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10 Best Expandable Garden Hoses of 2021 (UK) – Flexible Garden Hose Reviews

In the old days, people used to drag heavy rubber hoses all over their gardens, getting in tangles, destroying flowerbeds and expending a whole lot of unnecessary effort.

Lots of people still do – but nowadays, an innovative new option is available that’s lightweight, easy to store and simple to use. And if you’re interested in trying, here are our top picks for best expandable garden hose to help you choose the right one.


The Best Expandable Garden Hose In the UK Market

1. ANSYU Expandable Garden Hose (Our Top Pick)

ANSYU Expandable Garden Hose Pipe 3 times expanding 100FT Lightweight With 8 Function Spray Gun Flexible magic water Hose Brass Fittings Anti-leakage for Garden Home Outdoor Easy Storage(Blue)

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If you’re looking to try out an expandable hose, this model from Ansyu could be a great option. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, but it can extend up to 100ft, three times its usual length.

We like the way it has eight different spray settings, making it ideal for a range of uses like watering your lawn, watering your flowers or washing your car. The brass fittings are also designed to last, so you won’t need to worry about them deteriorating with time.

On the downside, this hose isn’t compatible with all tap types, so you need to make sure it will work with what you have in your home – although it does come with a couple of adaptors, and you can always buy one that works if they don’t fit.

Also, some people might find it feels a little cheap and flimsy, although at this kind of price, it’s only what you’d expect, and as long as it does the job it was made for, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In sum, a great option for anyone interested in an expandable hose. It does its job well, it’s reasonably priced – and it even comes in a striking blue colour! A recommended pick.


  • Lightweight hose – weighs much less than a standard garden hose
  • Brass fittings – last longer than fittings made of other metals
  • 8 spray functions – gives you versatility over how you use it
  • Anti-tangle and anti-kink – convenient to use
  • Maximum extension of 100ft – plenty of reach for a range of applications


  • Not compatible with all taps – although comes with several adaptors
  • Feels slightly cheap and flimsy – concerns over how long it will last

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2. Expandable Garden Hose Pipe

Expandable Garden Hose Pipe - Lightweight,Durable& Felxible -Bonus 8 Function Spray Gun/Hose Hanger/Storage Bag/Brass Fittings,Best Choice for Watering and Washing (100ft)

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For people who care about getting great value for money, this hosepipe could be a great pick – because, at the kind of price it sells for, it’s a real bargain.

Since it comes in several different sizes, you can choose the most suitable length for your needs, and the maximum possible is 1000ft, which should be plenty for most people.

We like the way it includes a wall clip and a bag, making it convenient to use and easy to store. The brass fittings are also solid quality, so they should last a long time.

However, it isn’t perfect, and there are a couple of negatives to mention too. The instructions that come with it aren’t particularly clear, and some people might find them a bit difficult to follow. However, it’s not too difficult to work out how to use it, so this isn’t a major issue.

Also, the spray head seems to be of slightly inferior quality, so we’re worried it might be prone to breaking – but as long as you don’t subject it to any excessively rough treatment, it should still last a good while.

Overall, another great option if you’re interested in buying an expandable hose – and at for this kind of price, you can hardly go wrong, making it an option that’s well worth considering.


  • Great price – represents excellent value for money
  • Available in several sizes – so choose the right length for you
  • Includes wall attachment – for extra convenience
  • Comes with a bag – easy to store
  • Brass fittings – designed to last


  • Head feels cheap – prone to breaking
  • Instructions not clear – although easy enough to work out

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3. Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength, 3/4' Solid Brass Fittings - The Ultimate No-Kink Flexible Water Hose, 8 Function Spray Included (50 FT, Orange/Black)

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This is among the best-quality expandable hoses available, and it is clear right from the start that it is a well-made item.

It is made to be kink- and tangle-free, and it is also super lightweight, especially compared to traditional rubber hoses, so if it’s your first time with one of these, you’ll find it a joy to use.

We like the way it’s easy to store when you’re not using it, and another positive for us is the reserved colour scheme – it isn’t garish and unsightly like some of the other options available.

