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7 Best Fox Repellents of 2023 (UK) – Fox Deterrent Reviews

Foxes are beautiful and fascinating creatures. But when they’re in your garden, they can be a real pain! So how do you go about keeping them at bay?

The good news is that there are lots of options out there. We’re going to review seven of the best fox repellents we’ve found. And we’ll share their pros and cons to help you make the perfect choice.

So if you’re ready, step this way to find out more!

The Best fox Deterrent In UK


The Best fox repellent In UK Market 2023

1. Pestbye Ultrasonic Animal Repellent (Our Top Pick)

Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent - Quick Fix Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with Ground Stake - Set of 2

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Pestbye uses ultrasonic sound to drive away foxes. It can also be used for other nuisance visitors, like cats, rodents or squirrels.

It works by using an infrared sensor to detect movement or body heat from the animal. You’ll get two repellents in each pack, allowing you to cover a bigger area. Each repellent has one sensor which will pick up anything within a 7-metre radius. The detection arc is 80 degrees.

When the sensor picks up an animal, it triggers an ultrasonic horn. You can adjust the pitch of this, depending on what kinds of animals you want to target. There are 11 settings, and foxes will hear it between levels 3 and 6.

That’s also the range that will be audible to dogs and cats. If you have household pets you want to be able to use your garden, this won’t be the right choice.

And bear in mind that ultrasonic sounds can be audible to humans with sensitive hearing too. Children and younger people are most likely to be affected by settings 1 and 2.

Make sure that your repellents only cover the area within your boundary. If neighbours’ pets or children are driven from their own gardens, they won’t be happy! You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor using a simple dial.

Each repellent uses two AA batteries, which you’ll need to buy separately.

The gadgets are very easy to install. You can stick them into the ground using the zinc-coated stakes supplied. Or if you prefer, you can mount them on a fence or wall, using the hanging hole provided for that purpose.

Once they’re installed and you’ve selected the correct settings, they’ll need little further attention. Just check the batteries every so often. How long they’ll last will depend on how often the sensor is triggered. In most cases, you’ll get a life of somewhere between six weeks and several months.


  • Two repellents in each pack, allowing you to cover a wider area
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity and sound frequency
  • Effective and easy to use


  • It won’t be the right choice if you have cats, dogs or other pets in your garden
  • The sound can be audible to humans too, particularly children.

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2. LEBANDWIT Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Solar Ultrasonic Cat Scarer Repellent Outdoor, Waterproof Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent, Fox Dog Noise Repeller for Garden Yard Field Farm Grass Land

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This model from LEBANDWIT is another that uses ultrasonic sound to deter foxes. And it incorporates flashing lights and an alarm that’s audible to humans too. It’s also very cute, styled to look like an owl!

It’s powered by a rechargeable 1,500 mAh lithium battery. Solar panels allow it to recharge automatically when the sun is shining. If it’s a cloudy day and you need to boost the battery, it also comes with a USB port and cable.

The sensor will pick up movement up to 10 metres away. And it operates over a wide angle of 120 degrees. Either use the stake to position it about 10 inches above ground, or hang it from a fence or wall.

There’s a choice of five different modes. Modes 1 to 3 emit the ultrasonic sound. Mode 2 is the one to use with foxes – but it will also be audible to cats and dogs. Mode 4 has flashing white and red LED lights. These are positioned to look like the eyes of another animal.

And if you want to deter a range of garden invaders, choose mode 5. That will cycle through the other modes in turn. The audible alarm will frighten away any animals not affected by the ultrasonic mode. A dial at the back allows you to adjust its volume.

One thing to note with this one, as with all ultrasonic repellents, is that hearing is individual to each animal. That may mean you need to experiment with the settings to get the right results. And you may or may not be able to find a setting that will repel foxes without upsetting household pets.

But if you get the settings right, this is very easy to use. And if you can position it in plenty of sunshine, you may not even have to recharge the battery.


