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10 Best Garden Loppers of 2023 (UK) – Reviews & Buyer Guides

There are few more important tools when it comes to tidying up your garden than a good pair of loppers. Use them to cut back overgrown shrubs to let in light and give your plants a new lease of life. Get a good pair, and you’ll find the task easy as well as satisfying.

But how do you know which ones to choose? That’s where we come in!

We’re going to take a look at ten of the best garden loppers on the market right now. We’ll consider their good points as well as their limitations. And we’ll help you identify the features to look for when making your choice.

So if you’re ready, step this way to find out more!

Quick Pick: The Best Garden Loppers


The Best Garden Loppers on UK Market 2023

1. WOLF-Garten RS900T Garden Lopper

WOLF-Garten RS900T Power Cut Telescopic Anvil Loppers, Red, 50 mm

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These loppers from WOLF-Garten are one of the most expensive options on our list. But if you’re prepared to splash some cash, they have some excellent features.

They’re telescopic, so you can select the correct reach for your job. Choose from 65 to 90 centimentres – that’s between just over 2 and 3 feet in old money. They weigh 1.73 kilograms, so they’re not the lightest option out there. But they are good and sturdy.

The plastic handles are ridged to help avoid slipping, and there’s a rubber grip for comfort. The handles are bright red too, so there’s no chance of losing them if you drop them in the shrubbery!

This is an anvil lopper, so it will work best for mature, dry wood. The blades are sharp and well-balanced, making light work of chopping through even chunkier branches. And they have a non-stick coating to keep them moving smoothly.

The innovative cutting head is designed to magnify the power of your cut by up to four times. You won’t need muscles on your muscles to get great performance.

You’ll be able to cut through branches up to 50 millimetres in diameter if they’re dry and brittle. If they’re still green, a circumference of 40 millimetres is about the limit.


  • Telescopic reach for plenty of flexibility
  • Rubber grips for comfortable use
  • Will cut dry branches up to about 50 millimetres in diameter


  • Not suitable for greener growth – a bypass lopper will work better for this
  • Rather heavy – you’ll feel the weight if using them for longer periods.

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2. Fiskars PowerGear LX99 Garden Lopper

Fiskars PowerGear X Lopper Anvil L LX99, Size L, Cutting diameter: 5.5 cm, Non-stick coating, Hardened steel, Length: 80 cm, Black/Orange, 1020189

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The PowerGear LX99 from Fiskars is another set of anvil loppers, best suited to woodier growth. They’re slightly less expensive than the WOLF-Garten model – the difference is enough to buy you a coffee or two at a smart café.

The handles are made of aluminium, so they’re strong but lightweight. They’ll give you a reach of 80 centimetres, helping you get to higher branches. And the loppers weigh just 1.36 kilos, so you’ll be able to work for longer without feeling the burn.

They’re suitable for use by left and right-handed gardeners. You’ll be able to cut branches up to 55 millimetres in diameter, as long as they’ve dried out. The rack and pinion mechanism multiplies the force applied, creating three times as much power as other designs.

Both blades have a non-stick coating, and the lower blade is curved to help hold the branch securely. The handles have a rubber grip so they’re comfortable to hold. That also means they won’t slip from your grasp, even if your hands get sweaty.

The hardened steel cutting blade can be easily sharpened – Fiskars make a diamond file specifically designed for the job. And when the time comes, the blade can be replaced with a new one. So while there are less expensive loppers out there, with proper care, these can last a lifetime.

The only thing to note is that the curved blade does require enough space to fully open the handles. That means these won’t be the ideal choice if you’re working in a confined area.


  • Aluminium handles make these strong but lightweight
  • Will cut woody branches with a diameter of up to 55 millimetres
  • The cutting blade can be sharpened and replaced when necessary


  • Not suitable for green growth
  • You’ll need enough space to open the handles fully, so these aren’t the best bet for working in tighter spots.

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3. Spear and Jackson W213 Garden Lopper (Our Top Pick)

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Ratchet Anvil Lopper

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If you’re looking for great performance at a modest price, Spear and Jackson’s W213 loppers should make your shortlist. You could buy two or three pairs of these for the price of the WOLF-Garten or Fiskars loppers. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

The telescopic handles give you the choice of a reach between 46 and 72 centimetres. Get more control close up, or extend them to reach higher branches.

It’s easily done – just twist to loosen the handles, then lock them in place using a mechanism at the ends. The clever design means they won’t come unlocked by accident.