One gripe we have is with the spray head as it isn’t up to the same level of quality as the hose itself. However, it’s easy enough to replace it with a better one, so this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Also, be aware that it might not quite reach the full extension length as advertised unless you have good water pressure, so you might want to choose a size one above what you think you will need.

In short, this is among the best options available when it comes to expandable hosepipes. It’s superior quality, works well and sells for a very reasonable price, making it great value for money. Another option that should be worth considering.


  • Good-quality product – better than many of the competitors
  • Kink- and tangle-free – makes it easy to use
  • Lightweight hose – won’t need to fight to pull it around
  • Easy to store – won’t take up lots of space
  • Stylish reserved colours – not bright and garish like some


  • Spray head inferior quality – doesn’t match quality of the hose itself
  • Might not stretch as far as advertised – so go for one size above what you need

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4. HOMOZE Garden Hose Pipe

HOMOZE Garden Hose Pipe 50 FT Expandable Garden Hose with 3/4', 1/2' Fittings, Anti-leakage - Flexible Expanding Hose with 8 Function Spray Nozzle (Green)

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If want to try an expandable hose but don’t want to spend more than necessary on it, this could be the item for you – because, at this kind of price, you can hardly go wrong.

The quality is more than acceptable for what you pay for it, and we like the storage bag that comes with it to give you somewhere to keep it when not in use.

When filled, it grows in length, but when the water drains out, it returns to the normal size, so it won’t take up lots of storage space. The spray head also has several settings, giving you extra versatility.

On the downside, the fittings and nozzle are not great quality, and if your water pressure isn’t high enough, it won’t be able to reach full length.

However, these issues aside, this is another great option, especially for anyone who doesn’t want to spend more than necessary – and if that includes you, this could be the hose you’re looking for.


  • Exceptional price – outstanding value
  • Good quality – especially at this price point
  • Comes with a bag – for easy storage
  • Automatically shrinks when not in use – doesn’t take up much space
  • Several spray settings – for extra versatility


  • Nozzle and fittings not high quality – may not last as long as you hope
  • May not reach full length – depends partly on your water pressure

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5. HOSE-PRO 100 FT Expandable Garden Water Hose Pipe

HOSE-PRO 100 FT Expandable Garden Water Hose Pipe, Magic Expanding Flexible Hose with 8 Function Spray Gun Nozzle Fittings Valve Wall Holder/Storage Bag for Lawn/Pet/Car/Boat Wash (Black)

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Here’s another version of an expandable hose that represents great value for money. It grows up to three times its original length, giving you around 100ft of reach, and it is lightweight yet strong, weighing only 1.25kg when not in use.

We like the way it comes with a wall holder to make it easier to use and store, and you also get a bag with it, so you have somewhere to keep it safe during periods when it’s not in use. Another positive is the shut-off valve next to the head for extra ease of use.

On the downside, the ‘brass’ fittings aren’t real brass – and they won’t last as long as the real thing. This means you might be better off changing them. Also, the instructions are very poor – but it’s intuitive to use anyway, so most people won’t need them.

To summarise, this is a great-value expandable hosepipe that is simple to use and that can help you save space in your garden or shed. If those are the kind of qualities you’re looking for, this is an option that should be high on your list of possibilities.


  • Lightweight yet strong – only weighs 1.25kg when empty
  • Wall holder included – for extra convenience
  • Shut-off value – makes it easier to use
  • Comes with bag – gives you somewhere to store it
  • Great price – a real bargain


  • Fittings not real brass – won’t last as long as the real thing
  • Very poor instructions – but fairly intuitive to use anyway

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6. Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT

Pathonor Garden Hose Expandable 50FT Flexible Anti-leak Water Hose Pipe with 3/4' 1/2' Fittings 9 Function Spray for Yard Watering Plants, Car Washing, Shower Pets, Cleaning Windows Floors - Green

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This expandable hose from Pathonor is an upgraded version of the company’s product, so it’s higher quality than their previous versions.

One thing we like is that fact that it clicks into the ‘open’ position, which means you don’t need to hold the trigger to keep the water coming out. Furthermore, this hose comes with a pair of garden gloves as well as a storage bag, which is a nice little bonus.

