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10 Best Children’s Gardening Tools, Set & Kit of 2023 (UK)

Some people see kids as tiny adults. So they dress (and address) them in miniature versions of grown-up products. In some scenarios, this can be useful. Letting children play with kid-sized tools and kitchen appliances can build responsibility and character. It can also be a good bonding project. They’re with you, watching you, copying you, learning from you.

It takes patience to avoid taking over. Let them fumble along and build their confidence. Even if it means more clean-up later. Let’s explore the best children’s gardening tools. We’ll begin with a comprehensive list of kid-appropriate tools and go from there.

The Best Children’s Gardening Set & Kit


The Best Children’s Gardening Tools on UK Market 2023

1. Fairytale Magical Cottage Gardening Set

deAO Fairy Tale DIY Miniature Gardening Magical Cottage Play Set and Gardening Accessories for Kids

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It’s not that modern parents don’t love their kids. It’s just that we’re so busy working and paying bills. And we sometimes forget that while our kids need to eat and have clean clothes, they also need to play. With us. And this gardening set is the perfect bonding tool. Magical Cottage is a comprehensive kit that has seeds, soil, flower pots, tools, and a watering can.

The kit also includes tiny garden furniture. The kids can’t use these tools alone so it’s a good opportunity to spend them, learning as you play. The seeds and soil will grow into actual grass. And when your kids construct their little cottage, the doorbell sings and the house lights up. These tools are a mix of colours and textures that will delight their little senses.

The toys are smaller than they look though. The cottage is barely a foot tall once you build it. This sizing means you shouldn’t let kids under 3 years play with these toys. But the chairs, mushrooms, and parasols incorporate imaginative play. So these gardening tools engage their hands as well as their minds. And the instruction booklet can be good reading practice.

Spend an afternoon playing and planting with your little ones. This gardening kit includes tools, pots, soil, and seeds. It plays music and has glowing lights. Don’t forget the batteries!


  • The set includes seeds and flower pots.
  • They’re interactive, complete with lights and sounds.
  • It has furniture that extends gardening into ‘playing house’.


  • These seeds will let you grow grass … but kids would be more excited by flower seeds.

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2. Little Gardeners Mimosa Kit

Johnsons Little Gardeners Moving Mimosa Grow Kit - Multi-Colour

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What do you want your kids to get out of their gardening tools? Do you want them to get their fingers dirty and overcome their fear of bugs and worms? Or is this a gateway tool to prepare them for the family landscaping business? Maybe you just want a more constructive way for them to play with mud. It’s important to clarify your goals or this may not be for you.

How so? This children’s garden kit is focused on plant growth. So you get mimosa Seeds (or strawberry seeds or sunflower seeds, depending on which pack you buy). You also get a 2-litre plant pot and a pack of compost. But the kit doesn’t include tools. You’d have to buy kiddie gardening tools separately or share your adult-sized tools with your little one.

The kit does come with clear instructions, activity suggestions, and fun stickers. And this is a long-term project because you (and the kids) will need to weed, water, and monitor your Mimosas. They’re tailored for indoor growing since cold and frost may damage the plants. At least at first. Once the plants take, you can move them to a balcony or the main garden.

Teach your kids life lessons with this garden kit. They can plant the seeds and watch them grow into sunflowers, mimosas, or strawberries. It’s a good introduction to the circle of life.


  • The kit includes seeds and compost.
  • The activity sleeve offers extra gardening ideas.
  • Johnsons offers additional kits for sunflowers and strawberries.


  • Turns out the seeds are pretty sensitive. You need to grow them indoors. Also, if you’re a gardener yourself, it may irritate you that the pack doesn’t specify the breed or variety of plants you’ll produce.

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3. Bosch Garden Set (Our Top Pick)

Theo Klein 2752 Bosch Garden Set with Wheelbarrow I With Shovel, Rake and Gardening Gloves I Toy for Children Aged 3 Years and up

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Kids are funny. Set them to an intricate activity (like pruning or weeding) and they’ll soon get bored of the routine and repetition. Most kids want the kind of task they can finish and move on to the next. Which is why gardening teaches them patience, focus, and the natural pace of life. But this specific Bosch garden set has an added benefit – it keeps them moving.

The kit has a wheelbarrow, a shovel, a rake, and gardening gloves. The gloves are a nice touch because you can sneak in lessons on hygiene, safety, and cleaning up after yourself. Especially for garden tools, which even adults leave lying around the yard. This three-tool selection encourages tasks like picking up garden implements, clearing litter, or working compost.

