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10 Best Garden Clocks of 2021 (UK) – Outdoor Wall Clock Reviews

Whether you’re weeding your borders or just relaxing, it’s easy to lose track of time in your garden. A garden clock can be the perfect solution.

But with options in all styles and at wildly different prices, it can be hard to make the right choice. Never fear – we’re here to help!

We’re going to review ten of the best garden clocks money can buy. And our buying guide will give you hints and tips on picking the perfect option for your needs.

So if you’re ready – let’s get started!


The Best Garden Clock In the UK Market

1. Warwick Outdoor Clock by Westminster

Warwick Outdoor Garden Clock With Thermometer And Swivel Station Bracket - 31.5cm

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If you’re looking for a classic Victorian design, this clock by Westminster is well worth a look.

It sits on an ornate metal bracket, which allows it to swivel like a traditional railway station clock. The face is an aged cream colour, on which the large black Roman numerals stand out clearly.

On the other side of the clock, you’ll find a second face, this one with two temperature gauges. This will allow you to check the air temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The numerals here are Arabic, so you won’t need to be expert at reading Roman numerals to tell the temperature!

Be warned, though – we’ve heard of some cases where the temperature reading hasn’t been accurate. If that’s important to you, another clock may be better. But if you’re happy to have a decorative gauge that may or may not be spot on, this will be fine.

Both faces are made of polypropylene, so they’ll stay looking good in all weathers. And the clock is tested to the weather resistant standard IP44. That means you can be confident it will keep working, no matter how wet or cold it gets.

Wall mounting it is pretty straightforward. The only thing to watch out for is that the bracket is quite small. Together with the decorative metalwork, that makes getting to the screws with a screwdriver a bit fiddly.


  • Attractive design with a vintage railway clock appearance
  • The polypropylene dials won’t peel or crack in bad weather
  • Comes with a temperature gauge on the reverse side …


  • … but the temperature isn’t always accurate
  • The small wall bracket means it’s a bit fiddly to reach the screws with a screwdriver.

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2. Home and Garden Products Slate Effect Garden Wall Clock


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This classic slate edged outdoor clock will look great on a garden wall.

The outside frame is made of a series of pieces of slate-effect resin of slightly varying colours. The overall effect is very attractive. The clock measures 14 inches in diameter, including the slate band. That means it’s big enough to be read comfortably from a distance.

The clock face is a crisp, clean white, with a narrow band around the edge showing each minute. The dial has large black Roman numerals from nine through to three, with the six at the bottom.

The space where the other numerals would otherwise appear is taken up by two dials showing temperature and humidity.

The temperature is read in Celsius on the outer gauge and Fahrenheit on the inner one. It goes from minus to plus 50 degrees Celsius. Unless you’re in the middle of the Sahara, that will be more than adequate!

But this is another case where the temperature reading isn’t always accurate. We wouldn’t recommend using this for monitoring the climate in your greenhouse! But it still looks good.

Because it’s made of poly-resin, it’s lightweight but strong. And it’s resistant to both frost and UV rays. It’s powered by one AA battery, which you’ll need to buy separately.


  • Large clear dial makes it easy to tell the time from a distance
  • Also includes temperature and humidity gauges
  • The poly-resin construction will resist damage from frost and sunshine


  • You’ll need to buy the AA battery it requires separately
  • Don’t rely on the temperature reading being completely accurate.

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3. OCEST Garden Clock

OCEST Garden Clocks Outdoor Waterproof, 13 Inch Large Retro Wall Clock Battery Operated Non Ticking Decorative Clocks with Thermometer for Pool Patio Bathroom

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If you prefer standard Arabic numbers to Roman numerals, this clock from OCEST could be a good choice.

It has a similar design to the slate-effect version from Home and Garden Products. In this case, though, the border is a uniform mid-grey, more like stone than slate.

The body of the clock is made of ABS plastic, so it’s nice and strong but doesn’t weigh a lot. That means it’s easy to mount to a wall and won’t cause any damage. The face is glass and the hands are aluminium.

