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7 Best Lawn Rollers of 2023 (UK) – Water Filled Garden Roller Reviews

For many of us, a beautifully striped lawn is our idea of garden perfection! And if you want one of those, you’ll need a lawn roller.

If you’re wondering which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to review seven of the best lawn rollers on offer. We’ll tell you what makes them great, and we’ll share their drawbacks too. And to help you match the roller to your garden, we’ve included a handy buying guide.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some lawn rollers!


The Best lawn roller on UK Market 2023

1. MaxxGarden Lawn Roller

Garden Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Manual Push Rolling Drum, Water or Sand Filled, 60 cm width, diameter 33 cm, 60L filling volume, Green

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This lawn roller from MazzGarden is the least expensive option on our list. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance.

The roller is made of an unspecified metal and is a generous 60 centimetres wide and 32 centimetres in diameter. That gives the hollow cylinder a capacity of 48 litres. You’ll be able to fill it with plenty of water or sand to increase the weight and give your lawn a beautiful finish.

To do that, there’s an opening in the side. It is, however, rather small for sand. If that’s what you prefer to use, take your time to avoid making a mess. Once you’ve filled it up, it’s fully lockable to prevent spills. Completely full of water, it weighs a hefty 60 kilograms. It’s even heavier with sand.

The frame is made of steel, so it’s strong enough to carry the weight. And it will keep the roller well balanced as it moves. The handle stands 110 centimetres high, so the bar will be comfortable to hold and push for most gardeners.

Note that you will need to mount the roller to the frame before the first use. Depending on your language skills, that may take some trial and error, as the instructions aren’t in English.

And we’ve heard of some issues with getting the frame positioned correctly. That can mean the bar that’s designed to keep the cylinder clear of mud or debris doesn’t scrape in a straight line. It’s not the end of the world, but it does mean the performance isn’t always top drawer.

But if you’re looking for an economical purchase that will do the job, this fits the bill. And at this price, the MaxxGarden offers solid value for money.


  • Generous 60-centimetre working width
  • Weighs 60 kilograms when filled with water
  • Solid steel frame to keep the ballast evenly balanced


  • Some assembly is required, and the instructions aren’t in English
  • The hole in the cylinder is a little small to easily add sand without spills.

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2. Coopers of Stortford Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder

Coopers of Stortford Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder - The Richmond

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The Coopers of Stortford roller is 60 per cent more expensive than the one from MaxxGarden. So what do you get for that extra investment?

Well, the construction of the cylinder is high quality. It’s made of steel and finished in enamel. That means it’s both strong and won’t damage the turf you’re rolling.

A scraper bar removes debris as you work, ensuring the surface of the cylinder remains smooth and clean. Note, though, that if you’re moving over uneven ground, you may find the bar catches on the roller. If that becomes a problem, you can simply remove it. It won’t unduly affect performance.

The dimensions are smaller than the MaxxGarden. With this one, you’ll get a working width of 42 centimetres. The diameter of the cylinder is 30 centimetres, and it’s hollow, ready to be filled with water, sand or cement. When full, the maximum weight is 54 kilograms.

If you’re using sand, two 10-kilogram bags from a DIY store will do the job. Make sure it’s nice and dry so it’s easier to pour into the cylinder. It’s also a good idea to use a funnel to make the task of filling easier and cleaner.

If you’re using water, be aware that the fastening isn’t completely watertight. You may end up with some splashes as you work.

And if you’re using concrete, just remember that once it’s in, it’s in for good! That means you’ll have a permanently heavy roller. Bear that in mind if you’re going to need to lift it anywhere for storage.

The handle on this one stands a metre high. That will be a good height for most gardeners to use it in comfort. Note that you will need to do some assembly to attach it to the cylinder. It’s a straightforward task, though, and won’t take up too much time.


  • Solidly constructed in steel
  • The cylinder is coated in enamel to reduce stress on the turf
  • Maximum weight of 54 kilograms when filled with water


  • The fastening isn’t completely watertight, so prepare for the odd splash if you fill it with water
  • The scraper bar may catch on the cylinder if used on uneven ground.

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3. Outsunny 40L Lawn Roller

Outsunny 40L Lawn Roller Drum Scraper Bar Collapsible Handle Water or Sand Filled Φ32cm Green

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Outsunny’s roller is the most expensive option on our list. It will set you back almost twice as much as the cheapest. So is it worth the money?

Well, this is actually slightly smaller than some of the rollers out there. The capacity here is 40 litres, and the working width is 58 centimetres. The cylinder has a diameter of 32 centimetres.

When filled with water, it weighs about 50 kilograms. Use sand instead, and that weight will increase to 84 kilograms. The cylinder will hold pretty much exactly the contents of two bags of builders’ sand.

That will be more than heavy enough to do a decent job on your lawn. The handle is longer than many rollers too, at 118 centimetres. That will enable you to get more leverage to get it moving.

The frame includes a scraper bar to keep the cylinder clean and smooth during use. And almost every part is spray treated to resist corrosion.

The exception to that is the joints between the cylinder and the axles. That does mean that spot is vulnerable to rust. Adding a little silicone spray will keep it protected.