It also boasts a spray gun with nine settings, which is more than most other hoses on the market.

Our main complaint is that this hosepipe only extends to 50ft – for some people, that might be plenty, but if you need more, this won’t be the best pick for you. Also, it isn’t suitable for threadless taps, so if you don’t have threads, you might need to buy an adaptor.

However, apart from these minor drawbacks, this is a great hosepipe that will do everything you need it to – so if you don’t need more than 50ft max, this model could be a smart choice.


  • Upgraded version – higher quality than previous versions
  • 9 modes on spray gun – more than most other models
  • Clicks into ‘open’ position – don’t need to hold the trigger for water to come out
  • 180-day money-back guarantee – and a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with a pair of gloves – as well as a bag for storage


  • Only 50ft long – but ok if you don’t need extra length
  • Not suitable for taps without threads – you might need to buy an adapter

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7. SAILUN Garden Hose Expandable Water Pipe

SAILUN Garden Hose Expandable Water Pipe Flexible Hose Pipe with 7 Function Spray Gun, 3 Times Expandable Watering Hose, for Home, Garden, Patio and Car cleaning (25FT - 7.5M, Green)

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If you want an expandable hose from the very lowest end of the price range, this could be the one you’re looking for. It’s available in either blue or green and comes in a range of different sizes, but whichever one you choose, they all sell for extremely reasonable prices.

When in use, it expands up to three times its original length, but when you finish, it returns to its original size by itself. It’s also lightweight and compact when not in use, making it simple to transport or store. It’s also tangle-free, so it’s convenient for a range of different uses.

One minor issue is that the spray head only offers seven settings while most others have eight. However, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Also, the fittings are plastic, which won’t last as long as brass – but for this price, it’s only what you’d expect.

All in all, for a budget-friendly option that still does its job well, this hose is a great pick, so if that’s all you need, this could be the hose for you.


  • Among the cheapest hosepipes available – great low price
  • Available in two colours – as well as several different sizes
  • Lightweight and compact when empty – easy to carry or store
  • Won’t tangle, twist or kink – makes it easy and practical to use
  • Grows up to 3x in length – and shrinks back to size when empty


  • Spray head has only 7 functions – less than most others
  • Plastic fittings – won’t last as long as brass or other metals

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8. TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose Pipes

TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose Pipes - EU Standard Strongest 13-Layer Latex Inner and Solid Brass Fittings 3 Times Expanding Flexible Water Hose Kink Free Easy Storage Nozzle Contains - 75 Feet

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For people who prefer to pay more for higher quality, this is a hose that should be worth considering. It features 13-layer latex construction that is less likely to split or burst as well as real brass fittings that are also made to last.

Another thing we like is the ergonomic spray head, which is well-designed and comfortable to hold. The quality of everything about this hose is higher than most other available options.

The only minor gripe we have is that you might find it doesn’t expand fully unless you have enough water pressure – but this is a problem common in most expandable hoses.

Other than this, the main issue is with the price since it isn’t cheap. However, you have to expect more for top quality, and if that’s what you want, this is a hosepipe that should deliver.


  • High-end, high-quality version – better materials and build than most others
  • Features a 13-layer latex tube – less likely to split or burst
  • Strong and durable – will last longer than most other expandable hoses
  • Brass fittings – also designed to last a long time
  • Ergonomic spray head – comfortable to hold


  • Might not stretch all the way – requires high enough water pressure to extend fully
  • Expensive option – but you expect to pay more for better quality

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9. KETTOYA 2020 Upgrade 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Water Hose

KETTOYA 2020 Upgrade 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Water Hose with 10-Function High-Pressure Spray Nozzle, Heavy Duty Flexible Hose, Leakproof Lightweight Retractable Hose Pipe with Solid Brass Fitting

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Like the model we just looked at above, this is another high-quality expandable hosepipe that’s aimed at people who don’t mind meeting a higher price tag to ensure superior quality.