The rim of the clock is sealed so that it’s waterproof. But we have heard of some cases where condensation has formed inside the glass after rain.

The numbers are printed in black on a cream dial, so they stand out clearly. A narrow band around the outside edge allows you to read off every minute.

Above the number six, you’ll find a temperature gauge in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This runs from minus 40 to plus 60 degrees Celsius.

This is another clock that runs on an AA battery, which you’ll need to buy separately. This one comes with a one-year warranty too.


  • Crisply designed face with temperature gauge in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Strong but lightweight and easy to mount
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • You’ll need to buy an AA battery separately
  • You may find condensation inside the glass after heavy rain.

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4. Kingfisher Garden Clock and Thermometer

Kingfisher Garden Clock and Thermometer

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If you’re looking for a bargain buy that still looks good, check out the Kingfisher garden clock. This one costs about the same as a cuppa in a smart coffee shop.

The design is simple but smart. There’s a smooth black frame around a cream dial with black Roman numerals. Numbers five to seven are missing, with the space taken up by a temperature gauge showing readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

It measures 14 inches in diameter, so you won’t have to be right next to it to read it. But you may find it mists up in very cold weather. Fortunately, that doesn’t interfere with its timekeeping.

As with many other outdoor clocks, though, the temperature readings given by the thermometer are rather hit and miss. If you need something really accurate, this won’t be the best choice.

But if that’s not a problem, this is a great little clock for the price. Just remember that you’ll need to buy a single AA battery to get it going.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple but smart design
  • Keeps good time, even in bad weather


  • The thermometer isn’t always completely accurate
  • The face may mist up in very cold weather – though that doesn’t interfere with its timekeeping.

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5. Smart Garden Outside-In Stonegate Sandstone Wall Clock

Smart Garden Outside-In Stonegate Sandstone 10in Wall Clock and Thermometer (5065030)

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Smart Garden’s outdoor clock uses a similar design to the stone and slate-effect wall clocks we’ve seen already. With this one, though, the face is framed with a sandstone effect trim, giving it a distinctive and elegant look.

The Westminster Clocks logo sits proudly on the face of the dial, together with the design name “Stonegate” underneath. The face is a clean white, with Arabic numbers in black.

A thermometer sits near the bottom, allowing you to tell the temperature in either Celsius or Fahnrenheit. It runs from minus fifty up to plus fifty degrees Celsius.

It’s a little smaller than some other clocks, with a diameter of just 10 inches. The clockface itself is 7.5 inches across. If will work best in a small space, where you’ll be able to see it clearly. Put it on a large wall, and it may get lost.

It’s weatherproof and exceptionally lightweight, weighing just 9 grams. If you have a garden wall that won’t take a lot of weight, it’s a great option.

If you can position it in a sheltered spot, it will keep going for longer. Although the face is waterproof, if moisture gets to the movement at the back, it can cause problems.


  • Attractive and convincing sandstone-effect frame
  • Features a temperature gauge with measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Very lightweight and easy to mount


  • The face is just 7.5 inches across – so this is best suited to smaller spaces
  • Best positioned in a sheltered spot, as any moisture that slides down the back can cause problems.

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6. BargainsGalore Large Open Face Metal Garden Clock (Our Top Pick)


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This striking clock from BargainsGalore is great if you have a large space to put it in. The open face and large Roman numerals will make it a stand-out feature in any garden.

It’s constructed of metal and is available in either 16 or 24-inch diameters. Strangely, both sizes are about the same price.

It’s powered by a single AA battery, which you’ll need to buy separately. This is a clock designed for indoor and outdoor use, but there’s a drawback if you’re using it in the garden. The battery compartment doesn’t have a cover.

You’ll probably get away with this if you’re hanging it on a sheltered wall. Any rain would need to get between the wall and the clock to cause a problem. But if it will be in a more exposed position, we’d recommend covering the battery compartment with waterproof tape.

One other thing to check for with this one is that the hanging bar is correctly positioned. We’ve heard of a couple of cases where it’s been slightly off.

