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7 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers of 2023 (UK) – Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Trimming hedges is tricky work. In the beginning, the shrubs barely graze your feet and you may put your back out from those awkward angles. As the fence grows to knee height, waist level, and eventually over your head, you need ladders, extension poles, and angular tools.

But lifting these gadgets over your shoulders is a risk. They’re heavy – they could fall on you. With all those blades and motors! It’s worse if your equipment has cords that could be sliced and cause nasty injuries. So let’s spot the best cordless hedge trimmer for your gardening needs.

The Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer In UK


The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer In UK Market 2023

1. Flymo SabreCut Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Flymo SabreCut XT 20V Li Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 20V Li-Ion Battery, 42cm Blade Length

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Cordless hedge trimmers are a bit like smartphones. In the sense that they use rechargeable batteries. These lithium-ion cells could be built-in or removable. So your two biggest worries are how long it takes to charge and how long it lasts per charge. If it’s a removable battery, the weight of the battery matters too. Because it adds to the overall weight of your hedge cutter.

This cordless Flymo uses a 20V battery. It ships with a 2.5Ah so it’s on the lighter side. (The mass of the trimmer – battery-inclusive – is 3.5kg.) It takes between 3 and 4 hours to fully charge and gives you 45 to 60 minutes of use per full charge. Cordless mowers in general have a different sense of balance than corded ones. The battery sits closer to your palm padding.

So you’ll need practice if you’re from the corded space. Especially when you’re trimming the top of the hedge. It’s usually way above your head so if you don’t get the balance right, you could dislocate your shoulder, cut the wrong spot, and/or ruin the whole hedge. This cordless trimmer makes it easier to reach those high hidden spots in two ways. One, it has a long 4cm blade.

At this width, you can effortlessly slice the tops off edges that are half a metre thick. Secondly, the blade has a pivot where it connects to the handle. This joint lets you adjust the blade angle. So you can cut vertically, horizontally, diagonally – you can even cut perpendicular spots at the tops or edges of your hedge. And the teeth on this blade are triangular and spaced 16mm apart.

Meaning you can saw through branches up to 1.5cm thick, give or take a millimetre. Because it’s battery-powered with average spacing, this trimmer is best for light monthly pruning. If you’re looking to repair the hedge after an extended holiday or a harsh winter, you’ll need something with wider spacing and/or a more powerful engine – possibly a petrol model.

Flymo cordless trimmers are slight and convenient. The adjustable angling lets you cut every part of the hedge in safety and comfort. And you can work for up to an hour on a single charge.


  • It has a tilting head and twin blades.
  • The mower uses a 20V battery.
  • Its telescopic handle extends to 2.45m.


  • It’s easy to mix up the corded/cordless versions and order the wrong one.

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2. Bosch 45W Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50–20 LI (1 battery, 18 volt system, stroke length: 20 mm, in carton packaging)

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If you’ve used different types of trimmers, you’ll know cordless ones aren’t as hardy as petrol-powered models. It’s not about construction or quality. It’s the mechanics. Think of it this way – If you have an electric, automatic, or hybrid car, it won’t do as well as manual cars when you’re driving off-road. So you’ll have a clearer conscience (environmentally speaking) but less force.

It’s why this otherwise efficient trimmer might scoff at heavier tasks. Yes, it has a wider gap between its teeth – 2mm. So in theory, it can cut cm twigs. But the motor doesn’t always keep up and it may still jam, no matter how many times you nudge the battery. That said, this cordless hedge trimmer has a lot going for it, so it’s still worth buying or monthly maintenance.

The teeth on this trimmer have three distinguishing factors. They have mixed heights. Some of their edges are curved. And some are as thick as 5mm. The teeth at the front are shorter. And have sharper edges. The rest of the teeth are curved with a jagged extension. The varied length, width, and shape of these teeth offer enhanced sawing functionality. Especially or tops and tips.

When you’re trimming against a wall or edging, the front to the blade can dent or crumple. So this Bosch is fitted with a sturdy blade guard to reduce friction and prevent damage. And the trimmer is light in general – just .5kg with the battery in place. So it will strain you far less. That’s helpful since the trimmer can power on for up to an hour once it’s fully charged.

Beyond physical jamming, electronic devices sometimes cut off due to signal interference. Maybe you’ve walked past the microwave or sound system and noticed feedback or static on your phone. This type of signal interruption can range from mildly annoying to potentially lethal in a heavy power tool. So the trimmer is fitted with syneon anti-jamming chips to prevent this.

