Owners of The Salutation

Owners of The Salutation

Dominic & Stephanie Parker

Dominic and Stephanie Parker, the owners of the marvellous Salutation have been rather busy of late!

Back in January Dom and Steph were asked to appear on the Channel 4 show Four In A Bed. The main premise of this show is that 4 bed and breakfast owners allow other B&B owners into their establishment, stay the night and then have breakfast in the morning. They all then choose to pay what they deem a fair price for the duration of the stay.

Unfortunately, The Salutation didn't win, but they did manage to get the highest scores for overall quality.

Dom said: “Taking part in Four in a Bed was a daunting but truly incredible experience. Stephanie and I were so pleased that The Salutation scored the highest marks in the competition, and we were glad that the quality and integrity of our accommodation was reflected in these scores.”

Off the back of their success on Four In A Bed, they were then both asked by the producers if they would like to appear on another Channel 4 program, Gogglebox, a fly on the wall style documentary focusing on the nations TV habits.

Not wanting to miss another great opportunity, Dom and Steph jumped at the chance, and as you may say, the rest is history!

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