The handles are made of aluminium, making these light and comfortable to use. And the grips are rubber all the way around, so you’ll get a firm purchase, even in wet weather.

While the aluminium is lighter than steel versions, though, this does mean the handles aren’t quite as strong. We’ve come across a couple of instances where they’ve bent under the pressure of cutting more robust branches.

The blades, on the other hand, are made of C50 carbon steel, so they’re very strong. They’re coated with PTFE to keep them moving smoothly and safe from rust.

This is another set of loppers with a ratchet design, so they’re best for harder, woodier stems. The capacity isn’t quite as big as the more expensive loppers we’ve seen already. In this case, you’ll be able to cut through branches up to about 450 millimetres in diameter.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Telescopic handles offering a reach of between 46 and 72 centimetres
  • Tough carbon steel blades coated with PTFE


  • The handles aren’t the most robust
  • At 450 millimetres, the maximum cutting capacity isn’t quite as large as that of more expensive loppers.

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4. Black+Decker GK1000 Garden Lopper

BLACK+DECKER Alligator Powered Lopper 550 W with Chainsaw Cutting Performance in Fully Enclosed Bar and Chain GK1000-GB

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If you want to take the hard work out of lopping, these powered loppers from Black+Decker could be the perfect choice. They have a 550-watt motor to take the strain.

In other respects, they work just like standard loppers. There’s a similar scissor-like design, with two handles that you open and close to cut through branches. But here the cutting is done with a miniature chainsaw.

The chain and bar are fully enclosed for safety. Metal guards prevent the jaws being damaged. They drop into place to cover the blades as soon as you’ve finished cutting.

The design gives these loppers a superior ability to cut through chunkier growth. They’ll tackle branches up to 100 millimetres in diameter.

They’re powered by mains electricity, rather than a battery. The good news is that this makes them lighter, although they still weigh in at three kilograms. You won’t have to worry about them running out of juice either.

On the other hand, you will need to take care as you work to avoid cutting the power cord. And unless you have a conveniently located outdoor electricity supply, you’ll need to use an extension lead too.

You’ll need to keep the chain oiled. Black+Decker say this is designed to be easy to do – but we’ve heard mixed views on this. The opening to the reservoir is rather small, and it’s difficult to see how much oil is inside.

But set that aside, and these are powerful loppers with an innovative design. If you’ve got larger branches to cut through, they’re a great option.


  • Powerful enough to cut through branches up to 100 millimetres in diameter
  • Combines the power of a chainsaw with a traditional lopper action
  • Runs on mains electricity, so you won’t have to worry about a battery dying …


  • but you will need to take care not to cut the power cord as you work
  • The oil reservoir is rather fiddly to refill.

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5. Grüntek XT 940 Garden Lopper

GRÜNTEK Telescopic Bypass Lopper XT 940 Smart-Cutting System. Extra Long Extendable Lopper 685-940 mm, with Ergonomic Handle

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If you’re looking for bypass loppers, check out the XT 940 from Grüntek. They offer lots of great features for a surprisingly modest price tag.

The handles are telescopic, allowing you to extend your reach from a minimum of 68.5 to a maximum of 94 centimetres. A lever ratio and gear increase the power of each cut, and the bypass design makes these loppers well suited to sappier growth.

The blades are made of SK5 steel. The upper blade can be resharpened to keep a keen edge. Both blades have a non-stick coating too.

If you’re cutting greener branches, they should handle diameters of up to 50 millimetres. For drier, more brittle wood, the limit is about 40 millimetres.

Note though, that there seems to be a quality assurance issue with the sharpness of the blade. But at this price, it’s worth a bit of effort to resharpen it if you’re not getting perfect results first time.

The handles are made of aluminium, so they’re nice and light. And the plastic grips are comfortable to hold.

The loppers weigh 1.36 kilograms, so you’ll be able to use them for longer periods without aching arms. You will, though, find they take more of a toll on your muscles if you’re using them fully extended.


  • Telescopic range from 68.5 to 94 centimetres
  • Bypass design, great for cutting through sappier branches
  • Strong steel blades, with a cutting blade that can be resharpened as necessary


  • We’ve heard of some cases where the cutting blade hasn’t arrived as sharp as expected
  • Pretty light, but the weight is still significant if you’re using them with the handles fully extended.