  • Incorporates ultrasonic and audible alarms, as well as flashing lights
  • Sensor operates over a wide 120-degree arc, with a radius of 10 metres
  • Features solar panels for automatic recharging in sunshine


  • The same setting will be audible to cats and dogs, as well as foxes
  • The optional audible alarm is unlikely to be practical if you’ll be sleeping anywhere near it.

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3. Scoot Fox Repellent Sachets

Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm

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If you’re concerned about the effect of ultrasonic alarms on other animals, scented repellents may be a better option.

These sachets from Scoot aim to deter foxes by creating an artificial scent marking on your garden. The idea is that the fox will think the territory has already been claimed by a rival, and head off elsewhere.

You’ll get two sachets in each box, each containing 50 grams of product. You dilute it in water before use, applying it with either a watering can or spray gun.

Between the two sachets, you’ll have enough to treat an area of 34 square metres. Note that you’ll need to reapply it fairly regularly – every three days or so. And you’ll need to spray again if it rains. If you have a large garden to cover, that will make this a relatively expensive solution.

It is, however, completely humane. It doesn’t cause animals any form of distress, and it’s completely safe for the environment and plant life too. And if you’re worried about smelling it yourself, don’t be. The smell is barely detectable by humans, and isn’t unpleasant.

It can be used on hard surfaces like paths or patios, as well as lawns and flower beds. And you can add extra product around any areas you particularly want to protect from digging or fouling.

Used regularly, this gives good results. But you do need to be prepared to top it up as often as required. The idea is to make your local fox think another, scarier, predator has permanently made your garden its home. If you stop spraying too soon, they’ll assume the Big Bad has moved on and return.


  • Doesn’t cause any form of distress to the fox or other animals
  • Very effective when used regularly
  • Won’t interfere with the use of the garden, whether by you, children, or other animals


  • You’ll need to be prepared to reapply it regularly until local foxes are convinced their rival has made a permanent home in your garden
  • It can be expensive – especially if you have a larger area to cover.

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4. Karlsten Fox Repellent Granules

Karlsten Fox Repellent Granules Natural Effective Anti Fouling and Digging Deterrent…

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Karlsten’s repellent granules are another approach based on using scents to deter foxes.

In this case, however, the principle is slightly different. Rather than mimicking another predator, these simply use a strong scent. It’s pungent to foxes and helps mask their own scent markings. That means Mr Fox won’t be able to stake his claim to your garden.

The odour Karlsten have picked for this job is citronella. The lemony fragrance is pleasant to humans, so won’t affect your enjoyment of your outdoor space. And it’s harmless to pets too.

The manufacturers are so confident that it works, they offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you believe it hasn’t done the business, you can return it for a refund.

There’s no need to mix the granules with water. Simply spread them around the perimeter of your garden. If there are areas you particularly want to protect from digging, you can add an extra dose around them.

The granules are weatherproof, so they’ll still be effective after rain. Even so, you’ll need to top them up every so often. We’d recommend laying down a fresh batch around every two weeks.

That does mean more work. And if you’ve got a larger area to cover, it can prove to be rather expensive.

But you won’t have to worry about any unwanted impacts on pets or other wildlife. And as citronella also deters biting insects, you may have to don less insect repellent in the summer months!


  • Pleasant citrus smell won’t affect pets or other wildlife, or your enjoyment of your garden
  • Weatherproof granules don’t have to be reapplied after rain
  • Money-back guarantee if you believe it hasn’t worked


  • The odour will fade over time – you’ll need to reapply the granules once a fortnight
  • Can be expensive, particularly if you have a larger area to protect.

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5. ZYBUXZ Animal Repellent Mat

ZYBUX - 6 x Flat Prickle Strip Dig Stopper, Cat Repellent Mat, Scat Mats, Digging Deterrent for Dogs Cats Fox Wild Animal Used Outdoors 49cm * 14cm * 2.7cm

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ZYBUXZ uses yet another approach to deterring foxes – a physical barrier. These repellent mats are designed to protect surfaces from scratching, digging and fouling.

You’ll get six of these “prickle strips” in each pack. Each one is 49 centimetres long by 14 centimetres wide. They’re made of plastic and take the form of a hexagonal mesh with vertical spikes at each intersection.