The 50-20 Bosch cordless trimmer is tough and ruddy. Its hi-tech anti-jamming chips ensure seamless slicing … but from a physical perspective, the blade may still freeze on fatter branches.


  • It has a blade protector at the tip.
  • The teeth have mixed heights and shapes.
  • Their spacing is a generous 2omm.


  • It does sometimes struggle with thicker branches.

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3. Ryobi Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi OHT1850X ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 18 V (Body only) , Yellow

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Trimmers tend to use darker colours. When they do get bold, they go or orange or red. Dark green is common too. So the neon yellowish-green on this trimmer will grab your eye in the hardware aisle. But eye-candy aside, let’s see what features it offers. Adjustable trimming angles are among the most helpful features on any hedge trimmer. And this Ryobi has two options.

The blade has a pivot you can swing into our positions. So you can cut straight up, straight across, or even at right angles. It’s an essential factor when you’re trying to form a straight edge along the top or border of your hedge. And to avoid hurting your wrist as your wrangle the trimmer into tight corners and awkward angles, the rear handle of the trimmer turns too.

This lets you twist the hand-hold without contorting your and muscles. The trimmer has two handles. The rotating back handle has the standard grip and design you expect from hedge trimmers. The auxiliary front handle is more rounded and has thicker padding. It helps you balance and control the trimmer. This pruner uses a rechargeable 18V lithium-ion battery.

But this particular model is ‘body only’. That happens sometimes if you order online. So double-check the listing to ensure your model comes with a battery and a charger. This might be because Ryobi batteries can power over 00 devices. So if you already have another Ryobi power tool, you may not need a new battery and charger. And these batteries are rarely sold separately.

Specs-wise, the trimmer has a 50cm blade and weighs 3.2kg. Its teeth are a mix of short trapezoids and longer teeth with jutting heads. This alignment is more effective since it simultaneously attacks twigs. You can saw through the larger branches on the forward push and snag the shorter sticks on the rear rev. The teeth are spaced 16mm apart with hedge sweepers.

When you just want the body (because you already have a battery), you can order this cordless trimmer. Its hedge-sweeping feature collects clippings so there’s less clean-up after you’re done.


  • You can tilt the head into 4 positions.
  • The trimmer handle rotates as well.
  • The trigger is centred or easier access.


  • This model isn’t compatible with Ryobi extension poles.

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4. Dewalt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

DEWALT DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer, Bare Unit, Yellow

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Ever since we discovered online shopping, we’re paying closer attention to warranties and refunds. But if you’re buying from a third party (like Amazon) or shipping overseas, you may need an even keener eye. Why? The warranty isn’t always global, so it may not apply to your location. Also, some sellers assume the Amazon warranty supersedes their brand warranty.

In such cases, you’ll have a hard time claiming free spares and repairs. This Dewalt trimmer often experiences such challenges. Just as an example, it doesn’t ship to Belfast so if you have it delivered to mainland UK then couriered to you, you may get a surprise when you try to get assistance from the brand. But let’s focus on the specific things we like about this trimmer.

This cordless trimmer has curiously-shaped teeth on both sides of its blade. The teeth are triangular with a small look and a curved head. And the ace opposite sides. So the teeth on the right may have their flat face upwards while the opposite ones have their bevelled teeth facing up. This means you get double cutting action as the motor pulls the blade back and forth.

The blade itself is cast from hardened steel so it lasts far longer than competing brands. The teeth are spaced 19mm apart so you can saw through medium twigs and branches. This trimmer has a 55cm blade and two handles. In models with two handles, the auxiliary one is placed further down the sat to help with balance. And its position is often adjustable. That’s not the case here.

This trimmer has a fixed height and you can’t change the trimming angle so the auxiliary handle stays permanently closer to the main handle. The trimmer runs for 75 minutes on a 5Ah battery but it doesn’t come in the shipping box – you’d have to order it separately. But you can also use a 1.5Ah battery or lower, as long as it’s 18V. But lower Ah cells will give you a shorter run time.

The warm yellow tone of this Dewalt cordless trimmer will brighten your garden shed. And its elongated blade can hit higher branches comfortably. But don’t forget to order a lithium cell.


  • The teeth have 19mm spacing.
  • It can run up to 75 minutes on a full charge.
  • Its double-sided blade is 55cm long.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery and you can’t extend the pole.

