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7 Best Electric Weed Burners of 2023 (UK) – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Weeds are the bane of many a gardener’s life, and when they move in, you either need to get on your knees and pull them up manually, which can be back-breaking work, or you can attack them with weedkiller, which will fill your garden with harmful chemicals.

However, there is another easier and more ecological option – you can turn to an electric weed burner and scorch them. And if that sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, here are our picks for best electric weed burner to help you find the right one for your needs.

Best Electric Garden Weed Burner UK


The Best Electric Weed Burner on UK Market 2023

1. ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Killer

ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Killer Hot Air Burner- No Chemicals Eco Friendly Wand Thermal Weeding Stick - up to 600 Degree Weeder Hot Air Blaster Torch for Garden, Patio, Driveway

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If you’re looking for a quick, easy and effective way to kill the weeds in your garden but you don’t want to turn to harmful chemicals, this electric weed burner could be just what you need.

Featuring a long handle, it’s designed to be comfortable to use. It isn’t heavy, and you won’t need to bend over all the time while dealing with weeds, so it should help reduce back pain.

This tool boasts a dual temperature function, so you can crank it up when you need to deal with more stubborn weed infestations, and it’s suitable for just about any surface, so you can use it almost anywhere.

Something we appreciate is the specially-designed cone that effectively focuses the heat onto the weeds. This means you can even use it close to plants you don’t want to kill without damaging them.

On the downside, we found the instructions to be a little lacking. Most of the information is about safety – which is important – but there’s less about how to actually use the tool. However, it’s relatively simple, so most people will be able to work it out.

Also, despite the temperatures it generates, it can sometimes take a while to kill the weeds, so you might need to have a bit of patience if you have lots to work through.

These minor negatives aside, this is among the best electric weed burners we’ve seen. It sells for a reasonable price, it’s easy to use and it gets the job done. So if that sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, this is an option that could be worth a look.


  • Concentrates heat effectively – target weeds while leaving the rest untouched
  • Suitable for all surfaces – can use it almost anywhere
  • Long handle – designed to reduce back pain
  • Dual temperature – choose the right setting for the job
  • Great low price – less expensive than some other options


  • Instructions a little lacking – need to work out how to use it yourself
  • A little slow – can take a while to kill weeds off

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2. NASUM Weed Burner Electric Weed Killer

Here’s another inexpensive yet effective weed-killing solution, this time from Nasum. This model has two heat modes, and on maximum power can generate 650°C, plenty to take care of the most irritating stubborn weeds.

We like the way that weeding with this is so accurate. You simply place it on the weeds you want to kill and give them a blast of heat for a few seconds. It doesn’t fry them to a crisp, but they won’t survive the assault, and you can then remove them easily later.

At the same time, you won’t find yourself scorching any plants you want to keep in the vicinity with excess heat, so this tool allows you to kill weeds while leaving the rest of your garden intact.

Another plus is that this weed burner boasts an ergonomic long handle that makes it easy to work with – and it helps you avoid developing back pain through too much bending.

On the downside, one issue we have is with the power lead since, at only 1.8m, it’s not long enough to let you work without an extension lead. However, it’s reasonable to expect to need an extension for working in the garden, so this is hardly a major problem.

Also, using this machine can be a little slow. You need to spend at least a few seconds on each individual weed, so it might be a long job if you have a heavy infestation.

Still, it’s quite relaxing to use, and it’s a far more ecological choice than throwing lots of weedkiller over your garden, so if you have plenty of time and you don’t want to introduce harmful chemicals into the environment, this could be a smart alternative.


  • Accurate weed-killing – target just the areas you want to work on
  • Multi-use – can be used for starting barbecues, and easy to change the nozzle
  • Decent maximum temperature – reaches 650°C
  • Ergonomic long handle – comfortable to hold and can be used standing up
  • Easy to work with – not difficult to understand


  • Can be slow going – especially if you have lots of weeds that need killing
  • Short cable – will need to use an extension lead


3. Parkland® 2000W Electric Weed Killer

Parkland® 2000W Electric Weed Killer Burner Wand Thermal Weeding Stick - up to 600 Degree Weeder Tool for Garden, Patio, Driveway by

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This weed burner from Parkland is easy to assemble right out of the box, meaning you can start burning your weeds in no time. We also like the way it has a removable handle, which makes it easier to store.

In terms of weed burning, this tool does its job well. Like other electric weed burners, you can’t expect it to scorch your weeds to a crisp in moments like a gas version would, but if you place it on the offending invaders for a few moments, they won’t stand much chance.

We like the special cone attachment that helps focus the heat onto one spot – this will ensure you only kill the weeds you want to destroy while leaving your plants and flowers alive. It has two temperature settings too, so you can give stubborn weeds a 600° roasting as required.

Another plus is that it comes with a second nozzle attachment designed for starting barbecues, which might come in handy if you haven’t quite mastered the art of getting your barbecue going with matches.