The spikes are 2.7 centimetres long. They’re made of plastic that’s soft enough not to harm the fox, but firm enough to be uncomfortable underfoot. That means your flower beds, pots and containers will suddenly become far less attractive as toilets or digging spots!

They’ll work equally well for cats and dogs. And they’ll allow you to protect vulnerable areas without excluding the animals from your garden altogether.

Each mat can be cut to size. They’re also interlocking, so you can cover a wider area. You can simply lay them on your garden with a little soil on top to keep them stable. Or if you prefer, invest in some metal garden staples to hold them in place more firmly.

The mats are weather resistant, so once they’re in place they’ll do their job for years. But you’ll have to expend a bit of effort putting them down. And it will take more time if you have a large or awkwardly shaped space to cover.

And if you do have a large area to protect, you may find this a rather pricey solution. On the plus side, once you’ve bought them, there’s no ongoing expenditure.


  • A great option if you want to protect specific areas without excluding foxes altogether
  • Once in place, they’ll last for years
  • Can be cut to size or interlocked to cover a wider area


  • You may need to spend some time positioning them, especially in awkwardly shaped spaces
  • Can work out to be rather expensive if you have a larger area to cover.

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6. ASPECTEK Predator’s Eye Animal Repellent

ASPECTEK Animal Repeller [Pack of 2], Solar-Powered Predator's Eye with Two Red Flashing Lights, Water-Repellent Repeller for Cats Dogs Foxes Birds Skunks for Farm Garden Yard

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If you’re looking for an option that requires minimal work to install and maintain it, check out APECTEK’s Predator’s Eye. This uses flashing red lights to deter wildlife, including foxes, at night.

You’ll need to position it at about the eye level of the animal you want to deter. That means locating it at between 12 and 24 inches above ground level to creep out the foxes. A hanging hook makes this easy to do. The foxes will see the red lights and think they’re looking at a rival predator.

There’s no sensor to detect movement or body heat here. Instead, the repellent simply switches itself on at dusk, and the lights flash until the sun comes up again. Each unit has two flashing lights, and you’ll get two gadgets in each pack.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, and there are solar panels on top of the unit. Position the detectors in a sunny spot and they’ll top up the battery during the day.

And because the battery is designed to be long-lasting, the lights will continue flashing even after a cloudy day. One full charge will give you 30 days of operation.

You won’t have to worry about rain or frost interfering with the effects either. The repellent is constructed to the IP77 quality standard. That means it can be completely submerged in water and still work fine. And it will withstand freezing temperatures too.

This is a very simple but effective idea. And if you’re in a rural area, it will also work a treat to keep out deer. (You will, though, need to position the lights differently to achieve that – just follow the instructions on the box.)

Most fox visits happen when it’s dark. If, however, you have one that visits during the day, this won’t be the right choice.  The lights will only be triggered – and will only fool the fox – when the sun goes down.


  • Very simple to install, with no ongoing maintenance required
  • Works equally well in icy temperatures and heavy rain
  • Cost-effective


  • If you have a fox that visits in the daytime, this won’t work
  • If you have a larger garden, you may need several units.

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7. KEXMY Predator Repellent

4 Pack Animal Repellent - Deer Repellent - Pest Control - Predator Repellent - Solar Powered Fox Repellent - Motion Sensor Light for Garden & Outdoor

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KEXMY’s repellent is another one that works by fooling the fox into thinking other predators are in the area. There’s nothing subtle about it, either! The red lights are shaped like eyes and look positively demonic. If they don’t scare the foxes, they’ll certainly scare the kids!

But as long as you’re not bothered by the Halloween styling, these are a great option. You’ll get four units in each pack, and they’re very cost-effective. The lights can be seen by predators up to half a mile away, in a 60-degree arc.

The design is ultra-simple. There’s a switch to turn them on and off. There’s a hanging hole to install them at the eye height of the animals you want to deter. And there’s a set of solar panels on top to keep the battery charged up.

Make sure you locate the devices somewhere the sun will hit the solar panels. At just over about seven centimetres square, and about three centimetres deep, they’re small enough to fit anywhere.