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6. Spear and Jackson 8290RS Garden Lopper

Spear & Jackson 8290RS Razorsharp Advance Heavy Duty Telescopic Ratchet Anvil Lopper

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The second set of Spear and Jackson loppers to make our list, the anvil design of the 8290RS is good for woodier branches.

The ratchet action means you can close in on the branch in steps. As a result, it will take less effort to generate the same amount of force.

The telescopic handles are made from tubular aluminium, making them both strong and light. They extend from 71 to 103 centimetres, giving you plenty of flexibility. Soft rubberized grips mean they’re easy on your hands too.

The cutting blade is made of SK5 steel, so it’s very strong. The anvil is constructed from a softer metal, so it won’t damage the cutting blade as they come together. And it’s serrated, helping it grip the branch and preventing it from twisting as you cut.

Both blades are coated with a non-stick surface to keep them moving easily. The extra coating also helps them resist corrosion.

One thing to note is that you will have to open the handles fully each time to use the ratchet action. So if you’re going to be working in a confined space, these won’t be the best choice.

For the same reason, they’re more effort than you need for thinner branches. You’ll need to open and close the jaws several times before clamping down on the branch. For thick branches, though, they’re very effective.

When you’ve finished using them, a locking catch keeps the handles close together for easier storage.


  • Cuts down the effort required to lop off thicker branches
  • Telescopic handles allow you to reach foliage between 71 and 103 centimetres away
  • Serrated blade to grip the branch as you cut


  • You’ll need enough space to open the handles fully to use them
  • Not the best choice for cutting thinner branches.

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7. Tabor Tools GL16E Garden Lopper

TABOR TOOLS GL16E Bypass Lopper, Tree Trimmer with ⌀ 3cm Cutting Capacity, Lopping Shears with Shock Guard Bumpers

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The GL16E from Tabor Tools is another set of bypass loppers. And it’s also the least expensive option on our list. So what do you get for such a modest investment?

Well, the handles are 72 centimetres long, so you’ll get a pretty decent reach. They’re not telescopic, but on the plus side, that means they are very steady. There are rubber grips at the end, so they’re comfortable to hold too. And there’s a bumper to dampen the vibrations of each cut.

The blades are made of hardened carbon steel, and the cutting blade can be resharpened as and when needed. It has a non-stick coating too.

The handles are bright red, so there’s no chance of you losing them if you accidentally drop them in the undergrowth! And there are handy hanging holes to help with storage.

There’s not as much power with these as you’ll get with some loppers. But if you’re not planning on cutting branches thicker than 30 millimetres in diameter, they’ll do the job very effectively.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Hardened carbon steel blades – and the cutting blade can be resharpened as needed
  • Bumper to deaden vibrations for comfortable use


  • You can’t adjust the length of the handles
  • Not suitable for branches thicker than 30 millimetres in diameter.

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8. Flora Guard Garden Lopper

FLORA GUARD 26 Inch Garden Lopper - Heavy Duty Branch Lopper, Pruner Bypass loppers and Tree Trimmer with 1.25 Inch Cutting Capacity

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Flora Guard’s loppers come in at roughly the same price point as those from Tabor Tools. And they share many similar features.

These also use the bypass design. The SK5 steel blades are coated in substance called Ilaflon to avoid sap or mud sticking to them. It also means they’re rust-resistant.

They’ll cut smoothly through branches with a diameter of up to 30 millimetres. There are loppers out there with larger capacities. But if this is as big as you’ll need, these work very well.

The handles are made of aluminium, keeping the weight down whilst ensuring they’re nice and strong. There are plastic grips at the end to allow you to use them in comfort.

They’re 66 centimetres long, so they’re not the longest loppers out there. But if you’re looking for a manageable tool that’s not too heavy and easy to control, they’re a good bet.

Hanging holes in each handle allow you to loop through a cord for easy storage in your garden shed. There’s no lock with these, though, so you will have to store them in their open position.


  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Tough SK5 steel blades
  • Good handle length for a balance of control and reach


  • The handles aren’t telescopic
  • Maximum cutting capacity of about 30 millimetres in diameter.

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9. Fiskars L32 Garden Lopper

Fiskars Lopper L32, White, For dry wood and hard twigs as well as branches up to Ø 3.5 cm, Length: 38.7 cm, Weight: 380 g, White/Orange, FiberComp/High Steel, Light, 1026930

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If you’re looking for a shorter lopper, the L32 from Fiskars is well worth considering.