That means that the bar between the 12 and 6 isn’t absolutely vertical when it’s hung. It’s a quality assurance issue, as the problem isn’t universal. If your hanging bar isn’t straight, get in touch with the retailer and ask for an exchange.


  • Striking architectural design
  • Robust metal construction
  • Choice of two different sizes


  • The battery compartment isn’t covered – add some waterproof tape to keep it dry
  • Watch out for hanging bars that aren’t correctly positioned.

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7. Bickerton Garden Wall Clock and Thermometer

Bickerton Wall Clock and Thermometer, Classic Outdoor/Indoor Design with Large 12 Inch Face. Suitable for Garden, Kitchen, Bathroom and More

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The Bickerton design is another one from the Westminster Clock Co.

It has an attractive off-white face with clean Arabic numerals. It’s surrounded by a distressed, shabby chic frame, and the whole thing measures 12 inches in diameter.

A temperature gauge sits at the bottom of the face. The lower part is where the number 6 would otherwise have been. It tells the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Celsius gauge measures from minus to plus 40 degrees, so it doesn’t go up quite as far as some.

It runs on a single AA battery, and the Quartz movement is all but silent. It’s designed to be used either indoors or outdoors, and comes with a two-year manufacturers’ warranty.

That warranty is important, because there do seem to be some quality control issues with this one. We’ve heard of a number of cases where the clock hands have come loose, in some instances after just a short period of use.

And the thermometer reading isn’t always accurate either. If it’s placed in direct sunlight, it will give a reading that’s much higher than the ambient air temperature.

But if that doesn’t put you off, this is a smart and inexpensive clock that’s easy to mount.


  • Attractive off-white face and vintage look surround
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The clock hands have a tendency to come loose
  • The thermometer reading isn’t always spot on.

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8. Garden Mile Vintage Open Face Garden Wall Clock

Garden Mile® Large 30cm Vintage Open Face Blue Slate Effect Weatherproof Outdoor indoor Garden Wall Clock Decorative Fence Garden Ornament (Blue Slate Effect Open Face 30cm Clock (GCLOCK7))

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If you love an open face but need something a little smaller, this clock from Garden Mile could be perfect.

It measures 12 inches in diameter and is carefully finished to give the appearance of weathered blue slate. The ornate hands are gold effect, giving a beautiful contrast. The central part of the clock is decorated with cogs, as if you were looking straight through to the mechanism inside.

It’s manufactured from resin, so it’s durable enough to cope with the elements. It runs on a single AA battery, not included with the clock.

It keeps good time, but there’s no temperature gauge with this one. And although the golden hands look gorgeous, they will catch the sun when it’s shining. That can make it more difficult to read the time on a very bright day.

If you can cope with squinting occasionally, though, this is a great little clock. And it will look very stylish in a smaller space.


  • Stylish open face
  • The resin construction means it’s tough enough to cope with all weather
  • Keeps good time


  • The golden hands look great, but it can be tricky to tell the time when the sun strikes them
  • You’ll need to buy an AA battery separately.

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9. Home and Garden Products Outdoor Wall Station Clock

Outdoor Garden wall Station Clock & Temperature with Bracket, swivels 21cm face

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The second clock from Home and Garden Products to make our list, this is another striking design. The clock sits on a bracket that enables it to swivel. That allows a thermometer to be placed on the rear of the clock face. Read the time from one side, and the temperature from the other.

It has a clean white face with simple Arabic numerals and dots around the edge indicating each minute. The bracket is formed of ornate curlicues, and the finish is a distressed bronze, giving a vintage look.

This is another case where the temperature gauge isn’t precise. You’ll also only get the temperature in Celsius with this one, so it won’t suit lovers of Imperial.

The gauge runs from a freezing minus 50, all the way up to plus 50 degrees. You’re not likely to see these extremes in a British garden! It’s made from resin, so whatever the temperature, you won’t have to worry about it peeling or cracking. And it won’t rust either.