The only complaints we have are minor. You need to be careful when you fit the nozzle attachment or it might come off during use – and then you’ll have to wait for it to cool down before fitting it back on again.

Also, the power cable is only 1.3m, so it’s impossible to do anything without an extension lead – although it’s the same with almost any electric weed burner, so it’s just something you’ll need to accept.

Overall, a weed burner that does a job on your weeds without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s an ecological and practical solution for keeping weeds under control, and if that’s what you need, it’s an option that should be on your radar.


  • Easy to assemble – ready to go in just a few minutes
  • Precise cone – allows you to target just the weeds you need to burn
  • 2 temperature settings – 50°C and 600°C
  • Detachable handle – makes it easier to store
  • Can be used to start barbecues – comes with a special nozzle attachment


  • Nozzle can sometimes fall off – although this is not a huge issue
  • Very short 1.3m power cable – no way to use it without an extension lead

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4. Electric Weed Burner

Electric Weed Burner | Heat Gun | Barbecue Lighter 3 in 1, Garden Gear Weed Burner with 3M Cable and 5 Types of Nozzle, 80-650℃ Strong Weed Killer Tool Thermal Weeding Stick (Red)

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Many people enjoy gardening, but they don’t enjoy the aches and pains that some jobs can cause – and one of those jobs is the dreaded weeding.

If that sounds like a familiar story to you, this could be just the tool you need since it features a long shaft that minimises your need to bend over. It also boasts simple and intuitive controls, so just about anyone will be able to operate it.

When you turn this on your weeds, they won’t stand a chance thanks to the high temperatures it generates – on the maximum setting, it can reach 650°C.

Another advantage of this unit is that it comes with two different nozzle attachments. The first is suitable for regular weeding, allowing you to single out and blast away the weeds you want to eliminate while the second is great for killing stubborn weeds growing in crevices.

However, it’s not perfect, and there are a couple of negatives to mention. One is that it requires a lot of electricity to run, and since you need to spend a bit of time on each individual weed, after using it for a while, you might notice your electricity bill jumps up a bit.

Also, the end can get very hot, so you need to let it cool down before handling it – but this is just common sense for any kind of tool like this.

To summarise, this is an effective solution for removing weeds from your garden without hours of back-breaking work or the need to resort to chemical weedkillers. And if that sounds like an attractive proposition, this could be just the tool you’re looking for.


  • Long shaft – reduces the need for bending over
  • High temperature – maximum setting of 650°C
  • Easy controls – simple for anybody to use
  • Includes a second nozzle – perfect for getting at weeds growing in crevices
  • Effective solution – makes short work of any weeds you turn it on


  • Uses up a lot of electricity – you may see your bill going up a bit
  • End gets very hot – need to let it cool down after use

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5. groundlevel Quick & Easy 2000 Watt Electric Weed Burner

groundlevel Quick & Easy 2000 Watt Electric Weed Burner, 2 Heat Settings  Hand Held

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There are quite a few decent weed burners on the market, but this is among the most budget-friendly of them all. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform as well as the others though, because once you turn this on your weeds, you’ll see them dying off in short order.

We like the way this tool is so light, making it a great option if you’re worried about our strength or stamina. The removable handle is also convenient, making it easier to store, even if you only have limited space.

With this model, it’s also impressive how quickly it kills the weeds. Of course, you still have to spend time working on each area, but it does an efficient job of dealing with the weeds you use it on.

Furthermore, it also includes an attachment that can be used for starting barbecues, so you can get some extra use out of it, even when the weeds are in retreat.

However, it should be pointed out that weeds will inevitably make a comeback – you can’t expect to win the war after the first attack. But as long as you keep using it when they start reappearing, this tool offers a relatively effortless way to keep your weeds in check.

Also, this unit suffers from the same problem as most other similar versions in that it only has a short lead – but as long as you have a handy extension, this is hardly a big deal.

This is the kind of tool that will appeal to anyone who wants an easy and painless way to keep their garden under control and who also prefers not to spend more than necessary. And if that sounds like you, it’s a tool that should be on your shortlist of possibilities.


  • Lightweight model – very easy to handle
  • Removable handle – for ease of storage
  • Works fast – point it at your weeds for a few seconds and you’re done
  • Includes barbecue attachment – if you don’t want to do things the traditional way
  • Great low price – among the least expensive options


  • Short lead – but a common problem with tools like this
  • Some weeds can grow back – may need a few blasts to vanquish them

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6. DEKTON 2000W Electric Weed Burner

DEKTON 2000W Electric Weed Burner Killer Wand with 4 Heads - Hot Air Blaster Torch 650°c No Gas Chemical Free/No Chemicals - 100% Safe

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This weed burner from Dekton is compact and lightweight, making it easy for anyone to operate. It also has a retractable stand and a removable handle, so you won’t have any problems finding somewhere to store it.

It features two temperature settings and can reach 650°C on the most powerful mode, which leaves weeds with no chance. It comes with four head attachments, and we like the way the cone fitting allows you to target weeds accurately while leaving other plants untouched.