These modestly priced loppers are perfect for working in areas where there’s less room to manoeuvre. The handles are just under 38 centimetres long, and with the jaws open, they’re 18 centimetres wide.

These are also very light, weighing just 380 grams. That’s partly explained by their size, but also by their composition. The handles are made from composite fibre, while the blades are high strength steel.

The blades have a non-stick coating, and there’s a patented gear mechanism which delivers three times the force for each cut. Rubberized grips make them comfortable to hold and use.

The handles are finished in a pale cream shade. It looks smart and will stand out if you accidentally drop them into the middle of a shrub.

The anvil design means these are best suited to drier, woodier growth. They’ll cut smoothly through branches up to about 35 millimetres thick.

If you’re looking for something to reach high branches, or cut through thicker stems, these won’t be the right choice. But if you’re working up close with thinner, woody growth, they offer excellent performance.


  • Lightweight carbon fibre handles
  • Easy to use in confined spaces
  • Patented gear mechanism delivers three times the force to each cut


  • Not the right choice for reaching taller trees or shrubs
  • Won’t cut cleanly through branches thicker than 35 millimetres.

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10. Davaon SK5 Garden Lopper

Telescopic Tree Lopper for Gardening - Heavy Duty Extendable Tree Pruner with Premium SK5 Steel Blades, Garden Loppers from Garden Tools from Davaon Pro

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Davaon’s anvil lopper is another one with a very low price, only marginally more expensive than the cheapest on our list. But it has more features than you might expect.

Not least of these are the telescopic handles. These extend from 63 to 95 centimetres, offering plenty of flexibility. They’re easy to use too, with a quick twist and lock action.

The handles are made of aluminium, to keep the loppers light enough for easy manoeuvring. There are rubber grips at the end so they’re comfortable to hold.

The cutting blade, on the other hand, is made of tough SK5 steel. It holds its edge well and can be resharpened when necessary.

These are another set of loppers with a compound action to make it easier to slice through hardier stems. That means you’ll need to open the handles as wide as they’ll go – so they’re not the best for working in tighter spaces.

As with all anvil loppers, they’ll work best with drier, woodier growth. They’ll cope with branches of this kind up to 32 millimetres in diameter.


  • Telescopic handles extend from 63 to 95 centimetres
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Compound action helps cut through tougher branches


  • You’ll need to have enough space around you to open the handles up fully
  • Not suitable for branches more than 32 millimetres in diameter.

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Buying guide

Garden Lopper uk

If you’ve read through all the reviews but are still wondering which are the right loppers for you – read on! Asking yourself a few simple questions can help you make the perfect selection in no time.

How far do you need to be able to reach?

To begin with, consider how far from your body you need the loppers to extend. If you want to cut higher branches, you’ll need loppers with longer handles. But remember, the longer they are, the wider they’ll be when they’re fully open. That means you’ll need more room around you in order to work.

Shorter loppers will give you more control, and they’ll be lighter too. But you’ll need to get out a ladder if you want to reach any high branches!

Telescopic handles are a good way to get more flexibility, though they’re unlikely to be lighter than long handled versions. Check how far the handles extend, and make sure there’s a mechanism to lock them firmly in place.

Bypass or anvil?

The next thing to consider is the design of the cutting blades. These fall into two main categories: bypass and anvil.

With a bypass design, both blades usually have a cutting edge, and they pass over one another with each cut. They work best for greener, sappier growth.

Anvil loppers, on the other hand, are best for woodier plants. With these, there’s only one cutting blade. This presses against the anvil – a piece of metal which holds the branch in place as you cut. Some loppers have a curved or serrated anvil. That will help keep the branch firmly in place for a crisp cut.

How comfortable will they be to use?

Last but not least, consider how comfortable the loppers will be to use. Weight and reach are two important parts of the equation here, but they’re not the only factors.

Take a look at the handles. You’ll want something with a good grip. And options with a rubber section will be softer on your hands.

If you plan to use your loppers for long periods at a time, it’s also a good idea to look for designs with a bumper. This can dampen the vibrations as you cut, saving your arms and shoulders from fatigue.

Ready to choose your garden loppers?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of ten of the best pairs of garden loppers out there right now! However your garden grows, there’s an option to suit – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

Our top pick is the W213 anvil loppers from Spear and Jackson. They’re strong but light and very easy to use. And they offer excellent value for money too.

But whichever loppers you choose, we hope you enjoy using them. Happy pruning!

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