It’s heavy-duty, features brass fittings and includes a spray head with 10 settings, which is as many as any other model we’ve seen. It’s tough and durable, and it’s also leak-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with losing water while you use it.

One minor negative to mention is the fact that this hose is slightly heavier than other models – but that’s mainly due to the higher-quality materials, and it isn’t excessive. Also, the instructions are very poor, so some people might have trouble putting everything together.

Those complaints aside, this is an excellent product that most people will love owning and using. It comes with a one-year guarantee for extra peace of mind and should last a long time, making it another product we liked a lot.


  • Heavy-duty expandable hose – better quality than many cheaper versions
  • 10-function spray head – as many as we’ve seen
  • Brass fittings – will last a long time
  • Leak-free – won’t lose water while using it
  • 1-year guarantee – for extra peace of mind


  • Poor instructions – some people mind have trouble fitting it all together
  • Slightly heavy – not excessively so but more than some other models

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10. Worth 150FT Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Worth 150FT Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose-3750D Polyester Cover Fabric,1/2'-3/4' Solid Brass Fittings,No-Kink,Leakproof Gardening Flexible Hose Pipe,10 Function Spray Nozzle Included

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Of all the expandable hoses we’ve seen, this is among the most attractive – and with a maximum extension of 45m/150ft, it’s also one of the very longest.

We appreciate the brass fittings and the spray head that offers 10 different settings, making it a versatile hosepipe that’s suitable for a range of uses. The two-year guarantee is also nice since you know you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

One thing some people might not like so much is that to reach maximum extension, you need a decent amount of water pressure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the full length. Also, the spray head is a bit tricky to use, but this is no more than a very minor niggle.

This is a hosepipe that we like a lot. It looks good and is extremely long at full extension. It’s a bit pricier than some options, but it’s still great value for money, making this another pick if you don’t mind paying a little extra for solid quality.


  • Stylish red and black colour – one of the most attractive versions we’ve seen
  • Extra-long model – expands to a maximum of 45m/150ft
  • 2-year guarantee – longer than many other brands
  • 10-mode spray head – among the best available
  • Brass connectors – durable and made to last


  • Needs high pressure for full expansion – otherwise can’t reach max length
  • Spray head a little tricky to use – but only a very minor issue

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Buyer’s guide

Expandable hoses are a fantastic innovation, but not all of them are the same. So to help you choose, let’s think about some of the important features you should look for when buying.


flexible garden hose
The Salutation Gardens

Most expandable hoses stretch to around three times their length when in use, so the first thing to look at is how long they are. To understand this, you should look at the length when empty as well as the length when fully expanded to make sure the one you buy is long enough.

Also, bear in mind that a common complaint is that expandable hoses don’t reach the full length stated by the manufacturer. This is because to reach full expansion, you need to have high enough water pressure – without which, your hose won’t be able to expand fully.


best expandable hose
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A key consideration is how durable an expandable hose is. Generally speaking, they are more susceptible to damage than standard rubber garden hoses, but some are tougher than others.

Look out for hoses with extra layers of tubing. These will cost more, but they are also less likely to burst or split, so you will probably find a more expensive version is a good investment since it will last longer.

Functions and settings

best expandable garden hose review
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Most expandable hoses come with spray heads with a range of settings – about eight is standard. More settings make the hose more versatile, so if you need it for a range of uses – from washing a dog to cleaning your car – make sure it gives you enough options.


expanding hose pipe
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Check which material the hose fittings are made from. The most expensive versions come with brass fittings, and this is the material that will last longest. Other metals won’t last as long but cost less – and plastic is the cheapest and least durable of all.

Also, remember to double-check that the fittings are compatible with the taps you have in your home before buying.


best expandable hose uk
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Don’t forget to check the warranty and refund details. Companies that trust their products will give you a longer warranty and will help you out if anything goes wrong. However, if you choose a hose with a shorter warranty, there will be nothing you can do if it breaks.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from, including those at bargain prices as well as others that cost a bit more while offering a higher level of quality.

If you’ve decided you want to try an expandable hose or replace an old one that’s had its day but you’re having trouble deciding which one to go for, any of the options in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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