The face is eight inches in diameter, so it’s not the biggest. But the bracket gives it extra presence – it would make a striking addition to any garden.


  • Beautiful and ornate vintage-look design
  • Double sided, with a thermometer on the back of the clock face
  • The resin construction will stand up to all weathers


  • The thermometer isn’t precise, and it will only measure the temperature in Celsius
  • The face is rather small – this is best suited to cosy garden nooks.

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10. Grosvenor Clock Co. Green Garden Wall Clock

Outdoor indoor Green Garden Wall Clock Hand Painted church clock 38cm DS5112

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The final clock to make our list is also one of the most distinctive. This bold design from the Grosvenor Clock Co is hand painted with gold Arabic numerals on a dark green ground. It looks rather like the clock you might see on the spire of a village church.

Small gold dots around the outside edge mark out the minutes. And the hands are golden too. It’s a generous 15 inches in diameter, so you’ll be able to tell the time from some distance.

It looks for all the world as if it’s made from metal, but it’s actually resin. That means it’s weather resistant, neither peeling nor cracking in the sun or frost, nor rusting in the rain.

One thing to watch out for, though, is that the screws included to hold it to the wall are rather small. If you’re hanging it in an exposed position, that can be a problem.

If the wind gets behind the face, it can put pressure on the screws and pull them out. We’d recommend replacing them with longer versions for a more secure installation.

It has a Quartz movement, so it keeps decent time. You’ll need to buy an AA battery to get it to run.


  • Large and easy-to-read clock face
  • Distinctive green and gold design
  • Made of resin, so it’s weather-resistant


  • The screws included for wall mounting are too small to hold the clock securely – swap them for longer versions
  • You’ll need to buy the AA battery separately.

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Buying Guide

If you still aren’t sure which is the right clock for you, our buying guide is here to help! We’re going to take you through a few factors to consider before you make your choice.

Size matters

outdoor clock
The Salutation Gardens

As with anything you’re going to put in your garden, the size of your clock is very important. First and foremost, it needs to be able to fit where you’re going to put it!

If you’ve got a large bare wall, a big clock can create a dramatic focal point. A small clock, on the other hand, may look odd surrounded by acres of bare brick. Conversely, a large clock squeezed into a space it’s too big for can make your garden seem cramped.

The other thing to bear in mind with size is, of course, that you’ll need to be able to read the dial! If you want to check the time from the other side of a spacious garden, you’ll want something big. In a courtyard, garden, on the other hand, a small clock can be just the ticket.

What style will suit your garden?

outside clocks
The Salutation Gardens

Next, think about the look you’re going for in your garden. There are a wide range of different styles out there, from ornate Victorian repro to large, architectural specimens. Choose a similar style to your garden furniture for a coherent design scheme.

And unless you’re choosing a clock purely as a visual focal point, make sure you can read the dial easily! Look for designs that offer a strong contrast between the numerals and the background.

And remember that shiny hands and numbers look great, but can be hard to read if the clock catches the sun.

Make sure it’s weatherproof

garden clock
The Salutation Gardens

All the clocks on our list are designed for outdoor use – but some will stand up to the elements better than others.

Most outdoor clocks are made from resin or ABS plastic, so they won’t degrade in rain, frost or sunshine. Some, though, are made from metal. That gives them a lovely feel, but make sure they’re coated so they won’t rust.

Check that the battery compartment, face and movement are all properly sealed. That will be particularly important if your clock is going to be in an exposed position.

Some of the clocks on our list come with manufacturers’ warranties. That can give you extra peace of mind.

Ready to Choose Your New Garden Clock?

That bring us to the end of our review of ten of the best garden clocks on the market right now. We hope you’ve found the perfect option for your outside space.

Our favourite is the dramatic architectural open face clock from BargainsGalore. If you’ve got the room, we’d highly recommend investing in the 24-inch diameter version. It will create a fantastic focal point in any garden.

But whichever style works best for you, we hope you enjoy being able to tell the time in your garden. Happy shopping!

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