These are helpful garden jobs because they involve physical exertion and will tire the kids out. Plus, these are tools they can play with on their own. No sharp edges or injuries waiting to happen. It also encouraged group play and sharing. But the tools are on the smaller side. The seller suggests ages 3 to 10 but the barrow can barely fit a 4-year-old so try a bigger one.

This gardening kit has a wheelbarrow that’s about one foot tall and 70cm long. The shovel and rake have comparable dimensions. The plastic is sturdy and can survive rough-housing.


  • It German-made so you’re assured of quality.
  • The kit includes a wheelbarrow.
  • The bright plastic is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The tools are on the smaller side for the suggested age.

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4. Grow Your Own Jack’s Beanstalk

Children's Grow Your Own Jack's Beanstalk with Turtle Plant Marker

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Kids are impulsive and impatient. (“Are we there yet!?!”). So teaching them the patterns of nature can help them slow down and smell the roses. Especially of they planted said flowers themselves. But Tudors may be a touch beyond your little one’s ability. Or even yours as their parent! So start with something simple, like beans – the go-to for every germination lesson.

It’s a good science prompt, and because beans are edible, you can extend it to a cooking class once the bean sprouts fresh pods. This children’s gardening kit has beans, a plant pot, a plant tray, a growth peg, and a book with careful instructions and notes. They guide your child through every stage of bean growth, showing them what to do and what to expect.

Of course, this kit doesn’t contain tools. So you’ll have to buy a working set. But the booklet will develop their reading and comprehension skills as they understand and implement those tips. And the pack comes with puck-shaped compost cubes. They’re easier to use than raw compost. And easier to clean up too. If they don’t already know, tell your kids about Jack!

Want a bowl of beans for breakfast? Prime your kids for yard work by helping them grow thus beanstalk, harvest the legumes, dry them, and bake them in sauce with bacon and eggs!


  • It prompts imaginative play because ‘beanstalk’.
  • The guide book makes this a long-term project.
  • The compost cubes are fun and convenient.


  • It has no actual gardening tools.

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5. Small Foot Garden & Beach Set

small foot 1710 Play tools garden and beach set in carry bag, 6 tools with wooden shaft and metal head incl watering can

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Kids love playing with water and mud. So children’s gardening tools can feel like a treasure chest. Especially when the tool kit includes beach toys and a snazzy tote bag. This toy teaches your kid so many lessons. And they’ll love learning these lessons because it’s camouflaged in play. Want them to clear their toys after they play? Buy them a set of these and watch.

They’re tools, so they have to be rinsed after playing. That teaches hygiene. They come in a drawstring bag with a designated slot for each tool. So the kids can tell when one is missing. That teaches responsibility and ‘looking after your things’. The toys come in bright colours and each tool has a different shape and function. That teaches them hues and numbers.

These tools have wooden handles and metal blades so they’re durable. And they’re just the right size for little hands. And the plastic watering can has a spray-nozzle attachment. Your kids will adore playing with this. So whether they’re mucking around in the sandpit or helping you out in the garden, this practical toy is educational, functional, and fun.

Smallfoot gardening tools are colourful enough to catch your children’s eye. And sturdy enough to survive rough handling. They’re easy to clean, but avoid them for kids under 3.


  • The tools come with a handy tool bag.
  • The kids can use them in the garden and at the beach.
  • They’re made of mixed materials for added stimulation.


  • The watering can will collapse before the other tools so. Which is sad, because it’s probably your kid’s favourite – it’s a parentally sanctioned excuse to get wet!

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6. Little Pals Mixed-Handle Tool Kit

Little Pals Children Garden Tool Kit

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You know your children best. Would they be more excited by colourful toy tools or would they dismiss them as ‘kids’ stuff’? If your offspring are contentiously precocious, they mat this is the best set of children’s gardening tools for them. Apart from their shrunken size, they don’t look like toys at all. They have wooden handles and green metal bottoms with loops.

The green string loops are great for hanging the tools in the shed. And when the kids are planning their garden chores, they can use the drawstring shoulder bag to move the tools around. Your kids can hang out with you in the garden and mimic your actions as you shovel dirt, rake leaves, or turn the compost. The tool kit contains a long spade and a garden rake.

