruning roses, shrubs, plants, and roses, thanks to its sturdy and sharp cutting blade.


  • SK-5 sharp steel blade- for durability
  • PVC coat- to prevent rusting
  • Ergonomic handle- for safe handling
  • Lightweight- to prevent fatigue
  • High-quality spring- for convenience


  • Lock breaks easily- causing inconvenience
  • Weak spring- may open unexpectedly, exposing you to danger

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5. HAZKO Multifunction Garden secateurs

Pruning Shears Tree Trimmers Multifunction Garden Secateurs - Cutting Tool Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Clipper for Branches Stems, Potted Plants and Flowers - Hand Pruner Trimming Scissors with Lock

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The Hazko Multifunction Garden Secateurs boasts a scientific and humanized design made with environmental-friendly material. The construction conforms to excellent human engineering techniques.

We are impressed by the blade design of this garden secateurs. It features long straight blades that facilitate reaching stems that are hidden deep inside large bundles. The long blade enables you to single out and prune deep located branches without damaging other branches in the process.

Still, on the blades, we are genuinely satisfied with their sharpness and rigidness. The garden secateurs come with a set of two unique blades that suit a variety of pruning tasks. The blades allow you to choose the blade that best conforms to your pruning needs. Changing the blades is such an effortless task, thanks to the tool’s simple construction.

You might be impressed by the anti-slip ergonomic handles featured in the garden secateurs. The handles offer you sufficient comfort and safety when doing your pruning work. Additionally, the handles’ anti-slip feature ensures a soft and firm grip to prevent the tool from slipping from your hands and causing injuries.

Further, the garden secateurs boasts a user-friendly safety lock that allows you to keep the blades locked together when not in use. The secure locking facilitates the blades in maintaining their sharpness. Further, the locking system enables you to eliminate accidental injuries and especially to children. Interestingly, the lock is firm enough to prevent it from locking accidentally.

Apart from the good features highlighted, there are others we find odd about the secateurs. First, the screw fixation loosens after several rounds of usage, causing inconvenience. Also, it is expensive and not easily affordable.

Besides the slight challenges, the pruning secateurs’ great features make it a perfect companion for your gardening needs. Its long blades make it unique and suitable for your all-year-round service.


  • Rust-resistant- to offer durable service
  • Stainless steel material- for durability
  • Firm safety lock- to avert injuries
  • Sturdy closing mechanism- for convenience
  • Long straight blades- allows pruning of deep-located branches


  • Loose screw fixation- causes inconvenience
  • Costly- not easily affordable

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6. Relaxdays Garden Sharp Secateurs

Relaxdays Garden Shears, Sharp Secateurs, for Roses,Fruit Trees, Twigs and Flowers, Pruner Steel, 23 cm, Green/Grey

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The Relaxdays garden sharp secateurs are versatile enough and can be used on trees, roses, twigs, and flowers. The tool features a super-rigid material that and is available in a choice of green and grey.

We love the versatility of this garden secateurs. The tool is compatible with both right and left-hand use, so you don’t have to be bothered by your active hand side. The tool’s diversity enables you to use it conveniently for pruning flowers, fruit trees, and bushes. The tool is excellently convenient.

For easy handling, the handle is made durable and non-slip. It facilitates a firm grip and prevents the tool from slipping when working. The slippage of the tool might cause injuries due to sharp blades, thus the need for excellent grip. The handle features sturdy plastic material with an integrated spring for easy handling.

Further, the rippled sharp blade of the secateurs might impress you. The blade boasts stainless steel material to enable it to offer service for a long time. Additionally, the blade comes sufficiently sharpened to allow it to slide through the stems and branches effortlessly. The ripple feature of the blade facilitates firm gripping to prevent slippage.

We are also impressed by the material used to manufacture the secateurs. It boasts a heat-treated carbon steel plastic material that enables it to offer you classic service for a long time. Further, the tool is coated with an anti-adhesive coating to prevent corrosion and rust, thus assuring you unbeatable durability.

On the downside, the secateurs do not offer you a wide colour choice to pick from. Also, the tool is not ideal for people with big hands, as the handle feels too tiny when held under big hands.

Overall, this secateurs is a convenient choice for your garden pruning. It has excellent features that put it above the rest. It is highly versatile to enable you to use it for pruning bushes, flowers, and trees.


  • Easy usage- allows convenience
  • Versatile- can be used on different applications
  • Non-slip grip- ensures a firm hold
  • Anti-adhesive coating- prevents rusting
  • Heat-treated carbon steel- for durability


  • Limited colour choice- might cause inconvenience to colour-specific people
  • Not ideal for people with big hands

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7. Eono 8.5 Inch Traditional Bypass Pruning Tree Trimmers Secateurs

Amazon Brand – Eono 8.5 Inch Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears,Tree Trimmers Secateurs,Garden Pruners,Pruners and Clippers,Professional Tree and Branch Garden Shears

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EONO Essentials is a lifestyle brand that delights in manufacturing a wide array of cutting-edge tech cutters. The company’s mission is to offer innovative products and outstanding value for your money.

