How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

Whether you’re reseeding an existing lawn or starting from scratch, there’s lots of advice on the process to follow. But when I was creating my lawn, my first question was, “How much grass seed do I need?” Getting the coverage right is one of the most important parts of the job. Too little, and you’ll … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Lay Turf

If you want to get your new lawn in place and looking great quickly, you can’t beat turf. Just unroll it where you want it, and you’ll have a beautiful green surface. Simple, right?! But as anyone who’s ever laid turf knows, the reality isn’t quite that straightforward. Dried, curling edges, dead grass, and lumps … Read more

How to Aerate Lawn (5 Tips)

How to Aerate Lawn? (5 Tips)

Aeration is an important yet often overlooked aspect of lawn care that can restore a ragged lawn to its former glory and help it thrive. And to help, here’s our guide to how to aerate a lawn to give you all the information you need. For a video of some of the stuff we’re going … Read more

Can You Cut Wet Grass

Can You Cut Wet Grass?

We’ve all been there – your lawn has got out of hand, but you have no time to cut it. And when you finally get a moment to bring out the mower, the heavens open! So can you cut wet grass? What happens if you do? And how long do you need to wait after … Read more

Red Thread Lawn

Red Thread Lawn: How Do You Prevent It?

Many diseases can affect lawns, but one of the most common in the UK is red thread. This fungal infection can leave unsightly patches of discoloured grass, and when it strikes, you will want to take care of it as quickly as possible. To help, here’s our guide to red thread lawn to explain what … Read more

Iron Sulphate on Lawns and Moss Is It really a Good Idea

Iron Sulphate on Lawns and Moss: Is It really a Good Idea?

Moss is a challenge in lawns around the country. It can turn your beautiful green grass into a yellowing, spongy mess! Iron sulphate is often cited as a great way to control your moss problem. But is that really true? And if it is, how do you use it to get the best results? We’re … Read more

What's the Best Time to Sow Grass Seed in UK

What’s the Best Time to Sow Grass Seed in UK

Sowing grass seed is a great way to get a lush green lawn without the expense of buying turf. But what seed should you use? How should you prepare the ground? And perhaps most important of all – when should you sow your lawn in the first place? That’s where we come in! We’re going … Read more

How to Use a Lawn Aerator

15 Tips to Use a Lawn Aerator

Ordinarily, earthworms (and moles and termites) aerate the soil. And we’re happy with the worms. Less so with the burrowers and rodents. But when you’re looking at a lawn in need of ‘refurbishing’, a lawn aerator is an important tool. You can use different devices to aerate your lawn. And they look a lot alike. … Read more

When to Mow the Lawn (7 Tips)

When to Mow the Lawn? (7 Tips)

Most people understand that mowing is a key aspect of the annual lawn care cycle, and when it comes to cutting grass, timing is critical. To help you get it right and achieve the best results, here’s our guide to when to mow the lawn & 7 tips for how to do it. If you … Read more

What is Lawn Sand & 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It

What is Lawn Sand & 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It

Nowadays, lawn sand has fallen out of favour – so much so that many people haven’t even heard of it. Yet it was once a popular lawn treatment, and it still has value today – and if you want to know more, here we talk about what is lawn sand & 5 reasons why you … Read more