The tool kit also has a 20cm trowel and a hand-held garden fork. So instead of just playing farmer, your kids can get involved in actual yard work. And they’ll teach you good habits too. You’d never let them stash muddy tools in that pristine tool bag so it will force you to clean, dry, and store your tools as well. The tools are safe and suitable for kids aged 3 to 10 years.

To get your kids interested in nature and outdoor chores, buy them this set of tools. They have 85cm handles and ‘blade’ heads that range from 7cm (trowel) to 22cm (rake).


  • The tools come with a colourful storage bag.
  • It also comes with cotton gardening gloves.
  • They’re sturdy enough for harsh garden work.


  • The ‘teeth’ on the rake tend to bend so keep a pair of straightening pliers handy.

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7. Jardineer Kids Gardening Set

Jardineer Kids Gardening Set Metal Pink– Gardening Tools for Kids Gardening Gloves and Tote Bag

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Kids are a lot like adults – give us a snazzy new outfit and we will gladly tackle anything. And this children’s gardening tool kit comes with its own uniform! You get a pair of cotton gloves with adjustable elastic – meaning it can grow with your little one’s hands. You also get a bright green waterproof apron to keep frocks and pants soil-free. The hat comes separately.

To carry your tools, a pretty pocketed tote bag is large enough to keep each tool in a dedicated slot. Then you have a watering can and three short-handled tools (spade, rake, and trowel. The gloves are 7 inches long while the watering can is 6.3 inches tall. The tool bag is 20cm tall and 30cm wide so it’s big enough to not feel like a toy. Kids will love it.

This type of toy teaches kids an important lesson – everything in its right place. This will keep their rooms tidier … but it also trains kids to prioritise their tasks and organise their thinking. It’s a crucial mental and psychological skill as well as a practical one. These tools have wooden handles but the ‘blades’ are made of tough plastic. The toy dye is toxin-free.

Get yourself a stylish garden helper by investing in this children’s tool kit. That apron will likely follow them out of the yard and into the kitchen where they’ll gladly help with chores.


  • The kit comes with an apron, a bag, and gloves.
  • That bright green paint is child-friendly and non-toxic.
  • They can double as beach tools.


  • Green was probably chosen because it’s unisex (plus it’s the colour of plants) but kids may prefer an option in their favourite colour.

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8. Windhager Children’s Gardening Kit

Windhager Children's 5-Piece Garden Tools Set

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Regardless of their history, you’ve got to love German attention to detail. This comes out clearly in the specificity of their language. They seem to have targeted words for minute objects, scents, and sensations. Case in point, we all know about schadenfreude, but have you heard aufhängebohrung? It’s the hole on a tool handle, used to hang the tool on a hook.

So yes, each of the tools in the kids’ gardening kit has an(?) aufhängebohrung in its wooden handle. These handles are 76cm long so they’re a good transition tool between hand-held tools and adult ones. This set comes with a spade, a slanted shovel, a regular rake, a garden fork, and a stiff-bristled outdoor broom. And the colour selection suggests the target age too.

Instead of the standard blues and greens of nursery school kids, these tools come in orange, powder blue, burgundy, pale purple, and lime green – somewhat secondary colours. The handles are 24mm in diameter so they offer a comfy grip for tween palms. The tools come pre-assembled and the blades are firmly fixed on their handles. The handles are pine wood.

With this pretty set of tools in your children’s corner of the shed, they’ll be begging to help with the yard work. Training them to clan and hang their tools by their aufhängebohrung.


  • The tool ‘heads’ come in a colourful pallet.
  • They have long 29.9-inch handles.
  • Said handles are sanded smooth to prevent scratches or splinters.


  • The quality is great but given the long wooden handles, gloves may be good.

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9. Nouvcoo Children’s Gardening Set

NOUVCOO Children's Gardening Set Gardening Tools Kids Gardening Toys Garden Play Game Kits with Gloves for Vegetable, Flowers, Lawn or Indoors (gold)

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Let’s get back to the realm of helpful toddlers. Studies suggest western parents inadvertently discourage kids from being getting involved in housework. When they’re little, they’re eager to assist. But they often make a mess so you shoo them away and take over. Soon, they take the hint and stop ‘helping’. By teenage, you wonder why you can’t get them to do any chores.

If your kids are under 5y ears, the problem is an easy one to fix. Get them a tool kit like this one. It’s playful enough that it won’t feel like work. And it will build their work ethic. But you know what’s an even more important lesson? Parents emphasise sharing and teamwork.