One of the remarkable features that make us fall in love with this trimmer is the construction material. It features a high-quality SK-5 carbon steel material that is awesomely resilient and durable. When using the secateurs on intricate branches and stems, you don’t have to worry about the blade bending or damaging.

You might also be impressed by the anti-corrosive coating on the trimmer. The polished coating facilitates the durable sharpness of the blades to ensure effortless cutting always. The coating further enables anti-rush oxidation, thus eliminating the risk of corrosion and rusting to offer long-lasting service. It also aids in the water-resistance feature of the trimmer.

Further, the secateurs boasts a perfectly thoughtful construction design that makes it appear calm and composed. The handles feature an ergonomic design that is comfortable and resistant to slippage. Additionally, there is a safety lock that keeps the blades safely locked together to eliminate the possibility of accidental cuts.

The trimmer has an invincible spring design that makes it appear classy and concise. The spring is sturdy and automatic, saving you the hustle of returning it to manual after every cut for a convenient experience. The trimmer is ideal for cutting light branches, tree stems, shrubs, bushes, and hedges, thanks to the sturdy spring and sharp blades.

However, the tool has some disadvantages. First, the cutting edges squeeze apart when positioned at certain angles. Also, the blades are not resilient enough to withstand extra tough stems and branches.

Having said all that, we appreciate and rank this trimmer on a high level, thanks to its outstanding features. The ergonomic handle goes a long way in ensuring that you get an unrivalled soft experience.


  • High carbon steel- for durability
  • Anti-corrosive coating- to prevent rusting
  • Invisible sturdy spring- complements the design
  • Ergonomic handles- offer comfort
  • Safety lock- prevents injury


  • Blades are not sturdy enough- can’t withstand extra tough braches
  • Edges bend on certain angles- causing inconvenience

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8. GARDENA Garden Secateurs

Gardena 08857-20 Garden Secateurs - Blue/Black

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Over the past 45 years, serious gardeners have trusted the Gardena brand gardening tools for their high-end quality. The brand boasts good quality tools that ensure you get unbeatable quality for a long time.

You might appreciate the handling system of the secateurs. The tool has two ergonomically-shaped handles for maximum hand safety. Further, the handles are reinforced with fiberglass to ensure that you make the best out of them. For added comfort, the handles have additional soft components to assure you the best comfort.

We also find the unique cutting feature of the secateurs very appealing. The tool boasts a unique bypass cutting principle that makes it highly versatile. The tool is suitable for all types of branches, stems, twigs, and flowers. Further, the secateurs have a non-stick coating on the blades to leave a clean cut on every application.

Further, the gardening tool comes equipped with a single hand safety lock. The lock allows you to lock the blades conveniently together when not used to eliminate the possibility of causing accidental harm. Also, the lock helps keep the blades intact and in good shape as children cannot manage to unlock the tool and damage it.

Also, we love the gardening tool because of its lightweight feature. The garden secateurs measures 190g, light enough to be used by anybody. The lightweight allows you to work for long hours in the garden without having to rest necessarily. Further, the lightweight feature boosts the portability of the tool for convenience.

On the downside, this garden secateurs is pretty costly and not easily affordable to all gardeners. Also, the tool develops loose screws when after some rounds of usage, causing inconvenience.

We recommend this garden secateurs; after all, cons are a regular thing in any product. The tool will serve you diligently, thanks to its superb features. The bypass cutting principle makes it a unique choice.


  • Bypass cutting principle- ensures precise cuts
  • Optimal ergonomic handles- for comfort
  • Incorporated soft component- for non-slip grip
  • Safety lock- to ensure its safe when storing
  • Non-stick coating- facilitates clean cuts


  • Costly- not easily affordable
  • Develops loose screws after several rounds of usage

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9. Hortem Stainless Straight Secateurs for Gardening (Our Top Pick)

Hortem Secateurs Set- Garden Pruning Shears Set include Bypass Pruner, Flower Pruning Scissors for Branches, Flowers, Rose, Bonsai and Extra Garden Glove

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Hortem Stainless Straight Secateurs for Gardening is a set of 5-pack pruning tool that is ideal for all your garden trimming needs. The tool is perfect for flowers, roses, and soft fruit trees.

We appreciate the material used in the construction of this garden pruning tool. The secateurs boasts a high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel material. The material is sturdy and resilient enough, enabling the tool to provide you good service for a long time. The tool is suitable for cutting overgrown branches in the garden.

We are further impressed by the professional blade system of the gardening secateurs. It features two superior pruner snip blades made from excellently sharp stainless steel. The sharpness of the blades enables them to cut through rigid stems and branches effortlessly. It also saves you the hustle of using much effort.