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5. Black + Decker Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer

Gardening is a popular habit or your ‘second chapter’. This could mean you’ve just retired, are transitioning to be a stay-at-home parent, or maybe you’re just sheltering in place. Either way, you’re looking for a less energetic pace, so cordless power tools are a must-have. You’ll achieve tough tasks with minimal effort so you have tonnes of time to relax and daydream as you work.

This hedge trimmer fits all those bills. It runs on a 36V battery that charges in an hour and gives you an hour of run time. The blade is 55cm and is built to tackle tough branches. You can tell because the 2.2cm spacing is good for mid-sized branches. But while the spacing is broad, the blade material is selected with lightness in mind. So it sometimes bends when it hits hard twigs.

If the blade sticks, you can use the anti-jamming button to dislodge it. You can also use the auxiliary wraparound handle or extra control and leverage as you try to unjam the trimmer. Just be careful to avoid hurting yourself with sudden tugs o momentum. Also, this isn’t a telescopic trimmer. It has no extension poles, so you’re working closer to the blade as you prune the hedge.

This means you’re more exposed to stray clippings and the loud engine. So always wear gloves, ear muffs, and goggles to avoid injury. The Black + Decker trimmer has a double-sided blade and there’s a handguard beside the helper handle. It protects you from accidentally cutting yourself, and it’s a thoughtful touch. The trimmer comes with a 2Ah fast-charging battery.

It’s easy to use this trimmer. At 3.1 kilos, you can manoeuvre it without a strap. Which helps, because it doesn’t come with one. But it does come with the reputation of the B+D brand. Enjoy!


  • Its motor spins at 1300rpm.
  • The 55cm blade has teeth spaced 22mm apart.
  • The trimmer has built-in anti-jamming tools.


  • The blade bends if you handle it too roughly.


6. VonHaus Cordless Hedge Trimmer

VonHaus Cordless Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer 20V MAX. Battery – Extendable Reach, Hedge Cutter with Dual Action Blades, Electric Hedge Trimmer, 135º Adjustable Trimmer Head, 2 Year Warranty

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When a manufacturer is discussing the merits of its angular blade, they’ll talk about the pivot range. So they might mention horizontal + vertical trimming. Or they might say their trimming is ideal or right-angled edges. This VonHaus does a bit more than that because the blade can tilt both ways. It folds forwards up to 90° or backwards up to -45°, a total bending range of 135°.

This offers more flexibility while trimming and avoids sprained arms and shoulder injuries. This trimmer has an extension pole that adds 2.44m to your trimming height. And it needs assembly. The instructions are helpful, but watch video tutorials if you need clarification. The trimmer has a two-step ‘dead man’ trigger or safety, but it niggles at your hand after prolonged use.

The hedge trimmer has an auxiliary wraparound handle. It’s held in place by a rotary knob so you can always unscrew it if you don’t need it. But that helper handle is great for balance and direction when you’re using the pole extension. This trimmer has a 45cm blade with teeth on both sides. The teeth are spaced 16mm apart and the hedge pruner weighs 3.74kg fully loaded.

The 20V battery takes an hour to charge and runs or almost an hour before it needs recharging. (Roughly 50 minutes.) The blade and teeth are crated with diamond grinders and cut with laser precision so they retain their sharpness longer. This VonHaus device carries a 2-year warranty and they’re great about honouring it within the UK. Get the right battery so you don’t void it.

The curvy-shaped blades and tip protector expand the lifespan of this hedge cutter. Its shoulder strap makes it easier to lug your device along the fence. Plus it charges in under an hour


  • It has an extension pole or added reach.
  • Its battery fits over 200 VonHaus gadgets.
  • The shouldered harness distributes weight effectively.


  • You can’t order a standalone battery. You’d have to get a new device that has a battery bundled in its crate. But with over 00 compatible devices, almost any VonHaus will do.

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7. Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Our Top Pick)

Makita DUH523Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 52cm Hedge Trimmer - Batteries and Charger Not Included

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If you’ve seen fancy topiary from a distance, you probably assume those plans are soft and fluffy. But if you ever hid in a hedge or ell into a bush, you know those lush leaves hide sticks and twigs of different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. So while it’s easier to fashion a blade with identically serrated teeth, it’s not the most practical design or an effective hedge trimmer.

Enter mixed-height trimmers. They can tackle short and long branches in the same stroke. So some of the smaller twigs that slip under the longer ones will still get snagged. And you know how you sometimes tug a branch and it snaps back? If the shorter sections of the hedge catch the shorter blades, the longer teeth will grab them as they spring back. Two cuts in one pass. Nice!