The handle has a rubber grip, making it easier on your hands. And it can be folded down into two sections to take up less storage space.

This is another roller that requires some assembly, but it’s easy enough to do.


  • Heavy enough to roll effectively, but easier to manoeuvre than the weightiest models
  • Comfortable handle in two sections for easier storage
  • Most parts are spray treated to resist corrosion, but…


  • … the joints between the cylinder and axles are vulnerable to rust. Spray them with silicone for added protection
  • Quite expensive for a roller of relatively modest dimensions.

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4. Einhell GC-GR 57 Garden Roller (Our Top Pick)

Einhell GC-GR 57 Garden Roller For Lawns -- 57cm Wide, Heavy Duty Coated Metal 46L Drum, Sand or Water Filled Grass Roller -- Lawn Roller For Smooth, Bump Free Grass

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Einhell’s roller is a similar size to the one from Outsunny. It has a working width of 57 centimetres, and the cylinder is 32 centimetres in diameter. It’s big enough to hold up to 46 litres of water or sand to create a good weight for rolling.

The cylinder is made of 1.5-millimetre-thick metal, coated to help it resist rust. It’s finished in a cheerful shade of red. There’s a hatch on the side to allow you to fill it up. A cap keeps the contents from spilling out.

There’s also a scraping bar to remove any soil or debris that’s attached itself to the cylinder as it turns. The bar can be adjusted as needed, keeping the roller moving smoothly. The result is well-balanced operation and an even finish.

When it’s empty, it weighs 10.5 kilograms, so it’s easy to move in and out of storage.

You’ll need to do a bit of assembly before you use it, but it’s simple enough. The handle comes in two separate sections, and you’ll need to attach the scraper bar.

One thing to watch out for with this one is the quality of the construction – in particular the welding seam on the cylinder. We’ve heard of cases where this has produced a bump that catches on the scraper bar during use. And some cylinders have leaked along the seam.

This is far from a universal problem, so it seems to be a quality control issue. But it’s a good idea to check the roller over carefully when you take delivery.

We’ve heard reasonable feedback about the way the company responds to complaints. But this is still a large piece of kit, and sending it back inevitably involves a degree of hassle.

Overall this is an effective roller – as long as you don’t get one that’s slipped through the quality assurance process.


  • Metal construction smartly finished in bright red
  • The scraper bar can be adjusted as needed to keep the roller turning smoothly
  • 46-litre capacity provides plenty of weight when filled with either water or sand


  • Watch out for leaks along the welding seam of the cylinder…
  • … or bumps that prevent it from moving smoothly beneath the scraper bar.

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5. CHRISTOW Garden Roller For Lawns, Heavy Duty Sand Water Filled Drum With Scraper

CHRISTOW Garden Roller For Lawns, Heavy Duty Sand Water Filled Drum With Scraper, 40cm Steel Barrel, 30L Capacity

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If you’re looking for a roller suitable for a smaller lawn, this one from Christow is well worth considering.

The working width here is just 40 centimetres, so you’ll find it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The capacity is accordingly smaller than many rollers, at 30 litres.

You’ll get a heavier weight if you fill it with sand, rather than water. Filled to the brim with water, it weighs 36 kilograms. With sand, it’s a shade under 52 kilograms.

The removable plug has a snug fit to keep everything inside. But the hole is rather small. If you’re planning to fill the cylinder with sand, we’d recommend using a funnel. Trying to do it straight from the bag is a recipe for a real mess.

Both the cylinder and the frame here are made of heavy-duty steel, so they’re very strong. They’re covered with a rust-resistant coating to keep them looking good even if they’re used in damp weather.

The handlebar has a rubber grip, so it won’t cut into your hands as you’re pulling the roller. It’s formed of two sections bolted together. You can loosen the bolts and fold up the handle for easier storage. Or if you’re really pushed for space, remove it altogether.

When empty, the whole thing weighs just 6 kilograms, making it easy to move around your garden shed.

This is another model that features a scraper bar to keep the cylinder clean during use. That will help to keep it moving smoothly over your lawn.

But this is another case where some cylinders have a raised welding seam. If you get one of those, it can catch on the scraper bar as you turn the roller.

If you encounter this problem and don’t want the hassle of sending it back, one option is to hammer the seam flat. It’s not ideal to have to take a hammer to your new roller – but it will deal with the issue.


  • Compact model, easy to manoeuvre on smaller lawns
  • Holds sand or water without leaks
  • Handlebar can be folded or removed for easier storage


  • Watch out for a bumpy welding seam that can catch on the scraper bar
  • The hole to fill the cylinder is rather small – use a funnel if filling it with sand.

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6. Crystals Garden Outdoor Lawn Aerator

Crystals Garden Outdoor Lawn Aerator Heavy Duty Manual Handle Rolling Grass Roller (30L)

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This roller from Crystals is another one that will suit smaller lawns. It has a capacity of 30 litres, and can be filled with either water or sand to create a heavyweight unit. (Crystals also make a 38-litre version for those who need something with more heft.)