Also, you might be impressed by the handling structure of the gardening tool. It features an ergonomic handle design specially made to reduce strain on your hands. The handle is non-slip to ensure the tool doesn’t easily slip off the hands while in action. Further, the handle has a rubber-coated cover to provide maximum comfort.

The garden secateurs makes a cut above the rest with one particular feature that might impress you. Interestingly, the package includes two pairs of garden gloves to seal the safety of your hands further. The gloves are nylon fabric-made and have a nitrile coating to offer protection against abrasions and splinters.

However, the package’s gloves are relatively small and do not fit people with big hands. Also, the safety lock is quite hard to lock and open, causing inconveniences to the user.

At the end of the day, we recommend the gardening tool for all your garden trimming needs. The tool is versatile enough to be used in different applications in the garden. Further, the safety gloves ensure maximum protection to the hands.


  • Chrome-plated steel- for durability
  • Open-spring action- reduces fatigue
  • Professional pruner blades- for effortless cutting
  • Heavy-duty gloves- for safety
  • Ergonomic gloves- maximum convenience


  • Small gloves- not ideal for big-handed people
  • Hard to lock and open safety lock- causing inconvenience

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10. VEVLU Professional Sharp Secateurs

VEVLU Secateurs, Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears Scissors with Built-in Springs, Tree Trimmers Secateurs, Hand Pruner, Garden Shears, Garden Clippers – Silver

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VEVLU is an internationally recognized gardening tools master brand. The brand is well-known for providing optimally-priced gardening tools without compromising the quality of the products.

Thanks to its spring system, we love this gardening secateurs for availing an effortless cutting experience under any condition. The tool features a built-in spring mechanism that enables you to quick cuts easily while under different conditions. The springs save you the hustle of applying too much effort when working.

Also, we are genunely hats off to VEVLU Company for integrating high-quality blades in this gardening tool. The secateurs features SK-5 carbon steel blades that are noticeably very sharp and resilient enough to last ages. The blades enable you to use the tool on all types of twigs, stems, bushes, and branches without bending or twisting.

Further, you might be impressed by the structure and model of the handles. The secateurs boasts an ergonomic design handling system to offer unrivalled comfort to your hands. The handles come frosted for maximum durability. Further, they feature an anti-slip property that facilitates firm gripping on your hands to avert possible slippage and consequent injury.

The material used in the construction of the gardening is another feature that makes this tool loveable. The secateurs boasts CRV alloy steel material sturdy and resilient enough to ensure that the tool offers you service for long. Additionally, the tool is PTFE coated to prevent corrosion and facilitate the blade in leaving a clean cut in every application.

Despite the great features of the gardening tool, we find some issues about it rather odd. First, the blade loses its sharp edge relatively quickly after several rounds of usage. Further, the secateurs is not ratcheting.

Safe for the slight inconveniences, this garden tool is an ideal companion for all your garden applications. The CRV steel alloy material used in its manufacture is resilient and sturdy to ensure that it is durable.


  • Sharp blade- ensures effortless cutting
  • Built-in springs- enables quick cutting
  • Frosted handles- for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight- to reduce fatigue
  • CRV alloy steel- for durability


  • The blade loses its sharp edge quickly- causing inconvenience
  • The secateurs is not ratcheting

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What to consider when buying the best garden secateurs

Ratchet & Bypass Secateur

Before diving right into purchasing a secateurs, you might want to consider the following factors first, as they are pretty essential.


If you’re about to work all day long in your garden, a light secateurs will do you well without getting tired. So, you need to balance its weight and the ability to cut through wood and thick stems. We think a secateurs that is designed with grams between 190 and 250 can do a great job.

Cutting diameter

Here we’re talking about the measurement of the thickest branch or stem the secateurs can cut. The wider the stem, the higher the diameter measurement. To avoid any damages when forcing a secateurs to prune a branch thicker than its diameter, look for the proper measures.


Secateurs must have locks to ensure safety when you’re not using it. So, we would recommend one with at least two safety locks, which will provide you with extra security. One lock will limit the opening of the blades, and the other one keeps the secateurs closed.

Handle coating

Ensure to check secateurs handles because they are made from different materials, including tactile rubber, memory foam, ergonomic plastic, and silicone. If you’re into elegancy, you’ll undoubtedly love a colourful handle. We insist on handling coating because some designs are wholly made from metal, making it uncomfortable to hold the handle, especially during cold weather.


Having analysed all the products above, we are glad to mention that they are great companions for your pruning needs. Each gardening tool is unique in its own way. However, we choose the Hortem Stainless Straight Secateurs for Gardening as the overall winner. The secateurs outshines the rest in many ways.

First, it is the only brand that includes safety gardening gloves in its package, making it unique. Also, the tool features high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel material that ensures its durability even under harsh usage. Despite the gloves being small, the positive features of the secateurs make it a perfect choice.

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