The shorter teeth have straight tips while the longer teeth have curved ones. So you also get two types of cuts or a cleaner, neater result. This Makita is a fairly speedy trimmer. Its motor runs at 1350rpm. That’s nowhere close to petrol trimmers, but it’s a good pace for cordless ones. The trimmer has a main handle with rubberised padding and a helper handle that’s a wraparound.

This auxiliary handle isn’t removable. And it’s positioned closer to the main handle, a departure from rival models. It has a handguard separating both handles from the blade. This simple accessory is crucial because the teeth on this trimmer run almost to the hilt. So without that plastic protector, you’d be slicing much more than twigs and leaves. And it as a warning light.

The LED indicates battery levels rather than safety measures, but it does remind you when you need to find a socket. And you’ll need to find said battery as well since this trimmer doesn’t ship with one. The nickel blade is stain-free nickel so you won’t have to struggle with grassy smudges. And the trimmer has cushioning built in to reduce vibrations. It has a 3-year product warranty.

You don’t have to stress about keeping your Makita hedge trimmer sharp and usable. When the nickel-plated blade gets too dull, you can swap out the entire blade without messing the housing.


  • It has five ‘cushions’ that cut down vibration.
  • The blade is 52cm long and has 15mm spacing.
  • The battery protector auto-shuts the device.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery so remember to source one separately.

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Buying Guide

battery powered hedge trimmer
battery powered hedge trimmer

On average, hedge trimmers weigh kilos or more. So when you’re shopping for the best cordless hedge trimmer, you’re considering usability, muscle strain, and safety. Let’s find out the most important features to look out for while you shop. We’ll focus on locally available trimmers.

Battery Power

Cordless hedge trimmers are powered by rechargeable batteries. Usually, these batteries are 18 to 20V. Some hedge trimmers use a single battery while others use two. When you’re buying the trimmer, confirm the store or brand’s battery policy. Some models have interchangeable batteries that can be used in other power tools. And some stores sell spares and replacements.

But other brands won’t sell you a standalone battery – you’d have to buy a new device that’s bundled with a battery. Keep an eye on the rating too. Yes, the battery may be 20V, but it will last longer depending on whether it’s a 2Ah, 3Ah, or even 6Ah. Higher ratings take longer to charge (and are physically heavier), but they’ll also run longer before they need re-plugging.

Sizing Factors

The less your trimmer weighs, the longer you can work without tiring yourself out. So look or the least weight you can get away with given the features you need. Check or length as well. The taller the better, especially as your hedge reaches maturity. You want a trimmer that can cut at least 6 feet up – 10 is even better. Extension poles are useful or this, so confirm their maximum.

Another sizing factor is the teeth on your trimmer. The gap between teeth will influence the type o branches you can prune. If the width of a branch is thicker than the gap between teeth, your hedge trimmer won’t saw through it. It may end up jamming or cutting out. This gap is generally listed in millimetres. Bigger tooth gaps are better for established hedges with thicker branches.

Blade Specs

We’ve touched on teeth – a common spec or spacing is 16mm. This figure describes the gaps between the tips of your trimmer’s teeth. But the shape o said teeth could shit the spacing along the flank and base of your trimmer teeth. For example, some trimmer teeth have curved edges or serrated sides. These shapes can enhance your sawing action as your prune the fence.

Apart from the teeth and the pole, look at the length of the blade itself. It could be anything from 10 to 45cm. for thick, established hedges you want a blade that’s long enough to cover a cross-section of the hedge. Especially in the top sections that you can’t see. Look for sturdy, steel blades. It helps if the trimmer has a pivot that lets you change the blade angle for tops and sides.

Cordless Convenience

Looking at all these actors, we recommend buying the Makita. Here’s why:

  • Its teeth have mixed shapes and heights.
  • The auxiliary trigger serves as a safety measure.
  • The blade is 22 inches long with teeth spaced 15mm apart.
  • You can fit a new blade without unscrewing the trimmer casing.
  • It’s quieter and gentler than average because it has anti-vibration cushioning.
  • The blade is nickel-plated silver.
  • The red battery light reminds you to recharge.
  • If you don’t recharge, the trimmer shuts down automatically to protect the battery.

Which cordless hedge trimmer are you using currently? Show us photos in the comments!

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