The most noteworthy thing about this roller is the price – it’s the cheapest roller we’ve reviewed. It’s still made of steel, with a smart green powder coating to keep the rust at bay.

It doesn’t lack any of the features of more expensive rollers. The handle has a comfortable rubber grip, so it’s easier on your hands. And it can be folded into two sections so that it takes up less space in your shed.

There’s a scraper bar to remove any debris that accumulates on the cylinder with each rotation. And there’s a hole in the cylinder to allow you to fill it up. The plug to cover it up fits neatly, so you won’t have to worry about leaks there.

It does, though, have some flaws in construction. This is another roller where the welding seam on the cylinder is sometimes bumpy. And if the bump is pronounced enough, it will get in the way of the scraper bar and prevent it doing its job.

You can hammer the seam flat, but that’s extra work you shouldn’t have to do.

The other issue is the size of the hole for filling the cylinder. This is another case where it’s too little for it to be easy to fill with sand. Get yourself a funnel if you want to avoid making a mess.


  • Very well priced roller, great for smaller lawns
  • Comfortable handle in two sections for easier storage
  • Powder coated steel construction for strength and resilience


  • You may find a bumpy welding seam on the cylinder interferes with the operation of the scraper bar
  • The hole to fill the cylinder is a bit small, especially if you’re using sand.

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7. Greenkey Garden and Home Ltd 750 Lawn Roller

Greenkey Lawn Roller

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Greenkey’s roller is a mid-priced option that will work well for smaller lawns.

The working width here is 42 centimetres, and the cylinder has a diameter of 30 centimetres. It’s not the biggest or heaviest roller. When empty, it weighs under 7 kilograms, making it easy to move and store.

When rolling your lawn, we’d recommend filling it with sand rather than water for extra weight. It will take around 1.5 bags to completely fill it. Using a funnel will make it easier to get it into the small hole without making a mess. It will take a bit of time to do, but using dry kiln sand will make your life easier.

The rubber stopper is about an inch across, and provides a good, tight seal.

The cylinder and frame are made of steel, although the gauge is fairly light. It’s powder coated with an attractive green finish that will resist rust. And there’s a scraper bar to ensure the surface of the cylinder stays clean and smooth during use.

You will need to do some assembly, but there are clear instructions to guide you through the process. There are six each of bolts, washers and nuts, so it’s not too time-consuming a task.

This is another effective roller that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking for something that’s able to get good results in smaller spaces, it’s a good bet.


  • Narrower working width means this is best suited to smaller lawns
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion


  • The hole for filling the cylinder is only about an inch in diameter – so be prepared for the task to take some time
  • Some assembly required, although it’s not too challenging.

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Buying guide

Water Filled Garden Roller

If you’ve read the reviews but aren’t sure how to refine your search, our buying guide is here to help! We’re going to take a look at some of the questions to ask yourself to make the perfect choice.

How big is your lawn?

The first thing to consider is the size of the surface area you need your roller to cover. For bigger lawns, look for rollers that have wider working widths. A cylinder 50 centimetres or wider will help you get the job done much more quickly.

But it’s also worth thinking about the shape of your lawn. Are there any narrower areas where a more slender roller would be a better fit? It may be worth taking a little extra time with a narrower model in order to cover tighter spaces effectively.

Will it be kind to your grass?

Rolling a heavy weight over your turf can damage it if it isn’t done properly.

All the models on our list have scraper bars to keep the cylinder clean of soil and debris. That will ensure that the surface coming into contact with your grass is always smooth, avoiding damage.

Models with enamel coated cylinders are also a good option. These again provide a smooth, even surface that will be kinder to your lawn.

Is it built to last?

All the rollers on our list have cylinders made of metal, in most cases steel.

Unfortunately, few specifications include the thickness of the metal. But if they do, that’s generally a good sign. It shows the manufacturer is confident that the material is robust.

However thick the metal, you’ll want to make sure it will resist corrosion. Grass can be damp even in warm, sunny weather. And if your roller has moisture on it when you put it away, it will quickly rust unless the metal is protected.

Look for options with powder coating to provide that protection. And check the roller over when you receive it to make sure there are no areas that haven’t been coated. If there are, a quick spray with some silicone will help prevent rust.

Where will you be storing your roller?

Remember to think about where you’ll be storing your roller, as well as where you’ll be using it. If you’re pushed for space, options with fold down handles can be more convenient. And some designs allow you to remove the handle altogether and store it separately.

Think too about the route you’ll take to move your roller from storage to your lawn. Will you need to navigate any steep slopes? What about steps? Will you need to lift it over the threshold of your shed?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, look for options that are lighter when they’re empty. That will make the task of transporting them from A to B that much easier.

Ready to roll?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of some of the best lawn rollers on the market right now. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find something that will work effectively on lawns of all sizes.

Our favourite is Einhell’s GC-GR 57. It’s got plenty of weight, and a good, thick steel cylinder. And we love the cheerful red finish! Just watch out for imperfect welding seams on the drum. You can always hammer down raised areas if you need to.

Whichever roller you choose, your garden will love you for it. We hope you’re soon enjoying a stripey lawn that will turn your neighbours green with envy!

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