But giving kids their own stuff teaches them to look after their property. They learn the pride of ownership and personal responsibility. So buy this tool kit and watch your kids thrive. The kit includes a watering can and a book that advises them on the best and easiest vegetables to grow. Read the book with them. Then go to the store together and buy the right seed(ling)s.

Looking to teach your kids multiple lessons with the same set of toys? Try this set. The hand-tools are about 20cm tall and the gloves are dotted with rubber to enhance your kids’ grip.


  • These bright colours will excite little eyes.
  • The tool bag will make your kids feel all grown up.
  • The gardening kit includes a veggie book.


  • These may seem too toy-like for over-achieving kids.

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10. Little Pals Bucket Set

Little Pals 7-LP380 Children's Gardening Kit - Pink

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Packaging is everything. It’s what grabs your attention at the store and it will certainly sway your decision. So when you first look at this box, it promises the best children’s gardening tools. The bag is overstuffed so you’d think you’re getting quite the bargain. And you are – at least in terms of quality. The tools have sturdy metal blades/forks and firm wooden handles.

But there are only two – one hand-held trowel and one hand-held fork. The bulk of the bag contains a bucket, plant markers, and gloves. So while your children will love the bright colours and the cool bag (gloves are especially popular because they feel very grown-up), you’ll probably have to buy supplementary tools for more authentic garden activities.

These tools may be few but they’re apt for use. The gloves have grip dots and the bucket has an insulated wooden grip as well. The colourful metal heads are durable but kid-friendly.


  • The tool kit includes a bucket and hand-held tools.
  • You can order it in pink or blue.
  • These tools have timber handles and metal heads.


  • The box seems like it has a lot of tools … but it’s just a trowel and a fork.

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Buying Guide

Children’s Gardening Set

When you’re shopping for kids, you want to spend as little as possible. Why? Because your children will break the thing in minutes. And even if they don’t ruin their new item, they’ll soon get bored and abandon it. But you don’t want it so cheap it barely survives the trip home. So let’s look at a few selection tips for the best children’s gardening tools.

Size and Functionality

Little kids have little hands and their tools should fit those tiny limbs. It’s not just about miniaturising adult tools. You want the items to be smaller, but also lighter so the kids can use them without getting hurt. The tool still needs to be effective, but it shouldn’t trigger injuries. For example, a baby hammer needs enough pivot power to … hammer effectively.

But it shouldn’t be strong enough to smash fingers. And while it needs to be light enough to lift, it needs balance between the handle and the claw. Your tool handles should offer a comfortable grip without straining your children or causing blisters. And the parts of the tool should be firm. Avoid small screws and bits that may fall off and accidentally get swallowed.

Texture and Colour

Gardening tools are immersive and educational. Kids learn about plants and soil while improving their spatial skills and hand-eye coordination. They’re touching soil, seeds, leaves, and flowers, and these all have different scents and textures. The tools should similarly have textural mixes for tactile learning. Texture helps your kids’ dexterity since the tools slip less.

But you also want the tools smooth enough to avoid bruising fingers or snagging on clothes. So the tools should be sanded smooth or coloured in non-toxic paint. Colourful coats are useful to keep kids stimulated as they garden. A mix of shapes, lines, and colours can be both decorative and fun for the kids. And they’ll work longer if they’re enjoying themselves.

Age and Ability

This may seem obvious, but it does need a little forethought. In toys, clothes, and other items, the age markings are based on height, length, and weight. But lots of kids are larger or smaller than their age. So look at your kid and buy an age up or down as needed. And think about what they can realistically do. A tween may be safe weeding or pruning small plants.

So they can safely handle something with large handles and blades – but only if your eyes are on them constantly. A toddler is better off with a watering can or garden hose. And they’ll enjoy it more – it’s an excuse to splash around and get wet! Just have the washing machine and the bathtub ready for post-garden clean-up. For young teens ‘short adult tools’ are fine.

Perfect Planters

To develop your kids’ green thumbs, we recommend buying Bosch. Here’s why:

  • The founders are a family-friendly couple so they can tap into your kids’ needs.
  • It comes with a wheelbarrow, which you don’t get in a lot of toy garden sets.
  • The tools are made of smooth, durable plastic.
  • Apart from the barrow, the kit has a rake and a shovel.
  • The included gloves keep your kids conscious of hygiene and safety.
  • You can expand this pack with other Bosch tools (e.g. lawnmower, leaf-blower etc.).

What gardening tools do your kids use? Show us some photos in the comments!

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