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Take a little of the gardens home…

Absolutely all of the plants for sale have been grown on site in the nursery and are featured in various locations throughout The Salutation Gardens.

Wander through the gardens and see how particular plants appear when fully mature and how they interact with other plants in terms of structure and colour.

The dedicated team of gardeners are also on hand to answer any questions on how to grow the plants on sale, and to offer help and advice on any aspect of your own garden projects.

Contact head gardener Steve Edney

Twitter: @stevenedney4

Also on sale are coir pots – fully biodegradable planting pots made from coconut fibre which are a fantastic alternative to plastic or terracotta versions and a must for any green-minded gardener. They retain their shape for three-to-five years and only break down once placed in an environment where natural breakdown occurs.

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