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December Dining

Open every day throughout December, we’re as committed to Christmas as a six-year old child. With seasonal menus available to anyone from single diners to large groups, we aim to offer special experiences for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

On Christmas Eve, we go all out with a full tasting menu and then, come the big day itself, welcome guests for a spectacular Christmas Day lunch, done the way only The Salutation can.

On Boxing Day, we’re all set to keep feeding those who’ve yet to have their festive fill, and we continue each day right through to December 31st, where we usher in the New Year with another all-bells-and-whistles tasting menu, for a special celebratory evening.

So whatever day you have in mind over the holiday season, we’ve got something perfect for you.

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There is a remarkable breakdown of taste and intelligence at Christmastime. P J O'Rourke

Dorothy's lantern drawing