Another plus is the fact that it’s so easy to assemble – once you’ve unpacked it, you’ll be ready to start burning weeds in no time.

However, you should understand that this is intended as a budget option rather than a high-end tool. It isn’t top quality, but for the price you pay, it does the job it was designed for without any fuss.

That said, this is the kind of tool that’s better suited to removing the odd patch of weeds from your garden rather than for any large-scale de-weeding operations.

This means that if you accept it for what it is – an affordable electric weed burner that gets the job done – you should be more than satisfied with its performance.

However, if you are looking for something with superior build quality and performance, you might prefer to look elsewhere.


  • Includes 4 head attachments – for extra versatility
  • Cone attachment allows you to target weeds accurately – won’t burn other plants
  • Compact design – with retractable stand
  • Easy to assemble – ready to start burning in a short time
  • Very reasonable low price – good budget option


  • Not ideal for bigger jobs – but deals with smaller weed infestations well
  • Not a high-quality option – designed as an inexpensive weed burner

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7. Amtech U9010 Electric Garden Weed Burner

Amtech U9010 Electric Garden Weed Burner, 2000W, 2 Heat Settings, 2 Nozzles, Extension Handle

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This weed burner from Amtech is another solid budget-friendly option that will allow you to deal with weeds in your garden without the need to turn to harmful chemicals.

It comes with two head attachments, so you can use it to deal with all kinds of stubborn weeds. Furthermore, you can also use it for things like melting ice or stripping paint, making it a versatile tool that’s useful to own.

We appreciate the ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to hold, and it also includes a fold-out stand that gives you a safe way to stand it up while you wait for it to cool.

This is related to one of the problems with this tool, however, since it needs to be left to cool every 15 minutes to prevent it from overheating. This means you can’t use it for longer spells, making it less useful for bigger jobs.

Also, it takes a bit of time to kill each weed, and you need to be prepared to hold it over each one for a good few seconds, so again, it’s not perfect if you have large areas of weeds to deal with.

Having said that, if you only need to deal with more minor weed problems, it could still be a good pick – and if that’s all you need, at such a budget-friendly price, you can hardly go wrong.


  • Longer cable than other models – although still needs an extension
  • Comes with two nozzle heads – for dealing with difficult weeds
  • Versatile tool – can be used for other things like melting ice and stripping paint
  • Ergonomic handle – makes it comfortable to work with
  • Fold-out stand – so you can leave it to cool down after use


  • Need to pause every 15 minutes – to stop it overheating
  • Takes some time to kill each weed – need to hold it over the weed for a few seconds

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Buyer’s guide

If you’re on the lookout for an electric weed burner, you’re probably wondering about the kind of factors you should consider when making up your mind – so let’s think about that now.

Maximum temperature

A key feature of any weed burner is the maximum temperature it can reach since it needs to be able to produce enough heat to kill your weeds.

Most models can produce at least 600°C, but for a bit more power, you might prefer one with a maximum temperature of 650°. This extra heat will be more effective at killing the weeds and will also allow you to work more quickly.

Temperature settings

As well as the maximum setting, you should also check if a weed burner has other lower settings.

It might make sense to use the highest setting for maximum impact on the weeds, but there could also be other times when a lower temperature is useful, so buying a burner that has this option is a good idea.

Weedkilling speed

Check out how quickly any weed burner can kill weeds. Sometimes, you need to hold them over the weeds you are targeting for several seconds, and if you have a lot to work through, this can make the job last a lot longer.

Comfortable and lightweight

One of the advantages electric burners have over their gas-burning counterparts is that they are usually more lightweight and easier to work with.

Still, some are heavier or more unwieldy than others, so to make sure you will be able to use it comfortably and easily, make sure you choose one that isn’t too heavy and that is comfortable to hold.

Number of attachments

Most weed burners come with at least a couple of attachments, including cones for accurately targeting weeds without damaging other plants around them and heads that are designed to attack weeds hiding in crevices.

These are useful to have, so make sure the model you choose includes them.

Length of cable

A common problem with almost all electric weed burners is that they come with only a short power cable attached. This means whichever model you go for, you will almost certainly have to use an extension lead for working in your garden.

That said, some have longer cables than others. The shortest can be only around 1.3m while others offer you 1.8m or more. This extra length won’t be enough to allow you to work in the garden without an extension, but it will give you a little extra mobility and reach.


On the whole, weed burners are not expensive tools, but even if you are only paying a low price, there’s nothing wrong with buying a tool that can be put to other uses too.

Some can be used for things like starting barbecues, stripping paint or melting ice, and if you think this kind of thing will be useful for you, make sure you check it out before buying.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, when it comes to weed burners, there are plenty of great options to choose from, and many of them come with very reasonable price tags.

If you’ve decided you’d like an electric weed burner for your garden but you are having trouble making up your mind which to go for, any of the picks from our review would be a great place to start your search.

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