Switch them on, and when the sun goes down the lights will automatically come on. They’ll flash at a frequency of 4 Hertz, ensuring they’re easily spotted by would-be nocturnal visitors.

They’re weather resistant, and waterproof to IP44 standards. While they won’t cope if you drop them in a pond, they’ll be fine left out in the rain.

As with other deterrents that use lights, these will only work at night. But as long as your foxes are strictly night-time invaders, they’re very effective.

Just make sure you’re able to position them where they’ll get plenty of sunlight. If there isn’t enough to charge the battery, you’ll be stuck. There’s no USB port to top it up.


  • Four deterrents in each pack to cover all the nooks and crannies in your garden
  • As long as you can install them somewhere sunny, they’ll require zero maintenance
  • Weather resistant, so you can leave them out in the rain


  • If the neighbourhood foxes are bold enough to visit during the day, these won’t help
  • There’s no alternative to the solar panels for power – so they’ll need to be positioned where they’ll get plenty of sun.

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Buying guide

fox repellent
fox repellent

If you’re still not sure which is the right deterrent for your fox problem, never fear! Our buying guide will help you decide on an approach that will work for your garden.

How big an area do you need to protect?

To begin with, consider the size and characteristics of the area you want to protect.

If you have a large area to cover, deterrents with sensors can be a good bet. Just check their range to see how many you’ll need. There are two measurements to consider here – the angle of the sensor arc and its radius.

If you’re using a deterrent with sensors, make sure it will only cover movement in your own garden. Neighbours with pets or small children won’t be happy if they can no longer use their garden in comfort! Some models, like the Pestbye repellent, allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

If there are particular areas you want to protect, a physical barrier can be a good option. Prickle mats like the ones by ZYBUXZ allow you to prevent digging or fouling in specific locations. But if you have a large area to cover, they can be expensive.

Scent based repellents give you the option of treating your whole boundary, or focusing on particular spots. But again, they can be expensive if you need to protect a bigger space.

Do pets or children use your garden?

Next, consider who you want to be able to use your garden. If you have your own pets, ultrasonic deterrents may not be the best choice. The frequency range that’s audible to foxes is also audible to cats and dogs.

And although it’s less likely to be a problem for humans, it may be heard by those with sensitive hearing. Children and young people are particularly likely to be able to hear high-pitched sounds. And younger children may find the red eyes of some of the light-based repellents a little scary.

Neither prickle mats nor scent-based repellents are likely to cause issues for other garden users. The plastic spikes on prickle mats won’t do anyone any serious harm. And the scent-based repellents are non-toxic – and the odours aren’t unpleasant to humans.

One-and-done or regular maintenance?

Last but not least, consider the effort required to install and maintain your repellent.

Options like the Predator’s Eye from ASPECTEK couldn’t be easier. You’ll need to make sure they’re positioned at the right height from the ground. And you’ll want somewhere the solar panels will get plenty of light. But once that’s done, they’ll require no ongoing maintenance.

Scent-based deterrents are very easy to use. Some, like Scoot, need to be diluted and sprayed around boundaries. Others take the form of granules that are just scattered where required.

But they will need to be refreshed at regular intervals. That can be as often as every two to three days, or as infrequently as once a fortnight. The timing will depend on both the product and the weather.

Prickle mats, on the other hand, can take a bit of time to position if you’re covering a large or awkward area. But once they’re in place, they’ll last for years without requiring any kind of upkeep.

Ready to keep out those foxes?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our run-down of seven of the best fox repellents available today. We think the different options offer plenty of scope to find something that will suit your garden.

Our top pick is Pestbye’s Animal Repellent. It’s easy to use, and you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and the frequency of the ultrasonic alarm. And two devices in each pack will give you great coverage.

But if you have other pets or children you’re worried might be distressed by the sound, go for a different option. We love Scoot and its clever science. And if you have specific spots to protect, ZYBUXZ’s prickle mats are simple and maintenance-free.

Whichever repellent you choose, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to those pesky foxes. Happy gardening!

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